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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Caught in the Act


Was Mom watching me masturbate yesterday, Chelsea wondered. She never said anything during dinner. The three women of the house sat down to a meal Jenni cooked up. Mandy, despite being the independent woman she is, never mastered the art of cooking. She argued that pre-made meal services, which deliver a box of pre-cooked healthy foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, existed for people like her. Jenni, on the other hand, enjoyed cooking. It gave her a chance to be alone with her thoughts. Chelsea wondered what those thoughts may be.

Regardless, their dinner talk was the usual ‘how was your day’ sort. Jenni had a tough day at work, made better on the ride home, when this woman she had been seeing, Caralyn Belle, called her. Jenni and Caralyn made a date for the next day. Mandy talked about her day, describing this hot woman at work and a new guy that caught her eye, until soon enough she was waving her hand to cool herself off; making Chelsea and Jenni laugh. Finally, it was Chelsea’s turn to talk about her day. She didn’t know what to say, or how her mother would react to knowing what Chelsea had done, so Chelsea said she sat around the house and unpacked a few more boxes.

Inevitably, as it had happened throughout the day, Chelsea thought about Destiny. She knew the young starlet would likely never return after seeing the way Mandy and Chelsea interacted. Destiny’s revulsion caused Chelsea to question herself, her relationship with Mandy, and her desire for her mother. Was it wrong? She loves her aunt, and they have their way of expressing affection for each other. She loves her mother, and she plans to show her all of her love. Would it be an unforgivable sin for a daughter to seduce and have sex with her mother? Who makes it a sin? Who can say it is wrong?

Chelsea loves her mother, and despite her feelings of guilt and shame, she had every intention of making love to her. In fact, she recalled a moment last night when she and her mother made eye contact. A certain spark lit up between them, causing Jenni to blush and turn away. Yes. That moment confirmed what her daughter had suspected. Chelsea’s heart rate picked up speed as she came to the realization that it was Mom who closed the door. She was watching. She didn’t say anything, but she was watching. The epiphany caused Chelsea to sit up in bed. Where is Mom now?

Chelsea rolled out of bed. 8:03AM. Her mother had work in two hours. Her nerves fired signals throughout her body and her heart rate hadn’t slowed as she came to realize where Mom would be before work. Sneaking into her bed and waking her with a gentle touch was one thing, but this was something altogether different that set her body on fire.

Down the hall on the left, just before Aunt Mandy’s bedroom, was the bathroom. Chelsea walked slowly, not because she was afraid to be loud but because her legs resisted her devious mind. The sound of the shower running. The curtain moved. Then the curtain shut. This meant her mother was in there, naked. She had never seen her naked. As much as she desired to go in there, seduce her mother, and have her way with her, Chelsea’s legs said run away, you don’t belong here.

“Need a towel?” Aunt Mandy said, leaning against the door frame of her bedroom. “Here. Go ahead.”

“I will.”

Mandy grabbed Chelsea by the hair and pulled her back. “If it helps, sweetheart, I can warm you up.”

Her body lost the fight. She wanted Mandy. She wanted Jenni. Chelsea wanted to fulfill her every dirty fantasy. From morning to night, one long all-day fuck session until they all passed out from exhaustion.

“No,” Chelsea said with a kiss. “When I get out, I’m going to smell like her pussy.”

“Ooo I like the sound of that,” Mandy kissed her niece, pressing her back against the wall. “You’re gonna smell like Mommy’s pussy?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Mmmm. After you’re done with her, how about you come to my room?”

“Who says I’ll be done with her?” Chelsea replied. “Maybe I’ll take her to your room.”

“I’d like that. Now go, before she finishes in there.”

Chelsea opened the door and slipped into the bathroom. Her breathing quickened and she remained stoic, her nerves would have to subside. Through the semi-sheer curtain, Chelsea saw a silhouette. Jenni moved, scrubbed her body, and let the water rain down on her. Folded in a pile on the toilet were the two towels she planned on using. Chelsea didn’t bring a change of clothes with her, but hopefully she wouldn’t need them. If this proceeded as planned, Mommy wouldn’t need clothes either.

Two hours, Chelsea told herself, two hours before her mother would leave for work. A lot can happen in two hours. They could have so much fun, Jenni may be forced to call in sick and stay home to enjoy her daughter and her sister.

Chelsea hiked up her long T-shirt and pulled her legs out of her pajama bottoms. She stared at the curtain, fantasies playing in her head, as her thumbs bursa eskort slowly pulled down her panties. Remembering everything Mandy taught her, Chelsea stood up straight and told herself she could do this. Then the thought of Destiny and her failure to subjugate the young lady to her every sexual whim dropped her confidence. Failure notwithstanding, Chelsea moved the shower curtain aside.

“Mind if I join you?” Chelsea said.

“Chel? What are you…” Jenni’s words trailed off, looking at her daughter’s nude body. Beautiful. Her tight little frame, small breasts, smooth porcelain skin, dark locks of hair, and her shaven…Jenni tried shaking the thought from her mind. “Shower’s small.”

“We can both fit in here.”

“It’s a little tight.”

“So am I.”

Her mother had no response for that. Her sexual urges were driving her crazy. A part of Jenni said she should touch herself. Another part of her said she should touch her daughter. Jenni fought every urge. Until a hand gently touched her back. Even in the hot shower, full of steam, a shiver rolled down her spine.

“I always have trouble reaching my back,” Chelsea remarked. “I don’t know why it’s so hard for me. Do you mind?”

“No,” Jenni replied, barely audible over the running water. “I hate doing my back, too.”

Chelsea continued scrubbing up by her mother’s shoulder blades. She moved her wet hair to get her neck and both shoulders. Back down between her shoulder blades, watching the water roll over her body. Chelsea made her way down to her mother’s lower back. She placed a hand on Jenni’s hip while she worked her wet soapy body. Further down from her lower back, her ass crack. Chelsea dropped to her knees with her mother’s plump behind barely an inch away from her face.

“I’m getting down to wash your—”

“No, I can take care of that.”

“Mom, I insist,” Chelsea said, feeding off of her mother’s nervousness and arousal. “You do so much for me, it’s time you let me do something for you, Mommy.”

That word sent another shiver down Jenni’s spine. Her daughter was down there, on her knees, scrubbing her ass cheeks. Little hands rubbing gently, scrubbing roughly, it was beginning to get to her. Jenni leaned forward and pressed a hand against the shower wall. This gave her daughter a better view. Chelsea smiled with glee when she saw her mother’s right hand reach down and rub her cunt. Mom was getting horny.

Chelsea spread her mother’s cheeks apart and scrubbed between them. Mommy was very clean. Jenni moaned as she touched her soaked cunt, temporarily losing herself to her urges. It had been a few days since she and Mandy had sex, her relationship with Caralyn hadn’t reached that level yet, and Jenni craved the attention she was getting; even if it was from her own daughter. Chelsea continued scrubbing her mother’s crack, focusing on her hole. Not with Mandy nor with Destiny, Chelsea had never eaten asshole.

The teen started with kisses to the woman’s plump cheeks. With her hands she shook and wiggled them, all the while watching her mother rub herself. The kisses grew closer and closer to the hole. Jenni bent lower. A finger, then two fingers, entered her cunt. Chelsea was getting a very close look at her mother finger-fucking herself. The sight caused Chelsea to reach down and start masturbating as well.

“Ooooohhh fuck,” Jenni moaned.

“How’s that feel?”

“So good, baby.”

Chelsea’s mind exploded and her sexual urges took over. She dove her face between her mother’s cheeks and licked her puckered hole for the first time. One lick and she wanted more. With the water running down, there was no flavory tang as she expected; faintly perhaps. Chelsea dropped the luffa sponge and grab both cheeks to spread them as wide as possible. When her mouth returned to the hole, her mother shot up straight. Suddenly indignant, Jenni pushed the shower curtain aside and reached for her towel.

“I don’t know what got into you, Chel, but this isn’t right.”

“How is it not right?” Chelsea said after turning the shower off.

“We shouldn’t be doing this. I’m sorry if I led you on.”

“You didn’t lead me on, Mom. I wanted to—”

“No. Is it because you saw Mandy and I the other day?”

“Sort of. I thought it looked like fun, like maybe something you and I—”

“No, that’s not an appropriate mother-daughter activity. If you can’t tell the difference between an appropriate activity,” Jenni said as she wrapped her hair in a towel, “and an inappropriate activity, then I obviously screwed up somewhere.”

“You didn’t…” Her words trailed off when she heard the door shut.

Chelsea turned the shower back on and figured while she’s there she might as well finish washing up. Her only regret was that she didn’t go a little lower and meet her mother’s fingers with her tongue. Mom had laid down the law, she did not want to have sex with Chelsea; not now or ever. Scrubbing body wash, rinsing off, shampooing her hair, Chelsea continued showering as thoughts plagued her.

Finally, bursa bayan escort it was time to dry off. She brushed her teeth, which she normally did before getting in the shower, and swished some minty mouthwash. Looking at herself in the mirror, Chelsea began to question this crazy journey she was on. Being intimate with your mother wasn’t normal, she knew that, but it felt so good. And being with Aunt Mandy, at the disposal of all of her God-given talent, was an amazing experience. Nobody ever made her feel the way she felt with them. It was wrong though. Wasn’t it? That’s what Destiny said.

Moaning. Chelsea’s head turned, wondering if she was just imagining the sound as her fantasies cried out. No, it was clearly moaning. Aunt Mandy? Perhaps she didn’t realize yet that the shower rendezvous had been called off; she must be fantasizing about what the mother-daughter duo were doing in there. If Mandy was warmed up and ready to go, and Chelsea hadn’t been satisfied in the shower, there was still a chance she’d meet Auntie and the pair could have mutually satisfying orgasms. Chelsea had to find out.

She left the room with a towel covering her chest down to the middle of her thighs. She peeked into Aunt Mandy’s bedroom, but Auntie wasn’t there. Chelsea walked down the hallway and heard the pleasured sounds again, moaning, groaning, panting. It was coming from her mother’s bedroom. Was Aunt Mandy in there? With Mom? Were they…?

Chelsea pushed the door which hadn’t been closed completely. Her mother lied on the bed splayed out, legs spread, and fingers deep inside herself. Nerves had bound Chelsea to the doorway. She watched her mother finish the orgasm she started in the shower. It was a beautiful and sensual sight. Her hips rose and her ass jiggled beneath, an orgasm sent her to the heights of ecstasy, before lowering her back down.

Her mother’s eyes slowly opened. She saw Chelsea standing there and smiled. Her breathing hadn’t calmed yet, and she was still rubbing herself off. Chelsea pushed the door behind her.

“Mom,” Chelsea said. She walked toward the bed. With a tug, her towel fell. The door clicked shut completely.

— — —

“Alright girls, I’m heading out,” Jenni announced.

Chelsea and Mandy were sitting on the couch watching a new episode of Total Bachelorettes. They planned on ordering pizza and having a lazy night in. Chelsea looked up during a commercial, Mom looked amazing. A red dress, barely reaching her knees, and a small red faux-leather handbag with a golden buckle strap. Her bust, as modest as it was, looked great with the low-cut V-neck style. A set of matching bracelets along her left arm and a pair of black open-toed heels completed the ensemble.

“You look gorgeous,” Chelsea said.

“Really?” Jenni gave herself a once-over. “You really think so?”

“I agree,” Mandy said. “Very sexy.”


“You’re meeting that woman from work?” Chelsea asked.

“Yes, her name is Caralyn. Her and I hit it off, now I’m going on my first date with a woman.”

“Is someone hoping to get lucky?” Mandy teased.

Jenni laughed, “Maybe. If she wants to, of course.”

“I’d fuck you,” Chelsea said.

Silence took over the room. Chelsea immediately regretted her words. Jenni marched over to the couch. She grabbed her daughter’s face and forced her to look into her eyes. Chelsea’s muscles tightened, prepared for the assault. Why did she fear her mother? She never hit her before.

“I told you earlier, it’s not appropriate for you to talk to me like that,” Jenni’s angry expression lightened into a smile. “But, thanks.”

“I love you, Mom,” Chelsea whispered.

“I love you, too,” Jenni gave her daughter a lengthy kiss on her lips. After breaking the kiss, Jenni turned to Mandy, “You’re the adult now, Amanda.”

“I am an adult,” Mandy complained.

“Then act like one. You two stay out of trouble and I’ll be back.”

Mandy stuck her tongue out as her sister walked away, which made Chelsea laugh. Jenni grabbed her keys from the key ring near the door. She took one last look at the pair and waved goodbye. Jenni hoped they wouldn’t find some way to get into trouble. Her eyes settled on Chelsea. What had gotten into her daughter? Where had she learned the things she did in the shower? While peering at Chelsea’s skinny legs, she could swear she caught a glimpse up those loose shorts she wore at bedtime. She could swear her daughter wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Jenni grew moist despite her reservations. Seconds later she was out the door.

“What do you want to do?” Chelsea said, laying her head on her aunt’s chest.

“We’ll wait a couple of minutes, just to be sure,” Mandy replied. She kissed Chelsea on the top of her head, “then I want you to move the coffee table and do a little strip tease for me.”

“A strip tease?”

“If you’re going to seduce anyone, you need to know how to entice them with just your body,” Mandy explained. “You want someone in the bursa ucuz escort palm of your hand, make them want you. Make them feel like they have to have you. Like no other need in their life, not even their most basic needs, surpass their desire for you. Understood?”


“Tell me one more thing, sweetheart. How did things go with your mother this morning?”


“Did you?” Mandy drew back with surprise. “No way. And how was it?”

“Well, we didn’t actually have sex,” Chelsea lowered her head in disappointment. “I stepped into the shower with her and started by washing her back. Then, I dropped to my knees and scrubbed her ass. Mom started touching herself, which was such a turn on. I watched her insert two fingers into her pussy in front of my face. I started touching myself and I pressed my face to her ass. After I licked her ass hole, she stood up and told me it was wrong, blah, blah, blah.”

“But, she was enjoying it?” Mandy grinned devilishly.

“She enjoyed it so much, that after she left the shower she went to her bedroom and I heard her masturbating.”

“Mmmm,” Mandy moaned with a hand down her pants. “Then what happened?”

“I walked down the hallway and caught a glimpse of her on the bed, completely naked, playing with her pussy.”


“And I stepped into her room,” Chelsea said as if ending her story.

“Wait, you were in her room? Did she invite you in? Or did she want you to finish her off? What else happened?” Mandy asked desperately.

“I shut the door behind me,” Chelsea concluded. “Nothing else happened.”

“What? You walked in and shut the door and you’re telling me nothing happened?”

“I could tell you more, Auntie,” Chelsea teased. “If you would do a little strip tease for me.”

The little bitch, Mandy thought, she turned the tables on me. Mandy was moments away from fulfilling her orgasm. Her hand rubbed her into a frenzy. Her mind picturing mother and daughter, in a bedroom, both naked, and all the possibilities. She thought of Chelsea crawling between her mother’s legs, licking her labia, fucking her pussy with two little fingers. She thought about Jenni turning Chelsea over and treating the girl’s ass hole to a tongue-lashing. Mandy was just about to get to her niece’s propensity to squirt after a particularly hard orgasm, but the story ended too abruptly.

“Oh, I forgot to mention that once I was in the bedroom, I dropped the towel covering my naked body.”

“Fuck,” Mandy groaned. “Please tell me you fucked her.”

Chelsea smiled, “Dance for me, Auntie. Do a good job and I’ll tell you what happened next.”

No other option existed as long as Aunt Mandy wanted the whole story. She stood up and moved the coffee table enough to allow her room to dance. Chelsea was her pet, her submissive, but it always seemed the girl had the upper hand. In this instance, she did.

Mandy swayed her hips from left to right, but found it hard to dance without music. Her thumbs tucked under the elastic band of her sweatpants. Mandy swayed and shimmied her hips as she slowly and enticingly slid the sweatpants down her legs. Chelsea clapped with pure delight. She never had her own personal stripper. After the pants came off, Mandy’s panties made their way past her thighs down to her ankles. Chelsea drooled as Auntie pulled her shirt up slowly and her tanned breasts bounced into place. Once she was completely naked, Mandy jumped on her niece’s lap.

“Good enough?” Mandy asked with her chest pressed against the teen’s.

“Auntie, I seriously thought you’d be better at that.”

“It’s easier when you’re not the one horny as fuck,” Mandy noted. “I want to hear what you and your mother did.”

“Okay. We…well, she invited me over to the bed—”


“I laid down next to her—”

“Come on, sweetheart,” Mandy resumed playing with herself.

“We both masturbated,” Chelsea said with finality.

“You had sex after that, right?”

“No sex, she allowed me to lie next to her and masturbate. It was the hottest thing—”

“That’s it?” Mandy hopped off her niece. “Sweetheart, you’re messing with me. You made me think—”

“You thought whatever you wanted to think, Auntie. I said we didn’t have sex.”

With a devilish grin, Chelsea held all the cards for the moment. She dominated Mandy mentally, forcing her to beg for every detail. Mandy’s eyes narrowed, remembering Chelsea’s games a couple days ago when the young woman thought she could dominate her. Nobody ever dominated Mandy or left her wanting more, no one ever took advantage of her, not even her cocky niece. The cute girl with the dark curls had played Mandy like a fiddle once again; and she hadn’t stopped smiling.

“On all fours, now!” Mandy commanded.

“You okay?” Chelsea giggled.

“Take off your clothes and get on all fours, now!”

Chelsea saw anger in her aunt’s face. It was unusual for her to display such raw emotion. Often playing it cool and making everyone else follow her, Mandy had lost at her own game. Was there a way Chelsea could use this to her advantage, she wondered. It was fun taking a self-respecting, wealthy, classy woman and making her grovel at your feet. Mandy begged to hear that story, but sadly nothing happened between Chelsea and her mother.

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