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Big Tits

Standing naked and blindfolded in a room she’d never been in before, Lydia was starting to have second thoughts.

“Ross, are you sure about this?” She said, her voice more of a whimper.

She felt him stroke her back, “I just want you to test something for me, it’s not a big deal. Is $100 not enough? How about two-hundred, sound good?”

Finally, she nodded her approval, resigning herself to whatever was to come. As far as she knew, Ross ran a gym for a living, what could he possibly need testing that would require her to be naked and blindfolded? She felt herself being led forward, the cold, hard feeling pressing against the soles of her bare feet telling her that she was still somewhere within the gym building. Finally they stopped, she barely knew Ross, and under any other circumstances she would have never considered taking such a shady job, but she needed the money, how else was she going to pay the bills this month?

“Alright, Lydia” She heard Ross say, somewhere behind her, “Just relax, and raise your arms above your head.” She did, shivering as the warmth of her arms left her now exposed breasts. Suddenly, a click rang out, echoing around the room, indicating that A: The room was really big, and, perhaps more importantly B: There were handcuffs or something similar tightening around her wrists.

Suddenly she felt herself get yanked upwards as whatever her bindings were attached to rose. She must have recoiled rather violently, because she felt Ross’s suddenly comforting touch along her leg, and heard him whisper, “Calm down.”

She was dangling by her arms by the time she stopped rising, and her groping hands found a bar, just above her head, to grip onto to lessen the strain. A creak made her jump, and seconds later she felt an intruder bursa escort brush against her exposed hole, which she instinctively tightened her legs around. The intruder, slowly pushed inside of her until it was completely inside, then Ross explained the situation

“Alright, Lydia.” Ross said, “We’re all ready to begin. I need to keep you blindfolded for maximum sensory effect, so I’ll just explain the situation to you.”

“You’re dangling from your arms,” He explained, “And inside your pussy is a dildo, as I’m sure you can tell. There is also an electric clip stuck to your clitoris, which will administer electric shocks to you every 15 seconds from the moment I finish speaking. Allow me to demonstrate.”

She whimpered as a painful electric shock passed through the most sensitive part of her body, setting her clitoris tingling and burning.

“But of course, there’s a way for you to prevent the shocks. Simply enough, you can pleasure yourself by doing pull ups on that bar you’re chained to, and lowering yourself on and off of that dildo in between your legs. If you go 15 seconds without doing so, you’ll get a shock, similarly, if you don’t reach an orgasm at least once every 15 minutes, you’ll also receive a shock. It’s simple enough.”

Ross must have had a ladder or something similar, because at this point Lydia felt a ball gag tighten around her and enter her mouth.

“Remember, keep working or the shocks will start, pace yourself, I’m not letting you off until you’ve been here for at lea a few orgasms, and your safeword is humming “Mary had a little lamb”. Start now.”

Lydia was not sure she had heard correctly, she had to lower herself on and off of the dildo? For multiple orgasms? It made sense, she supposed, bursa escort bayan it was like working out and masturbating at the same time, it fitted into Ross’s job.

Suddenly she felt the horrible, sudden shock attack her clit again, she’d forgotten the rules, she had to start pulling!

Lydia pulled herself up, and slowly lowered herself down, surprised at how good it felt. She supposed that the dildo was ribbed for maximum pleasure. She went again, pulled herself up and down, and this time didn’t even rest before starting the next pull up. As strange as it was, the workout felt really good! She kept going, slowly lowering herself on and off of the dildo. She was slowly running out of breath, and her silence turned into gasps, but before long, her gasps had turned into whimpers, and her whimpers had turned into moans. Not stopping for a second, she kept pulling herself on and off of the thick dildo below her at a slow, steady pace, feeling her nipples grow harder and her pussy grow wetter.

She had no idea how long it had been when she first started feeling the building tension of an approaching orgasm. But before she could bring herself to a hot, sweaty climax, raw pain flashed through her clitoris once again. Wait, she wasn’t allowed to orgasm now? Her pace faltered, and she moaned a protest before she felt yet another clitoris shock and realised that she must have gone over the 15 minute time limit. As she realised this, a third clit shock went through her, and she realised that the shocks would keep repeating themselves until she made herself cum.

She doubled, then tripled, her speed, thrusting herself on and off of the dildo below her as fast as she could. Her breath began to come in gasps, aroused to the point that the constant shocks escort bursa only served to stimulate her more, she felt the oncoming tension build until she pushed herself over the edge.

The orgasm hit her like a truck, turning her world of complete darkness into bright white light from all directions. Rolling waves of pleasure washed over her like she was a drowning victim, and when the final, huge burst of happiness washed over her, she hung limp in her bindings, shaking gasping for breath. It had been one of the best orgasms she had ever had, and she’s done it to herself!

She had nowhere near enough time to recover before a clit shock, more painful than ever before thanks to her post-orgasm sensitivity. Surely Ross didn’t expect her to keep going? She shouted her muffled protests though her gag, but the euphoria still washing through her turned her shouts into sexual moans. She didn’t even think about humming her way out of the situation, just became overwhelmed by the pain of the shocks and slowly, but surely, started to pull herself up again.

The rhythm started slow, but quickly sped up until she was back to her old pace. To her surprise, she was quickly becoming aroused again, her juices flowing so freely that she was sure there was a puddle underneath her by now.

A while later, another shock signified that she was 30 minutes into her session. Her pace quickened, working past the pain, she let me pleasure overwhelm her as she brought herself ever closer to another climax.

When it hit, it was even more world shaking than last time. Unable to control her body, she spasmed in the air until the orgasm finally left her. Lydia didn’t remember anything after that, because she passed out, and awoke lying on a row of chairs in Ross’s gym, fully clothed, thoroughly satisfied, and $200 richer.

In her pocket she found a note:

“You’re free to use the pull up machine whenever you want, thanks for your help, I’ll call you next time I need some ‘testing’ done.” – Ross.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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