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Last Friday evening when I got home Mistress informed me that tonight was going to be a very hot night but I did not realize until later just how hot things were going to get.

Mistress had dinner ready and she told me she wanted us to eat quickly so we could get straight to the “activities” she had planned. I thought it curious because Mistress usually did not plan anything out in advance.

After dinner, she gave me a hot deep kiss and told me to go upstairs and take a good shower. She grabbed my cock and squeezed it while she gave my ass a push with her other hand.

I moaned and smiled and she told me to “run along like a good bitch” and take that shower. She said she would be there in a minute.

I ran upstairs and got in the shower already hard as a rock and heart racing as it seemed like Mistress was going to be in a hot kinky mood. Once she got into the shower with me she kissed me deep again and then moved her hot mouth down to my nipples.

I groaned loudly and went to stroke my cock but she grabbed my hand and told me

“… if you want to cum, then you are going to have be an especially good bitch tonight. You will have to do everything I tell you and then you will get to cum. I haven’t decided yet whether you get to taste your own cum from my pussy or if I am going to make you shoot your load in your face and lick it from there. We’ll see, now get to work and finish your shower. I have laid some things on the bed that I want you to put on.”

My excitement was at a fever pitch. Mistress would let me “humiliate” myself (on the floor, feet up, my cock pointing down towards my face…mmmmmmm) when I pushed her but tonight she seemed very interested in running the show herself.

When I got to our bed there was a blindfold and silk thong for me to wear. The thong was her favorite, it had holes cut in it for my balls and cock to stick through. I put on the thong and the blindfold and then laid back on the bed and waited. My cock was standing straight up in the air and I could feel pre-cum oozing from it.

A few minutes after I heard the shower go off I heard the closet door open as if Mistress Del was going to put on something sexy. Then she came out and she told me to sit up in the bed so she could get behind me. I did as I was told and I could feel her large warm breasts on my back and her tongue on the back of my neck.

She scooted forward until I could feel her hot pussy at the small of my back and then she reached around to the front of me and started playing with my nipples.

Once again, I groaned loudly and she started talking to me.

“Yes, you like that don’t you?”

“You know I do, Mistress.”

“Yes, I know you do and I also you know that you will do a lot of hot things while I play with them.”

“Yes Mistress I will do anything to please you. “

“You cum in my pussy when I play with them, you thrust your cock searching for relief when I play with them, you groan ever so loudly when I suck them, and you even shoot that hot cum of yours wherever I tell you to when I play with them“.

“Yes, I do Mistress.”

“Do you want to shoot your hot cum now?”

“Yes Mistress, OOOOOOO, YES Mistress” I said in a shameful manner.

“I’ll bet you do but first I want you to answer some questions for me. Can you do that, BITCH?”

“I’ll try Mistress, I will try.”

“Good. First, what do you think of when you have our little rubber toy up your ass? Are you thinking of me or something else?”

“I think of you fucking me with a rubber butt plug and how humiliating it makes me look to have my Mistress doing that to me.”

“You like it when I humiliate Tipobet you, don’t you?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“So, I think you would like it if I humiliated you and made you take a real cock up your ass. Would you like that?”

“NO! Mistress, please NOOOOOOOOOO!”, I said.

She stopped playing with my nipples and I moaned and tried to play with them myself.

“No, no, no. You do not get to play with those yourself, BITCH. I have seen how nasty you get when you play with your nipples. It starts with the nipples and the next thing I know my slave boy has his cum all over his face. Tonight I need you around.”

She started playing with my nipples again.

“So, about that rubber toy…I know you would love to be humiliated in front of me and have a cock up there wouldn’t you?”

Quietly I said “… Yes. Mistress..”

“I thought so. In fact, the way you stick out your tongue when you get so ‘nasty’ I’ll bet you would love to have cock some other places.”

“Well, BITCH, I think you are a cock sucker and would love to have me watch you suck another man’s cock. Would you be humiliated if I made you suck cock?”

“Yes Mistress”

“Good. Well move forward and sit on the edge of the bed. Good. Now I want you do something for me.”

“Slowly reach out your hand.”

I reached out my hand slowly since I was blindfolded and my hand touched another person! Mistress said,

“Keep reaching around. I think you’ll find something pointing straight at you.”

I started moving my hand across the other person’s body. There was way too much hair for it to be another woman so I knew I was looking for a hard cock somewhere in front of me. My heart was racing now and the excitement was almost overwhelming! I moved my hand and found that indeed he had his hard cock pointed right at me and I wrapped my hand around it and began to gently stroke it.

“Good BITCH. You know what to do. I want to watch you stroke that cock. If you want to cum you’ll have to stroke that cock. I’ll play with your nipples as long as our friend here is getting what he needs. You stop. I stop. You don’t get to cum. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress”

“I knew you would. So keep stroking. Keep stroking BITCH.”

I moved my hand up and down his cock. I wondered who this was. His cock was a little longer than mine was but not much. It felt hot and huge in my hand as I moved it back and forth.

“BITCH, you love this don’t you. Now its time for the next step. Start rubbing that cock all over your face Show me how much you want it. Now!”

I leaned forward and pulled the hot flesh onto my cheeks and started rubbing and nuzzling my face into his cock. Mistress was tweaking my nipples all the time while she began to taunt me.

“GOOD, it looks like you don’t mind having cock on your face. I always thought you would like a hot cock besides your own. You like it don’t you? You want that cock don’t you? You’re just a sissy cock sucker aren’t you?”

I readily said “OOOOOOOO, Yes Mistress, Yes.”

“Now my sissy cock sucker, show me what a sissy you really are. Open your mouth and suck this real man’s cock.”

I didn’t need any more coaxing. I had fantasized many times about my Mistress making me suck cock and I wanted to do it. I opened my mouth wide and slowly pulled his cock in. I put it in my mouth as far as I could take it and then closed my mouth around his cock. My own cock was so stiff it hurt and I concentrated on making him feel good by sucking him the way I knew I liked to be sucked.

“Oh my God, what a sissy cock sucker you are”, she said.

“That’s right. Suck him. Service Tipobet Giriş him like the little sissy boy you really are. And while you have that man meat in your mouth, just think about how this would look to anybody seeing this. Your Mistress is forcing you to suck cock right in front of her in your own bedroom. You are being a sissy cock sucker to another man. You’re just like a woman, little sissy cock sucker! Here, let’s put this on you. ”

While I slowed sucking his cock I could feel my Mistress reach around and put a bra on me. She instructed me to move my arms this way and that so I could wear it and I could feel that my nipples were still exposed.

“There you go you little cock slut! You are so pretty now with your little bra on. How do you like getting your face fucked?”

I could only say ” mmm … mmm”

“Well, I think you have done your work good enough for now and I think you know that your place is to service this real man and me. Now I want you to stop sucking his cock, move off the bed and stand against the wall. Since you are just a little sissy cock sucker I’m sure you won’t mind if you don’t get any pussy tonight. You are not going to get anything but this man is and remember, if you want to cum you will OBEY.”

My mind was still reeling and this was VERY humiliating to me, another man was about to fuck my Mistress while I stood next to the bed in a bra and thong. I heard my Mistress talking to me.

“Sissy, you know you want this and I want this, you want me to humiliate you. Well, Sissy you are not in control right now. I am. And right now while you are standing there dressed up like a little sissy BITCH I am guiding his cock into my dripping pussy. He is putting his hot mouth onto my huge nipples and licking and sucking them. It feels so good.”

“Mmmm. I want to cum and then I am going to make him cum fast because I don’t want you to wait too long. I am playing with my clit right now. Moving my hand very fast on my clit.”

“Oh, oh, oh, yes, Bitch, I’m cummmmmmminnnnngggg. YESSSSSSSS.”

I could see in my mind what was happening. Her long slim fingers playing with her clit and I could only imagine what it looked like for her to have this big cock fucking her.

“Now, sissy cock sucker nipple bitch, I am going to reach down and pump his cock into my pussy because I know you want to get to your treat.”

“I am pumping him now. Mmmmmmm it feels good and we are so wet. You know how I like to feel cum shoot into me with my hand on the cock when it cums? That’s what I want right now. OOOOOO, he’s getting close.”

I could hear him fucking Mistress and I heard her coaxing him to cum. When he finally exploded she laughed joyfully and he groaned with pleasure’

“oooooooooooo Mistress mmmmmmmm.”

I could hear her retrieving Kleenexes from the box beside our bed and I knew she was using them to make sure their cum did not spill out onto the bed. She always did that, i would now become her own cum slave.

“Now, you cock sucker. I know how you like to taste your own cum after I let you shoot it down onto your face. Get over here NOW and show me how you lick a cum-filled cunt as good as you suck cock. Lie down on your back and I will let you taste his cum right from my pussy.”

I wanted to cum so bad and I tossed away any shred of decency that I had left and quickly got onto the bed as I was told.

Mistress started playing with my nipples, further arousing my cock.

“My, my, your cock looks like it is ready to explode. I bet you would really like to cum now wouldn’t you BITCH?”

“Yes, please, Mistress, PLEASEEEEEEE, Mistress”

“Here’s Tipobet Güncel Giriş what I want you to do. First raise your feet up so I can grab your ankles. That’s a good BITCH.”

The next thing I felt was something being spread on my anus and then the head of a cock being pressed against me. I let out a quick gasp.

“That’s right slut boy. Time for you to get fucked like the little slut you are. Now he is going to push and push until he is inside of you.”

I could feel him pushing the head of his stiff cock against my anus and I was scared and excited at the same time. As the head of his cock stretched my sphincter, it really started to hurt and Mistress told him to pause for a minute until I relaxed.

After a minute or so I relaxed and Mistress told him ram all of his cock inside of me, hard and fast.


He shoved the cock into me with no abandon. Ripping me as it went in, but once in he just kind of stayed there. It felt really good to have a cock stuffed up my ass and my relief must have triggered Mistress.

“You like that don’t you?” You want to cum don’t you?”

“Oh yes Mistress I want to cummmmmmmmmmmm.”

“Well, in order for you to cum you have to eat some cum so here you go. Be my little cum slut, too. Eat my pussy and slurp up his cum from me and while you are doing that I will allow you to play with your cock.”

“Please let me cum, Mistress”

I opened my mouth and I felt a hot drop of cum fall down next to my mouth and then Mistress lowered her pussy onto my face and started rubbing her cunt back and forth all over my face while I worked my tongue fast and furious.

“OK, you cum slut cock sucker, you can start to play with yourself. Reach down there and make that cock of yours shoot your cum all over your chest. I know you do not need any help but just remember how out of control and humiliated you are right now. You are playing with yourself in front of two other people. You have a man’s cock stuck up your ass while you are dressed like a little slut with your nipples sticking out. You are eating another man’s cum from your Mistress’s pussy and you love it. My you are a just a sissy little cum slut cock sucking BITCH, aren’t you?”

I was pumping my cock fast now and just as I was about to cum Mistress said,

“The best part of all of this sucking and fucking is my Bitch is caught on tape for anyone to see.”

I exploded, I shot all over my chest, then my next gush went up to my face then another onto Mistress’s tummy, as I was screaming,


He pulled his cock from my ass and shot his cum all over my stomach screaming,

” Yes, Bitch Yesssssssssssssssssss.”

Mistress started to laugh and took her fingers, scooped up all the cum and brought it to my mouth.

I open my mouth, my tongue licking all the cum from her fingers as fast as I could. I wanted more, needed more and pleaded with Mistress,

“Please, please feed me more, I must have him again, I must have more cum, pleaseeeeeee”.

Mistress laughed at me and said, ” You BITCH SHUT UP and lay down on the bed.”

I fell to the bed my ass pointing up as she told him,

“Spank his ass good, he does not deserve to be in the same room as us.”

Then I felt his hand, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP against my ass. I jambed my head into the bed and started to cry from the pain. He did it again and again as Mistress laughed and laughed. When I could not take any more he finally stopped and got off the bed.

I fell flat on my face and passed out from the pain. The next thing I remember was Mistress Del waking me up, we were alone again and she was kissing me with her sweet warm kisses.

I love my Mistress and will do anything to please her. I only hope the next time she has two men so I can get twice as much cum. Yes I am a cum slut, a happy cum slut BITCH for my Mistress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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