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Big Dicks

I have to piss but am afraid. I am afraid of what will happen if I take the last gulp from my beer, stand up and quietly walk past the assortment of Chantilly laced and leathered men to the restroom. Call me dull-witted, naïve or just distracted but, yes, here I sit in what appears to be a… a gay bar.

Yeah, yeah, I guess it’s my own fault. Perhaps I was a bit rude to the desk clerk as he spent nearly fifteen minutes checking me in and yes, after that it wasn’t the best idea to ask him where I could find a good place to get a few beers. I just ignored the sly smile as he rubbed his finely kept beard and told me of Barry’s Place. The slightly muffled laugh I heard as I headed for the revolving door s should have warned me.

Instead, I walked several blocks to the flashy neon beneath some artsy awning and, without paying much attention to the people, I found an empty table and sat down. It wasn’t until I was halfway into my first beer that I began looking around. Cebeci Escort I noticed there were a lot of good looking guys, well dressed and well groomed, but what I didn’t see were the sharp looking women with these guys.

It seemed odd, but I had to finish my first beer and order my second before I snapped. Okay, okay, I should have figured it out back when the hot pants and halter wearing waitress with a beard took my order for the first beer, but hey, I got the message.

Anyway, what do I do now? If I get up and head to the restroom I know exactly what will happen…

“Nice cock,” he says, glancing down over the urinal screen. “Excuse me?” I reply. “I said, ‘Nice cock.'”

Yes, that’s what I figure he’ll say. A code, I guess and unwittingly I’d fall right in…

“Thanks, you have a nice one too.” I notice the smile that comes across his face as I speak, his soft lips curl upward as his Kolej Escort eyes glance at my face and then back downward. Glancing down myself I notice his cock begin to move.

“I wasn’t sure when I first saw you. I’m glad I followed you in here,” he continued, stepping back from the urinal without slipping his cock back in his pants.

I back away from the urinal and reach down to zip up, but feel his hand catch mine. Holding my hand he backs up through the open partition door. Caught up in the soft feel of his hand and the inviting smile on his face I follow him into the stall.

Once inside, he quickly maneuvers himself toward the door which he closes and latches. Before I can protest he kneels and takes hold of my cock. Damn, I’m not gay, but damn… damn, my cock is nearly hard and under the gentle touch of his fingers it quickly grows to a full erection.

“Wait, I’m not… I’m not,” I mumble as Yenimahalle Escort I watch and feel his soft lips close over the purple head of my cock. “…gay,” I whisper as his mouth slides down me, taking more and more of me into his mouth. Damn, the softness, the feel, the intense suction slid over me. I want to pull away but can’t, all I can do is thrust my hips forward, pushing deeper into his wonderful mouth.

Suddenly I feel the pleasure surge through me as he grabs my balls and sucks deeply. I come spurting again and again as he eagerly swallows. Holding my cock in his mouth he tightens his grip on my shaft and milks the last drops of cum from my cock. He stands, licking a few errant drops of cum from his lips and nods at me. I take hold of his cock and start to kneel…

“Another beer?” the bearded waitress asks me.

“No, not right now. Where’s the restroom?”

He points towards a dark corner. I slowly make my way towards the restroom, noticing another man following closely. Once inside we stand side by side at the urinals, but instead of him taking a peek, he quickly finishes, turns to wash his hands and then heads back to the bar. Surprised, I give my cock a couple of quick shakes and then wash my hands. Disappointed I walk out of the bar and silently head back to the hotel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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