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“What the heck is wrong with you, Adam?” I laughed. “You seem way out of joint. You miss your wife or something?”

Like each summer for the past five, our wives and kids (his three daughters, my two) had already departed for Montana. Like each summer for the past five, we both had started getting a bit cranky without some occasional sex to keep us calmed down. It was a standing joke/excuse for both of us to get a little testy.

“Come on, pal, you can talk to me. We have been through a lot together over the last several years. I know the aggravation you endured over that tenure business and we spent endless hours on that business venture. Come on, what’s eating you?”

Adam was now a tenured engineering professor at RIT, while I had a teaching position in computer science at Geneva College. We had collaborated on a couple of projects together in the local industrial community, one of which resulted in a shared patent that had made life a whole lot easier for both of us financially. We belonged to the same country club for golf, played basketball during the winter together and slow pitch softball in the summer.

“Hey, buddy, this is your best friend Mike talking here. I even told you about the incident with that lacrosse player.” Adam smiled just a little as he remembered my genuine shock when the lacrosse jock came on to me during a private tutoring session.

The jock stud had come up behind me and slipped his hand in the crack of my ass starting up high near my back and pushing against the seam of my jeans deep into my crotch. The jock had told me in no uncertain terms that I was hot, that he wanted to suck my cock for me, and was I interested?

Since we were at home in my private computer lab, I told the jock that if I was going to let him suck my cock, it had better be good. He just smiled as he leaned into me and kissed my neck as he unbuckled my jeans and then went down on my cock. He did not disappoint. It was in fact the best blow job I had ever gotten, including a full deep throat treatment. Adam was a little stunned when I told him about that but he just ended up laughing about it.

“You know that you are as close to me as a brother. We’ve shared just about everything two guys can share.” Honestly, Adam had become the brother to me that my older brother, the world’s number one self-absorbed prick, could never be. We shared all those things that most guys just cannot share with their wives, like the passion for sports, the singular joy of a dad in his love and pride over his daughters, the frustration of a wife’s sexual passion gone stone cold, the sense of a team accomplishment in a joint product development that actually benefited people and even the necessary hug when no one else understood the isolation that many men face.

“Look, Adam, I am not going to beg you. Come on, man, what’s eating you? You’re a guy and I’m a guy and there’s nothing you can’t share with me. What is it?”

Adam looked at me with a look I had never seen before from him and I was having trouble processing it. What the heck was going on? Was he seriously ill? Was he having marital problems? What was wrong? “I am struggling with something, my friend, really struggling…”

Adam pushed away from the table and walked to the stairs leading down to his family room. For a mechanical engineer, he had a lot of emotion and it was not at all uncommon for him to turn away to hide his emotions. He disappeared down the short flight of stairs to a lower section of his large home where his family room was.

I followed him down the stairs and approached him as he stood in front of the couch. It took my eyes a moment to adjust to the darker room and I actually walked right into him. I put my hand on his shoulder and turned him back toward me.

“Hey, buddy, come one, what’s wrong?” My desire to know what was bugging my friend and my brother was genuine and sincere. I really did care what was wrong, and Adam sensed it.

He looked me straight in the eye, and this time I recognized that look. It took my breath away as I realized what was really going on in his mind and heart. “You need to know something, Mike. I am going to tell it to you straight. I want your honest response.”

My heart was hammering in my chest and the pounding of the blood in my ears made me speak louder than I needed. “I’m listening, buddy” I replied as I leaned toward him.

“I don’t know how you are going to take this but here it is…”

“Say on, Adam, you can trust me.” My heard pounded and my voice must have sounded squeaky as I tried to keep my own emotions in check.

“There is just something about you, Mike. I don’t know how else to say this so here it is: You turn me sexually, and I want you.”

Once I recognized that look just Büyükesat Escort moments ago, I knew what was in store. The analytical part of my brain began processing all of the complications of his statements. I slammed the door on the complications and just said, “Wow, no shit?”

“Yeah, Mike, no shit. Ever since you told me about that jock, I began to look at you in a different light. We have shared everything together and have had lots of great times together. I have just wanted to be closer to you and I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted until you told me about the lacrosse jock. I wasn’t jealous or anything but I knew I wanted to take the next step. So there you have it.”

“Before you say anything else, I want to make something clear right from the get go: I am a man. I won’t be anybody’s bitch. I want to be equal partners but I want to be a man about it. No whining, no sissy bullshit, nothing like that. I want you. I want to service you like a man and I want to be serviced like a man. What do you think?”

“No shit! Are you pulling my chain or is this on the up and up?” I had to say something to cover my amazement at his words and my sudden and unexpected physical attraction to him.

Adam looked at me with that look of what I now recognized as unbridled passion, reached up with his hands, pulled my face to him and kissed me hard on the lips like a man. My physical heart abandoned all pretense at a regular beat and my cock was jolted to life in an instant of electric passion. I pulled back, stunned. “Wow!” was all I could say.

A sly smile began to show on Adam’s face. “There is a whole lot more on your face than shock, Mike…you have this…certain look in your eyes.”

That was all I needed as I stepped to him. He looked deeply into my eyes with hunger that apparently matched my own, and I reached over to him, and drew his neck to my lips and began to bite his ear lobe and stick my tongue in his ear. He just leaned his head back and pulled me strongly into his body. Our cocks met through the denim of our jeans and my cock pulsed precum into my jockeys.

In our many frank discussions, we had discovered that similar actions turned us both on, one of which was great sensitivity in the neck area. Adam and I are both a few inches over six feet tall and both about 195. We were well matched in golf and basketball. Now as we began sweating together in the privacy of his family room, I knew that we would be a good match physically for what was before us.

Adam pulled me tighter and began to grind his substantial cock against me. I guess you could say it was a real battle to see who could grind the hardest and kiss the hardest. Adam pulled back just long enough to look me directly in the eye again and then pulled my face back to him and plunged his tongue into my mouth.

This was completely new to me with a man, as almost all this was, and for the very first time I felt the scraping of his day old beard against my own stubbly growth. It was actually kind of painful but highly erotic at the same time. After our tongues dueled for minute or so, we broke for air and stepped apart.

I studied Adam’s face as he studied mine. “This does not appear to be as much of a surprise to you as I thought it would be,” he said. “I was hot for you since you told me about that lacrosse player and I wondered what it would be like with another man. No, not another man, you, Mike.”

“Actually, it is a surprise. A shock, actually,” I replied. “I readily admit that I enjoyed the blow job from jock-boy but I never imagined I’d ever have this kind of passion with you. Let me be clear about something, too. If anybody else but you had come on to me like this, I would have decked the fucker in a hearbeat. But I cared about you first as a person. We have shared so much together. You have earned the right to do this. I really do care about you and you know that.”

“I believe that is what makes this so hot. You are more than just a body to me, Mike.” Adam stepped back toward me. “I am going to do something now that I could never do to anybody else and that I have wanted to do for a long time.” Before I could process this bit of information, Adam reached for the neck of my t-shirt and ripped it straight down the middle, then leaned in and began to kiss my chest, making his way to my left nipple, where he sucked and chewed on this most sensitive non-groin region of my body.

This brought my sexual desire and awareness to a whole new level and my cock was shrieking to be free of the constraints of my jockeys and jeans. I moaned as Adam sucked on my left nipple and then moved over to the right one. I reached down to begin unbuckling his pants. I knew that his manhood must be Elvankent Escort straining for freedom as well.

Adam stood up and allowed me access to his belt buckle and jeans snap, at the same time reaching for mine. In moments our cocks sprung free together and we stepped out of our jeans.

I reached over and tore Adam’s polo shirt in half to match my own t-shirt. As I moved in to suck on his nipples, our cocks collided and I felt a new surge of electricity pulse through my stiff rod. We both gasped at the same moment and I felt more precum ooze out of the tip of my cock.

I pulled Adam close and we speared one another’s belly with our stiff cocks. Adam pulled me toward him, grasping my ass in both of his hands as I began to suck his nipples, licking and biting and sucking them hard.

My passion grew and I began to move my hands all over Adam’s body. By this time I had lost all sense of propriety and restraint. My cock began to ache with the need for release. “Hey, buddy, I have not cum in over a week and my cock feels like it is trying to hold back a damn from bursting and I don’t know how long I can hold it back.”

Adam stepped back and took my face in his hands. “Remember what I said before, Mike. I want you to feed me your cock like a man, just as I intend to do to you. I am going to do my best to give you a good blow job. Talk to me while I am sucking you off, tell me what you want. And though I have never done it before, and though I will try not to gag, I intend to suck every drop of your cum into my mouth. Treat me like a man.” With that Adam dropped to his knees and began to stroke my cock. I am uncut, over seven inches long, and very thick. I have a large hand myself and I cannot get my hand all the way around my cock. It is as big around as a soda can.

My balls are also quite large and even when my cock is limp, my groin always presents a noticeable bulge, even in Dockers. Also, my body manufactures enough precum for two guys, so when Adam began to slowly pump my cock, my foreskin slid easily back and forth over my cock head.

Adam leaned forward and put his lips on my cock. I nearly shot my wad as I looked down to see my best friend in the world taking my cock in his mouth. I shuddered as his warm mouth engulfed my throbbing cock. True to his word, Adam took as much of my cock in his mouth as he could.

He wrapped his hands around the base of my cock and began to move his mouth and tongue over my slippery head. “Oh, Adam, does that ever feel good…mmmmmmm…suck me hard. I need more than just your tongue, I need suction, buddy, mmmmmm…..” Without skipping a beat, Adam created a vacuum over the end of my cock, causing my cock head to expand even further. I dug my fingers into Adam’s scalp and pulled his head further onto my cock. He released his hands from my shaft and began massaging my large and heavy balls.

He gagged a little and I pulled back some. His moaning told me to give it another try and I pulled him onto my cock again. This time he got about half of me in his mouth so I pulled all the way out and then pulled him back onto me again and again. Each succeeding time he took more of my cock until I felt his long, straight nose pushing into my pubes.

He was used to the girth of my cock now and I locked my arms to my side, holding his head steady as I began to pump my cock into him. Adam whimpered with passion as thrust after thrust brought me to the brink of explosion.

I leaned back, instructing Adam to hold my ass tight with his hands. I leaned further back, placing my hands over his on my ass. Adam faithfully kept pumping his mouth up and down on my cock and I felt that familiar tingle as the lava hot flame of orgasm began at my ankles and shot up the insides of my legs and into my balls. “Suck hard but stop pumping, pal. Here it comes…” I like to maximize the blast of cum and accomplish that by tensing all of the muscles in my body while arching my back. I screamed a guttural scream as my cum exploded into Adam’s mouth. The vacuum he created on my cock head served to pull more and more cum from my tight scrotum and I shot load after load into Adam’s waiting mouth.

Adam had a hard time to keep from gagging while trying to swallow all the jizz I was shooting into his mouth. “Save some for me, buddy,” I panted. “I want to taste my cum in your mouth.” I finally quit cumming and my cock softened as I pulled Adam to his feet.

I immediately locked my mouth on his and he swirled a large gob of cum onto my tongue and we slopped it back and forth for a minute before I sucked it into my mouth and swallowed it.

I pulled away from Adam, locked onto his eyes and said, “WOW!! Now, it’s YOUR turn. Same as you, Beşevler Escort I want to please you the way you want to be pleased. Talk to me and let me know what to do. Feel free to fuck my face or whatever you want to do. My objective is to give you the same pounding orgasm you just gave me. Man, this is exciting!” I reached down and squeezed the last drops of my cum onto his cock and swirled it around with my cock.

I smiled as I dropped to my knees, coming face to face with Adam’s throbbing and dripping cock. We had seen each other plenty in various locker rooms and changing rooms and I knew he must be huge when hard because he was pretty thick and long just hanging there.

Adam, too, was uncut. He was not as thick as me but it took most of my hand to get around his cock. My seven inches was meager compared to Adam, though. His cock was easily twelve inches long (We measured it later and found it was actually almost thirteen!). I had never sucked a cock before, though I was tempted to with the lacrosse jock.

I pulled back Adam’s foreskin and ran my tongue around his cock head. I flicked my tongue on the underside of his head where the skin comes together and his cock jumped with each flick. I put my lips together on the end of his cock and slowly opened my mouth to begin taking him in. I heard Adam’s breath break into short gasps as I licked and sucked his rigid cock.

“Fuck, is this ever fucking hot, Mike. Wow! My best friend is sucking my cock. Man, you turn me, Mike. Oh, suck me, please. Suck me!” Adam pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. I locked onto his shaft with my lips when I felt like I was about to gag and Mike held back. He kept talking to me, telling me what a good job I was doing. Frankly, at first I wasn’t sure I could do for him what he did for me but after my first taste of his cock, I was real eager to please him and I just kept wanting more and more.

I released my lip lock on his shaft, and Adam pulled back, and then plunged in again and again. Like he did for me, I was able to take more and more of his cock into my mouth and down into my throat. After several more strokes, I felt his pubes brush against my nose and I knew I was close to deep throating him. How in the world was that happening, I wondered. My gag reflex kept wanting to engage but I was able to control it and Adam kept feeding me his cock. I could feel it swelling and I knew Adam must be getting closer to the edge.

“Mike, buddy,” Adam panted, “here’s what I want you to do. Pull my foreskin all the way back and hold it all the way back with your fingers in my shaft. That’s it, buddy. Now I am going to fuck your face. I don’t need a lot of suction the way you like it but just enough to create some friction for my cock. I will let you know when you have it right.” I did as instructed and knew that I was pleasing my best friend. “Oh, that’s good, just right. Now get ready, Mike. You are in for a ride like you’ve never had.”

Adam proceeded to pound his cock deep into my mouth and throat. He got into a rhythm and held my head in his hands as he rocked in and out. “Oh, Mike, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be circumsized. What you are doing for me is giving me a good taste of it. I love the feel of your lips on the rim and ridge of my cock when I pull back out again. Ohhhhh, Mike, mmmmmmmm…..” I took note of this and made a point to curl my lips around the rim of his cock head on the outstroke. This brought Adam to a wild stallion slamming and fucking of my face. “Oh, Mike, here it fucking comes, oh, shit, oh fuck, oh, oh, oh…..” Adam yelled as his ball sack tightened and he pumped load after load down my throat. He just kept pumping and fucking my face and cumming down my throat. How could anybody produce this much cum all at once?

“I want to taste my cum in your mouth, Mike. Save some for me, oh, mmmmm, oh, shit, here it comes again!!!!” With that Adam spewed a whole new string of jizz into my mouth. I started gagging at the volume, so Adam pulled out of my mouth and began stroking his cock and shooting cum all over my face and hair and lips.

I had unintentionally swallowed what was in my mouth so I took his cock into my mouth once again and he shot several more big loads before his cock began to soften. I sucked hard and drew the last bit of cum from his cock.

I stood on wobbly legs and pulled Adam’s face to mine and fed his jizz back to him with a deep kiss. He took all of it, swirled it around his mouth and then swallowed it. He then proceeded to lick my face clean of his cum and the sensuousness of that got me hard again.

Looking down at my cock, Adam smiled and said, “Let’s take a break and process what just took place here.” Nodding in agreement, we flopped down on the couch together. Our hands, which we had used to shake in greeting and for gentlemen’s agreements on the golf course, met and we just held hands in a mutual desire to maintain the new connection we had just established. What had just transpired was physically exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. Where would this new aspect of our friendship lead? What would happen next?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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