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Meeting Mom

“Oh, Barbra! Are you awake yet?”

The voice roused Mark from his slumber. He cracked open an eye and looked toward the door just as someone stepped through it.

He was instantly jolted fully awake as he realized he was looking at a woman, wearing nothing but a towel around her head.

Mark couldn’t help but eye the woman’s nude body appreciatively, watching her full, round breasts bouncing and jiggling as she towel-dried her hair. He couldn’t see her face, though, because it was obscured by the dangling towel. For the same reason, the woman evidently had not yet seen him either, for, without any acknowledgment of his presence, she went on speaking to Barbra as she continued toweling her hair. “Can I borrow your hair-drier, honey?” she asked. “Mine crapped out on me yesterday.”

Not receiving a response from Barbra after a moment, the woman’s upraised arms stopped moving and her bouncing breasts settled down, quivering slightly.

“Barbra?” she said, questioningly, then she parted the towel piled on top of her head and peered out between the folds hanging down in front of her face.

“Oops!” she gasped, seeing Mark lying in the bed beside Barbra. “Ohmygod!…I…uhhh…I…uhhh…I didn’t know you had company! I…uhhh…I…uhhh…” she stammered, in obvious embarrassment.

Barbra finally awoke sufficiently to realize what was going on. “Oh, mom!” she said. She heard Mark gasp and felt his body jerk beside her when she said the word, ‘mom’.

“Oh, yeah…mom,” she said again, emphasizing for Mark’s benefit, “this is Mark. I met him last night out at the lake. It was so hot in here last night that I couldn’t sleep, so I took a ride on my bike and ended up at the lake. It was so beautiful out there under the full moon, and the water was so nice, I decided to go skinny-dipping to cool off. When I swam out to the diving platform, I found Mark already out there. By coincidence, he had been skinny-dipping, too!”

“Oh, yeah?” the woman murmured softly, cocking her head to the side, a naughty smile touching the corners of her mouth and her eyes twinkling merrily. She continued to idly rub the towel through her hair, the blow-drier apparently forgotten now as she listened to the girl tell her story.

“Oh, mom, it was incredible!” Barbra gushed, sitting up, her face glowing with excitement, eager to tell her mother about her nighttime adventure. “It was so beautiful out there! Quiet and peaceful, the moon out full…the water so cool and refreshing, yet still comfortably warm…”

Mark, meanwhile, just lay there, silently scrutinizing the woman’s lush, naked body, entranced by the sight of her full, round breasts, bobbing and swaying below her still upraised arms, their taut, pink nipples erect and pointing slightly upward. His eyes traveled down her smooth, flat belly and slender waist to her flaring hips and shapely thighs. He stared at the neat, blond bush between those lovely thighs, droplets of water from her shower still glistening in the golden curls. Behind those fair strands of gold, he could just make out the dark crevice of her vagina.

The woman stopped rubbing the towel through her hair and slowly dropped her arms, dragging the towel down off the top of her head. As she listened to the girl with a dreamy look on her face, the towel fell away from her head, freeing her long, blond hair to fall about her shoulders, allowing Mark to get a good, unobstructed look at her for the first time. He found himself gazing at an equally beautiful, but more mature and voluptuous, version of the lovely young girl next to him on the bed.

“It was wonderful!” Barbra continued. “It was so romantic out there in the middle of the lake with the full moon above…and both of us naked! We did so many exciting things!”

The woman smiled at her young daughter’s enthusiasm. “I’ll bet that was exciting, all right…” she nodded knowingly. “I see that you didn’t completely exhaust your young man, though!”

Barbra looked puzzled for a moment, then her eyes followed her mother’s gaze down to the young man sitting on the bed next to her. She giggled when she saw that the sheet that was draped over his lower body was peaked up at his crotch as if it were being supported by a tent-pole.

“Oh, yeah!” Barbra exclaimed, excitedly. “Mom, take a look at this!” She grasped the sheet and threw it back, revealing Mark’s penis, standing stiffly erect.

Mark’s body jerked and he gasped in shocked incredulity that this young girl could so blithely expose his erect penis to her own mother. In his shock, he froze for several seconds, then he tried to cover his erection with his hands.

Barbra giggled and pulled Mark’s hands away. She put her hand on his shoulder and pushed him back down on his elbows, causing his prick to thrust upward more prominently

“Isn’t it beautiful, mom?” Barbra murmured with a sigh as she gazed adoringly at Mark’s ankara yabancı escortlar quivering hard-on. She laid her hand on his thigh and spread his thighs apart a bit to give her mother an even better view of the young man’s sexual equipment.

The woman obviously was not shocked by her daughter’s brashness. She just smiled as she eyed the young man’s erect penis with interest.

“Hummmm…yes….” the woman murmured, nodding slowly as she studied Mark’s organ. “That certainly is a handsome cock, all right!” she said, nodding her head in agreement.

Barbra allowed her mother to feast her eyes on the young man’s erection for a few moments, then she slid her hand down from his shoulder, across his chest and stomach, and gently wrapped her fingers around the base of his rigid organ. He groaned softly and clenched his buttocks, thrusting his straining hard-on upward as the girl lightly slid her encircling fist up and down his stiff shaft.

“Oooooh, it feels so nice…” the girl murmured, gently stroking his prick, “so soft and smooth on the outside…” Her hand stopped and she gave Mark’s cock a gentle squeeze. Its head swelled up, turning more darkly purple. “And so strong and solid…and hot!…on the inside!” she purred. Barbra released her grip on Mark’s prick and resumed her gentle stroking. Mark groaned softly and a shiver ran through his body.

Mark lay there in a daze, gazing up at the girl’s mother, while Barbra gently caressed his penis. Was there no end to the erotic surprises this young girl had waiting for him? He couldn’t believe he was lying there with this beautiful young girl stroking his cock while her own mother stood there and watched!

He saw the pink tip of the woman’s tongue emerge from between her slightly parted lips and slowly circle around, moistening them, as she stared down at his erect penis. The towel dropped to the floor from her hand and her fingertips slowly traced a path up the outside of her thighs, over the flaring slope of her hips, and up across her smooth, flat belly to her breasts. The tips of her fingers slowly circled around and around her full, round breasts, then she gently cupped their swelling undersides in her hands. She hefted them, gently bouncing them up and down with her palms as she rolled her taut, erect nipples between the tips of her fingers.

Mark heard the woman let out a soft gasp and he saw a shiver run through her body. “Tell me more about your night on the lake, sweetheart…” she murmured, her voice low and husky. “I want to hear all the juicy details!”

Barbra giggled and turned toward Mark’s body, crossing her legs so she could be comfortable while she continued to tenderly stroke his hard-on as she related her story.

Barbra smiled. “Well…like I said, it was so hot and stuffy in I here last night that I couldn’t stand it. I saw the moon come up and it made it look so beautiful outside that I thought I’d take a ride on my bike to get some fresh air. I ended up down at the lake. The water felt so cool and refreshing when I tested it with my feet. Since the beach appeared to be deserted, I decided to go skinny-dipping.

“I swam out to the raft and started to climb up the ladder, when Mark called out to me to stop. Shocked that I wasn’t alone out there, I dropped back into the water and swam away from the raft a bit. I turned around to find Mark looking over the edge at me. He told me that he had seen me in the moonlight up on the beach, taking off all my clothes, and he just wanted to warn me that he was there before I climbed up out of the water. Then he told me that there was another reason that he felt he had to warn me. He was naked, too!”

The woman chuckled at her daughter’s predicament.

“I imagine that we were both pretty embarrassed to be caught out there in the middle of the lake, naked and all! I know I was! But Mark looked like he had a nice, friendly face as he peered down at me from the edge of the raft, and I was pretty impressed with the fact that he had warned me about his presence before I got up out of the water…”

“Yes…” her mother said, nodding, “most guys wouldn’t be that chivalrous. They would have let you get all the way up so they could get a look at you first!”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought, too,” Barbra continued. “So, forewarned, I went ahead and climbed up onto the raft. Boy, did I ever get a thrill when I saw that Mark already had a hard-on. He was so preoccupied with checking me out that he didn’t even realize he had it until I pointed it out to him!” Barbra giggled and looked down at Mark’s prick. She let out a soft little moan as she gently slid her hand up and down his rigid shaft. “He was so cute! He got all embarrassed at having an erection…” she quietly mused as she tenderly caressed his straining penis. “He kept trying to hide it from me with his hands while we talked.”

Suddenly, Barbra started. “Wait a second…” she said, jabbing Mark in the ribs with her elbow. In a mock tone of pique, ankara yeni escortlar she cried, “He wasn’t nearly so embarrassed to show his hard-on to my MOTHER! He just lets it stick up there all big and hard and doesn’t think a thing about it!” Barbra and her mom laughed as Mark’s face flushed and he squirmed uncomfortably.

“Uhhh…” Mark croaked, “but I did try to hide it from your mom! You’re the one that pulled the sheet, and then my hands, away!

Barbra laughed. “All right,” she said, “I’ll give you credit for a half-hearted attempt. But you sure don’t seem to think anything about it now. Your cock is just as hard as could be!”

“It’s not that I don’t think a thing about it…” Mark gritted. “It’s all I can think about. I just can’t believe that I’m lying here with a raging hard-on, while a beautiful young girl plays with it right there in front of her own mother!

“Oh? So you find it strange to have a girl touching your cock while her mother watches?” Barbra asked playfully. “Then what do you think about this?”

She leaned forward and slipped her lips over the swollen, purple head of the young man’s penis. She slowly bobbed her head up and down a few times, sliding the upper half of his prick in and out of her warm, wet mouth.

“Ohhhhh, shit!” Mark gasped, his butt squirming. His eyes flashed nervously back and forth from Barbra’s pretty young face with his big, hard cock between her lips, to her equally lovely mother, standing over them, her deep blue eyes staring at them, watching with fascination. He saw the woman’s tongue moisten her lips and her lithe, lovely body swayed slightly as she continued to gently juggle her breasts in her hands, tweaking her rubbery nipples between her fingertips.

Barbra slowly withdrew Mark’s penis from her mouth and smiled as she looked up at his face, swirling her tongue around and around his hugely engorged cock-head. “So, what do you think of that?” she asked.

“My god!” Mark groaned, his body trembling, his buttocks flexing, his straining hard-on thrusting up and down as Barbra tantalizingly licked its smooth, swollen head. “I’ve never had a girl blow me while someone else watched…it’s a real turn-on!”

“Especially when that someone is the girl’s naked mother, right?” Barbra murmured softly.

“Ohhh, yeah!” Mark groaned.

Barbra teasingly caressed his bloated cock-head with her tongue for a moment, then took it between her lips and bobbed her head up and down, sliding half his rigid organ in and out of her mouth. After a few moments, she turned her eyes up to look at her mother. Her lips managed to smile despite that huge mouthful of cock as she saw her mother staring down at her fixedly, her eyes burning with lust. The tip of her tongue hungrily circling her moist lips and her body swayed unsteadily as her hands kneaded the firm, round globes of her breasts.

Barbra withdrew Mark’s cock from her mouth and looked up at her mom while she continued to gently stroke her fingertips up and down the sides of his straining organ. Nodding toward the foot of the bed, she said, “You’d better sit down, mom…before you fall down!”

Her mother stepped forward and carefully sat down on the foot of the bed, watching as her daughter again took the young man’s penis into her mouth. After a few moments, she leaned forward between his wide-spread legs to lay on her side across the one opposite her daughter, supporting herself on her elbow on the outside of his leg. One of her full, firm breasts laid against his thigh.

Watching from close up, now, as her daughter sucked on the young man’s erect penis, she saw Mark’s butt begin to squirm and he groaned lustily, thrusting his prick up and down through the girl’s encircling fist and in and out of her mouth.

She raised her hand and touched her daughter lightly on the shoulder. Quietly, she murmured, “Take it easy on the poor boy, honey…don’t make him blow! I want you to tell me some more of your story and it’d be a lot more fun if we can look at that lovely cock, all stiff and hard, while you do.”

Barbra sat up and smiled at her mother. “Yeah, I guess you’re right, mom…” she said, sitting up and taking a deep breath, a shiver running through her body. “Oooooh, I just love having Mark’s cock in my mouth!” She gently touched her finger to the side of Mark’s straining hard-on and his prick jerked and quivered expectantly as she lightly slid her fingertip up and down the side of his rigid shaft. “But I guess it would be more fun telling you about my night on the lake, if I have this beautiful hard-on in front of me for inspiration!”

They were both quiet for a moment, just staring at Mark’s quivering sincan oral yapan escortlar erection. Then, after a few moments, Mark let out a heavy gasp, a shudder ran through him, and his body relaxed. The distended, purple head of his upthrust penis shrank a bit and faded to a reddish pink.

“There…” Barbra sighed, gently wrapping her fist around Mark’s prick again and very lightly stroking it up and down.

“Well…” she said, looking up from Mark’s cock and smiling at her mother, then resumed. “We sat down on the raft and talked, getting to know each other. It was so beautiful out there…so warm and peaceful…the moon glinting on the smooth surface of the lake, lighting everything up with its pale, silvery light, almost like day, except everything was in black and white instead of color…” She looked back down and released Mark’s penis from her hand. She just lightly touched her fingertips to the side of it now and caressingly stroked them up and down along his rigid shaft as she gazed at it adoringly.

“Mark was still trying to hide his hard-on from me with his hands all the while we talked, and I was dying to get a good look at it. I finally told him to just relax and let me see it. All the time we sat there chit-chatting, Mark’s lovely prick stood there at full attention, all stiff and hard, pointing straight up…driving me crazy! I was having a real hard time containing myself as we talked. I tried to not be too obvious about it, but I couldn’t take my eyes off it! I just stared at Mark’s beautiful hard-on while we talked. Every once in a while it would twitch and quiver and a thrill of excitement would shoot through my belly. I could feel my pussy getting hotter and wetter, and I could feel my juice trickling down through the crack of my ass. I don’t know how much of the puddle that I was sitting in was lake-water and how much of it was pussy-juice!”

Barbra paused for a moment, entranced by her memory of that moment as she gazed down at Mark’s prick, still lightly stroking her fingertips up and down the side of his shaft, caressing its smooth, taut-stretched skin. Then, in a soft, slightly husky voice, she continued.

“Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer…I put my hand on Mark’s thigh and slid it down to touch the base of his cock with my fingertips. Then I gently wrapped my hand around it.” Barbra gently encircled Mark’s rigid hard-on with her little fist in demonstration as she spoke. “My heart jumped up into my throat in excitement as I felt his hot, hard cock in my hand! I gently stroked my fist up and down for a few moments and then I saw a drop of juice ooze from its tip. It hung there, glistening in the moonlight…” She gently stroked Mark’s prick just as she was describing and the slit at the tip of his penis opened up, disgorging a large droplet of clear pre-cum. Both Barbra and her mother groaned softly as they saw that dew-drop of cock juice emerge.

“It looked so tempting I just had to bend down and flick it off with the tip of my tongue…just to see how it tasted! Ummmm…it was so good! While I was there, I went ahead and ran my tongue all around the head of his cock…just to see how it felt, you know. It was so satiny-smooth! Since I’d gone that far, I figured I might as well take his whole cock-head into my mouth, so I did. Oh! I was in heaven then…sucking on that smooth, rubbery knob, running my tongue all around it, and tasting his juice leaking out onto my tongue!”

Mark groaned and flexed his buttocks so that his straining hard-on slid up and down through Barbra’s lightly encircling fist. Her mother groaned softly as well, and her lithe, naked body squirming atop his leg, grinding her breast against his thigh.

Mark, watching Barbra’s mom as she stared at his cock, saw her hand, which lay upon her upper thigh, slowly trace a path up and over the curve of her flaring hip, down the slope to her waist, then forward to cup her other breast. Once again, he saw the pink tip of her tongue moisten her lips as she stared hungrily at his erect penis.

Having gotten past the urgent need to come a few moments before, Mark was now able to lay back and enjoy Barbra’s ministrations, as well as her story, without having to fight off the urge to come. He almost felt detached, an observer of this strange scene: a beautiful, naked young girl, stroking his erect penis while, mere inches away, her mother, also naked, looked on as her daughter told her how much she loved sucking on his prick!

As both Barbra and her mother stared at the swollen head of Mark’s penis they saw that tiny droplet of clear juice grow larger and larger as the girl gently stroked his upthrust shaft. When it had grown big enough, Barbra leaned down and whisked the droplet of love juice off the tip of Mark’s prick with her tongue.

“Ummmm…” she hummed, rolling her eyes. She stroked her hand up and down on Mark’s prick a few times and then gave the solid shaft a little squeeze. The tiny slit at its tip opened up and another drop of pre-cum oozed out. Barbra touched just the very tip of her tongue to the new droplet, and slowly and sensuously smeared the clear, slightly viscous fluid all around his engorged glans with her tongue, leaving the big, purple knob wet and shiny with both her saliva and his own cock-juice.

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