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Not really sure where to start. I have always said that my second wife (Michelle) and I were divorced because Michelle was a lesbian and left me for another woman. Well that was not true.

We had only been married for about two years but she was already getting really bored with me I guess would be a good way to say it. Anyways I made a huge mistake back in November of 1998. Michelle and I were arguing one night fairly late, I was accusing her of cheating with one of her co-workers and the argument kind of got outta hand and I ended up slapping her pretty hard across her face.

She was pissed over this, she is not the type to cower down and cry or pout. I’m not really sure why I did it; I was really stressed out back then. Anyways to make things worse I think I said something bad about her kids so she was just pissed. I slept on the couch for the next few nights and everything calmed down.

Nothing really happened and not much was really said until New Years Eve 1998. I thought everything was going just great. We were going out that night and had made plans to get a hotel room; my mom was watching all of the kids for the evening. Michelle wanted to go up to a country bar/club that was next to her work at Albertson’s. The place is called W.W. Fairfield’s. Michelle loved to go dancing and she always liked country music. When I met her she used to go up there all the time and hang out with her friends. Most of who were guys so when we got married I pressured her to stop going up there.

I remember clearly what she was wearing and what she made me wear. She was wearing these really tight pair of jeans with no back pockets on them called “Rockies”. Because they had no back pockets she could only wear pantyhose. I always thought that was silly but anyways. She also was wearing a white button down shirt with no bra and a kind leather/suede vest. And of course she wore her cowgirl boots. This isn’t too big of a deal since we were going to a cowboy bar she looked like she would fit in easily.

She had me wearing something completely stupid looking for wear we were going. I was made to wear tan Dockers and a golf shirt that was white at one time but she purposely turned it pink while doing the laundry. Plus a pair of dress shoes, this made me really stand out and I knew I would look like a fool up there, but I didn’t argue with her.

We went up there about 10:00pm and right away she met up with three of her old friends. I remember two of their names still to this day the rest of the guys I don’t remember the names of. Anyways she met up with a guy named Kevin who was an old boyfriend kind of sorta. She apparently had an affair with this guy during her first marriage. He was in his mid twenties, blonde, in excellent shape, etc… The next guy was Mike who looked very similar to Kevin only darker hair. The third guy was their friend and I got the impression Michelle had not met before. He was according to Michelle drop dead gorgeous. Very muscular without being overly big, just really built. Blond of course not much else I can say. Oh yeah they all wore cowboy hats.

Anyways we all started to hang out together and right away they all started picking on me and teasing me. I was the one who had to buy all the drinks and I was always made to go up to the bar and get them myself.

They all took turns dancing with Michelle and as the night went on they all started to paw at her more and more. After a while and during certain songs they would all go out there, surround Michelle on the dance floor and just blatantly grope and feel her up. Of course I was not allowed to dance at all, I was always told by the guys to stay and watch their drinks for them. I was also being forced to endure a ton of verbal humiliation from them all with Michelle being the biggest smartass of all.

So told them about me accusing her of cheating, and even worse about me slapping her. At that point the three guys really started to get aggressive with me and I noticed that they were all three all over my wife. Soon to make things worse four other friends of Kevin and Mike’s were brought over and introduced. Of course they all jumped on the band wagon and began joining the dirty dancing with Michelle and harassing me.

At one point as I was standing up, one of them poured beer on my seat so when I went to sit down it soaked the bottom of my pants. This of course made them all laugh. After that one guy “accidentally” spilled his beer in my lap. Of course I was still being made to constantly go to the bar and get more drinks for everyone.

It was getting close to midnight and there were now seven guys all hanging around my wife. Soon she started hinting to them that she wanted to go somewhere after midnight and have some fun with all of them.

After midnight we all went out into the parking lot. Four of the guys got into their trucks and were told they will meet up with us later on, so they all drove off somewhere, not really sure where they went to.

Michelle, Kevin, Mike, Sahabet the third guy, and myself all ended standing next to our minivan (the dark red one you saw when we first met). As if my night wasn’t already bad enough, from this point it just down right sucked. This really affected me for years after this. I lost all confidence for a long time.

I was corned between our van and some other pickup truck. Mike and the other guy were behind me and Kevin and Michelle stood in front of me. Kevin then slapped me across my face. At first it was just one time (I don’t remember what all they were saying but they were saying pretty bad things to me). Michelle was behind Kevin cheering him on. I not really sure what all happened but I remember getting slapped several times and eventually told to get on my knees, so I did as I was told. I was know on my knees getting slapped in front of my wife who was cheering for the three friends of hers doing this to me. Because of all the beer spilled on me it looked like I had peed my pants. Michelle stood right behind Kevin and started grabbing his crotch and telling Kevin to slap me a again and again. Next Michelle told me to ask…and then to actually beg the guys all to take her to a hotel room and fuck her…all of them.

I refused to do this at first, but after a few more slaps to the face I did as I was told. I am ashamed of myself but I asked and even started to beg these three men if they would fuck my wife. Of course they all got a huge laugh out of this and finally let me back up. We all got in the van. I was driving. Mike was up front in the passenger seat and Michelle Kevin and the other guy sat in the back of the van. I was told to drive down to Campbell Ave and stop at the 24hr Walgreens. As I was driving I could see Michelle in the back kissing Kevin.

Once we arrived at the Walgreens we all got out and walked in. I was forced to buy two packages of condoms and two disposable cameras. At the checkout counter I was further humiliated in front of the cashier who was an older guy. Michelle made it perfectly clear to the cashier that she was going to party that night and that her husband was not going to be included.

Next we all drove down the street to the Omni hotel where I was made to go in and get a room for the night. After spending close to $180.00 dollars for the room I went back out to the van and opened the side door to find Michelle down on her knees with Kevin and the third guy’s pants open. She had the third guy’s dick in her mouth and was stroking Kevin’s dick. Mike was kind of behind her feeling her tits through her shirt as she did this.

I just stood there shocked as I was ignored; Michelle acted as if I wasn’t even there. I was told to close the door, call two different cell phone numbers and give our location, directions and room number to both of the guys on the other end of the phone. I stood there for about five minutes outside the van doing as I was told until they all opened the door and came piling out.

We all went up to the room together. It was really nice. It was on the tenth floor over looking Dallas. One of the first things that happened was Michelle stood in front of me and slapped me across my face. She told me that she wanted a divorce and that this was punishment for a lot of stupid things that I have done and said. She said go along with everything or else. With that she slapped my face again and then spit in my face.

After that Kevin and the third guy took off their belts. I though they were going to spank me or just start beating me, but luckily it wasn’t that. Kevin took his belt and made me hold my hands out in front of me and he then tied them together at the wrist leaving a long length of belt dangling down.

As Kevin did that, the third guy took his belt and put it around my head and in my mouth and then cinched it tightly forcing my mouth open but leaving me unable to say anything. Next Kevin took my hand and with the rest of the belt tied it off to the clothing rack. This forced my hands to be above me somewhat. After I was tightly secured to the clothing rack those two stepped away from me and I could see Michelle laying on the bed taking off her boots.

Mike was looking out the window when the all turned toward her and walked over to the bed. Michelle was told to stand up and does a strip tease dance for them as the all sat on the edge of the bed and Mike in a chair close by.

Michelle started dancing around the room and would get close to each one as she teased them with her shirt. She started to take off her vest and then her shirt. At this point she was topless with just her jeans and pantyhose still on. She would dance up close to them and they would all reach out and feel up her titties.

I was able to see everything if I leaned out passed the little wall that was blocking me. This really made the belt around my hands tighten up and it was actually hurting. Michelle later told me that for most of the night I was solid bright red from Sahabet Giriş all of the humiliation and such, and that she loved it.

At this point I was in tears, damn near crying like a baby. I kept trying to talk through the gag but could only mumble stuff. Of course I was pretty much totally ignored. My hands and wrists hurt, my mouth was hurting from the gag. My face was really hurting from all of the slapping. I had a headache. My pants were still wet. And I was watching three strange men getting prepared to use my wife in front of me.

I was so ashamed it was sickening. I begged and pleaded through the gag, I was apologizing all night to Michelle. She was actually really getting off on this whole thing. I really under estimated how much of a bitch she could be.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, there was a knock at the door and Kevin went over and let the four guys from earlier in the night into the room. As they all filed in past me they made sure to all comment on my predicament. Everyone was laughing at me.

Michelle was still topless at this point. Kevin came back into that room and told her to get on her knees and to start taking off each and every one of the guy’s pants, shoes, shirts etc. She did as told and a little while later all seven guys were completely naked standing around her with rock solid hard-on.

I was not able to watch everything, partly because I had to lean out to watch but mostly due to shame. I heard them tell her to stand up and strip down the rest of the way. I leaned out and watched as she peeled off her jeans and then her pantyhose. She then got back down on her knees and began sucking their cocks and stroking the other guys who were next. The all were circling her and starting to get feisty as they waited their turn.

It was around 1:30am by that time according to my watch. I really stopped watching for awhile at that point. I didn’t lean back out to see what was happening until them through her on the bed. Mike was by the headboard and holding on to both of her wrist above her head. On of the guys had her by the ankle and then another guy did the same and forced her legs to spread wide. Two other guys were positioning them selves to get blowjobs and Kevin lined up to be the first to start fucking her.

Before he penetrated her he stopped and jumped up. He walked over to me a grabbed me by the hair and told me to watch as he would soon be deep inside of her. I was still crying at this time and he made the guys all stop and told Michelle to look over at me. I remember Michelle just having this insanely wicked and happy smile on her face as she watched Kevin forcing me to watch her.

I clearly saw that Kevin and a few of the other guys were very well endowed compared to my little penis. Kevin’s actually looked like a little base ball bat with huge veins. Kevin went back over and positioned himself in front of her open and fully exposed pussy. He commented on the cute little shaved pussy of hers and this cute little nicely trimmed patch of hair that was still left just above.

They were all quiet as he positioned himself. I clearly remember watching Michelle’s face during all this. I have never seen her so excited before; she was almost insane with excitement. Her nipples were hard as rocks, as the guys constantly grab, squeezed, and caressed them. Kevin with one giant thrust impaled her onto his dick, forcing it deep inside of her. Michelle let out a loud yell followed by a gasp and then a loud “Fuck Yeah!” Kevin stroked her a few times and then pulled out his rock hard cock and commented on how wet she was.

After that, every time I would look over it would be the same seen but with the guys in different positions. Usually two cock ins in her mouth, one guy inside of her, and two guys having her jack them off while they waited.

By know it was 2:15am. They were all still going at it. They had turned on the TV and were watching some football highlights as the all took turns with her.

During this time, one of the guys took pity on me and untied me from the cloths bar, and then untied my hands. They were sore and completely blue. He wouldn’t take off the gag though. I still mumbled out a thank you and was told “Fuck you” back. In return.

I kind of walked closer to the bed were three of the guys were all using her. One was on his back inside her, one was behind her, inside her, and one was standing in front getting a blowjob. She didn’t even notice that I was untied. Kevin did however and did not appreciate me just standing there so he had me crawl around on my hands and knees and pick up all the used rubbers.

After that Mike told me to gather all of the clothes and start to fold them all up neatly and then to pile them up into each persons separate pile. I was also told that if I get any piles wrong there would be a penalty. I kind of laughed to myself as I was thinking that there is not much else that could be done or even go wrong.

I took my time and did Sahabet Güncel Giriş as I was told. It was now about 3:00am. I was then told to go stand in a corner with my back facing them. I was in the corner for about 30 minutes before the four guys all started getting dressed. They had all had enough and were going to go home as most were apparently married. Michelle was in taking a shower when the four guys left along with Mike.

That just left Kevin and the third guy whose body and cock made Kevin’s look small. They were both several inches bigger then me easily. Michelle came out all refreshed and called me over to her. She then took of my gag, and let me rub my face and jaw. She could tell she had gotten a little carried away with this whole thing as I clearly had marks on the sides of my face were the gag was on so tight.

Kevin was asleep on the bed and the other guy went in to take a shower. Michelle was actually being really nice to me a I knelt on my knees in front of her. She told me she was sore all over but that she loved it.

It was about 4:00am when the third guy woke up Kevin. I thought it would be to get ready and go but that was not the plan. Once Kevin was up he saw me and got pissed off again and came over to me.

Michelle was tired and didn’t want to play anymore, but Kevin and the third guy both had huge raging hard-on again. They told me to stand still as they took Michelle’s pantyhose and tied her hands behind her back. And then forced her to her knees.

The third guy grabbed her by her hair forcing her to suck his cock again. At first she hesitated but quickly gave in as he just forced her head to go back and fourth. Kevin took me back over to the clothes bar and told me to face into the wall, hold both of my hands on the bar at all times and to keep my mouth shut.

At this point I had to go to the bathroom really bad, but Kevin refused to let. He told me piss in my pants if I had to but not to let go of the bar. Michelle heard this as she was busy sucking the other cock. She kept mumbling something until finally the guy let her stop and speak. Michelle told Kevin to make me drink some water first. Within a second or two of hearing her say that I could tell his cock was back in her mouth as she tried to mumble some more words.

Kevin took her up on the suggestion and told me to get in the bathroom. At first I thought it was to give me a break, but quickly I found out it was to make me drink several glasses of warm water. I was then instructed to hold onto the bar no matter what. Kevin then went over to Michelle and threw her on the bed face down. He quickly began to sink his cock into her ass. She barely even let out a sound as this happened. It wouldn’t have done her any good though; the third guy was quickly forcing his cock in her face again.

I was dancing around, squeezing my legs together and crossing my legs. I was able to last another 30 minutes but finally had to give in. They didn’t even notice as my pants slowly started to turn wet. I still was holding on, but was slipping with each passing minute until finally I totally gave in and just let go. My pants were completely soaked all the way down to my shoes. I had to go so much that urine was actually in my shoes and I was standing in soaking wet socks inside wet shoes.

Sometime during their last little burst of using my wife, they ran out of condoms. Michelle protested at first, but with her hands still tied behind her quickly lost out. She was then put on her knees and I was told to come over towards them. They all laughed hysterically when they saw what happened to me.

I was told to get on my knees and face Michelle’s right side. See was on her knees when both of the guys began master bating furiously in front of her face. The third guy was the first to have an orgasm (about his third or fourth for the night), he told her to open her mouth and she did just as he explodes all over her face. It was in her hair and face and some in her mouth. Kevin was quickly behind with a huge blast right in the center of her mouth; he blasted her with several super strong spurts. As she tried to swallow, he told her to leave it in her mouth until he told her to swallow. I was then instructed to gather up all of the used condoms and bring them over to her.

As I gathered up all of them there had to be two dozen easily. Most were full of cum, some more then others. I brought them all over to Michelle and set them down in front of her. She was still looking up at Kevin whose cock was still semi hard and twitching. The other guy was lying on the bed silently watching.

Kevin told Michelle to keep the cum in her mouth and then to bend over and kiss me. She did as told and I for the first time was even more horrified then at anytime that entire night. She didn’t even hesitate as she forced her tongue into my mouth and then forcing all of the cum into my mouth.

I quickly began to cry uncontrollably as the huge ball of hot salty goo was in my mouth. I quickly pulled away and spit it out in revulsion, almost to the point of throwing up. That wasn’t the end though; next I had to feed each and every used condom in Michelle’s mouth so that she could suck it clean and then kiss me after each and every one of them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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