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The Love of Family


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Lying on the couch. Flipping through channels. Finding nothing. Mandy rested her head on the arm of the sofa while she listened to the rain outside pounding on the windows. She looked up and watched the water fall heavy on the glass like a painful and tormented fit of sorrow. Cold, sad, and miserable. A half-smile, thinking about Chelsea and Jenni. The girl finally got what she wanted, from what Mandy heard.

The sounds of the two women she loved more than anything, Jenni and Chelsea, enjoying a moment of carnal bliss. After Jenni had the first taste of the delicious morsel that is Chelsea, she’d be back for more, no doubt. The sounds had stopped about twenty minutes, Mandy thought, because the clock read 3:27 when she stopped masturbating. Chelsea had what she wanted for years.

What did Mandy want? She wondered that as another minute clicked by on the big clock hanging just above the television. What did she want? Sex with her mother? No. Mandy shuddered at the idea of her and the sixty-two-year-old grossly overweight woman. Chelsea was lucky to have a mother as sexy as Jenni. But, if she had to do it all over again, would Mandy choose the same path? Sex, money, power, but who did she have to rely on? To lean on when things got rough? Who did she have to truly love?

“Sports. Sports. Talk show. Soap Opera,” Mandy said as she continued flipping through the channels, hoping to drown out the thoughts of loneliness. “Another stupid talk show.”

What were Chelsea and Jenni doing now, Mandy wondered? Over twenty minutes since their vocal love-making went quiet. They opened the door and then what happened? They were finished, weren’t they? Or, did they take their act to another venue? Bathroom, perhaps?

Mandy pulled the blanket off and slowly moved her legs until her toes, painted red by Chelsea a couple nights ago, reached the floor. She stood up; quickly realizing that lying down was her preferred position. Rather than walk down the hall to the bedroom where Chelsea and Jenni had sex, Mandy laid back down and covered herself with the blanket again. They’d come out of the room eventually, Mandy told herself.

A door down the hall had opened and shut. Only one pair of feet traveled down the hallway to the living room. Mandy couldn’t bother to get off the couch to see whose feet they were. Walking past the couch, Chelsea’s cute little tush swayed into the kitchen where she grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator.

“Auntie,” Chelsea giggled and took a sip of water. “You wouldn’t believe what we just did.”

“Where’s your mother?”

“Still in the shower,” Chelsea said, annoyed. “We were sweaty and soaked in bodily fluids.”

“Why aren’t you washing up?”

“Re-hydrating. It’s not easy being a squirter,” Chelsea said playfully. “I must have lost a gallon of—”

“Go wash up.”

Chelsea stopped a moment and walked closer to the couch. Her bottle of water nearly empty and her eyes intensely focused on the sad miserable creature lying on the couch. It saddened Chelsea to see her hero, her idol, looking so pathetic. The lethargic lump couldn’t even trouble herself to look at the spry teenager.

“I did,” Chelsea said, before walking in front of the television. “I washed up, we fooled around some more in the shower, now I’m here and my mother’s just finishing up.”

Mandy said nothing. Her niece, all 5’2 of the eighteen-year-old beauty, stood naked in front of her. Long dark cocoa hair fell just short of covering her pale perky breasts. Still, Mandy didn’t bother. Normally, she’d have the girl bent over the arm of the couch with two or three fingers plunged into her niece’s fresh cunt. Depression had a hold of her, however, and it would take far more to release her from the grip of despair.

“Why are you being like this?” Chelsea asked.

“Like what?”

“Just laying there like a sad…I don’t know, a sad something. I was gonna say sad sack, but the word sack doesn’t appeal to me.”

“I’m not a sad sack,” Mandy said, without looking at her niece.

“Sack,” Chelsea giggled, “It’s a pretty funny word.”

“Childish sense of humor,” Mandy scoffed.

“Give me a break, I’m still a teenager; technically. Although, I feel like a woman.”

“Relax, Shania, I was just—”

“Being a bitch?”

A smile. Mandy cracked a smile that bordered on a laugh until she caught the momentary error in her sorrow. The smile faded. The moment passed and Mandy’s frown returned with a vengeance. Chelsea considered kicking her while she’s down and walking away, leaving Mandy to her pity party. The woman whom Chelsea looked up to, admired all of her life, and modeled her dreams after, wasting away. Never would she allow herself become like that sad creature.

“That was…incredible,” Jenni said, wandering into the room. “I still can’t believe you and I…”

“I know, right?” Chelsea giggled. “I feel it brought us closer casino şirketleri together.”

“Very close,” Jenni said with her arms around her daughter’s waist. Chelsea turned her head and kissed her lips.

Mandy said nothing, but continued flipping through the channels as if two sexy women were not standing naked in front of her, kissing. They locked their lips, but once they stopped Chelsea wandered into the kitchen and grabbed another bottle of water from the refrigerator. Jenni sat on the opposite end of the couch, by Mandy’s feet, and swiped through her phone to check for any messages she might’ve missed.

For a few minutes, no one spoke. Chelsea returned with her water, sipping occasionally while she sat on the arm of the couch beside her mother. She handed a second bottle to Jenni. Except for a quick thank you, no one spoke. They were naked, clean, and the mother and daughter were preparing for more; they weren’t planning to do it alone.

“All right, what’s the deal?” Mandy asked, shutting off the television. “Are you here to bother me? Are you going back to your bedroom? Or are you planning to fuck right here in front of me as if I don’t exist?”

“We’re planning to fuck you,” Chelsea said with that devilish smile she often wore. She drank the rest of her water and winked at her aunt.

“Really?” Mandy smiled. “Why do you assume—”

“You won’t fight it, Auntie,” Chelsea tossed her empty bottle aside and turned her head. Her mother, whom sat beside her, leaned over and kissed her lips again. “I know you better than that by now.”

Mandy clenched her jaw, trying to deny the lust that gathered between her legs as she watched mother and daughter kiss and caress one another. Jenni’s mouth opened first, pushing her tongue against her daughter’s lips until they parted. Mandy clenched her toes, turning her feet into fists. With everything she had, Mandy fought her natural urges. Why was she fighting it, Mandy asked herself? For self-pity?

She was pathetic for trying to deny her nature. Pathetic for choosing to waste away rather than grabbing that little eighteen-year-old and tossing her on the couch to show her how it’s done. She’d love to see Jenni’s eyes watching her cute baby girl eat pussy. This useless lump on the couch was not Mandy Rios. No, it wasn’t. But this is…

— — —

Mandy tossed the blanket aside and sat up straight. She grabbed her sister’s naked thigh and drove her hand down between her legs. While her niece occupied her mother’s mouth, Mandy focused her attention on Jenni’s ample chest. She grabbed one breast in her free hand, squeezing, sucking, and licking her big sister’s hardened pink nipple. Mandy’s hand found the sweet spot between Jenni’s legs, causing her kiss with Chelsea to falter. Her curvy older sister’s pink nipples grew erect under the attention of two women sucking them, when Chelsea’s lips wrapped around the other.

The thirty-eight-year-old threw her head back and moaned. When she looked down, she saw four blue eyes looking up at her, with their mouths full of her gorgeous chest. She smiled giddily and grasped Mandy’s long brown locks with one hand. With hard a pull, she removed the woman’s lips from her tits, allowing Chelsea to keep sucking.

“Amanda, we didn’t come out here for me, we came here for you,” Jenni said. She caressed her dear sister’s tear-stained face. “I don’t want you to feel sad or lonely. No matter what happens, you’ll always have Chelsea and I in your life. If you’re worried about me dating and moving out with my daughter, keep in mind we will visit you more often than we had in the past.”

“Yeah,” Chelsea agreed. “And as I get older, I’ll have more freedom. A job, a car, and I can visit you all the time. You’ll never be lonely.”

“See. You have me and you have Chelsea, too,” Jenni said. “I’m sorry again for the way I acted. I know it wasn’t the first physical altercation you and I have had over the years. There were times, Chelsea, when Amanda would beat my ass,” Jenni laughed briefly, but her countenance returned to the seriousness of the matter. “It wasn’t right. Abuse is never okay. Although sisters fight, verbally and sometimes physically, it wasn’t right for me to put my hands on you like that. Amanda, I’m sorry and I will always love you and I’ll never do that again.”

“I will always love you too, Jen,” Mandy replied. “I agree that we shouldn’t be violent toward one another though. It’s not like it used to be. It cuts much deeper now.”


“We’re trying to make it up to you,” Chelsea said, “and cheer you up.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Mandy said, sorrow already lifting from her face. “There’s still a lot on my mind, but I won’t let that bother me right now. Come here.”

Chelsea moved to the other side of the couch, seated near her aunt. Mandy dragged the back of her hand across Chelsea’s cheek. Her big baby blues looking back at Auntie. This beautiful young lady never ceased to amaze Mandy. The girl had as much brains and wisdom as she did pure beauty. casino firmaları Never change, Mandy thought to herself, never change sweetheart, for anybody. Never be like me.

Jenni watched as her daughter kissed her sister. She never imagined they would grow as close as they have. Jenni also felt a great deal of pride for her daughter and how grown up she had become. She understood that abusing those you love was unnecessary when you could just as easily love the ones you love.

While Chelsea and Mandy kissed, the teen tugged on Mandy’s loose-fitted t-shirt. Jenni pulled on the waistband of her sister’s pajamas she lazily wore around the house. Happy to please the small groping hands of her niece, Mandy helped pull her shirt off, revealing the woman’s bare chest. Jenni pulled her sister’s pants down past her knees and toned calves, then she tossed them in a growing pile of Mandy’s clothes. They all sat together on the couch as one very happy, and very naked, family.

Together, Chelsea and Jenni guided Mandy onto her back with her head resting on the arm of the couch. Chelsea’s mouth remained clinched with Mandy’s, while Jenni groped her sister’s breasts, teasing her nipples with a thumb and index finger.

Chelsea’s soft youthful lips pulled away from her aunt’s mouth, making a path of light kisses down her face and neck. Jenni had to move to give her daughter the space to travel down their lover’s body. She watched as Chelsea’s mouth made love to her sister’s still-perky breasts; a pink tongue circling her areola, ruby red lips capturing a taut nipple.

Rather than remain idle, Jenni dragged a hand down her daughter’s body, expressing her approval. She kissed her little girl’s tush, then turned her focus on Mandy’s moistening pussy. Her low-lips had parted beautifully, like a spring flower in full bloom. The eldest sister lifted Mandy’s legs and moved in between them until the scent of her baby sister’s arousal filled her nostrils.

That familiar scent reminded Jenni of her teenage years, sneaking into Mandy’s bedroom at night. She knew Mandy always waited for her, sometimes wearing a cute bra and lacy thong; other times wearing nothing at all. Their rendezvous often began with a never-ending make-out session and hands that wandered with the express purpose of pleasuring the other sister. After how many years under that roof and somehow Mom and Dad never knew.

The wealthy independent woman was powerless, subject to the whims of the two beautiful women she loved. Mandy basked in the attention of exploratory hands, invading fingers, and probing tongues. She was receiving the physical and emotional love she desperately desired. This was shaping up to be a magical night, Mandy told herself.

Chelsea kissed and licked Mandy’s tanned breasts, paying special attention to her hardened brown nipples. The lust-filled teen looked down at her mother, taking a great deal of pleasure from watching Mommy’s tongue disappear like a magician inside of Auntie. Mom looked so good with her face covered in Aunt Mandy’s fragrant lubricant. So good, in fact, that Chelsea wanted to kiss her lips and savor the liquid from her face.

Jenni ate her sister’s pussy with a veracious appetite. Her lips sucking her sister’s engorged clitoris. Her slithering pink member roaming about the inside. Jenni’s blue eyes gazed up at her daughter, still in disbelief that she fucked this sexy little creature. Chelsea lifted her leg halfway across Mandy’s body, giving her mother a view of both her tight cunt and puckered anus. She’d have the girl again soon enough, but first she had to make her little sister cum.

Mandy neared an orgasm, she could feel it pulsing through her body. Chelsea lifted her head again, this time her lips captured Mandy’s. She darted in and out of her aunt’s mouth, while her hand caressed the breasts her mouth had left behind. When their kiss broke, Chelsea looked down at her mother, still working on Auntie’s beautiful pussy.

Her mother’s eyes caught hers. Jenni parted her mouth from Mandy’s pussy. Chelsea understood her next move. Her mother’s thumb from one hand, placed where Jenni’s mouth had been sucking her sister’s clit. Three fingers from her other hand, had replaced where her tongue had been, deep inside. Her eyes beckoned Chelsea closer. Closer.

Drawn by her insatiable lust, Chelsea grabbed her mother by the back of her head and pulled her into a breathtaking kiss. They both sucked air deeply when their mouths collided. Chelsea could taste her aunt on Mommy’s tongue, as it entered her mouth. Jenni knew her hands were enough to bring Mandy to a climax, for now it was her daughter she desired.


An explosion of moaning and thrashing erupted from the body between them. A soft flow of wetness brushed past Jenni’s fingers. Chelsea broke the kiss, knowing her aunt had cum, and watched her mother dislodge her cum-soaked digits from Aunt Mandy’s snatch. Jenni sucked her index finger while Chelsea moved in to suck her ring finger; where a faded tan-line güvenilir casino remained. The middle finger, she stuck in Mandy’s mouth, watching her sister enjoy the taste of herself.

“That was…unexpected,” Mandy said, still coming down from her orgasm.

“It’s only the beginning,” Jenni kissed Mandy, then hopped off the couch and walked around to the back. She came back around holding a strap-on and watching her daughter and sister make-out. It amazed her every time, thinking about these two having sex and enjoying sex with these two.

Jenni grabbed Chelsea’s hair and pulled her back into a passionate lip-lock. When she finished with her daughter, she looked down at her sister still lying there. She leaned down, kissed Mandy and plunged her tongue into the sexy vixen’s mouth. Jenni’s daughter, meanwhile, knelt behind her and parted her buttocks. Lips kissed her plump cheeks tenderly. Jenni looked behind and vocalized her pleasure the moment Chelsea slithered inside her hole.

Two hands squeezed her mother’s cheeks, as she probed Mommy’s ass hole. Then, only one hand. With the other, Chelsea rubbed her mother’s dripping pussy. She curved her fingers inside, searching for Jenni’s g-spot. Chelsea hit the hardened roof of Mommy’s vagina and when she did, Jenni just about hit the ceiling. The orgasm closed in, Jenni focused on her sister’s breasts. Her ass jiggled uncontrollably in Chelsea’s face as she came loudly.

“Chel…Chelsea…oh my…!!”

The youngest of the trio didn’t stop. She shoved her mother down on top of Aunt Mandy and continued eating her ass and finger-fucking her love hole. Jenni’s body convulsed with pleasure. The feeling of an impending orgasm washed over her. But then, a new feeling came with it. A very wet squishy feeling. Jenni scrambled onto all fours, with her ass high in the air and her daughter still behind her. Chelsea fucked her sexy Momma like she’d never fucked before.

Finally, Jenni pushed her daughter’s hand away. A second, more intense, orgasm took hold of her. Chelsea looked on, closely, to see what would happen when her mother rubbed herself. As expected, water erupted from her Mother’s volcanic vagina. Chelsea’s face and hair took the brunt of the watery assault, but the couch hadn’t been spared. The soft and squishy sound of wet foam cushions as Jenni dropped to the floor. The raven-haired ass-eater gave her mother’s cheeks a final slap before standing up.

“Oh fuck, Chelsea,” Jenni said, hardly able to make it up to a standing position. “What the fuck just happened?”

“You’re a squirter, Mom.”

“But I’ve never…”

Jenni enjoyed wave after wave of pleasurable aftershocks until she came down from the most intense and satisfying orgasm she had ever experienced. When her legs failed, Jenni collapsed on the couch near Mandy’s feet; which were also caught in the flood.

“Are you done?” Mandy asked.

“Far from it,” Chelsea said proudly. “Mom, how about I lie on the couch, where Auntie is. You wear this and fuck me. Auntie could sit on my face.”

“Your tongue isn’t worn out, yet?” Jenni asked.

“Now that you mention it…” Chelsea could feel the muscles in her tongue straining. Could she still tongue-fuck Aunt Mandy? Despite the soreness, despite the throbbing pain, despite her physical exhaustion from what has become an all-day affair, Chelsea told herself she was ready for just a little more. “No. I think I can go a little longer.”

Mandy stood up from the couch, in what felt like the first time in months. It hadn’t been, of course, but it felt as if it were, after lying in her loneliness and self-pity for so long. The thirty-year-old vixen watched her petite niece lie down in position. The arm of the couch got in the way, so Chelsea moved down further. Jenni was there, lifting her daughters legs, staring down between them, perhaps still in disbelief that she was about to fuck her tight cunt. Mandy watched, smiling, and grateful to have both beautiful ladies in her life.

Chelsea looked up as her aunt positioned herself over the girl’s face. Mom was at the other end, spitting on her cunt to prepare it for a fucking. Her tongue, as she noted earlier, was sore from overuse. However, Chelsea knew adrenaline would soon flow through her veins and every bit of pain and soreness would subside. Seconds away from fulfilling every sexual fantasy Chelsea ever had—and it felt good.

Jenni caressed her daughter’s reddened folds with her thumb. How much fucking could the girl take? It didn’t matter. She would take more. For a moment, Jenni wondered if this had been reality or a subconsciously driven fantasy. Was it a dream? It wasn’t. She knew it wasn’t. Still, fucking her gorgeous daughter felt so surreal and yet so good. An act which brought the pair, and even the trio, closer together. Jenni aimed the tip of the shaft into Chelsea’s swampy opening; and she smiled.

Seeing her elder sister’s hips thrust and her breasts jiggle. Watching mother fuck daughter. Jenni’s long flesh-colored shaft, moving in and out, gaining a fresh coating of wetness each time it did, was enough to make Mandy cum all over the young lady’s pretty face. She looked down with her mouth hanging wide and watched Chelsea’s tongue work her pussy. Never had she felt more loved than this day.

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