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The finishing touches were almost in place. I looked at the clock — she would be here in 20 minutes. I was waiting for this last song to download — Michelle loves Frank Sinatra. As soon as it said “complete,” I would add it to the playlist of love songs I had compiled for tonight. Yes, tonight would be special for Michelle and I.

We are going to make love for the first time.

I had rushed around my house like a maniac, making sure the table settings were just right, making sure the pasta was al dente, making sure I had left no dirty clothes visible on my bedroom floor. Instead of the flannel sheets I usually had on my bed, I went out earlier that week and bought new satin sheets, special for tonight’s occasion. I wanted Michelle to remember this for the rest of her life, and I was going all out for her.

Oh yes, she is a special one.

Time seemed to pass quickly, and only seconds before Michelle knocked on the door had the song finished downloading. Quickly sliding it into the set list, I went downstairs to greet her. As I rounded the corner into the hallway, the first thing to catch my eye was her face. I had never before seen a face so beautiful. Her eyes looked right at me, and judging by her reaction, she was very happy to see me. She smiled very wide, and I saw her perfect white teeth. I smiled back, and my heart leaped.

I opened the door for her. “Hey you,” she said, grabbing me and pulling me tightly, “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too,” I responded, leaning forward to kiss her lips. “Here, let me take your coat.”

Her denim jacket fell off her shoulders and into my hands. Michelle, ever the dresser, was wearing a white dress shirt — I think she may have stolen it from my clothes hamper when she slept on my couch last week; we were too drunk to make love, so we had to push it back a week. She was in no condition to drive, and we were both in no condition to get naked, so I slept on the couch next to her, holding her tightly. She also wore dress pants and sneakers.

After hanging up her jacket, we walked into the living room where Oreo, my dog, came rushing in to greet our visitor. Usually, Oreo doesn’t take to strangers well. But with Michelle, he jumps up on her legs, waiting for a pat. She grants him the quick pat on the head and he quickly scurries back into the kitchen. We both laugh as his little body ricochets off the kitchen table legs and a chair before he plunks down by the refrigerator.

I look back at her, and as our eyes lock, our giggles cease immediately. We both know why we are here. There is a hunger in both of our eyes that is waiting to be unleashed. I quickly break the contact and I offer her a cold drink. She accepts, and she sits on the couch. As I go back into the kitchen, Oreo pops his head up as I open the fridge — ever aware of what is going on, that dog. “No, stay down boy. I’m just getting Michelle a drink,” I say, and the dog puts his head down as I leave the room with two sodas.

I came back into the living room where Michelle was sitting down, nibbling on a carrot stick. For some reason, she doesn’t like to eat while I’m around her. She blushes as she notices me staring at her and slides the rest of the carrot stick into her mouth.

I sit next to her and I ask her about her day. She sighs before going into a narrative about class and how all the girls are jealous of her because she has an older boyfriend. I listen attentively to every word she says and when she has completed her tale, she leans back and slides into my arms.

“God, I’ve missed these arms,” she says, looking up at me. She smiles and I smile back. She asks me about my day, and I tell her the usual banter of the office water cooler and how I won 20 bucks on a scratch ticket.

“So what movies did you pick out for tonight?” Michelle asks, ever the thespian.

“Well, I thought we’d start off with ‘There’s Something About Mary’, you know how I love comedies,” I said.

“No, you just like seeing Cameron Diaz in her bra and panties,” Michelle quips, and I playfully slap her arm.

“No, sweetie. I prefer to see someone a little closer to me in her bra and panties.” I reach out to rub bahis firmaları the arm I slapped as we kiss. The kiss gets deeper and more passionate. She breaks my mouth by sliding her tongue into mine, searching for my tongue. Our eyes are closed and her hands are on my face, pulling my lips closer to hers. As we break the kiss, she lets out a long breath.

“Wow. I knew kissing you is exhausting, but that is ridiculous!” she says, and we both bust out laughing.

I had picked out three movies, but it appears if we got through the comedy, I would be amazed.

I escorted her into the kitchen where I had been preparing dinner. I decided to try making spaghetti, which believe it or not, I did a fairly good job of doing. Using mom’s left over sauce, I made enough for two helpings, along with fresh garlic bread, and a salad.

I was surprised to find Michelle’s plate was clean after dinner, yet I wasn’t surprised to find spaghetti sauce on Oreo’s mouth. She had finished the salad though.

We retreated back to the living room where I put the movie on. She was laying on the couch, so I jumped behind her and cuddled with her. She tilted her head back and we kissed. I hint of italian seasonings from the salad dressing was on her lips.

My hands were around her waist, lightly rubbing her tummy. Her hands were on top of mine, rubbing my forearms. Every so often, we looked at each other and kissed. After doing that for a few minutes, Michelle reached for the remote, stopped the video and turned the television off.

“I think I’ve had enough movies for tonight,” she said, a wicked grin crossing her face. She nestled into my body, reaching up to kiss me. We made out for what felt like hours, when she said, “baby, I’m getting warm. Would you mind if I took off my shirt?”

Does a blind dog find water every once in a while?

I said “go ahead.” She stood up and began to unbutton the shirt — my shirt — she was wearing. After untucking it and letting it fall to the floor, she was wearing a red lace bra, one that I had bought her for her birthday. And, if I knew Michelle like I thought I knew Michelle, she would be wearing the matching thong panties under her pants. Just looking at her without a shirt on got my cock stirring in my pants.

But she didn’t take her pants off — yet. She cuddled back up with me, a little closer this time, if that was possible. We continued our kissing, and she tugged lightly on my polo shirt to untuck it. When it was untucked, I rose off her to pull it off, disheveling my hair slightly.

“Damn, I hate it when that happens,” I said to her jokingly, and after she laughed, she pulled me down on top of her. We continued our lip lock while her hands were roaming down my back. When they reached my ass, Michelle stopped and kept them there. I pressed my groin up into hers and she could feel my cock, now hard and wanting to come out.

“Ohhhhhh, someone’s horny,” Michelle said, and it definitely was an understatement. “Let’s go upstairs so we can get more comfortable.”

I wasn’t going to turn her down, now that we’ve gotten this far. We turned the light off in the living room and walked through the kitchen to get upstairs. Oreo perked up when we walked past him.

“Good night, Oreo,” we both chorused together. The dog dropped his head pitifully and continued his slumber as we walked upstairs, me swatting at Michelle’s ass, which she was shaking as she was walking. She turned right into my room and the top of the stairs and whistled.

“Never thought I’d see the day when this room was clean,” she joked before turning around and attempting to kiss me. I stopped her.

“Oh, so you think you’re funny? Insult my bedroom and you think you can kiss me huh? I’ll show you!” I picked Michelle up like a married couple would do as they crossed the threshold and laid her on my bed. She had squealed when I picked her up, but she gave a light “mmmmmmm” as I laid her down. I could tell she liked the satiny softness of the brand new sheets against her skin.

I looked at her, wanting to remember what she looked like before we made love to each other. I caught her fragrance. It smelled sweet and divine. kaçak iddaa I turned to my computer and called up the love song playlist I had put together. The speakers, arranged at the head of the bed, started playing sweet melodies.

I crawled in next to her as I looked into her eyes. I touched her cheek. We weren’t going to be playful now. We were all business. I whispered “Hi” to her, and she smiled as she said it back. We were nervous, we could tell that, but it was a cute kind of nervous. We had waited for this moment for a few months. We had grown close, we felt connected to each other. Her friends who had talked to me said she told them she got butterflies in her stomach when we were together and when she was preparing for our dates. Her arms were around me, pulling me close to her lips. We took a tentative kiss, then the kiss lingered and grew deeper.

Her arms dropped from my neck and she pulled herself up. On her knees, she reached behind her to unhook her bra and as she pulled it off her, her breasts spilled out. She laid back down on her side as I felt her breasts for the first time. That first inquisitive touch excited both of us, her nipples her hard as I brushed my thumb against it. A little “mmmmm” escaped her mouth as I touched her nipple. I bent down and pushed her breast softly up to meet my lips. I kissed her left nipple, then licking it with my velvet-like tongue. I circled the nub and Michelle moaned slightly. I took it between my teeth and her hand went to the back of my head as if not wanting my mouth to leave her chest.

I tilted her body slightly so that she was on her back and I climbed on top of her. I supported my weight on my elbows so I wouldn’t crush her. I kissed her breast before moving over to the other one, where I repeated the action. Her fingers were dancing through my hair as I was licking her nipple, before I opened my mouth slowly and slipped it in. I started to suck on her and her moans grew.

After giving her nipples and breasts attention, I kissed up the breast bone to her neck. Her breathing was coming in short steady gasps, but I knew she was enjoying this. I kissed up her neck until I reached her chin, where she started to arch her back slightly. Two inches later I found her lips, and they met in a passionate collision. Our tongues danced in our mouths.

I kissed down her body again, kissing passed her breasts yet taking the opportunity to run my fingers over the peaks, tweaking the nipples. I kissed down her stomach until I reached her khaki dress pants. Looking into her eyes, I smiled as I unbuttoned her pants. Michelle raised her ass off the bed as I pulled her pants down her legs and off her body. I tossed them into a heap on my floor. There she was, the love of my life, laying in my bed wearing only the matching panties to her sexy red bra. She bit on her fingernail as I took in the sight in front of me. Absolutely beautiful.

I wanted to make love to her first. I didn’t take her panties off yet, I wanted her to beg me to pull them off. I started kissing her foot, kissing her toes, the instep before making the long trip up her leg. I rubbed her feet, using the ball of my hand to press into the instep to relieve any tension she had. Then I kissed her panties, tasting the secretions that were already pooling inside. I could smell her arousal. But it wasn’t time for me to get her totally naked. I started the trip down the other leg, repeating the kissing and the foot rub. Michelle was pleading with me to take her panties off so I could lick her.

“Baby, please. You’re driving me crazy, teasing me. Please take my panties off. Please baby. Lick my pussy. I want you to make me cum. I want you so badly,” Michelle panted.

She was ready.

I slowly slid the panties down her legs, and I peeked into her slit as she spread her legs. She wasn’t shy about it, she wanted me to look at her. Her crotch was shaved bare, looking like it had done only hours before she arrived at my house. She was rubbing the outer lips of her labia, looking at me with passion in her beautiful blue eyes. She reached for my hand and I allowed her to take it. Without reservation she placed my hand on top of her pussy. She kaçak bahis was taking my hand and rubbing her, letting her clit, erect with excitement, touch my fingers. She moaned as I touched her, and it was then that I realized what she was doing — she was instructing me. She was teaching me where she wanted to be touched, how she wanted me to please her.

I wasn’t going to let her down.

She continued the lesson, dipping our combined fingers into her pussy. We only put one in per hand, because she was very tight. We both weren’t virgins by any means, but we were learning everything that we liked and what the other enjoyed. I quickly found out what she liked. I tried hard not to break eye contact, but I had to see where she wanted me to touch her. We were fingering her and she was loving it. We kissed again, before I broke the kiss to slide down her body. I looked into her eyes as I took the first lick, and her eyes closed briefly as my tongue touched her. I spread the lips with my fingers and I began to kiss her pelvis, and as I was doing that, I was gauging her reaction. She was moaning, her body was writhing on the bed. She was in ecstacy and wasn’t going to come down anytime soon.

I continued my assault on her sex, licking and sucking on her lips as she was moaning, telling me “yes” when I hit the right spots. She was nearing orgasm, because her fingers were running through my hair. I was wiggling my tongue inside her when she announced to me that she was cumming.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sean, I’m cumming. Keep licking me, you’re licking me soo good.”

I kept up my oral technique and I was quite proud of myself for making Michelle cum. I crawled back up to her and kissed her softly. She looked into my eyes and said, “I love you.” I smiled, yet I was shocked. She had never said that before, and I was hoping it wasn’t just words. But from the tone she used and the look she was giving me I knew it wasn’t just talk.

I caught my breath, stroked her cheek again and whispered, “I love you too Michelle. So very much.”

We cuddled and caressed each other. Then Michelle took the offensive, kissing my neck, rubbing my chest with her hands, until she dropped her hands to my lap. She caressed my crotch, getting my cock hard. She hadn’t felt my cock since we were downstairs on the couch, but I could tell she remembered. She giggled as she touched me, before she slid her hand between my pants and my skin, reaching down to take it into her hand. She kissed me as she stroked me, dragging her fingernails up and down the length of my shaft. She then cupped my balls. She was touching me how I liked to be touched, and I didn’t have to instruct her. She knew exactly where to touch me, knew instinctively where the sensitive spots were. She wasn’t rough with me, her touches were soft, yet it felt to me as if she was milking me for all I was worth.

Soon she was crawling down my body, kissing my chest and licking my nipples. When she got down to my pants, she seductively took my belt off before discarding my pants and boxers. I was naked as she was, and she was doing her best to arouse me more than I had ever been. She gripped my cock, lightly stroking it as she licked it. Soon she was slipping it into her mouth, slowly working her mouth down over the shaft. She was loving me good and I was gripping the sheets as shocks of pleasure were ripping through my body.

When I was extremely hard, Michelle climbed on top of me and positioned my cock toward the opening of her wet pussy. She slid down on top of it, her vaginal muscles grasping it, not wanting to let it go. She was very tight and I was loving it. She was going to ride me and she started rocking her body back and forth and up and down, never breaking eye contact as we made love. She bent down to kiss me as our groins rubbed each other, each whispering “I love you” to the other. As she increased her speed on my cock, I caressed her breasts, playing with the nipples. I started to get up and balanced myself on one hand while I gripped her side with the other hand. Michelle’s legs snaked around my waist and she began to moan, looking into my eyes. She was reaching orgasm and her muscles were squeezing me, forcing loads of cum to spill inside of her. As my cock erupted, she shuddered, cumming all over me.

As we caught our breath, we fell back to the bed, with her on top of me. We were sweaty, but we were together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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