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“Why am I doing this again?” Aria thought to herself, working hard on a stationary bicycle at one of the local gyms. Looking up and taking a deep breath, she saw two of the guys stealing glances at her breasts. “Oh right, that’s why.” With a private smile, she closed her eyes again and leaned forward to pedal even harder. She knew that those two guys, and most of the others, were now staring at her. Each time she pushed down on the pedals, her torso moved from left to right, making her breasts sway constantly. Those large breasts got most of the attention, but her hips, ass and thigh got their share of glances and stares as well. Yet, far from making her uncomfortable, Aria rather enjoyed the attention.

More than a year ago, weeks before her 37th birthday, Aria had decided to lose the 15 to 20 extra pounds she had been carrying for the past few years. Today, with a less-indulging diet and up to four visits per week to the gym, she had succeeded. To her surprise, she had discovered that she liked working out, so she kept coming here. Way beyond fooling herself, Aria knew that part of the reason she enjoyed the gym was that many men here were looking at her.

That had been a wonderful, if slow, discovery. Aria had been blessed, since she turned 16, with a glorious body. She had lived a life knowing that she was a natural center of attention of most men, as close to being a natural princess as you could in the twentieth century. But now she was 37, had had 2 children herself, and had gained some weight, so gradually she had lost that power. Her hair were still as incredible, long and thick, but those extra pounds needed to disappear.

Now, sweating on the bike, she knew that she looked as good as she ever had in the past: the sweat she could feel trickling between her breast flowed against firm flesh, much firmer than it had any right to be at 37. Although her silhouette had been remarkable overall, with a perfect waist to hip ratio, deliciously round buttocks, a respectable 5’7″ height and hair to make goddesses jealous, Aria knew that the jewel in her beauty’s crown had always been her breasts. 32EE had always been off compared to the supposed classical canons of 36D or 34C, yet judging by the numbers of jaws she had seen dropped in her life, she had always been mighty proud of her breasts.

As the months in the gym flew by, Aria gradually decided to show them off more and more: the loose tee-shirt she had worn at first had long since been replaced by a very tight tank-top; the sports bra was gone too, replaced by a bra with a lot of support that nevertheless managed not to flatten them. It had cost a small fortune, but it had been worth it. She knew she was at the limit of what was tolerated here, but the owners were men and she didn’t think they’d ask her to change. In fact, Aria was quite sure that they were using the security cameras to look at her in the safety of their office.

All in all, Aria was the unofficial queen of the gym. Or rather she had been, until Scarlett showed up. In the ways that mattered most men, Scarlett was a 22 year old version of Aria: gorgeous, sexy without even trying too, endowed with spectacularly large breasts and silky, smoothly flowing long hair. Yet even in the dark, nobody would fail to distinguish them: whereas the rest of Aria’s body was clearly that of a voluptuous woman, Scarlett’s was that of a tall and very lithe adolescent. Small waist and equally small hips, she had firm buttocks and thin long legs. Yet that very litheness made her breasts stand out like brilliant lighthouses in the deepest of nights. Even with a sports bra, Scarlett’s breasts could grab the attention of men and women alike.

When Scarlett first started to come to the gym, Aria definitely felt some frustration. A few days later they had hit the showers at the same time. Even though they didn’t have communal showers like the men, Aria had seen enough of Scarlett’s body to be really jealous. Also, unable to resist while Scarlett was in the shower, Aria had stolen a peak at her bra, a very sexy red lace thing: 30F. “Breasts this size should look bizarre…” She had though to herself, shaking her head. But bizarre they were not. Even Aria herself had been mesmerized by Scarlett’s breasts, and for the first time in her life she dearly wanted to see a woman’s breasts naked.

Aria kept coming to the gym, trying to learn when Scarlett wasn’t here, but after a month she stopped bothering: Scarlett was a very friendly person and obviously saw in Aria a potential friend. Aria tolerated her, but nothing more.

Three weeks ago, their relationship changed. In the locker room, she overheard Scarlett talking to another woman, saying how she loved college. Her classes were great, and so were the teachers. When she said that she was studying to become a midwife, Aria was shocked: first of all midwives are few and far between, but most importantly, Aria was a midwife herself, had been for more than ten years. Aria instantly got up to bahis firmaları join in Scarlett’s conversation.

She tried her best, but Aria had the feeling that Scarlett saw her surprise. Not about the midwifery. Not at all. When Aria turned the corner, she saw Scarlett talking with Carie. Carie was also very friendly and loved to laugh and make people laugh, yet Carie was not the reason for Aria’s surprise either. She had come at the precise moment when Scarlett was topless, her breasts still dripping with water from the shower, and her wet hair clinging to those impossible curves. Aria had seen countless breasts as a midwife, but they’d never been sexual objects, only distended milk-givers. Scarlett’s breasts were clearly not deformed. Gods no. They sparked a completely involuntary stirring between Aria’s legs, and even a flash of heat. Surprised by Scarlett’s studies, stunned by her breasts, Aria now had to deal with the shock of he body’s response to that woman.

When she said that she was herself a midwife, it was Scarlett’s turn to be surprised. From that moment on, especially after spending the rest of that day together talking, the two became inseparable friends.

In the gym’s showers, Aria also discovered another difference between their two bodies: Stolen glances by stolen glances, she discovered that Scarlett had pretty much shaved every last hair from her body from the neck down. It looked like she didn’t even have a single hair below her neck. Armpits and legs of course, but also her entire crotch area and random stray hairs around her nipples had been eradicated.

It turned out, Aria learned later on, that she wasn’t just shaved or waxed: her hairs had been permanently removed. After high-school ended, two of her friends became estheticians and Scarlett became their guinea pig. Two years later, in a combination of laser and electrolysis, she had had every hair removed from her body from the neck down. It was a long and sore two years, but she was now eternally grateful for the pain.

Like each and every one of the lucky lovers Scarlett had allowed down there, Aria was completely fascinated by those bald pussy and mound. She usually didn’t care for a bald pussy. In fact, her own bush was barely trimmed, just enough to fit into a swimsuit. Some winters, she let it grow as wild and large as it wanted. Yet now, seeing the pure beauty of Scarlett’s pussy and mound, she began reconsidering.

During the following year, Aria and Scarlett became a lot closer, and while Aria was still obsessed with her friend’s breasts, she tried to ignore them most of the time. The few times they talked about it, always very late after a delivery with both women really tired, Scarlett always said that she herself was jealous of Aria’s body. All those curves, all that femininity, how many men must desire her… Aria was really pleased, but it also opened the door to further compliments on Scarlett’s breasts.

Today at the gym, while Scarlett wasn’t here, Aria thought about the last time that special topic came up between them. It had been about two months ago. They had been working together for quite a while now, Scarlett assisting her more experienced friend. The delivery had been really problematic and they had ended up working close to 24 hours straight. They had been called at 6 o’clock in the morning, and stayed there until 3 am the following night. That night, like so many other when their nights ended late and in the west end of town, Scarlett invited Aria to spend the night at her place.

They ended up talking until dawn, too stressed out to sleep. They had also gotten slightly drunk, and had even showed their breasts to each other to talk about them. Damn! There even had been some touching, Aria remembered. At that point, it had been pretty clear to Aria that her young friend was at the very least bi-sexual. Although Scarlett was unattached at the moment, she had talked about being with men in the past, but Aria felt that it had been a long time ago. After feeling Scarlett’s so very soft hand on her breast, that night, Aria almost asked her about it. Yet she didn’t. Instead they fell asleep on the couch, both topless. While the morning had been somewhat awkward, they had shared many intimate situations in their jobs and didn’t really talk about it.

The following night, Aria called her current boyfriend. She felt somewhat bad for him, because she knew that their relationship was not going anywhere. He was nearly ten years younger than her, and had been charmingly mesmerized by her body at the gym. She had, in turn, heard other men talk about him, talk about a particular detail: apparently he had a nicely sized cock. Something clicked in Aria’s mind when she heard that, and she decided to give it a shot. It had been a long time since her last relationship, and, truthfully, she needed to be fucked. It had almost been too easy: after a session at the gym, she waited for him to get out of the locker room. One glowing smile, a hand kaçak iddaa on his strong arm, standing just a few inches too close to him. A minute later he invited her to dinner; dinner led to a movie; and the movie led to a very long night of uninterrupted sex.

Thinking once again about that oft remembered first night, Aria watched her beau coming up the street on his motorcycle. She had called him to tell him that their relationship was over. There wasn’t a truly good way to break up with someone, but Aria had found one that didn’t seem all that bad. She had stripped completely naked, and unbound her long hair. Sex with Will was very good, and she was still attracted to him on that level. She knew that her pussy was completely drenched with her juices, that her blood was near boiling, and that her nipples were as hard and erect as possible. Although tonight, thinking about Scarlett, she didn’t know how many of those reactions were due to her young friend. But that, as she heard Will walking up to her door, was a question for another time.

When he opened the door she was right in front of him, standing completely naked and completely unashamed, fully visible to any passerby on the street. His eyes grew wide, and minutes later his cock grew big. He was at least seven inches long and to her own surprise, that first night with him, she felt him bottoming out in a few positions. Feeling like a slut, she undressed him in the living room, then turned her back to him and bent forward on the couch. That night, she had needed a cock, and big fucking cock. Tonight was no different.

He was giving it to her, willingly. As she was being rocked, her entire body pummeled by his strong arms and legs, his cock plunging deep, spreading her insides, Aria gave herself to the pleasure and let him do whatever he wanted. The mature woman spent the rest of the night feeling, ironically, like a young girl possessed for the first time by a much older man. They fucked all over the house, in all the imaginable positions. Late that night, he even fucked her ass for the first time. They had been fucking in the classic spoon position, and in his enthusiasm, he had pulled too far back and pushed against her anus. She grabbed him before he could pull away, and pushed him in. After his huge head popped in, it was clear that even though her juices were flowing, it wouldn’t be enough. Aria got up and fished her bottle of lube from the bedside drawer. Thirty minutes later he was still ass fucking her, but by now she was straddling him, giving him the perfect view of her bouncing breasts, her ravaged pussy and her distended asshole being rammed by his big cock. Nearly all of his seven inches were being pushed in and out of her anus, and she was loving every one of his strokes.

All through that long and sweaty night, Aria couldn’t quite control some of the images that came to her mind. When she bent down over the couch, she imagined Scarlett sitting there, her breasts bared and waiting for her own mouth. When she had been on her back on the bed, with Will kneeling between her legs, Aria’s mind saw Scarlett squatting over her head, offering her cleanly shaven pussy to her waiting mouth. It just wouldn’t stop. Will was great, had given her hours of raw pleasure with that damned fuck stick of his. But he couldn’t give her smooth, small hands; he couldn’t give her those long, smooth thighs; couldn’t give her a pussy to discover for the first time; couldn’t give her those soon to be legendary breasts; and most importantly, couldn’t give her that elusive feeling of making love to a woman.

Aria decided to let him do what she hadn’t allowed any other man to do: cum in her ass. Strangely enough, it seemed like the most acceptable way to end this night. She didn’t want it in her pussy, or on her ass or breasts, nor in her mouth. When she mentioned that, Will was pushed over the edge and exploded, filling her asshole with his cum. Aria allowed him to spend the night with her, but in her mind she knew it was over. They had been fucking for three months now, and it had been wonderful. Nevertheless, she now had something she needed to explore, and Aria wouldn’t let a fucking seven inch cock distract her. She told Will about it in the morning, and while he seemed genuinely sad about it, it was clear that he had also realized that their relationship was built on nothing more than long nights of sex. They fucked slowly in the shower, that last morning together, and for the last time he gave her an orgasm.


That had been about two months ago. Aria looked up at the time and realized that she had spent nearly an hour pedaling while daydreaming. She stopped slowly and got off, feeling her legs shaking beneath her. She saw Will in the weights section, and felt a few shivers running up and down her spine. That last night together had truly been great, and she hadn’t been with a man since then. She decided to go to him, to say bye-bye, and to squeeze his arm in the process. Smiling at her, he kaçak bahis said: “Do you still have my number, Beauty?” Of course she had, she replied. And it was true. “Don’t hesitate to call me one of those sleepless nights.” He grinned at her, kissed her cheek and let her go.

Aria spent the rest of the day with a deep, low buzz in her pussy. Scarlett was filling her head with all sorts of fantasies and other unspeakable ideas, and now Will’s big cock was poking in and out of her mind as well. She came back home at 10am, after that long gym session, and by the time the phone rang at 3pm she had masturbated three times. One of her women was ready to give birth, so Aria called Scarlett, hopped in the shower to get the scent of sex off of her, and then drove to pick her partner up.

Today’s birth was a water birth, where the expecting mother delivers her child in a pool of warm water. When the two midwives came in, the blinds were closed, candles were lit and Annie was already in the pool. Mark, her husband, was kneeling behind her, holding her in his arms as contractions began. They were a very friendly couple, and Aria hoped that everything would go well for them.

Hours later, alone with Scarlett near the little pool, Aria saw that things were indeed going well for Annie: behind their bedroom’s wall, Annie and Mark were fucking, quite noisily, blissfully ignoring the two midwives sitting in their living room. Without mentioning that important fact to Aria, Annie and Mark had decided to try an orgasmic birth. It had become quite clear when Annie had grabbed the shower head, meant to keep her upper body wet, and pushed it agains her pussy. Her moan had made everything perfectly clear for everyone.

Up until that point, Mark had been very close to his wife, holding her closely, even caressing her bared breasts a few times. Aria and Scarlett had ignored those caresses. Yet about an hour after they had arrived, Mark had grabbed both of Annie’s large breasts in his hands, squeezing them shamelessly for a few seconds. Instead of stopping him, Annie had closed her eyes and simply enjoyed the sensations. Looking up at each other, the two midwives merely smiled.

The second time Mark did it, holding and massaging his wife’s breasts for long minutes, Aria started to feel uncomfortable. Annie had very large breasts, distended by the milk, and you couldn’t “not see them” at this point. Aria and Scarlett’s gazes crossed a few times, both of them recalling earlier conversations about their own breasts. Things became significantly more intense when Annie slid both her hands around her large belly to her pussy and began masturbating. Across the pool, Aria could see that Scarlett was really uncomfortable now, her face completely red. Aria had helped at three or four orgasmic births, but she had never spoken about such things with her young partner.

When their eyes next met, Aria winked at her friend, trying to calm her down. Surprised, Scarlett smiled, then grinned. Holding the older woman’s eyes a few seconds longer, she winked back. After that brief exchange, both women relaxed. Scarlett even grabbed the shower head and gently sprayed Annie’s breasts, and thus Mark’s hands. When Aria placed her own hand on Annie’s belly, it broke Annie’s remaining hesitations and she moaned out loud. Soon Annie grabbed Scarlett’s hand and pushed the shower head directly against her own pussy. The water pressure was very low, and it very clearly agreed with Annie: she began moaning, moving and writhing, lost in pleasure between her husband’s hands, Aria’s caressing hand and Scarlett’s shower head.

At first it seemed like the growing climax was making Annie’s contractions faster. Pretty soon Aria saw that the shower head was forgotten in the pool, and that Annie was guiding Scarlett’s fingers directly against her pussy. As she was bent forward to accommodate her, Scarlett was unconsciously displaying her breasts as the were spilling from her tank top. Neither Aria or Mark were indifferent. Nor, it would appear, was Annie. Completely unexpected, Annie’s free hand rose from the water and closed directly on one of Scarlett’s breasts. “Good Gods your breasts are perfect!”

At first Scarlett was stunned, then she looked at Annie, Mark and finally Aria. To Aria’s surprise, Scarlett began laughing. Somehow, since she had her own hand directly on that woman’s pussy, who was nearly a complete stranger, she couldn’t really mind a hand on her own breasts. Scarlett’s beautiful laughter’s quickly spread all over the room, the other three joining in. “Are they wonderful Mark?” In reply, Mark only grunted a low, guttural moan, staring shamelessly at Scarlett’s offered breasts. He then bent forward around his wife’s neck and began kissing one of her own breasts.

Despite knowing that she had lost control of the situation, Aria wasn’t worried at all. She just smiled with them, laughing when she saw Annie’s hand slipping beneath Scarlett’s bra. Seconds later Scarlett’s right breast was being pulled out of her bra to be proudly displayed for everyone to see. Still in that strange fey mood, Scarlett simply laughed with them all, completely unmindful about this grave breach of midwife ethics.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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