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Double Penetration

“Now then Molly,” said Cook, straightening my cap and smoothing out the folds in my black apron with her pudgy pink fingers, “I think you’re ready to take the master and mistress their tea.” I flushed with excitement, I’d been working at the big house for three months now and it was the first time I’d been given such and honour.

I’ve never been away from home before so I was a bit scared but I wanted to do my best. The tray was heavy but I carried it ever so carefully, along the hall way and up the two stairs to the master’s bedroom. All the past masters of the hall seemed to be looking down on me from their portraits making sure that I didn’t spill the milk or rattle the tea cups.

Standing outside the big wooden door of the master bedroom I felt awful nervous like i might run away but I knew I mustn’t so I knocked carefully on the big door and listened. I waited to be told to come in but no call came so I listened real hard. I couldn’t hear no call but I could hear a sort of sobbing. It sounded like the mistress were upset, “I expect she’ll be glad of a nice cup of tea,” I thought and knocked again.

This time I heard someone call something, I wasn’t sure what, but I thought they wanted me to come in.

Inside the bed chamber it was pretty dark, the blinds being drawn but I could just make out the big bed with its curtains half drawn so I made my way over with the tray. I couldn’t see much but I could hear and it sounded as though the mistress was right up set she was making low moaning noises like our cow done when she was calving. As I got closer to th bed my eyes began to get used to the dark an I could see a bit. I could see the curtains half drawn round the four poster and some movement behind there, but I couldn’t see watched.

I peeped round the curtains and suddenly there they was, the master and the mistress. The mistress was kneeling on all fours and she was naked. Master Charles was behind her, naked too, his eyes closed, an I could see all the hair on his chest glistening. He was trying to push the mistress off the bed with his thighs but she didn’t want to go. The mistress is a good looking woman, well rounded and her long dark hair was hanging down over her face so she never saw me. Her skin looked smooth and lovely and pale and every time the master pushed her, her teats swung forward with her nipples ever so big.

I didn’t know what to do and just stood still for a moment holding the tray.

I was so surprised I must have loosened my grip on the tray and it went crashing to the floor breaking the cups. The master stopped pushing an opened his eyes. “Good Lord!” he cried and the mistress looked up at me too. “How long have you been there?” he says.

“I’m sorry,” I stammered and started to cry.

The mistress grabbed a dressing gown and threw it round herself, “Oh poor girl.” She put her arms round me and held me for a moment. “It’s alright you mustn’t upset yourself.” The master wrapped himself in a blanket and just sat there looking at me and winding his moustache.

“Oh my word, my word,” he murmured.

The mistress wiped my cheeks with sleeve of her dressing gown, t felt silky and cool “You are new aren’t you, what’s your name?


She straitened my cap just like Cook done, “How old are you Molly?”

“I is eighteen Ma’m.” Still trying not to cry.

“New here too, eighteen,” she turned to Ataköy escort the master, “pretty little thing isn’t she Charlie?” and she reached up to brush my blond hair with her fingers and as she done so her gown fell open and I couldn’t help but look at her round full teats. She saw me looking and I looks away quick like. The mistress laughed, “Don’t be shy dear, nothing to be ashamed of.” Turning to the master, “She likes my tits Charlie, I do believe she does.”

A loud snort from the bed, “I don’t blame her.” She looks back to me, and her eyes hada funny gleam in them I’d not seen before. The mistress is tall an I’m not very big so her teats was level with my face and I could see her nipples poking through the fine silk. She puts her finger under my chin and raised up my face so as I was looking right into her eyes. She whispered, “Do you want to see them my dear, do you?” I kind of nodded and she laughed, “Oh she does Charlie!”

The master laughed too, “Better show her then darling.” With that the mistress opened her gown and there they was her big round teats right in my face, I tried to look away.

” Oh don’t be shy Molly,” the mistress purred, “Here, would you like to suckle one of them,” and she holds up one of her teats right to my mouth, her nipples was very big and long and they looked awful nice. “Go on girl, have a little suck.” I didn’t know what to do but I thought if I pleased her she might forget about me dropping the tray so I opened up my mouth. Soon as I done that the mistress took her hand behind my head and pushed her nipple right into my mouth. “Oh that’s it molly, suck it for me,” my mouth was full but I done my best to try and suck. The mistress was all warm and she smelt lovely of flowers and a kind of animal type smell that I liked an her nipple filled my mouth it was so big. As I was sucking she took one of me hands and placed it on a teat, “Have a little feel girl.” It felt big and heavy in my hand and it was lovely needing it up and down.

“Let’s get a look at her,” I heard the master say from the bed.

The mistress giggled and pulled her teat from my mouth, her nipple all glistening and wet. “Oh Molly he wants to see you.” She smiled down at me, all warm and moist, “Shall we show him Molly? You can see me.” With that she dropped she dropped the gown off her shoulders and stood before me all white and full and naked. “Don’t be shy now, the master only wants a look,” and she reached behind my neck and undid the strap on my apron so it fell down. I only had a blouse on underneath and she smiled at me as she slowly undid the buttons. “I wonder what she’s got Charlie,” and she stood behind so the master could see, he was kneeling on the bed with a blanket round his waist, his big hairy belly glistening in the light. With that the mistress opened up my blouse and I fell a little thrill as the air touched my bare nipples. “Oh she’s got some growing to do, hasn’t she Charlie? Tiny aren’t you, lovely puffy nipples though,” and she pinched one of my nipples quite hard. I suddenly felt embarrassed, standing there with my teats out in front of the master and looked down in shame. “Oh don’t be shy. Charlie thinks you’re lovely, don’t you Charlie?”

“Rather!” declared the master, wriggling forward on the bed to get a better look at me. “Oh very pretty,” an he put his hand down into the blankets, where I think his manhood must Ataköy escort bayan be,an rubbed himself a little.

“Let’s see the rest of you,” whispered the mistress, and in on moment she tugged down my skirt an I was all naked and all. I tried to cover my cunny but she laughed. “Now on the bed with you,” an she picks us up like I was nothing and throws me naked as the day I was born on to the bed beside the master. Before I know it she’s on the bed with me and parts my legs quick as you like. “Oh Charlie she’s tiny look at her.” And she and the master are taking a good luck at my poor fanny. “I must taste it,” and her head darts between my legs. Her mouth seeks the my opening and then, you’ll never believe it, she slips her tongue inside me. I don’t know what to do but it feels lovely an I can’t help myself, I opens my legs as wide as I can pushing up into her face.

“Oh my God!” cries the master squeezing my little teats in his big hands, “Darling you shouldn’t.” As he said that a moan comes wriggling up out of my belly and I throws back my head and squeals.

The mistress looks up at him her chin all dripping wet, “Oh Charlie, she’s loving it aren’t you dear?” I couldn’t help but nod and she slips a finger inside me. I never felt nothing like it, all warm and tingly and nice like. “Oh Charlie!” the mistress cries, “I do believe she’s a virgin. “Have you ever been with a man girl?” I shook my head, cos I’ve always been a good girl no matter how much the boys asked. She smiles down at me, “Let me show you what gives me so much pleasure,” and she leans over to the master and pulls down his blanket.

I couldn’t help but look and there for all to see is his cock. I seen my brother’s in the bath but he’s much bigger, nearly as thick as my arm and with thick blue veins running along its length. I couldn’t take my eyes from it. “Lovely isn’t it Molly?” I nodded wide eyed. Here try this and she took my hand and wrapped it round his shaft. “Like this,” holding my wrist she moved my hand up and down the length of his shaft. “Hold him firm,” she ordered, I squeezed and the master moans. “Oh well done Molly, he likes that. Do you think you could do this?” and opening her mouth wide she swallows the head of his cock.

The master groaned has she bounced her head back an forth taking more and more of his shaft in each time she rocked forward, his big heavy balls swinging back an forth. By now I was I was squirming about, so hot like I was about to catch fire, feeling like I never felt before. My little cunny so wet I think the bedclothes must have been getting soaked. The mistress pulled his big stiff cock out of her mouth, blowing hard, gasping for breath. “Why don’t you give it a try Molly?” she purred down to me.

I didn’t need asking twice an jumped up on to my knees, the master’s cock only inches from my face. I never seen one so close, it was much bigger than I expected and glistened with my mistress’ spit with big blue veins running down it. I opened my mouth as wide as ever I could and the master slipped the head inside. It tasted all warm and salty. The master starts to rock backwards and forwards, his cock sliding deeper into my mouth and down my throat. “Suck it girl,” the master ordered so I sucked it ever so hard and he lets out a groan. Then i felt my mistress slide underneath me an stat licking my cunny. I could feel her tongue going round escort Ataköy and round my slit as juices started running down my legs. It were such a lovely feeling, better than anything I ever felt before. Little spasms kept coming up from my fanny every time he tongue slipped inside me, it was so nice I couldn’t bare it. Then the mistress slips from tween my legs and comes up to check I’m sucking alright.

“That’s it girl,” she says, “Take him as deep as deep as you can.” I couldn’t get him even halfway in but I was doing my best. “That’s the thing that gives me so much pleasure my sweetie,” and she squeezes my nipples nice and hard. “I bet you’d like to try it wouldn’t you? Would you Molly?” I let the master’s cock drop from my mouth and sat for a moment staring at it. It was all wet from my spit and ever so big and gleaming, I wanted to try it so much but I wasn’t sure if I dare. I took a deep breath and turned to the mistress and nodded. She giggled with delight, “Oh Charlie she wants you,” and she pushed me on to my back on the bed so my legs fell open.

The master stood over me, beads of sweat shinning in the hair on his belly, his manhood hard and throbbing. “Oh I’m not sure darling, I don’t know if I should.

The mistress turned to him, stern and commanding, “Give that girl a damn good fucking,” Reaching out she took his cock firmly in her hand and began stroking it, “I want you make that girl a woman Charlie,” and she kissed him on the lips, “Will you do that for me, please?”

The master stared at her for a moment, “Oh, anything for you,” he whispered and moved between my legs. “Hold her hand dear,” the mistress took my hand gently in hers and began stroking it.

“Now don’t be frightened Molly, you’ll enjoy it,” and she took my hand to her face and slowly kissed each finger tip. As she did so i felt the head of the Master’s cock opening the lips of my cunny as he eased himself on to me.

“Now then my girl, down to business,” he said, and I felt him move inside me, stretching my little hole wide. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain down there and cried out gasping with shock. The Master stopped pushing, “I’m hurting her.”

The Mistress squeezed my hand, “It has to be done Molly,” she murmured gently. Then she turned to the Master, “Service her Charlie, get it done.”

The Master looked down at me, squeezing my small teats with his big hands, he took a deep breath. Suddenly he thrust forward, hard and fast, I squealed in pain as his big cock forced its way up me. Then the pain was over and in its place I felt a lovely tingle run all the way up my body.

“Give it to her Charlie,” the mistress shouted, “Don’t spare her.” The master lets out a moan, and starts pumping into me, grunting with each thrust. I never felt such pleasure as he slid up and down me and I starts crying out every time he pushes. Now he’s pushing so hard he lifts me off the bed every time he jerks into me and his belly is so big my legs are forced wide apart. “That’s it Charlie, that’s it, give it to her,” and he pushes even harder. Then a tingle starts in my cunny and suddenly a lovely feeling exploded all over my body as I’m sort of twitching down below. “Oh she’s coming Charlie! Good girl Molly.”

“Oh God,” the Master cries, “I’m going to…”

“Charlie pull out, not in her,” the Master pulls out and as he does so his cock spurts white cream all over me, splashing on to my face and belly. The Mistress leans over, “Good girl Molly, such a good girl,” and she starts licking the Master’s cream off my belly.

No one said nothing about me dropping the cups an after that I started to look forward to serving the master and the Mistress tea in bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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