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Dr. Alec Friedman’s day job was at the City Community College. He is a twenty-seven-year-old adjunct professor with a Ph.D. in philosophy. The job didn’t pay much more than minimum wage. It angered Alec that his take-home pay while teaching history at the college was no better than working as a cashier at Walmart. He should be earning a living wage as a full-time instructor in Applied Metaphysical Philosophy.

For a second job to help pay the rent, his student loans, and car loan, Alec tried working for Uber. The hours and the pay never met his expectations. He tried other part-time jobs, but they all fell short of his needs. Essentially, that meant money.

Although his bank account wasn’t thriving, his social life prospered by hooking up with college girls. There were a couple of popular college bars that Alec visited with Friday and Saturday the most productive. Fortunately, hardly any of the girls recognized him as a professor. He didn’t look like one. He appeared more like a movie actor with a ruggedly handsome face and a muscular body. Alec rarely went home alone, and he wasn’t particular about his companion. She could be tall or short, black or white, big tits or small, thin or heavy. Alec found them all to be exciting one-night stands. He liked the diversity.

On one Wednesday night, Alec was doing research or what he called field study. He drove to the far side of town where he found the iconic Round About Club that got its name from the only roundabout in the city a block away. It wasn’t an ordinary establishment and an unlikely place for a white professor to be seen. He had been told that all tastes and alternate lifestyles were on display. The clientele was a strange mix of races, gays, drug addicts, pimps, whores, sexual deviants, and degenerates. As a Doctor of Philosophy, the Round About was the ideal place for fieldwork on human diversity.

The moment he walked in the place he could see he wouldn’t be disappointed. The people and their costumes were bizarre, not unlike in the movie ‘Moulin Rouge.’ A topless woman had painted her chest with an array of psychedelic colors appearing to be wearing a colorful blouse. Men were dressed as women or as pimps. Most wore body piercings. Some were stoned or drunk or both. Alec was out of place wearing Levi’s and a cardigan sweater making him either over or underdressed. Either way, he did not fit in with the others at the Round About Club.

The behaviors at the Club were equally unconventional. A woman dressed as a nun was with someone dressed as a priest groping each other. A girl dressed as a Playboy bunny sat on a stool with a man, dressed as Hugh Hefner who was working his hand up her thigh. A woman tethered by a leash connected to a spiked collar around her neck was being led around the room by a guy wearing a zombie mask.

The lady tending bar was covered with tattoos and didn’t bother looking at Alec when he asked for a beer. A few knocks on the battered bar almost got her attention. She looked at him, picked up a reefer, inhaled, and turned away. Alec knocked again. She turned back to look at him and growled, “Are you a fuckin’ cop? We paid up last week.”

“Not a cop, just a sightseer. Heard about the place and had to be here to watch you be rude to the customers.”

“You look like a tourist who doesn’t belong here. You better go home and hide under a rock or wherever you came from, pal.”

While Alec was conferring with the barkeep, there was a commotion on the other side of the bar that he couldn’t see. He could only hear what sounded like a struggle.

“I need a drink. How about a beer and wash the glass.”

“It will cost you,” and she banged a lukewarm can of beer on the bar. “That will be twenty plus five for the glass.”

“Twenty-five pesos?”

“Dollars, United States of America dollars.”

“That’s extortion!”

“Do you want the beer or not, Mr. Tourist?”

“What’s with the price?”

“We pay extra for help. Ten bucks for the beer and the rest for that fella back here.” Alec looked over the bar and saw a guy banging a young girl bent over a footstool. “He sometimes wears a badge but not tonight. He’s busy making sure this girl respects the law,” the barkeep said as if she was giving away a secret.

“So, you pay protection,” he said. The woman shrugged and took his twenty-five. He waited for the glass that never came.

For an hour, Alec watched the circus and endured an Elvis impersonator trying to sing ‘Hound Dog.’ He should have brought his notebook to take notes. A black guy with a burgundy suit, zebra lapels, and a matching wide-brimmed hat came up to him and said, “You look lonely. I can get you some company.”

Alec played along following the thread of someone that was hoping to find a paying customer. “Yes, but I don’t find you the companion I’m looking for.”

He smiled in a way that was more of a scowl and said, “A sweet young thing perhaps?”

“Yes, that sounds about right.”

“White or black?

“Either but young.”

He disappeared and didn’t return right Sivas Escort away. Alec was hoping not to be bothered again. He was wrong. The sweet young thing that had been fucking the cop behind the bar came up to him asking, “Are you the Tourist?” Alec nodded. “Hector said you wanted to see me.”

“Maybe,” he said with a question mark. The girl looked slutty with too much makeup, and mascara on her cheeks as if she had been crying.

“It will cost you fifty, mister, for a blow or a hundred for a fuck.”

“Here or somewhere else?” Alec asked.

“The motel is around the corner if you want it private. They charge by the hour. Condoms unless you want to pay an extra twenty.”

There was something about the girl that tantalized Alec. Maybe he felt sorry for her or was it the nervous quiver in her voice? She was too young to be at the Round About and he felt he had to get her out of this den of iniquity. So, he said, “How about if I take you to my place?”

“Then you pay by the night.”

“How much?”

“It depends. Hector takes the money and pays me later. “She looked around to see if Hector was listening and then whispered, “Let’s do it at your place. I make more money that way and you don’t have to pay for a room.”

“Okay, it’s your call.”

Alec paid Hector for the night and walked her out the door as if they had been shopping at Macy’s. She was more than he could afford but the girl interested him. There was something adorable about her under the rough façade in addition to having a cute tight ass. It cost him but he reasoned that taking her out of there was the right thing to do.

A half-hour later they were in his apartment. Alec took her to the shower and had her wash inside and out. When she was cleaned up, the girl looked much younger, fresh-faced, just a kid in his eyes. He liked her and she excited him. Alec had a sense of uncontrollable urgency the moment she crawled naked next to him in his bed.

She had a teenager’s puffy tits and a soft plump pussy to match. It was shaved to Alec’s delight. He hadn’t been with a girl that looked so young since back in his high school days.

“You’re different mister. I expected to get laid the minute we got here.”

“How old are you?” he asked cupping her breasts.

“I graduated from high school last spring and turned eighteen two weeks before that.”

“So, who is Hector?”

“He’s just a guy helping me earn money.”

“And money for himself, right?”

“I guess.”

“A nice guy would send you home to your parents. I’m not going to do that. We’re going to get to know each other really well tonight.”

He momentarily kissed her small nipples then dove into her tender pussy with his lips and tongue for long enough to hear her sigh. But Alec also needed to be pleasured before he skewered her with his throbbing cock. He had the girl lean down with her head over his inflamed cock waiting for her mouth to engulf him. She seemed confused.

“Kiss it, honey. Wrap your lips around it then suck it into your mouth,” he told her.

Olivia looked up at him, licked her lips before they encircled his manhood as if it was a lollipop. She was hesitant and inexperienced for what he wanted. Over the next half hour, Alec showed her what to do. The girl was a quick learner and began to fuck him with her mouth bobbing up and down like a pro. She finished him off with an explosive ejaculation.

Alec smiled and gave her a wink, “Go ahead and swallow it. It won’t hurt.” She did what he asked.

She frowned then said, “Mister Tourist, it wasn’t much but what I swallowed is the only thing I’ve eaten all day.”

“Did you like it?” he asked.

“It’s okay, but I’m hungry.”

What’s your name?” he asked.


Alec took her to the kitchen where Olivia woofed down warmed-over pizza and a Coke. He wasn’t hungry but finished the last piece anyway.

“Won’t your parents be worried about you?”

“I don’t think so. I don’t have any parents. I’m an orphan. but the orphanage made me leave. They said I aged out when I turned eighteen.”

“Where do you live?”

“They sent me to a rooming house. They call it a safe house, a kind of shelter until I can earn enough money to get a place of my own.”

“So that’s why you work for Hector.”

“Not exactly. Miss Margaret found me a job at a fast-food restaurant but that doesn’t pay much, so I started looking for something better.”

“Who is Miss Margaret?”

“She runs the orphanage. She’s not exactly senile but she doesn’t always know what’s going on. You know, like kids are smoking pot and skipping out at night to meet their friends.”

“How did you meet Hector?”

“I called Miss Margaret to see if she could get me a better job. She suggested I take a second job and told me about Hector at the Round About. She said I was the perfect girl to work for Hector. The job was at night so I could still work at the restaurant.”

“How long have you known Hector, Olivia?”

“A week. He said I Sivas Escort Bayan was on trial until I proved myself.”

“So, proving yourself was fucking a cop behind the bar.”

“I didn’t know he was a cop. I had to do it where Hector could be nearby. The cop was the first guy I did for Hector. He told the cop I was a virgin, but I wasn’t. I did it a couple of times before. You’re my second for Hector but you are much nicer. I’ve never had anyone suck me down there. That was nice.”

“Okay,” Alec said, “I liked it too. You have a delicious pussy, Olivia. Now let’s see what’s inside,” and he took her back to the bedroom.

It took a few minutes to get her up to speed by fingering her tender pussy and nibbles on her tits before pushing into her tight snatch. It was like squeezing the cork back into a bottle of Chardonnay. Although he was patient pushing into her snug pussy, Oliva wasn’t and wrapped her legs around his hips plunging his cock all the way in. That was her cue that she was ready for a good fucking.

Olivia’s soft moans told him that she was enjoying the moment as much as him. Alec was in no hurry but finally, he exploded filling her insides with everything he had leftover from their earlier encounter. Alec put his arms around her and fell dead asleep.

Hours later he heard noises in the kitchen. The light was on and Olivia wasn’t in bed. He saw her seated at the table eating a donut. “I get hungry after sex, mister. Is that weird or what? By the way, what is your name?”

“They call me ‘Tourist,’ Alec Tourist.”

“Okay Mr. Tourist, do you want to do it again? You have such a nice fat cock. That was so great! I’d do it with you for free if it wasn’t for Hector.”

“Finish your donut, then let’s see what you’ve learned.”

Olivia had learned her lessons well. Alec showed her how to play with his balls, telling her how he liked them licked and sucked but to be careful since they are fragile.

This time he slipped easily into her slick pussy with cum from their first exchange. He held her legs over his head and fucked her with careful strokes like she was a delicate china doll. But when he turned her on all fours and banged into her harder and faster, she turned into a lusty whore wanting him to go faster, harder, and deeper. It took him forever to cum and Olivia seemed to like the delay. She was getting pleasure for herself with each of Alec’s thrusts, moaning and crying out. “Fuck, fuck me, oh fuck. That feels so good, more, more. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. That feels so good!” she yelled like a whore.

When it was over, Olivia kissed Alec telling him how good it felt. “I think I had an orgasm that my girlfriend said a girl gets if she’s really lucky. I guess I got lucky tonight.”

But it wasn’t night. The sun was already up and time to get dressed. After a night of sex with a young whore, Alec was energized and ready to seize the day, “Carpe diem,” he thought. “Where do I take you, Olivia?”

“I go to work at nine so you can take me to the restaurant, then I’ll need to see Hector after that. Maybe he has more work for me.”

“What’s his take from the money I gave him?”


“I need to see Hector about that,” Alec said. “What time will you be there?”


Alec dropped Olivia off at the restaurant, then taught a history class at the college before having lunch. Munching on a hamburger and fries, he put together a plan to deal with Hector. He also wanted to meet Miss Margaret.

In his office, Alec photoshopped an ID from his driver’s license changing the name and made a new document appearing to be from the State Juvenile Justice System. He had done a good job. It looked authentic and very official.

Olivia was at the Club all made up to look like a slut. She was sitting with a guy that looked very much like the dean of his college. One hand was rubbing her tits, the other between her legs. Hector was close by.

Alec wasn’t the least bit nervous in confronting Hector. He had a body type that was intimidating to a short pimp like Hector and Alec wasn’t afraid to flex his muscles. “We need to talk, Hector?” he said gruffly in a tone that was more like a demand.

“Something wrong, Tourist? Didn’t Olivia make you happy or are you back for more? As you can see, she’s busy.”

“Is there someplace private we can talk, Hector?”

“In my office,” he said and took Alec to the restroom. It was the most disgusting revolting place Alec had ever been. The smell almost made him puke. “So, what’s your gripe, Tourist?”

“She’s underage.” Alec lied.

“Who? That doll who is about to fuck Max, one of my best customers. He likes the young ones.”

“She’s too young, Hector. She’s sixteen.”

“You’re lying. I was told she was an eighteen-year-old virgin.”

“Who told you that?”

“A friend.”

“A friend by the name of Miss Margaret?”

Hector glared at Alec and said, “Who are you anyway?”

“The Justice Department,” and Alec showed him the fake ID. “We throw guys Escort Sivas like you in prison for using underage kids like Olivia.”

“Look, if I knew she was underage, she wouldn’t have been fucking you last night. Maybe you’re the guilty one.”

“I took your word she was legal and only found out about her this morning when I ran her through the system. I strongly suggest you go about your business pimping for legals, not young girls like Olivia.”

“Look, maybe you can forget my mistake and take what you paid me. No harm, no foul, right?”

“I’ll take the money back but it’s not a payoff. It’s a refund.”


Alec grabbed Olivia roughly by the arm dragging her away. “Hey, what’s the deal?” Olivia protested. “I’m with this guy tonight.”

“We’re leaving and you and I are having a talk.”

An hour later, Olivia joined Alec in bed refreshed and looking again like an innocent average teenager. “It’s not fair,” she complained. “You had no right to take me out of there. I need the money. And Max promised to take me to a nice restaurant afterward.”

“Okay, I’ll give you what I paid Hector. He gave me a refund.”

“Why would he do that?”

“I told him you were underage.”

“How old am I supposed to be?”


“Really? Did he believe that? I’m eighteen! Miss Margaret will prove that.”

“Well, I also told him I am from the Justice Department. That kind of rattled him.”

“So, I can’t go back and work at the Round About.”

“Right, but we can work that out together.”


“Working together to make lots of money. Only I’ll find richer men for you than at the Round About.

“Would you like that?”

“I don’t know. I’d like to make lots of money, though,”

“Tell me more about Miss Margaret. Has she sent other girls to Hector? Do you think she sends other girls who have left the orphanage to the Round About?”

“Maybe, or to other guys like Hector. I don’t know but I think so. Most of the girls I know would do it if they needed the money like me.”

“Miss Margaret knows that?”


“Girls like you because she knows you’re not a virgin? Were you were screwing some guy at the orphanage?” Alec asked.

“Look mister, it’s none of your business but there is this guy, Buddy, at the orphanage that I kind of liked. He fixes things and does other stuff for Miss Margaret. She calls him a handyman. He’s older than me about your age. When I turned eighteen, he took me to his van. That was my first time.”

“How was it?”

“Okay, but it was better the second time,”

“Weren’t you afraid of getting pregnant?”

“Yes, I was terrified because he didn’t pull out either time. Buddy said that a girl needs to feel a man’s juices if she wants good sex. But just before I left the orphanage, Miss Margaret sent me to Dr. Henley for a checkup to be sure I left healthy. Dr. Henley could tell I wasn’t a virgin and prescribed these pills that I take every day. He said that will keep me safe.

“Safe, like in safe from getting pregnant.”

“I guess so. Dr. Henley probably told Miss Margaret I was having sex or maybe the handyman told her. The thing is, Buddy was to drive me to the rooming house the day I left the orphanage. Before we got there, we stopped at a motel on the way. Buddy said it was my farewell gift. We spent the afternoon together. It was great! I like having sex so much better knowing I won’t get pregnant.”

“When did you last take a pill.”

“This morning so I’m safe tonight in case you want to do it, but you don’t look ready.”

She was right. Alec was as soft as a stick of melting butter. “Maybe you can get me ready,” he said.

Olivia didn’t need to be told what he meant. Her oral stimulation did wonders. At first, he developed slowly but as he laid back feeling the stimulation, his cock inflated and stood straight up and rock hard like the Luxor Obelisks. Alec pulled Olivia on top of him letting her take charge. Once he was in her juicy cunt, the pleasure he felt was immediate. Minutes ticked away as she rode him leisurely at first, then energetically trying to get her own pleasures. “Ooh, ooh, aww, that’s so great. Your cock feels so good,” she squealed. “Am I doing it right? Should I go faster?”

Alec just nodded and Olivia kept pouncing until she felt buckets of his cum streaming inside her. “Oh, oh, ooh,” she sighed. “Buddy was right. It feels so good with your juices shooting inside me.” When he finished, they collapsed on the bed exhausted.

Oliva was a hot fuck and craved his cock throbbing inside her. Alec had few doubts that she would be perfect for the scheme he had in mind.

In the morning, Alec explained to Olivia his plan for her. “I’m going online to find Sugar Daddies. They are older men who have money. You know, wealthy men who like young and fresh girls like you. They will be a safer clientele than those punks and cops you were screwing for Hector. They’ll be just as horny but a better class. You might meet someone important or even famous. Most will take you to a nice hotel or motel. A few might ask for a house call and some might even ask you to dinner. Would you like that?”

“It’s okay. I won’t know until I try it. Meeting someone famous would be exciting. I like that part.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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