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The tradition had been followed for a couple of years. After school finished, Kathy and her daughter Cindy would spend a long weekend at the family’s condo on the Gulf of Mexico. The drive and the weekend produced wonderful bonding time.

Kathy was in her late 40s. Her husband’s business was successful and with money not being a problem, she had cut back on her own work to just part-time. She enjoyed the semi-retirement and the free time it provided.

The biggest problem she faced was that her husband’s job demands had impacted their love life. They only had sex on the weekend and that had become less frequent. They would sometimes go a month without fucking.

The lack of sex had led Kathy down a long, dark road. She started exploring on the internet, watching porn and spending time in adult chat rooms. What she viewed and what she discussed had activated something in her brain. When she masturbated, her thoughts often focused on her daughter. Those thoughts were arousing and afterward produced guilt. But those fantasies, her fingers and sometimes a vibrator always produced orgasms.

Kathy’s fantasies were dreamlike. She envisioned her daughter with an older man who was seducing and fucking her. Kathy knew from their mom-daughter chats that Cindy was shy and naïve. Knowing that only made Kathy’s fantasies hotter. The idea of her daughter being coerced into sex was a deep, dark secret.

At times during their drive to the condo, when Cindy had her ear buds in and was listening to music, Kathy found her thoughts drifting to her fantasies. She gripped the steering wheel tight. She had an imaginary devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, both tugging her in opposite directions.


They arrived just after noon. After unloading and unpacking, the first priority was a trip to the beach. Kathy changed into her one-piece suit while Cindy was getting changed in the bathroom. She emerged wearing her new bikini. Kathy immediately was surprised at how small it was. Cindy’s breasts were between an A and a B cup. The suit’s halter top had small triangles covering her mounds. The bottom was little more than a thong. Her full ass cheeks were bare.

“Honey, I should have never let you buy that,” Kathy said with a smile.

“Oh, mom. I like feeling the sun. And you should see what passes for bikinis for some of my friends.”

They each slipped on wispy coverups and gathered their beach bags. After a 5-minute walk, they got to the beach, which wasn’t crowded. They located two loungers and settled in.

About 15 minutes later, Kathy noticed a man carrying a lounger who placed it about 10 feet from their location. Inwardly, she felt a twinge of anger. “There’s a mile of beach and he has to invade our space.”

The man appeared to be middle aged, but it was difficult to gauge how old he was. He was trim and fit with closely cropped black hair peppered with gray on the sides.

He had placed his lounger on the side where Cindy’s was, and it was obvious to Kathy that he was ogling her daughter. Cindy was listening to music and oblivious to the world.

About 30 minutes later, Cindy got up and adjusted the lounger so she could lay flat on her stomach. She untied the back of her halter. “Mom, can you put some lotion on me?”

When Kathy sat up and began applying the suntan lotion, she noticed the man was staring, watching. Kathy noticed a slight smile on his face. “Creep.”

But after Kathy sat back down, she glanced at her daughter, and she started having those “thoughts” again. Here was an older man who obviously was attracted to her daughter, a man who was probably thinking about what it would be like to fuck her. Kathy had never let her fantasies free while she was with her daughter but now the thoughts and images were racing through her brain. Her nipples were poking against the material of her suit and her pussy was getting moist.

Kathy closed her eyes behind her sunglasses. “Gawd, what the hell is wrong with me?” In her mind, she kept seeing her daughter naked with a faceless older man.

After about 30 minutes, Cindy reached behind and tied her halter strings. She sat up and faced her mom. Kathy almost jumped as she snapped out of her fantasy world.

“Jeez, mom, you OK?” Cindy giggled. “I’m goin’ for a swim.”

Minutes later, Kathy saw the man stand up and take a few steps toward her.

“Hello, I’m Dave,” he said, extending his hand.

Kathy hesitated. She felt her heartbeat quickening. “Kathy,” she answered, grasping his hand. He placed his other hand over hers, lightly rubbing it.

He sat down on Cindy’s lounger and his charming small talk soon had Kathy relaxed and excited. She hadn’t felt this way around a man since dating her husband.

“I know that you caught me staring at your daughter,” almanbahis he said after the conversation had paused. “I’m a women watcher and I know when I’ve been caught. But she is quite lovely. She takes after her mother.”

Dave’s pale blue eyes bored into Kathy’s. He was an extremely confident man who had experience at reading people. He sensed that Kathy was a housewife/mom who was not content with her sex life and had let her imagination and fantasies carve out a permanent residence in her brain.

Cindy returned from her swim. Dave stood up. “Sweetie, this is Dave,” Kathy said in a quiet voice she had to control to keep from quivering. Dave and Cindy shook hands. “Hi, Dave,” she said, brightly smiling, her hair dripping and beads of water on her skin. “Pleasure to meet you, Cindy. Your mom and I have been having a marvelous and stimulating chat.” At those words, he glanced at Kathy, who felt a shiver run up her spine.

“Oh, really,” Cindy replied. “Mom always told me not to talk to strangers.” She giggled at her joke.

“Well, I think your mom and I have gotten past the ‘stranger’ stage. Now I just need to get to know you,” he said with a grin. “Hey, why don’t you two ladies join me at the place I rented here on the beach? We could have some chilled wine and cool off.”

Kathy was about to decline the invitation but hesitated while formulating an excuse.

“Yes. Mom, doesn’t that sound nice?” Cindy made the decision and casting their fate.


Dave’s rental featured a large living space with two couches and several chairs. Two bedrooms were just off that space. Cindy sat on one of the couches and Kathy in a comfortable plush chair. They had both worn their coverups to walk to the location.

Dave pulled a bottle of white Zinfandel from the fridge, opened it and poured three glasses. In Cindy’s glass he added a few drops that greatly increased the drink’s impact. He delivered the two glasses, retrieved his, and sat down on the couch.

After about 15 minutes, he could tell that Cindy was feeling the effects. She wasn’t acting drunk, but she was beyond relaxed. Her eyes were half closed and she had leaned back.

“I guess you like the wine,” Dave said in a soft voice as he scooted closer to her.

“Mmmmm, yeah, it’s great. I love white Zin.”

Kathy shifted in her chair. She was fully aware that this man, this man who was much older than Cindy, planned to seduce her sweet, innocent daughter. Kathy’s breathing picked up and she closed her eyes. Her motherly instinct to protect was overwhelmed by her deviant sexual fantasies. What she had imagined was happening.

She opened her eyes. Dave was stroking Cindy’s still damp hair and her eyes were closed. “Oh, gawd,” she thought. “It’s happening.”

“Uh, Dave, where’s the bathroom?” she could barely croak the words out of tight throat.

He glanced at her and smiled devilishly. “Sure, Kath, through the guest bedroom on the right.” She went into the room; she didn’t need to use the bathroom, she just wanted to distance herself from the scene. The bedroom doorway provided a clear view of the couch.

Kathy saw that Dave was sitting close to Cindy, his arm around her shoulders. He was whispering in her ear, and she had a slight smile on her face.

He reached for the hem of her coverup and started to pull it up; she lifted her hips so that he could free it. She lifted her arms so he could take it off.

“That’s a real sexy bikini,” he cooed in her ear. “Did you buy it so guys would stare at you?”

She nodded, her eyes heavy lidded. The potion had taken full effect. Cindy felt as though she was floating, her mind only registering sensations — Dave’s breath on her ear, his hand lightly rubbing her soft shoulder.

Kathy leaned against the door frame, her knees feeling rubbery. Unlike her daughter, her brain was fully functioning. She was witnessing her fantasy in real life and her thoughts were battling. “I should stop this… we should leave… I’m a terrible mother… gawd, this is so arousing, my pussy is getting moist.”

Dave lightly kissed Cindy’s cheek and his hand took her chin to gently turn her face toward his. His lips covered hers and she moaned and leaned closer to him. When his tongue pushed against her full lips, they parted and his tongue explored her mouth, tasting the white Zin she had drank.

After a minute or so, he broke the kiss. “You’re a good kisser, Cindy. And you’re really hot and sexy.”

She sighed in contentment and responded with a breathy, “I’m glad you like me, Dave.”

His hand moved to cup her small mound through her bikini top. She gasped. “Oh, you shouldn’t do that.” Her small hand grasped his wrist in an effort to pull it away but was unable to. Dave’s hand continued rubbing her boob and almanbahis giriş the pleasure overcame her resistance. Her hand fell away.

He hooked his finger in the thin strip of cloth and pulled her bikini top up and off, exposing her breasts. Her nipples were hard and prominent. “Ohhhhhh, Dave… please,” she softly whimpered.

Dave shifted forward so he could get a better view. His already hard cock twitched at the sight of her girlish bosom. Her pink nipples were circled by small areolas. His fingers reached for the nubs, teasing, and tweaking them. Cindy shivered and he could see her flesh goose bumping.

He leaned closer to her chest and his lips encircled a nipple. “AAAHHGGGAAAA,” she moaned/squealed and her hands reached to grab his head and pull it harder against her body. “Pleaaaassseee, lick my titties. Feels soooooo gooood.”

Dave complied. His mouth moved back and forth, servicing each mound. He could take each breast entirely in his mouth, his tongue flattening against the hard nipple. When his mouth was on one boob, his hand was playing with the other, flicking and rubbing the spit covered nipple.

Cindy arched her back and her legs straightened. She had not let her dates go farther than rubbing her breasts with her clothes on. Having an experienced mouth, lips and tongue on her sensitive boobies was a new sensation that was creating another sensation — her pussy was tingling. She felt like her nerves were directly connected from her tit tips to her cunny.

Dave’s hand slowly made its way down her torso, lightly caressing her soft skin. His index finger circled her navel before poking inside that little hole, making Cindy gasp and shake. Moments later, his hand cupped her mound, still covered by her small bikini bottom.

Kathy had slipped one hand inside her swimsuit top and another hand inside the leg hole. Her fingers were pinching and rubbing her hard nipples and probing her wet pussy. Watching her daughter being seduced by a man they had met only hours before was a live porno playing for her enjoyment. She was breathing heavily and moaning lightly.

So was Cindy. Dave’s hand was rubbing her mound, alternating light and hard pressure. The heel of his hand pushed against her pubic bone just above her clit and her hips bucked.

Dave stood up, quickly peeling off his t-shirt and pushing his shorts down and off. His erect cock bounced free. It was about six inches in length and girthy, about an inch and a half wide. The plum-colored cock head was swollen with a silvery drop of precum on the tip.

Cindy’s eyes opened wide. The sex education illustrations were not worthwhile preparation for a rock-hard male penis. “Oh my gawwwwd,” she softly moaned. Her brain immediately had a rational thought. “No way that fits inside me. No. Way.”

Dave then dropped to his knees and began pulling her bikini bottoms off. “Let’s get you all naked,” he whispered. He yanked and tugged until they were freed from her ass and hips and then he whisked them off her legs. Before tossing them on the couch, he held them to his face, sniffing the crotch. Cindy and Kathy both observed that naughty gesture and had similar aroused reactions.

He moved between Cindy’s legs, pushing them further apart. His hands slipped under her firm ass cheeks and pulled her closer to the edge of the couch. His finger then traced up and down her thin, tight pussy slit.

“AAARRRGGHHHH AAAAAAHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS.” That touch on her most private place, the first time touched by a man, a man she hardly knew, fired off a small orgasm. Cindy had masturbated infrequently. This felt different. And better. She felt like her crotch had melted.

Seeing her daughter cum, Kathy’s fingers pinched her clit hard and she also came. Dave smiled as he looked over his shoulder at her in the doorway. Cindy had entirely forgotten about her mother and didn’t know she was spying.

Dave’s thumbs pressed on each side of Cindy’s thin labia, pulling them apart. He could see the inner pink flesh that was slick with her juices and still quivering from her orgasm. Her tiny clit bud was peaking from its fleshy hood. It was an arousing sight, a young pussy, so pink, so fresh. He desperately wanted to cover her mound with his lips and mouth, but he told himself to save that for later.

It had been months since his cock had felt this hard. His heart was racing, and he was breathing hard. He would be the first man to copulate with this sweet, innocent female. If he ate her pussy now, she might orgasm once or twice. He wanted her to cum on his cock while he fucked her.

Still on his knees, he straightened himself. His rod was pointing directing at her pussy. He fisted the base and rubbed his swollen knob up and down her lips, squished it against her clit.

“AAAAAAHHHH… almanbahis yeni giriş GAAAAWDDDD. SSSOOOOO GGGOOOOD… Your cock… it’s too big.”

“No, babe, relax. Your pussy will stretch. It’ll fit.”

He moved his cock so that the tip pushed between her labia and against her tight, rubbery opening. The sensation on his swollen bulb caused his cock to twitch and for a moment he thought he would cum prematurely. His arousal level was off the charts.

Dave’s hips shifted slightly forward, and his cock head popped inside. The sensation made Cindy gasp and pitch upward, then back against the couch. Her head pitched side to side, wisps of her hair covering her face.

“Yeah… good. Almost there, babe. Now, when I pop your cherry, it’s gonna sting but it won’t hurt for long. You’ll feel good when my cock is slippin’ in and out.”

He slowly pushed forward, his cock head stretching her tight tunnel. He felt her hymen’s resistance and paused. Like pulling off a band aid, he figured the best idea was to make it quick.

Dave’s hands gripped her hips and he lunged forward, pushing his cock fully inside her pussy. He could feel the membrane give way to allow his staff complete access.

“IIIIIIEEEEAAAAHHHH.” Cindy’s wail of discomfort filled the room. Kathy groaned as she flashed back to the memory of her first fuck, a neighborhood boy who was so quick — get in, get off, get out. Her pussy was gushy and her fingers stroking her slit were making squishy noises.

Dave began to pump his cock in and out, pulling it back until just the knob was just inside before returning it to full insertion. Cindy was breathing hard. Dave had been right. The sting of her hymen’s demise had been brief. And his thick cock’s presence in her tight pussy was a new and pleasant sensation. She propped herself on her elbows to watch his fleshy pole’s journey in and out of her pussy.

Without a thought, she wrapped her legs around his back, feeling the wiry hair on her smooth skin. His hands fondled her breasts, his fingers working on her hard nipples. Her juices were flowing and his cock sluicing in and making the sexy sound of an aroused pussy being fucked.

The untrained muscles in Cindy’s pussy walls were nonetheless clasping his cock as it slipped in and out. It had been years since Dave had felt a pussy as tight as his partner’s. He felt the familiar tingle in his balls.

He took one of Cindy’s hands and moved it to the top of her mound. “Rub your clit. I want you to cum on my cock before I unload my cum inside you.”

Kathy heard those words and slipped two fingers inside her sloppy tunnel as her thumb pressed her hard clit. “Oh god, oh god, oh god. YES YES YES. FUCCCKKKKK. CUMMMMMING.”

Her exclamation returned her mother’s presence to Cindy’s focus. What had been just a coupling, her first with another man, something that was between two people, was now different. Her mother was watching her first fuck. The realization made her skin hot and tingly. Her finger rubbed her clit and her hips lurched.

“MMMMMAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. SOOOOOO GOOOOOD. Wannnnna ccummmmm. Goonnnnna cummmm.”

Cindy thought she was seeing colored lights and fireworks as her strong climax tore through her body. She threw her arms back as her legs tensed and pulled against Dave’s back, urging him on.

With a grunt and a final thrust, he impaled his cock, his crotch pushing hard against Cincy’s thin hips. As his jizz began to spurt, he emitted a guttural groan from deep in his chest. He deposited several ropes of cream before leaning back to withdraw his cock. There was an audible pop when the knob pulled free, followed by a combination of his sperm and her juices flowing from her pulsing pussy.

Dave lightly patted her mound. “Damn, that was nice. You OK?” Cindy’s torso was rising and falling, her legs shaking as she tried to recover from her orgasm. All she could manage was a small smile.

Dave’s balls were drained but his cock was still hard; he had popped a little blue pill earlier. He got up and walked to the bedroom where Kathy was leaning against the door frame.

“Have a nice cum, did we?” he smirked. He grabbed her wrist and pulled into the bedroom and pushed her against the wall, pinning her with his body. “You enjoyed watching her daughter get fucked? She’s gonna be a great lay for a lot of men. Is that what you want. You want her to be a slut. Like her mom?”

His hand slipped between them and gripped her pussy mound, roughly squeezing it and rubbing it through her suit, the material damp.

“Your turn. I’m gonna fuck this married pussy. Your daughter will get to watch you cum on my cock. And while I fuck you, I’m gonna make you eat my cum out of your daughter’s pussy. The three of us are gonna have a lot of fun.”

He gripped her thin coverup and ripped it in two, tossing it aside. His hands grabbed the shoulder straps of her suit, yanking down, peeling the top away to free her breasts, pulling it all the way down her legs. He then led her back into the main room.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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