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Chrissy and I didn’t communicate for the next two days after I had abused her throat. On Friday of that week, I texted her, telling her to come over that night. She said she had plans, and I asked what time. She said 8:30.

I said, “Change it to 9 and be over at 7.”

Her response: “Yes sir.”

At 7 sharp she came in the door. I was in the kitchen with dinner and some wine. Grilled salmon (her favorite I knew) and some jasmine rice with fresh Brussels sprouts. She was blown away, not expecting this. I’m sure she expected that I’d order her to suck my dick again.

We ate and chatted casually like old friends. After dinner, we cleaned up together. By now it was about 8:30, and I could tell she was anxious about her plans at 9, figuring I’d keep her in for some more depravity. So I asked her about her plans.

She was meeting some girlfriends out at a local bar. I told her to be careful, not to drink and drive and to be safe on the streets, and to call me if she needed a ride.

As she was nearing the door, I said “I’ll expect you back here before midnight.”

She stopped but didn’t turn around. This had taken her by surprise, but she said, “Yes sir”.

At 11:59 I texted her: “Come to my bedroom.” I knew she wouldn’t be a minute late or a minute early. She walked in, and I was on the bed with just some shorts on.

I said, “Take your clothes off, I want to watch you.”

Her body was amazing, especially those tits.

When she was naked, I said, “You are incredible. Come over here and lay down.”

She did, and for the first time, I kissed her. Slowly and lovingly, running my tongue in and out of her mouth, around her lips, making her squirm and moan. I worked my way down her body, first her neck, then those tits. I went from one to the other, her big nipples poking straight out. I squeezed her tits together and sucked both nipples at once. A little bite made her gasp.

Down to her stomach, I tongued her pierced belly button a bit, then finally to her pussy. She was totally bare, probably lasered. She had big meaty pussy lips, and I knew I’d be sucking that meat into my mouth soon.

I figured she’d never had a proper pussy licking, so I gave her my best. I licked, sucked, swirled, fingered and gave my A+ treatment. Normally I’d have given the woman two or three orgasms by now, but she was a tough cookie. She was making all the right sounds, her pussy was so wet, and she was squirming like a fish out of water. But no orgasm.

Just when my cunnilingus confidence was about to be shattered, the light bulb came on again. I moved my mouth from her pussy, looked up at her and said “Baby, you can come.”

Just like that the flood gates opened. Chrissy squeezed her legs around my head and let out a primal groan. Cum flowed out of her pussy and my bed was bursa eskort bayan soaked. She shuddered for a good minute, kind of like aftershocks after an earthquake. I wished for a moment that I was a spectator just watching this from a distance, it was so erotic how she just couldn’t do anything without permission. On a scale, Chrissy was about a seven. But this facet of her personality vaulted her up a few notches.

After she came down, I stood up and took off my shorts, my cock hard as steel of course. I laid down on my back, as she waited for instruction.

“Suck me, slowly and gently for a minute or two, then when you’re ready, ride me.”

She obeyed, tenderly loving my cock and balls with her tongue and lips, slowly into her throat as I had taught her. I had the urge to fuck her throat again, but that wasn’t the instruction I had given, and I didn’t want to break our trust.

Eventually she moved up on me, and we kissed deeply for a minute or so. All the while she was rubbing her wet pussy along my cock, but would not allow it to penetrate her.

Finally I said, “whenever you’re ready” and she slowly sank herself onto my cock.

Chrissy took her time, a slow agonizing descent that was amazing to feel and even more amazing to watch in her eyes. They rolled back slowly as I penetrated deeper, and she groaned loudly when I was all the way in.

She sat up straight and just sat motionless, then slowly gyrated her hips so that she was rocking back and forth. She put her hands on my chest and used it as leverage to raise herself up and down, letting about half of my dick out before plopping back down.

I could tell that she was getting close, and I wondered to myself how this would play out.

As if on cue, she said, “Can I come, please?”

To her dismay, I said, “not yet” and she let out an audible sigh of frustration. I stopped her from moving and sat her straight up again, grabbing those big tits in my hands and squeezing them. I flicked my thumbs over her nipples, and then started thrusting into her again.

Finally without warning I pinched both of her nipples hard and said, “Now you can come.”

The flood gates opened instantaneously again. How she was able to hold back like that is beyond my ability to understand.

Without giving her a chance to come down as before, I flipped her over while she was still in mid orgasm, and pinned her legs back, my hands on the backs of her knees, and pounded away. Her big tits flopped up and down, she was moaning and groaning incoherently, and she was just lost in the ravaging I was giving her.

I was getting close, and I decided to change things up and see what happened.

I said, “I’m going to come soon, tell me what you want.”

Submissive as she was, she had no trouble expressing bursa merkez escort her own desires when she was permitted to do so.

She immediately said, “My tits, my face. Come on my tits and my face.”

I wasn’t expecting this, and it was a major turn on, so I quickly pulled out and straddled her around her mid-section, on one knee and one foot.

I said, “Open your mouth,” and she complied.

I pointed my cock at her tits and fired a shot, then aimed higher and got the next couple shots on her neck, face and mouth. She used her hands and fingers to rub my cum on her tits and shovel cum into her mouth. I had come on Linda and Kelly’s face, and those experiences were hot in their own way. This was different, like she NEEDED my cum, because it pleased me, and she needed to please me.

I remained on top of her, my dick slowly softening. I lovingly scooped up some cum from her neck and fed it to her, and did the same with the rest of the cum that she didn’t get herself. Finally, I moved up and put my now flaccid cock into her mouth for her to clean off.

I finally rolled off of her, and looked down at her. She asked, “Are you happy?”

I replied, “How could I not be?”

She smiled and rolled over to sleep.

When she woke up the next morning, I was already awake. I was downstairs and heard her go to the bathroom. I knew she liked black coffee, so I brought her some in bed. She was grateful and sipped it slowly while I watched her. Not many words were exchanged, not due to awkwardness, but because we were both just enjoying the moment.

When she was just about done, I said, “Lay on your stomach and face that wall.”

It was the wall opposite the big mirror I had in my room. I stood next to her and put my cock in her mouth, and I could watch her ass in the mirror while she did it. I grabbed her head and started to fuck her throat again, less violently than the first time but still forcefully. She had already learned and was effortlessly taking my entire cock in her throat.

I had my hand wrapped in her hair and was directing the pace and depth, and she willingly let me do whatever I wanted.

I pulled my cock away and said, “Turn around, on your hands and knees.”

Again she complied, and then spotted her reflection in the mirror and let out a little sound of surprise. Looking down at her ass and into her eyes in the mirror, I shoved my cock into her in one motion. The bed and her body were a perfect height, and I could pound away flatfooted and really get a rhythm going. Her big tits were swinging, she looked so good.

I played with her asshole a bit, fondled her tits, and finally gave her what I knew she would love. I reached up and put my hand in her hair, on the top of her head toward her forehead, bursa sınırsız escort bayan and pulled back HARD!! I yanked her head back by her hair, it must have been painful, and she came immediately.

Pulling her hair, looking at her face in the mirror and pounding her ass, I couldn’t take it.

I said, “I’m going to come soon. I’m going to come in your pussy.”

For the first time, she resisted me.

She said, “No, sir please. I’m not on the pill.”

I assured her, “I can’t get you pregnant.”

I could feel the worry leave her body with that statement. She looked back over her shoulder at me with a new hunger, and said “Fill me then. Fill me with your cum. Please. I need it, I need your cum in me.”

I obliged her, grabbing her hips and filling her up from behind. When I stopped spasming, she got off the bed, dropped to her knees and cleaned me off again. She was a good girl.

Over the next few months, we continued this pattern. There was more and more new stuff. I ate, fingered and fucked her ass, sometimes gently and sometimes brutally, whatever I wanted. I pissed on her, handcuffed her, used sex toys on her. She was like a toy.

Like all things though, it came to an end.

Chrissy’s mother, Donna, showed up at my door one time when I was expecting Chrissy. Thankfully, I was clothed.

She was polite and respectful, so I invited her in and asked, “What can I do for you.”

Donna was about my age, having had Audrey at 18 and Chrissy at 21.

She said, “Chrissy’s behavior has been curious lately, so I looked in her phone and discovered that the two of you have been having a relationship. This is Chrissy’s pattern. Fall for an older guy and get used sexually. Usually they are married, and it ends when the wife finds out. One even got her pregnant.”

She went on, “Part of her therapy from previous counseling was to make a journal, and I read her journal about her relationship with you. It was quite detailed.”

What was that look I just detected in those eyes? I wasn’t sure.

Donna continued, “Chrissy and I talked and she agreed that this is not a healthy situation, and I’m asking you to accept that it’s over and leave it alone.”

I assured her that it was not my intent to “use” Chrissy sexually, although as the words came out of my mouth, I realized that’s exactly what I had been doing. Although I certainly had feelings of affection for Chrissy, I never expected that it would be a long term thing, and so it was kind of a relief to have someone else end this rather than me doing it myself. But I needed to be sure.

I said, “Is this what Chrissy wants? I know how impressionable she is, and she tends to go along with what others tell her to do.”

Mom answered, “That’s only with older men. With everyone else she’s stubborn and hard headed and independent. It’s only older men that have the ability to boss her around. We’ve been to therapy for this, and we talked and she knows she has to end it. I’m sorry.”

As she said this, she put her hand on my hand, which was resting on my knee. I looked into her eyes and realized – mom is hot!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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