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Big Tits

It had been about six months since the crazy party my roommate Ashley took me to where we ended up getting into a strip truth or dare game. It was her birthday and she took me and her friend Gina to her friend’s house where Ashley jumped at the chance to play the game with three guys in order to do something wild and fun on her birthday. I was unprepared for that as was Gina, but we played the game anyway such as not to spoil Ashley’s night.

That night was a night of firsts. It was my first time playing truth or dare, my first time that I had given a guy a blowjob all the way, and the first time I had oral sex with a girl. That is saying a lot since I grew up in a conservative house and really didn’t have that much sexual experience. I’m not saying I was a prude by any means since I did have sex with my boyfriend in high school and also with a boyfriend in my freshman year of college. I also have a lot of sexual fantasies and I’m not afraid to show off a little skin at times. However I certainly didn’t think that I could behave that way and it bothered me a little for several months that followed.

Since the party I had another boyfriend named Brock for about three months. It started about a month after the party and ended a couple months ago. Brock was a guy I met in my composition class at school. Overall I enjoyed him, but eventually I just got bored and we mutually agreed to break it off.

Sexually we were fairly compatible and Brock was able to please me. He also liked oral sex a lot and I probably sucked him off at least once or twice a week which was way more than I had done with my other boyfriends. I grew to like it a lot more than I thought I would and often looked forward to getting Brock alone so that I could please him. My conservative and reserved nature also became a little more relaxed during that relationship. I started dressing sexier and showing off my body more since Brock liked it. I kind of liked it too and liked how guys would eye me up when they noticed me.

After breaking up with Brock I really missed having a boyfriend. Ashley insisted I go with her to some fraternity parties and I learned how to flirt a little which I hadn’t done much in the past. A lot of guys showed interest in me but I didn’t hook up with anyone.

This term at school, my second semester of my sophomore year, has been somewhat hectic so I was excited when Ashley told me her parents would be out of town and she asked if I could join her and stay the long weekend at their house and watch the cat. Ashley said they had a big house and nice private swimming pool and that we could skinny dip. Ashley’s friend Gina was also invited and it was going to be just the three of us. I had never skinny dipped before, nor been nude in public, so that sounded kind of exciting.

Gina was Ashley’s friend from high school and she went to a different university about a 3 hour drive away. I had only seen Gina a few times since the truth or dare party, and Gina was the girl I had oral sex with at that party. Since each time I have seen her as been with other people, the topic of our oral experimentation never came up. On this trip I was wondering if I would finally get my chance to talk to her about it.

The weather was warm and sunny when we left the dorm in the late morning on Friday. Ashley and I drove the two hours outside of our college town to her home town. Gina was going to meet us in the late afternoon. The plan was that Ashley and I would relax, and then after Gina showed up we would get ready for a house party Ashley had planned with some old high school friends that were expected to arrive around 8 pm.

When we got to Ashley’s parent’s house I could not believe how nice it was. It had a big lot, beautiful landscaping in the front and back, and was on a cul-de-sac with lots of privacy. The home was a single-level ranch style home from the 70’s that had five bedrooms and four baths. The king bedroom bath alone was as large as our dorm room.

After arriving, Ashley and I changed quickly into our bathing suits and headed out back with towels. Ashley had a two-piece suit that barely held in her big boobs. She had on a black top and bottom that looked nice with her blond medium-length wavy hair, and the bottoms had a nice ring on the side with strings attached that made it look very high-fashion. Looking at her from the front the first thing noticeable was her cleavage and that the triangles of fabric seemed to barely cover the fronts of her breasts. Overall Ashley was a very attractive woman. She was very fit, had an outgoing personality, and always attracted men wherever we went.

I had on a two-piece string bikini. It was probably the skimpiest bathing suit I have ever worn and I picked it up at the store just before this trip. It showed a lot of chest and cleavage, but my breasts aren’t nearly the size of Ashley’s as I wear a 34-B. I’m also in good shape and run regularly to stay fit, so I have to admit I felt like with my tan coming in a little and with the white fabric, I looked pretty good. The top exposed most of my breasts on the inside and outside, and my bottoms were Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan low-cut with only a string on the sides holding the front to the back. I needed to be mostly shaved to wear these bottoms.

The pool was very nice and large with nice landscaping around the edges of the pool area. The backyard had a block wall fence and there were no neighbors behind the house, but there were neighbors on each side that shared the fence. The neighbor homes were more to the front of the house since this house was in the middle of the cul-de-sac, and the block fence seemed to be over six feet high. It seemed with single-level homes, nobody could see into the yard.

“Here, let’s grab these lounge chairs,” Ashley said as she spread out her towel. The chairs were parallel and a couple feet apart. Ashley had also brought out some tanning lotion and set it on the table near the heads of our chairs.

I lay down on my chair and put my sunglasses on, and then reached for my book. As I looked over at Ashley I saw her removing her top, and then she looked over at me and said she was going to go for a quick dip.

I kept watching as Ashley stepped into the pool from the built-in stairs and then dove in and swam toward the deep end. After watching Ashley swim for a minute I began reading my book. A few minutes later Ashley started chatting with me so I stopped. We talked about the party and who was coming over while Ashley hung out in the shallow end. After a while she got out of the pool and lay down on the chair on her back. The sun was hot and would dry her bottoms in short order.

Ashley applied some lotion to her bare breasts a few minutes later. It was hard not to stare at her perfectly shaped boobs when she was finished. As she lay there with her sunglasses on and eyes closed, I thought about the idea of sunbathing topless. I had never done it before. I had actually never been in a place where it was even an option. But here I was in this secluded pool area that was private and my friend was doing it.

I decided to go for it. Without telling Ashley I reached back and undid my straps and removed my top, and then lay down to enjoy the sun on my virgin skin. My tan was not too dark so my tan lines were noticeable but not very pronounced. It felt good to be free and I felt my nipples harden almost immediately just thinking about them being exposed to the world, or rather this very small private world.

After about a half hour or so Ashley turned over and asked if I wouldn’t mind spreading some lotion on her back. I gladly accepted and enjoyed rubbing it into her soft skin. When I got to her sides I asked if she had done there and she said she wasn’t sure, so I rubbed the lotion in on her sides as well. Ashley’s arms were up and folded under head, so when I got up near the sides of her breasts I wasn’t sure what to do so I rubbed the lotion all the way to the chair as I had done on her ribs. I had never rubbed the sides of someone’s boobs before and it felt nice.

I spread some lotion on my chest, boobs, and belly, and then lay on my front side as well. After a few minutes Ashley offered to do my back and I gladly accepted. She sat up and spread the lotion pretty much as I had done not missing any areas. I also had my arms up and it tickled as she spread out the lotion on my ribs and then the sides of my breasts.

Ashley lay back down and we talked for a while and then switched back to sunning our fronts. It was a wonderful day. We both were enjoying the nice warm weather after a cold winter. School was going to be out soon and we were thinking of what we would be doing in the summer.

As we relaxed in a quiet moment, I looked up toward the fence on the side of the yard and thought I saw movement. I pointed it out to Ashley that I thought I saw something move.

“Oh, maybe that’s Vincent,” she replied.


“He’s our neighbor’s kid. I think he is graduating high school next month. “Are you sure you saw a person?” Ashley added.

I looked again and saw nothing. I stared for a little while longer and then the sun maid me get a little sleepy and I closed my eyes and I dozed off.

Suddenly I was startled by talking. I opened my eyes and saw Ashley standing a few feet away talking to a big black kid who looked incredibly strong. He had his shirt off and was wearing some loose-fitting athletic shorts and some flip flops. I had my sunglasses on and I don’t think they could see that I was watching them. Both of them looked at me and Ashley was telling Vincent about me. I kept quiet hoping he would go away soon.

After a few minutes I realized I was lying there topless. My top was on the table above my head and if I reached for it that would give me away. I stayed quiet and watched as Vincent kept looking at me with glances. Ashley was still topless and was talking to him like it was an everyday occurrence. She then offered for him to use the pool if he liked and he said he hadn’t brought a suit. She said it would be fine with her if he went in with his shorts on or without. Surely he wouldn’t go in without, I Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan thought.

I was wrong. He quickly dropped his shorts and underwear, kicked off his flip flops, and dove in.

Ashley walked back over to me and it was clear with all the noise I had to be awake now. “You were right; Vincent took a peak over the wall. He didn’t know we would be here and thought the house would be empty this weekend. He was just being nice checking in on the house to make sure there weren’t any intruders. I saw him after you fell asleep and I invited him to jump over. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Well it’s a little weird being topless,” I said.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that. I didn’t think. Vincent has seen me topless so many times I don’t even think about it, Ashley replied sorrowfully”

“It’s ok,” I said. “I was just a little startled. I haven’t been topless in public before.”

“Well me neither except for here. Vincent has seen me, and probably some of his friends have snuck a peak over the fence before, but I don’t know for sure. Vincent is the only one who has been in the yard with me topless, and only when my parents are away. They have no idea I sunbathe topless by the way.”

“Is he an old boyfriend?”

“No, just a friend. Just a neighbor and a good kid. He is a star football player on the varsity team and I think he got a scholarship to play at one of the big football schools. I don’t know which one. Our high school team won the state championship and he was a big reason, so I hear. He is really nice kid and very charming. It’s hard for me to imagine what he does on the football field.”

Vincent got out of the pool and came over toward the chairs. His hands were in front of his dick so it was hard to see and I looked away anyway trying to give him some privacy. “Do you want a towel,” Ashley offered?

“No thanks, I’ll sun dry in a minute,” Vincent responded. “Do you mind if I lie down for a minute?”

“Not at all,” Ashley responded. Vincent then sat down on her chair and lay down on his front. Vincent then looked over at me and said hello.

“I’m very sorry if I startled you. I’m Ashley’s neighbor Vincent.”

“Hi, I’m Mindy,” I replied. “And don’t worry. I was just sleeping and didn’t realize you were there until you jumped in the pool.” I was still lying on my back and realized my nipples were getting hard again.

“I’m just going to be here for a few minutes. I didn’t mean to disturb you both. It’s an incredibly nice day for a swim and I wasn’t sure if I would see Ashley again before I head off to school in a couple months.”

I smiled back at Vincent knowing he was checking me out. I snuck a peak at his ass a few times as well. All muscle. Ashley joined the conversation and the three of us chatted for a few minutes, and then the phone rang.

“Shit, that’s probably my Mom. She likes to check up on me,” Ashley said. “Let me get this out of the way. I’ll be back in a bit.”

Vincent and I talked about his football and he told me he was a middle linebacker. I wasn’t sure what that was, but he said he was pretty good at it and several major universities recruited him. He chose an out of state school that also had a good business school.

I started telling him a little about me and Vincent turned over while I was talking. I stopped, staring at his body as he shifted to his back. His dick was huge. I’m not sure how I missed it before when he came out of the pool, and now that I looked at it more carefully, I didn’t know a dick could be that big. And he wasn’t even hard. His dick was angled toward my chair lying on his thigh. His thighs were huge, and so were the muscles in his arms and chest.

“Go on,” he said.

I thought for a few seconds and couldn’t remember what I was talking about. I had to confess. “I’m sorry; I forgot what I was saying.”

Vincent laughed. He knew I was staring at his waist. “I’m sorry. I didn’t really think that I might be making you uncomfortable. I’m so used to being naked over here with Ashley when her parents are gone. Many of the times I have been here actually we have been nude. I can get dressed if that would be better.” He started to sit up.

I felt embarrassed. “No, it’s ok,” I said. “It’s just a little new to me but I’m cool with it.”

Vincent laughed again and said I was telling him about my where I grew up. He lay back down looking at me.

“Oh! Sorry…..yeah. I grew up outside of San Francisco.” I went on telling him a little about my childhood and how I ended up meeting Ashley at school this year. As I went on I couldn’t help but look at his dick occasionally. It was in the same position and didn’t move. After I finished going on about me for a while I sat up and leaned back on my hands and placed my feet under the edge of his chair.

My nipples remained hard throughout our conversation and I saw his eyes look down to my chest and then back up at my face several times as I spoke. I kind of liked that he was checking me out. After a few minutes Vincent sat up as well facing me. He placed his feet outside my legs and he started talking more about himself and how he was excited to move on to college. He said he and several other guys on his team were offered scholarships.

As he spoke I snuck peaks at his dick. His dick was hanging between his legs and between mine which were now stretched under his chair and parted about 10 inches. If noticed that if he swayed one way or the other his dick would bounce against my shins, but he kept still.

Vincent kept talking about football and I lost concentration. I forgot to look up as he was talking and he stopped in mid-sentence talking about a great game recently, paused, and then said, “I see you staring at me. Are you sure I’m not making you uncomfortable? I can get dressed.”

Startled, I replied, “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to stare. And no you don’t need to get dressed. I just haven’t seen anyone that big. It’s fascinating.” I laughed somewhat relieved to get that out.

“Yeah, it’s definitely on the larger side,” he laughed back. Sometimes it’s difficult to hide it in my pants. It can be embarrassing when you don’t want it to show.”

“How much bigger does it get?” I asked. “No don’t say! I shouldn’t have asked you that.”

Laughing again, Vincent said, “Ha, maybe a few more inches.” He reached down with his hand and brought it up level. “Yeah, maybe three more inches.” He then let it drop and I could see it begin to stiffen just slightly.

“I see you have been checking out my tits,” I said. “I can cover up if it makes you uncomfortable.” I tried to say it with a straight face but couldn’t help but smile and begin to giggle toward the end.

Vincent laughed. “No, I’m completely comfortable looking at your tits.” I felt my nipples harden even more to the point that they ached. I looked down at Vincent’s dick and it was continuing to stiffen and was now almost pointing straight out at me. I was staring again. After several seconds, Vincent broke the silence and said, “Do you want to touch it? I mean since you haven’t seen one so big and may never see one like it again.” He was struggling to hold in his grin.

I continued to stare at it as if commanding it with my brain to get hard. Vincent put his hand underneath it again and brought it up, squeezed it gently and let it fall. He continued to grow and now his dick was rising above horizontal.

“Ok,” is all I said. I hadn’t really thought about my answer since I was captivated by much bigger it had become. I sat up and now his dick was only about a foot or two in front of me. I reached out my hand tentatively as though I was petting a strange dog for the first time. I patted it on top and his dick bounced. The head was protruding out of its skin a little. I touched it again and felt incredible warmth coming from it. I left my fingers on top of it momentarily and then placed my thumb underneath. He was so thick.

“Do you like it?” he said.

“Yeah, it’s so warm,” I replied. My fingers were still on it and I squeezed it a little and then ran my fingers along it, stroking it very lightly in a single motion and then took my hand off. His dick seemed almost fully hard, and he was right in that it seemed to grow about three inches from where it was.

“I’ve been told it tastes good,” Vincent said with a straight face.

“Really?” I laughed. “That’s some blow job pickup line.”

Vincent laughed. “No, I’m just saying what I’ve been told, that’s all.”

“Well I don’t know how any girl could suck on something that large,” I replied.

“You would be surprised what a girl can fit in her mouth.”

“Oh really!” I laughed.

“Yeah I’ve had a couple girls get half of me in their mouth. Since you have touched me, would you mind if I just briefly touch your tits? I think they are some of the finest tits I have seen. You have incredibly nice nipples too.”

“Hmmmm….,” I replied. I paused and thought about the fact I just petted his dick for minute and realized it wasn’t an unreasonable request. I was also pleased by the compliment. “Ok, just briefly,” I replied.

Vincent reached out and put his hands on the sides of my breasts and pushed them together and then let them fall back to their normal place. He then cupped them both and used his thumbs to lightly touch my aching hard nipples. I could feel the wetness begin to flood my pussy.

“I love your nipples,” Vincent said. “They have been so hard throughout our conversation. And your breasts are very perky and firm. Very nice.” He rubbed my nipples a couple more times and then released my breasts.

“Thanks”, I said. I liked the way he handled them. His dick was still directly in front of me and hard. I was staring at it again.

“You want to touch it again, don’t you?”

I looked up at his face and then down at his amazing body and dick. I reached forward before I could get my brain to think of a reply and placed my fingers around it. I stroked it up and down very lightly with my fingernails. My fingers stopped at the tip of his dick and I felt wetness seeping out. Vincent reached forward with his right hand and played with my left nipple. I closed my eyes briefly with the sensation and then looked up at his eyes again with a more serious look, somehow trying to determine if I should take him up on his ridiculous line about tasting his dick. He had beautiful soft eyes and I became lost in them briefly.

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