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Her full lips grew into a smirk across her face as she watched her lover strain against the pleasure – the release – that he was so close to having. The glint in her eyes shone from a light that hibernated deep within her, her indulgence of his pain making the light brighten; he loved how she enjoyed making him suffer like this and he loved her as a human being. He couldn’t help but to love her more as her thumb grazed along the top of his cock head, smearing drops of pre-cum and making himself even more slippery for her hand.

“Oh god Mistress!” he yelled in pleasure, his hands gripping the arms of the chair until his nails dug into the wood. He welcomed the pain as he followed his order of not pumping into her hand: he didn’t want to disobey his Mistress. He wanted – nay, needed – to thrust his hips into her hand and let his cum fly from his stiff cock. “Mistress, that feels so good,” he gasped in a raspy breath for her. He knew that she wanted to hear him moan those words to her.

His mistress smirked wider, her white teeth showing against her pink lips. “Good,” she cooed to him softly. Lust and passion dripped from her lips and rang as music in his ears, the music damped when her hand slowed its stroking motion and rested at the base of his dick. “I know you’re about to cum Slave. You are not allowed to cum until I tell you to do so,” she ordered vehemently. Her free hand brought her sharp nails down the length of his chest, red marks trailing behind on his tanned skin. Small reds dots appeared on his skin, but vanished as her tongue soaked the liquid up and forced her tongue into her slave’s mouth.

“You’re such a good slave – you know that?” She asked as her body untangled itself from his. Her hips swayed gorgeously as she walked to the other side of the room, ordering him, “Don’t touch yourself, yet. I’ll tell you when you can continue rubbing that glorious cock Slave.” The snow white skin of her ass glowed against the black high heels that carried her to a seat directly across from him. His eyes drank her form in as she daintily sat down on the saucer chair, her thighs sealed together tightly.

“Do you like my shoes? Of course you do,” her sultry voice sang as her open-toed heels were lifted into the air so he could Sex hikayeleri see her toes wiggling. Keeping her thighs shut tight, his mistress bent down to unbuckle her shoes. The black heels were left standing on the ground as she slipped her feet out of their grasp, her nails lightly caressing the bottom of her feet before allowing them to touch the floor bare.

A delicate foot was raised just enough so her leg could rest on her free knee. The toes of her hanging foot were slightly pointed to show off her lack of nail polish on them. His heart thumped faster as his tongue darted out of his mouth, the distance between them too far for his tongue to lick her delectable toes. Blood flooded to his erect cock and dully throbbed against the inner veins.

She raised her foot up in the air and wiggled her toes for him, just as she knew he liked it; she knew everything he liked and used it against him at times like these. Careful to keep her leaking pussy from his view, she brought her foot to her face so her tongue could swipe over her toes. His groans filled the room as his heart yearned to suck and lick her feet wantonly as he pressed himself deep inside her pussy.

“Is your cock throbbing Slave?” her slow, sultry voice asked as her lips brushed against the skin of her foot. He took an intake of breath as he was transfixed on the junction of her lips and foot. Drops of pre-cum oozed from his dark purple tip as his vein-filled cock stood straight up into the air with a thick load of cum stuck in the middle of the shaft.

His mistress slid her hand from her ankle to her knee and pushed her knees apart, giving her slave a perfect view of her shaved vulva. Moisture was glistening on the outermost layer of her folds as her fingers dipped into her humid slit to open herself up to her minion.

She purred under her breath while her finger gently brushed against the hardened pearl that was emerging from beneath its hood. “Watch as I play with my pussy,” gently whispered his mistress as her legs were opened as far as they could possibly go. He could see her juices slowly dripping down her skin and pooling around her pinkish-brown asshole. His eyes were darting from her open pussy, a gaping hole waiting for his cock, and Sikiş hikayeleri her anus, incredibly tight and irrestible.

“Oh Mistress, please let me masturbate with you. Please Mistress, I beg of you to let your slave pull on his cock as he watches you play with your delicious cunt,” her slave called out in agony, a pain building up from his lack of release. His hands, which had been firmly placed on the arms of his chair the entire time, were now twitched towards his aching cock as he writhed in anticipation. The efforts he was producing only made his mistress coldly laugh at him as a single finger briefly dipped inside her depths.

“You shall wait for my orders Slave,” she ordered with firm authority, an undertone of affection barely detectable in the command. A coat of her own juices were glistening on her fingers as she rubbed her clit in a slow, deliberate circle, her other hand busying itself with the task of teasing her breasts.

Her ears noted the whimpers and gasps that her slave was making as she sunk her fingers in her dripping snatch. The pain and suffering she knew he was going through by not being able to do anything spurred her arousal and made more juices ooze and drip from her hole. His whimpers got louder and louder as her fingers pushed harder and deeper inside her dripping cunt, heat trapping her hand inside her as the muscles rippled over her hand. Finally, it proved to be too much for her and her hips thrusted up in passion.

She whistled as her hand forced itself out of her dripping pussy. The sound of tags smacking against each other were followed by a trotting Australian terrier. Its ear was hanging by a fragment of skin, and the fur was kept short and clean. Anna patted her slippery cunt to get the dog’s attention. Hearing the wet slaps, the terrier went straight to the chair and placed its front legs on the edge, Anna’s cunt placed right in front of its nose.

The dog began to lick her juices, from the bottom of her lips to the top of her clit. His mistress twitched and moaned in pleasure as the dog’s tongue sent shockwaves through her body. Tian watched on in anguish and felt his cum boiling with passion—oh how he loved to watch his lover to get eaten out by a dog!

“Mmm Erotik hikaye yes!” she yelled with a grin on her face as she felt the dog’s tongue slip inside her depths. The tongue wiggled around inside her pussy expertly, scraping the walls deliciously as the juices continued to pour from her hole. “It’s a female,” Anna told Tian as she looked at him lustfully, the dog still attacking her most intimate crevice. “You enjoy watching this, don’t you?” she questioned her slave as her hand went to pet the dog’s head for doing a good job.

“God yes, Mistress. I love to watch a dog lick your cunt,” he moaned to his mistress as his dick throbbed powerfully. More moans and whimpers fell from his lips as he wished to plunge himself deep inside of her.

She whistled again and the dog obediently pulled away from her pussy and laid down in the corner. Once the tongue was gone from between her legs, Anna forced her hand back inside the tight, pulsating tunnel of her cunt. Tian became loud once more with his moaning and whimpering, telling her with passion that he needed to make them both come.

A slopping sound of her pussy accompanied the whimpers and moans that belonged to her slave as her hand pummeled in and out of her with a frenzy. “Crawl to me!” she barked with her voice trembling in pleasure. He obediently got onto all fours and quickly crawled to his mistress. Her pugnant aroma wafted into his nostrils as his face came to meet her split cunt, a small stench of her ass blending into the air.

“Lick me!” her shrill voice screamed at him as her fingers buried into her hole desperately. “Rub your cock while you lick me you worthless slave! Fucking cum when you make me squirt all over your damn face you fuck!” she added in a deafening cry to her lover.

Her slave complied greedily by slurping at her dripping juices on her skin around her pussy and ass, his hand wrapping around his straining cock as he did so. He panted and moaned as his tongue worked around her puckered hole and slowly slid the tip into her ass.

“Ooooh yes Tian!” his mistress yelled in ecstasy as her cum exploded from her hole and around her fingers, spotting the ground with wetness as her body shook uncontrollably. A few more pulls on his cock and Tian was pouring his seed onto the ground as her feet hit and rested on his bare back. Their screams echoed off the walls of the room while their tense bodies had sweat rolling down their foreheads.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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