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You’re sleeping on your front because its warm out and the cool night air feels nice on your naked back. The sudden whisper of your curtains wakes you and you blink into the darkness, deducing that it must have been the breeze from the open window that made them so noisy. You lay your head back on your pillow and close your eyes, only to have them snap open again when you feel the cover at your waist being pulled away, down the rest of your nude body, tickling the backs of your thighs and shins until you’re completely uncovered.

You start to rise in terror only to have somebody straddle your ass and hold you down with one hand over your almost screaming mouth. You buck your hips, trying unsuccessfully to dislodge your attacker but all you hear is a chuckle. A familiar, sexy chuckle that makes your skin crawl in the most delicious way, and then a warm mouth is at your ear.

“Shh,”, she whispers, her tongue tracing the outline of your ear and sending shivers down your spine, “its just me,” she purrs, and you don’t need to ask who because you’d know that voice anywhere.

“And I’m so frustrated,” she continues, grinding her crotch against your ass as if proving bursa escort her words. You buck your hips again, albeit for an entirely different reason this time. She chuckles again and straightens up, her crotch still doing that slow grind. Only she’s pressing harder now and in turn your sex is being pressed into your mattress. You can already feel a wet patch gathering there and it feels so messy and naughty but you love it, your own pooling wetness is turning you on and you groan into your pillow.

She hears and you know she is smiling. She moves then, pushing your thighs apart and lifting until she can slide her knees under them and rest them on hers. It gives her access to your front and you feel her hands caressing your sides and stomach before they’re on your breasts, kneading and squeezing and pinching your erect nipples.

You moan louder this time and she rewards you with a roll of her hips, her jeans clad crotch sliding against your centre and making you shudder. She kneels and lifts your back end higher so you’re on your knees with your face still buried in the pillow. One hand remains on your breast whilst the other strokes your belly bursa escort bayan in tickling but arousing circles. Then she’s leaning over you, sliding her fingers into your soaking wet folds and pressing hard, wiggling the tip of her index finger under your hood and burrowing until she’s touching and rubbing your concealed little clit.

You rock against her hand, moaning your pleasure and hugging your pillow tight. When she has you more wet than you can ever remember being, the hand on your breast disappears and in the next second you hear her zip being lowered and you think she’s going to make herself come too until you feel a smooth hard head being stroked up and down your slit.

She holds the shaft against you and pumps it back and forth, covering it with your natural wetness and making your body spasm at the same time. She pulls back again and rests the tip at your entrance. The fingers on one hand continuing their torturously slow dance on your clit.

“I desperately want to fuck you,” she whispers, and there’s a smirk in her tone, “but the question is, do you want me to…?”

You groan your assent bursa merkez escort because fuck yes, you want it inside you, deep inside you and to make your answer clear you spread your legs a little further. She chuckles and caresses and squeezes your ass with one hand whilst her other hand strokes your clit and her hips push forward. The head slips into you with little resistance but you jerk all the same and groan loudly, unused to feeling so full.

She pauses and strokes your side, your back, your ass soothingly until you’re used to it and then she pushes a little more, watching as the strapon disappears slowly inside you and enjoying the view. In a moment of impatience you throw yourself backwards and force the whole length of it inside you and you almost come right there and then, the feeling is so intense.

She doesn’t give you time to adjust before she’s thrusting back and forth, slamming her thighs into the backs of yours and stroking your clit hard and unforgivingly. Your muffled moans fill the room and only become louder when you’re coming, spasming around the length inside you as she slows it down and draws out your orgasm until you’re panting and collapsing onto the bed.

She slides out of you and strokes the back of your thighs tenderly, going higher and higher until shes touching your shoulders. The last things you remember are the sound of her zip going up and a soft kiss between your shoulder blades.

And then she is gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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