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This is the fourth chapter in the “Midnite’s Magic” series. I am trying to write a chapter for as many Literotica categories as possible. Chapter 1 “Meeting Midnite” inter racial: chapter 2 “Midnite’s Surprise: mind control: chapter 3 “Midnite’s Show” exhibitionism voyeurism: Chapter 4 “Midnite Makes a Friend” lesbian.

Chapter V Midnite’s First Toys

After Monique had rested; regaining her strength; she turned to Midnite; saying, “I would like to make love to you like a man. Would you like that?”

Quickly turning her head; Midnite gasped in astonishment, ” How can you do that? You don’t have a penis. We can only make love like we did before.”

“O but I can.” Monique replied; a gleam in her eye. “I can get a penis and pleasure you as well as any man. Let me show you.”

Rolling to the side of the bed; Monique stood; walking to the bureau. Opening a drawer; she pulled out a black, leather contraption. It consisted of an assortment of various leather straps, and brass buckles; with the most distinctive part being a large, black penis shaped appendage. Walking back to the bed; Monique held the device out for Midnite to examine.

“This is my penis.” Monique boasted. “With this I can do anything a man can do; even better then some.” Monique chortled. “Take it. Check it out.” Monique commanded; offering the device for Midnite’s inspection.

Taking the device; Midnite asked, “What is it? How does it work?” Running her hands over the various parts; she let her fingers come to rest on the penis shaped part; commenting, “This part looks like a big, hard penis. It feels like hard, smooth rubber.”

“That is a dildo. It can be used like a penis. The other parts are used to strap the dildo to my waist; so I can satisfy you like a man would. Where the base presses against my crotch there is a small vibrator that stimulates my clit. I can receive pleasure; while I give you pleasure.” Monique instructed. “Help me to put it on; we can then try it out.”

Standing beside the bed; Monique told Midnite to hold the collection of straps and buckles steady. Stepping into the holes made by two of the straps; Monique drew the contraption up her legs; over her thighs; buckling it in place around her waist. After tightening the leg straps; the long, black dildo was firmly secured to Monique. The huge phallus stuck from Monique’s crotch like a black horn.

“Feel it. Slide your hands up and my hard shaft.” Monique ordered. “Do you like how big and hard it is? Lick the knob. Get the head wet and slippery with your spit; so it will slide into you easily.” Monique instructed. I was getting hard again; watching Midnite’s brown hands slide up and down the huge black dildo. When her pink tongue started lathing the bulbous black knob with spit; I could not keep from jacking my shaft. My cock began throbbing; as Midnite popped the spit covered dildo head into her mouth. I could almost feel her working my knob.

After a few minutes; Monique moved her hips; withdrawing the dildo head from Midnite’s mouth; laughing, “I want to tit fuck you with my big, black cock. You have made it all slippery with your spit; so it will easily slide between your big bouncy breasts.”

Placing the massive dildo in the valley created by Midnite’s magnificent mountains; Monique began to slide the black phallus along the crevice. The tool was so long the bulbous knob bounced against Midnite’s chin. Watching the shiny, black head disappear and reappear from the top of Midnite’s brown boobs; hitting her chin each time; was making me hard.

“Squeeze your tits together. Make a tunnel for my love tool. Lick the head.” Monique ordered.

Placing one hand on the side of each jiggling globe; Midnite mashed the two breasts together; trapping the phallus with the tit flesh. When Monique thrust her hips; driving the dildo upward; Midnite would give the tip a sloppy lick as it came within range of her tongue. After the process had been repeated a few time; spit was running from the dildo knob; drooling from the corners of Midnite’s mouth.

Moving the wet, slippery dildo from the tunnel created by Midnite’s massive melons; Monique declared, “Now it is time to put this to good use. Are you ready for me to make love to you?” Monique inquired. “Lay on the bed. That is the way. Put that pillow under your butt. Spread your legs wide as possible. Plant your feet; so you can thrust back.” Monique instructed.

This gave everyone a clear view of Midnite’s fully aroused vagina. By now Monique was kneeling between Midnite’s wide open legs. Sliding the knob of the dildo along Midnite’s wide open cleft caused the lips to quiver; triggering the secretion of more of her magic juice. Midnite was parting her lips with her dew dampened fingers; hunching her hips; inviting the big black monster in. When the flared head had been coated with cream; to Monique’s satisfaction; she began to insert the knob.

Slowly the head disappeared into Midnite’s clutching tunnel. The large mushroom tip seamed to be drawing the lips inside. When Monique had shoved about half the monster inside; she withdrew; causing the lips to cling Arnavutköy escort to the head. It looked like Midnite’s love tunnel did not want to let the black snake escape. Again Monique slid the glistening tool into Midnite’s grasping sheath. After doing this a few times; Midnite’s vagina had adjusted to the large intruder; allowing the well lubricated shaft to penetrate with greater ease. The two women were now able to set up a mutually satisfying rhythm.

Monique would thrust her hips forward; driving the dildo deep into Midnite. Midnite would respond by hunching her hips upward; welcoming the intruder. As Monique withdrew; Midnite’s dew slick lips would cling to the shaft; lubricating the tool. The slurping sounds coming from Midnite’s crotch told me her juices were really flowing. They were oozing from around the dildo. She was getting excited!

Leaning forward; Monique slid her hands under Midnite’s ass; grabbing her butt cheeks; raising them up. This repositioning forced Midnite’s legs back; bringing her knees to either side of her large, heaving breasts. Midnite’s gash was wide open; leaving her clit vulnerable to the assault of the rampaging dildo.

“Grab my tits!” Monique ordered. “Squeeze them! Pinch my nipples! Make it hurt! Fucking you, and the vibes from the little vibrator in the dildo base are getting me really turned on!” Monique exclaimed in delight.

Reaching up; Midnite grasped a breast in each hand; squeezing and mauling the tit flesh. The breasts were slick and shiny with perspiration from Monique’s exertions. Pulling on the slippery tit flesh; Midnite formed them into a cone; prominately displaying the hard nipples. Rolling the nipples between thumbs and forefingers; Midnite pinched them hard. This brought a cry of pain and pleasure; from deep within Monique’s throat.

While the girls gave each other lusty joy; Claude and I were busy giving ourselves erotic stimulation. I was sliding my fist up and down the full length of my cock; making it slick with the pre come oozing from the tip. My cock was rock hard; with every vein clearly defined. The slickness of the shaft allowed my fist to grip my manhood tighter; as I increased the tempo of my strokes. With the fingers of my free hand; I tickled the sensitive glands of the purplish knob; coaxing even more of the clear fluid to trickle from the hole at the tip. I could feel my tool throbbing with each beat of my heart. It was not going to be long before I shot my load; as I had been thoroughly aroused earlier, watching the women sixty nine; having not allowed myself to come at that time.

“Bring those big hard cocks over here!” Monique commanded. I want to see both of you shoot your hot, white cream all over Midnite’s brown belly.”

Quickly Claude got onto the bed; kneeling beside Midnite; cock firmly grasped in his hand; starting to pump. Following suit; I wheeled to the bed: climbed on; sitting lotus fashion beside Midnite’s waist. Taking my rigid cock in my fist; I began to jerk off.

By now Monique and Midnite were really getting into their love play. Midnite had let go of Monique’s breasts; butt still raised off the pillow; however, she had now raised her legs; wrapping her ankles around the back of Monique’s neck; bending the knees wide; giving Monique total entree. This position would give us better access to Midnite’s belly.

Leaning forward; Monique was still able to continue mercilessly pounding Midnite’s vulnerable crotch. Every time the base of the dildo slapped into Midnite’s shaved crotch; both women let out a grunt of delight. Midnite’s smooth pelvis was slick with her copious love juices; while Monique’s torso gleamed with sweat from her strenuous exertions.

The lewd sight before us had gotten to Claude. His body went rigid; cock spewing white hot come all over Midnite’s brown belly and crotch. Load after load of sperm jetted from the tip; landing on Midnite’s heaving belly and thrusting crotch.

This was too much for me. The sounds of slapping flesh, grunting women; coupled with the sexual odors of pussy juice and cock cream; broke the dam of pent up desire with in me. Pumping my shaft like a piston; I could feel my balls contract; allowing the spunk to shoot up the shaft; blasting from the tip like a geyser. “`Watching; I could see the pearlescent white glob arc toward the brown belly before me. Before the first drops landed; my shaft jerked again and again; blasting wads of thick stringy jism; sending them toward Midnite’s crotch. I could not believe the force expelling each load. I felt like a human cannon. I continued pumping; shooting my sperm; until I had emptied my balls of spunk. Even then I persisted in jerking my cock; until it began to hurt.

The lewd vista of globs and strands of pearlescent cream on Midnite’s chocolate body; was heightened by the sight of it running in rivulets; down her belly and crotch onto the bed. Bringing her hand to the mess of thick cream on her abdomen; Midnite scooped some onto Avcılar escort bayan her fingers; bringing it to her mouth. Sticking out her tongue; she licked the hanging strands. Putting her fingers into her mouth; Midnite licked and sucked her fingers until they were clean.

“That tastes yummy. The two kinds of cream taste good; especially mixed with my love juice.” Midnite voiced with satisfaction. “I could eat this yummy stuff all day.” Midnite commented; scooping up more of the cream; bringing it to her mouth.

As Midnite devoured the spunk; Monique commanded, “Claude, get the clitty vibrator from my over night bag. You will then clean up Midnite with your tongue. When you have cleaned her to my satisfaction; you will tease her clit with the mini vibrator. I want my lover to feel all the pleasure possible.”

Rolling from the bed; Claude rummaged in the over night bag; coming out with what looked like an electric tooth brush. Returning to the bed; Claude positioned himself so he could easily lick Midnite’s belly and crotch.

Meanwhile; Midnite had been feasting on the stringy goo, but there were still remnants left; here and there on belly and crotch. Claude moved his tongue over Midnite’s body; lapping up the remaining sperm. Soon there was no more strands of pearly cream; only Midnite’s lustrous brown flesh. It was now time for Claude to show Midnite what the mini clit vibrator could do.

The pink love toy looked like a small electric tooth brush; with bristles that were longer and softer then normal. Claude brought the head; with the long soft bristles to Midnite’s aroused, luminous pink clitoris. Flicking the switch of the mini vibrator brought it to life with a buzz. Touching the rapidly vibrating bristles to Midnite’s trembling clit; brought a yelp of surprise from her.

“O my god! What are the two of you doing to me?” Midnite squealed in amazement. “My pussy is so hot! My cunt is filled with cock; with my clit on fire. I can feel little shocks running up my belly to my tits; all the way to my brain. My brain is exploding with crazed sex thoughts. All I can think of is hot fucking; more and more; never stopping. My brain is going to explode! My pussy is going to explode! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Midnite cried out; sweat pouring from bouncing breasts; body shaking like she was experiencing an earthquake.

Midnite’s body was out of control. She was on sexual auto pilot. Her fists pounded the bed; clenching and unclenching. Her thigh muscles strained; tightening her grip on Monique’s neck. She was trying to pull and thrust her pelvis; forcing every last centimeter of the huge dildo into her swampy hole. Moving her hands to her shuddering tits; she mercilessly mashed them together. She then pinched the nipples so hard; it brought a scream from her. Midnite no longer knew what she was doing. Nothing existed for her;:; except her own sexual gratification Neither Monique nor Claude were going to let up on their hapless victim.

Claude continued to run the mini vibrator over and around Midnite’s shivering love nub. The clit was quivering so fast; swollen so large; I thought it would burst.

Monique’s on coming orgasm; was making it difficult for her to maintain her position; as she pounded the huge black phallus in and out of Midnite’s gyrating tunnel. Midnite’s thrashing hips threatened to buck Monique from between the thrusting hips. Resting her hands on Claude’s back gave her the support she needed to grind the base of the dildo into Midnite’s crotch. One more powerful plunge was all it took.

With a mighty thrust of her hips; a scream of animal lust Midnite let the orgasm flood over her. Shudders racked her body; from head to toe. Fingers clawed at breasts. Belly muscles contracted and loosened. Tendons in legs jerked; causing ankles to tighten on Monique’s neck. Unintelligible cries, screams, and yelps came from Midnite’s mouth. She was lost in a black hole of lust.

Midnite’s uninhibited orgasm was the signal for Monique to let herself go. The tension in her face and belly dissolved. Her quivering lips became slack. Her breasts, belly and legs began to shake uncontrollably. Slamming her pelvis forward; Monique ground the phallus against Midnite’s crotch. Continuing to grind against Midnite; Monique clutched Claude for stability. Sweat trickled from her upper lip; more running down her heaving breasts and belly.

Opening her mouth; Monique let out a cry of pure lust; screaming, “O fuck! I am coming! I have never come like this before. Do not let it stop! Come for me; you little vixen!” Grinding her crotch against Midnite; Monique growled, “Bite my tits, Claude. The dildo is rubbing my clit so nice! Do not stop.”

Bringing his mouth to Monique’s breast; Claude bit. This caused Monique to howl with pain and pleasure.

Both women were thrashing, moaning and panting; like wild animals. The sight was incredible. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through the women’s bodies. Slowly the women began to quiet. As their bodies stopped shaking; a lassitude over took them. Their muscles became slack. Midnite’s Escort Bağcılar ankles unlocked; allowing her legs to fall to the bed. Monique could no longer maintain her kneeling position; slumping to the mattress. Both women looked exhausted. I was wrong; I had under estimated the women’s stamina.

Levering herself onto her elbows; Monique looked into Midnite’s eyes; saying, That was one hell of a session. I have never met a woman that can thrill me like you; nor have I met a woman that can climax like you. I thought the last time was incredible, but it just keeps getting better.” Rising from the bed; Monique asked, “Have you rested enough? Are you ready for another surprise?”

Moving to the dresser; Monique rummaged in the drawer; coming up with two objects. One of the objects looked like a large silver bullet; the other appeared to be a silver pencil. Sitting back on the bed; Monique offered the toys to Midnite to examine.

Monique inquired, “Have you ever seen anything like this before?”

“No.” Midnite replied. “What are they?”

“They are vibrators. You put the large one in your pussy; the small one goes in the butt. when you push the button at the base the device begins to vibrate against the walls of your vagina or anus; making you feel really sexy. I want Claude to use the big vibrator on you; while you use the small one on him. Claude really enjoys his butt being vibrated. While you and Claude play; I will get some toys for Johnnie and I to play with. Do you like the idea?” Monique questioned.

“Sounds great!” Midnite gushed.

Handing the large vibrator to Claude; the small one to Midnite; Monique laughed, “Relax and enjoy yourselves. I know Johnnie and I are going to have fun.”

“What do I do?” Midnite asked in bewilderment.

“Slowly slide it up Claude’s butt; turn it on and watch him enjoy.” Monique instructed.

With those final words of instruction; Midnite and Claude proceeded to play. Laying beside Midnite; Claude brought the head of the vibrator to Midnite’s pussy; sliding it along the lips. When the lips started to open; like a bursting bud; he nudged the vibrator in; turning it on. The vibrator burst into life; with a buzz. Midnite gave a little jump; letting out a yelp of surprise and delight.

Seeing the positive effect the stimulation was having on Midnite; Claude pushed the vibrator deeper into her love tunnel. The inner and outer lips of Midnite’s labia were twitching. Drops of her love nectar were forming around the snuggly fitting vibrator; were it disappeared inside her hot hole. Claude moved the vibrator in and out of Midnite’s trembling twat. Her jelly roll was quivering like a bowl of jello

“O shit! I’ve never felt anything like this before. It’s tickling my pussy; making it tingle.” Midnite gleefully squealed. Bringing the butt vibrator to Claude’s puckered butt hole; Midnite purred, “It’s now your turn. I’m going to make you feel tingly; just like you’re doing to me.”

Pressing forward; Midnite forced the butt vibrator past the tight sphincter ring; into Claude’s grasping butt channel. When almost the entire length was buried in his bowels; Midnite turned it on. The pencil like device began to whirr; sending vibrations along Midnite’s fingers and deep into Claude’s anal tunnel. Claude stiffened; like he had just been kicked in the stomach.

“O shit! That feels wonderful. Move it in and out as it vibrates.” Claude begged.

Wanting to give Claude all the pleasure she could; Midnite moved the vibrator in and out; like she had been asked to do. The effect of her actions, on Claude, was almost instantaneous. His cock grew to its full size; trembling and rigid; every muscle and vein clearly defined.

Midnite could not resist touching the stiff staff. Moving her free hand to the trembling member; Midnite began stroking. After a few tentative strokes; she began to pump with more enthusiasm. Drops of clear pre come were already forming at the tip of Claude’s manhood.

While Midnite and Claude played; Monique got a toy for us to amuse ourselves with. It turned out to be a pink, gel filled dildo; that must have been at least nine inches long and two and a half inches in diameter. It was life like; even including the balls. Coming to where I sat in the wheelchair; Monique lowered herself onto my knees. Sliding forward to accommodate her; allowed Monique to put one foot on the bed; the other she rested on my left shoulder. This spread her wide opened; while also permitting her to grasp my erect manhood.

Handing me the shocking pink gel dildo; Monique commanded, “Fuck me with this. I want it hard and fast. You’re not dealing with a simpering virgin. I am a hot, horny woman. Give it to me; while I jerk you off.”

I did not have to be told twice. Grabbing the dildo by the balls; I brought the head to the entrance of Monique’s love hole. Sliding the head up and down Monique’s wet open lips; I made the phallus knob slick with her juices. Suddenly I plunged the head into Monique’s tunnel; burying the dildo up to the pink balls. Twisting the head inside her; I ground the base of the tool against her crotch. Pulling the shaft out; so that just the head remained inside her grasping canal; I brought the flanged head in contact with her clit; rapidly rubbing it back and forth. Again I slammed the slippery, luminescent phallus inside her. I was going to do as she had ordered; namely show her no mercy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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