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The characters in this story are all 18 and up.


One day, it all clicked.

My mom was a typical hard working mother. Her job was stressful, as was being a parent. She had a loving husband, but I wondered if the fire in their bedroom relationship was still there.

She had a best friend, Trish, who kept her together. Trish, my best friend’s mother, and my mom were basically inseparable over the past few years. They planned my family parties together, always went to get their nails done and texted 24/7. Truly best friends.

I always had a thing for Trish. She was a bit heavyset, but it was something about the older woman/MILF aura that always made me tent at the sight of her. It was innocent. I never flirted harder than telling her that she looked pretty when she came over the house.

It was reasonable to believe that the heavyset Trish and her husband, Rich, were no longer sexual. It seemed like there was nothing to them sexually and it was evident. Rich was a good looking, cool guy, but it seemed like the woman he married was no longer the same woman in terms of looks or sex. I always wondered if Rich was looking for sex elsewhere.

On Sundays, Rich would take my friend and his sister to the football games. They would gaziantep yabancı escort bayan go early in the morning, tailgate and enjoy the game. It was an all day affair. Usually, with her husband gone on a nice Sunday morning, Trish would get her nails done with my mother. Today was no different.

Trish had picked my mom up that morning so that I could have the car. A couple minutes later, I took the car for a spin to get some bagels for my brother and I. I took the route that happened to go past Trish’s house and I saw Trish’s car in the driveway. I thought nothing of it, figuring they ran in to pick a coupon up or use the bathroom.

If you know anything about New York, Sunday morning bagel lines suck. I was at the shop for at least 30 minutes before I hopped back in the car to head home. Taking the same route, I was confused to see Trish’s car still in the driveway.

Curious as can be, I dialed my mom’s number. No answer. Dialed again.


Trish and Rich always leave their door open. Do I check inside? Would that freak them out?

My stomach was jammed with butterflies. What could be going on?

I had to check.

I parked the car down gaziantep genç escort bayan the block, quietly closing the driver’s side door and began approaching their house. I lightly poked the door open and didn’t here a sound. I considered yelling for Trish, but, instead, took the stairs towards the upstairs portion of the home.

That’s when I heard it.

A light moan.

Coming from the bedroom, I heard moans, moans that had a slight similarity to my mother’s voice. It had to be-My mom and Trish were having sex. Lesbian sex.

I was blown away. I stood their shell shocked. I should’ve at least thought this was possible, I wondered. I couldn’t believe it. My mom was cheating on my dad…with my best friend’s mother.

As I stood their stunned, the moans stopped and whispers began.

“Did you hear something?” asked my mom.

“No, no, it was probably just the dishwasher,” her lover replied, as I heard her lips smack my mother’s again.

They were back at it and my feet were glued to the carpet, too overwhelmed to move. My erection was growing. This idea of the older woman I crushed on and my mom was making me feel a way I have never felt before.

I gaziantep gerçek resimli escort bayan had to do something.

Tip-toeing, I walked closer to Trish’s door. Just four inches away, my foot creaked down, making a noise that clearly meant someone was in the house.

Trish screamed, “Who is it?!”

No answer.

She repeated herself.

I grabbed the doorknob and busted in…

There it was.

As the jaws of the moms dropped, as they were too stunned to even cover themselves, I looked around the room. Panties on the floor. On the bed, my mother laying with her back on the bed. Inside of her pussy was a strap on, attached to Trish’s crotch. Trish held a whip in her hand. Multiple dildos laid out next to them. Their hair disheveled, their clothes at all corners of the room, and lust in the air.

Before they began to reach for their clothes, they tried to explain. They were sex starved, it was only the first time and that they were sorry. I didn’t know what to think or believe. Lesbians, infidelity, and pure sex.

Unaware at where my head was at, I mumbled something. They asked me what I said. I repeated it at a higher volume.

“Keep going.”

Hesitant, but still super horny, they actually resumed. I pushed my pants down, standing five feet away from the bed, and began rubbing my cock as I watched my mom get fucked by a woman. It was the hottest thing in the world.

My eyes shut for a second as I felt an orgasm coming over me. Before I reached a climax, two hands, of different sizes, were clamping my wrists. I opened my eyes, halting my masturbation.

“Come join us,” Trish uttered.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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