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Big Tits

The author’s remarks

Though the present story has its origin in the previous one “Photo Art” it may be read separately.

All characters mentioned in the story are over eighteen.

I will bring all my thanks to my editor ScarlettKisses who had made a tremendous job to get the text fluent and in some way also enriched the contents.


A year ago Sarah and I moved to our new house in front of a small lake with our private, undisturbed bathing beach.

For the moment Sarah’s sister Rocy had been our guest for a couple of months. As the famous photography artist, one will mostly found her carrying a still camera around. During this summer some of her works are on display at a local art gallery in the nearby small town. One of her specialty is nude art.

As some sort of a follow up it resulted in that a TV recording was arranged to show how to make out an art composition from a photo. With help of two nude models Rocy had explained how she worked. One of the models was Sarah and the other one was a young man named William.

The recording was made in front of a small audience. I had been invited to be one of the public. I sat in the middle of the front row. At my left hand side I was accompanied by Marie, a young lady. As it would be revealed William was her boy friend.

The recording went on as planned for most of the program. In the second part thereof, when Rocy would give the viewers an example of a more delicate pose of interaction between a man and a woman something went wrong.

Sarah had to put her leg in such an angle that her pussy was wide open for the eyes of the public. William was instructed to gently rub his fully erected penis up and down between the pussy lips. That became too much for the very excited models. Suddenly William forced his hard cock into her vagina.

The recording was interrupted. The producer regretted what had occurred and assured that the scene already had been erased. However all in the audience had seen it happen. Sarah and William were ashamed. Rocy was sad to have caused the situation.

Next day Sarah went as usual to her job at the law office. When she returned at home she was rather upset. At the dinner table Sarah told us that one of the younger lawyers at her office had congratulated her to her extraordinary shaped body. Together with his wife he had been present at the TV recording last day. They had found Rocy’s documentation of nude art photography very interesting. “Of course your willingness to act as a model gave a further dimension to the illustration,” he had pointed out. He also asked if it was possible for his wife and himself to be photographed nude together by Rocy. Sarah had promised to ask Rocy if she was willing to do something like that.

Rocy was doubtful as she didn’t engage in commissioned work. She was of the opinion that art photography as well as other works of art has to be provided from the artist’s inward feelings or experience. But when Sarah explained that the man in question is a very expressive and interesting man with a body most women at the office admired Rocy climbed down.

“His wife is also of good shape as far as one can judge from pictures he has on his writing-table,” Sarah emphasized.

“I have an idea,” I said. “We arrange a Midsummer celebration in form of a garden party here. It’s just about two weeks from today. I have a couple I would be very happy to invite too!”

“Who is that couple?” asked Sarah. “Somebody from your institution?”

“It will be my little secret! But I can assure you that both of you will be very satisfied with my choice,” I responded. Rocy and Sarah looked bewildered at each other. “If you accept I will get into touch with a good friend of mine who will take care of the food. He is in the catering business. His company has a good reputation and his people act in a very tactful fashion. They will not report anything happening at the party.”

We discussed my proposal back and forth. The question was how the photography of the nude lawyer couple had to be arranged.

“Our living room can be your studio,” proposed Sarah. “There you have the coach and other furniture you need. And plenty of space for arranging different actions!”

Rocy got turned on the idea. “But it would be fine if the couple is willing to have some spectators! If so it will be more thrilling for me and for them, but it’s up to them. You may ask them Sarah.”

Our discussions resulted in that our Midsummer celebration would be of true Scandinavian type. Thus, there were no clothe requirements. Just the opposite!

Sarah spoke to the lawyer who had been very enthusiastic to visit our friendly house. I had made up with my catering friend. I emphasized that the party people most likely would wear the least amount of clothes needed. But his people will be dressed in a more formal way. I had been in touch with my secret couple too and got an overwhelming acceptance.

The Midsummer weekend was the fact. The catering company istanbul escort people arrived well before lunch. They took over the kitchen and arranged the tables in a party tent on the lawn in front of the main building of our house. The sun shone from a cloudless sky and it ought to be a fine day.

As our guests had to stay overnight Rocy had to give up her guest room in the wing part of our house. But she had no objections. With Sarah’s admittance I had promised her to sleep in the same bed as Sarah and me.

The lawyer couple, Anne and George, arrived just before lunch. Sarah introduced them to Rocy and me. Exactly as Sarah had indicated George was a handsome man in his forties dressed in a white shirt and khaki shorts. His wife had really a good shape. I found her body most attractive. Her loosely fitting cotton dress kept up by small shoulder straps followed the line of her figure. The dark silhouette of her body could be seen through the thin fabric when the sunbeams illuminated her from behind. A woman in her late 30’s, light blond hair and clear blue eyes. As far as I got it she had no bra. Thus her C-sized breasts were viewable just as her femininally firm belly and nice rounded hips. Below her rather short cotton dress a pair of really good shaped legs could be admired.

Rocy and Sarah escorted Anne and George to the wing part of the house to show them their guest room. I walked up to the catering people to make sure that everything worked well. I found two very nice young ladies who were to be our waitresses. Dressed more like fairies with thin flowery dresses and a wreath of flowers on their heads just as is common at Midsummer festivities in this country.

It wasn’t long before also my secret couple arrived. I run to meet them when they left the car. I wished them welcome and told them that neither Rocy nor Sarah knew who I had invited. We walked over the lawn towards the “guest house”.

We were almost there when Rocy and Sarah left the house. “No! It isn’t possible!” they shouted when they caught sight of my couple.

“That was the best surprise you could give me Thomas,” said Sarah and rushed to William and gave him a devoted kiss. “I thought I never was to meet you after the TV recording. I wondered how your girlfriend took it.”

“You may ask her,” I said and introduced Marie to Sarah and Rocy. I put my arm around Marie and cuddled her up to me. A lovely little body to clasp in one arm. Her deep brown eyes sparkled and her light-blond hair softly spread over her bare shoulders, the small snub nose above the laughting mouth with the white string of pearl teeth just forced me to kiss her.

“Oh, I think we solved the problem just in the same way as you and your husband Thomas did,” established Marie. “Thomas and I discussed the horrific situation. As the wise man Thomas is, being used to talk to unhappy people in his daily work as a psychotherapist, he explained to me the ecstatic adventure a man felt when forced to be in such an intimate vicinity of a woman. I accepted William’s carnal behavior. We love each other as never before!”

William walked up to her and embraced her with a lucky smile. “No matter what happens here tonight we still are in love tomorrow,” he declared.

Anne and George had joined our small group. They looked with wide open eyes at William who they recognized being Sarah’s partner at the TV recording. “Hi there, what a coincidence to see you again!” Anne remarked when she hugged William with a smile. “I thought you and Thomas were on bad terms with each other. However, when being in the public at the TV recording I was jealous of Sarah. Your treatment of her made me hot!”

Being treated with a glass of champagne, we were invited for lunch. I saw to that George took care of Sarah when we walked to the party tent. William wasn’t late to put his arm around Anne when they slowly moved to the waiting lunch table. He seemed to feel happy to have Anne as his partner at table. So was I, now being able to come close to Marie. True to say, ever since then I sat at her side in the TV studio I had ached to find out what her young lovely body had to offer. Unlike at the TV studio now she was more distant and shy. However, when I stopped her for a moment and turned her to face me she smiled and our lips came together in a fast little kiss.

As always Rocy had her still camera in readiness, recording everything, including our fast little kiss. Obviously she was fully satisfied to have the opportunity to document the world around her. It was as she was married to the camera and the art of photography.

The lunch was partaken of with much laughing and joking, not at least with respect to the happenings in front of the TV cameras some weeks ago. George said he was eager to get a closer view of Sarah. He admitted that already from the first day when Sarah was introduced at the law office he had felt some sort of attractiveness. It wasn’t any question of a love-affaire for he loved kadıköy escort his Anne more than anything else on earth he explained.

Anne laughed at him. “You always has eyes for women with good shapes. And I like young men who are strong enough to satisfy my sexual demands.”

The discussions on love and sex went on more and more intense as the snaps were consumed together with the herrings, meatballs and everything else belonging to the genuine midsummer lunch.

Rocy had a busy time. Her camera was in action all the time. She got views the rest of us never saw. Such as when William’s right hand found its way along Anne’s inner thigh and her delighted facial expression when he reached her crotch. Or when I managed to zip down Marie’s shorts and put my hand inside her briefs.

At last Rocy found it time for going to the work with the photography of the lawyer couple as promised. The little group of people found its way to the living room. Rocy had arranged the furniture such that the coach was the main piece of the ‘studio’. A tripod with a film camera pointed against the coach. It was connected to a monitor and a TV recorder. Furthermore Rocy was to use her still camera for some still shots. She asked me to be her lighting engineer.

She instructed George and Anne to strip fully nude. He had no objections but Anne found her uncomfortable in having to do it in front of our staring eyes.

“Okay, we make it in a somewhat different way” Rocy proposed.

George already stood there as the nature had created him. His vigorous thorax and muscular arms and legs gave a view of a well trimmed man’s body. His rather long, but still slack penis indicated that he was unconcerned of being nude in front of an audience.

“Take care of your wife” Rocy said in a soft manner and continued: “Anne take your place in front of George facing the camera. Try to relax and let your arms hang down along your body.”

It was really a nice couple. He was a head taller than she. Her slim body shape was framed by his strong lines showing up a man who was able to protect his wife. His hands found their way to get hold of her chest just below her tits. Anne looked in a shy way to the floor. Her cheeks were blushing red.

Rocy asked George to undress his wife in a slow manner. He started to loosen the shoulder straps of her cotton dress. He kissed her behind her ear and released his hold of the straps keeping her dress up, letting the dress drop to the floor as a curtain revealing her beautiful breasts. I was right, she had no bra and one could hear an admiring sighing from William. There she stood with a shy smile on her lips only covered by her hipsters. Her beautiful tanned hour-glassed body shape gave evidence of being regularly exposed to the sun.

“Please, get hold of his penis with your right hand and lean your head against George’s breast. Try to catch his eyes” Rocy instructed. With some uncertainty Anne grasped the shaft of his cock and immediately it started to grow. As a reflex she started to move her hand backward and forward making his cock still harder for every stroke.

Rocy signed to William to come forward and whispered to him to kneel in front of Anne. “You have to get her excited! I know you are able to prepare her for a happy time with her husband.”

William looked back at Marie. I could see he was doubtful how to proceed. His head was in height with Anne’s crotch. He brought her closer and kissed her slowly between her thighs through the soft silk of the hipsters just as he took hold of its waistline. A moment later he had managed to release her from the last piece of clothes. A well manicured cunt was revealed. Her pubic bone was adorned with a small string of black hair as an arrow pointing down to the smooth area waiting for further treatment. The atmosphere was full of expectation. No other sound could be heard of but the clicking of Rocy’s camera.

A light sigh of pleasure came from Anne when William’s tongue started to play with her cunt. She spread her legs somewhat to make it possible for him to reach inside. He licked the slit up and down, up and down. To get in real touch with her clit he pinched the inner labia and forced the clit out from its hiding place.

From my close position as a lighting engineer I had a nice view of the whole scene. Anne’s cunt was a master piece of the nature. The shapes and colors of the different parts made me most excited. Her outer, swollen pink labia contrasted in a beautiful manner to the dark brown inner labia which in turn gave an inciting frame to the more reddish slit. The clit emerged as a little copy of a man’s cock head, now glistening by William’s salivation.

George was fully engaged in the treatment of his wife’s bell shaped tits. His hands were as designed for just those curvatures. When filling up the cupped palms his thumbs and index fingers reached the erected nipples twisted and pulled them in a tenderly way. She leaned against him and kağıthane escort with closed eyes they seemed to kiss each other without any break. Anne still had his, now hard cock in her right hand. Both of them let out a muted sound of happiness.

William continued his activities unaware of that his doings were the main interest of the audience. Rocy obtained some close pictures of his increasingly excited penetration of Anne’s cunt. His tongue danced around her protruding clit in the same time as he had two fingers working in and out her vagina producing a splashing sound from her deep well of female lubrication.

It drove Anne over the boarder. Her orgasm was short but intense. “Oh my god… I’m so…” her words drowned in a lengthy exhale. Her body shuddered and if George hadn’t kept hold of her she had tumbled over.

William stood up and looked over at his girlfriend who, just as the rest of us, was smiling and returned to a more relaxed attitude after being witness to a fascinating scenery.

Recovered from her divine penetrations Anne gazed at us. Her face was flaming red. She quickly turned her body to George. “Oh, what have I done? I feel ashamed! Doing it in front of other people,” she whispered to him.

“There is nothing to be ashamed at. You gave them and me a wonderful time. For the first time through the monitor I was able to look at you and at the same time being in touch with your vibrating body. It was an overwhelming feeling. I was close to cum,” George confessed.

We were all excited and I thought everyone would have liked to proceed the photo session but Rocy explained that she had got some good pictures to be worked on. “Anne and George you will got a TV-recording as a memory and when I have prepared some still shots to be more like art compositions I will mail them for you. Now, I propose that we walk down to the lake and get something good to cool off our firing soles.”

Down at the bathing beach the catering girls served us some ice drinks. The midsummer sun made everything to make us get rid of our clothes. First one to strip was Sarah. “Follow me if you dare to,” she shouted and run into the lake water. George wasn’t late to follow her. I saw him disappear when he dived into the water. When he emerged he was just behind Sarah. She turned to him and they embraced each other.

I asked Marie if she could think of going for a row together with me. “Yes of course, but only if you are nice to me!”

I cannot promise but I will try,” I answered and started to walk away to our flat-bottomed rowing-boat. Marie followed close upon my heels. Just in front of the boat I made away with my shirt and jeans. “You can put your clothes here on the bridge. Your body needs some tan” I proposed with a friendly look.

“I don’t know if I dare, but you are true: My body is sallow after being at school until recently. And I trust on you,” she said and left all of her clothes in a pretty little pile on the bridge. Her young body gave me a funny feeling that she was used to be naked. I gave her my hand to get her safely onboard.

I pushed out the boat from the beach sand and jumped onboard. Placing myself in the middle I grabbed hold of the oars and started rowing. Marie sat on the stern in front of me and facing me. My lord, I couldn’t believe my eyes. To keep the balance she had spread her legs which gave me a good view of her lovely cunt. There was no trace of hair or sign of a bikini tan line. Her flat belly emphasized the pubic bone. A pair of C-sized tits encouraged to be fondled.

She looked at me with a friendly smile. “Not used to see nude women in front of you? Don’t be shy to study my body; I’m used to be looked at; sometimes I stand as a model in front of art students. As you know I’m very interested in noble art and for the moment also studying at the Academy of Fine Arts.”

Though being a quite good oarsman, it was difficult to stand on course today. My eyes were as stuck to her body and my arms were working in an unsynchronized way. Suddenly I heard Sarah shouted: “How do you steer? Do you aim to run over your wife and her lover?”

Looking aside I saw Sarah and George swimming not far from the boat side. Their nude bodies were close to each other. “I’m sorry, but I have a mermaid here onboard and she demands all my attention! So you have better to keep away,” I laughed at them. Then I took a couple of strokes of the oars in the opposite direction.

Marie screwed up her eyes because of the sun, but I saw that she steals a furtive glance at my crotch from time to time. And I understood why. My cock was rock hard and wanted to get free from my small swimming trunks. At last she bent forward, got hold of the waist line and pulled the trunks down. I eased my back to facilitate her doings. Still she had some difficulty to bring them to pass my manhood. “Hi there, you are a whopper! I’d never thought that my little body would result in such a well grown cock,” she said laughing and kneeled in front of me.

She began kissing my thighs and grasped the shaft with both her hands. “You are a danger of the sea safety! How in hell would I be able to row us ashore when I have the mermaid sucking my cock?” I asked out into the empty nothingness. She laughed at me and her eyes sparkled. I had to go on rowing and aimed at an islet. I knew that there was a small soft grassy space behind some bushes.

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