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Alina Lopez

What you are about to read is a story of three people going out for the most outrageous night of their lives in Las Vegas. It was planned to be over the top, that’s what the customers paid for, and that’s what I delivered. You can see it as an embellished account, a full-on work of fiction, or take it at face value, that is up to you. Just keep in mind that here, this is written as a story in the first-person account.

Mother’s Day In Las Vegas

Let me give you some background to help understand this story. For the purposes of this writing my name is Joe. I am not native to Las Vegas, although I have lived here for numerous decades. I am however, and always have been, a man that believes there is a difference between love and sex, even when the dynamic between two people evades my understanding. Living here, playing here, and witnessing what happens here is an AP College course in human sexuality. What is shunned and frowned on everywhere else, is just one more thing here and depending in where you are, it might not even turn a head.

I live and work here, but also learned how to play here, and where to do it. That gave me unique knowledge of what can be done and where you can do it without suffering repercussions. What the average visitor sees is manufactured for their expectations, but the underside of my sweet city is totally different. That’s where I live, and where I come in.

Let me be honest, I LOVE SLUTS, the sluttier the better. Young ones just exploring their sexuality, mid thirties adults who know what they want, and more mature individuals that just blow every expectation out of the water, they all come here to let loose and play. How do I come in? Well, I have fallen into a pile of the sweetest roses you could ever find; I help sluts be sluts! I mean they don’t need my help being a slut if that’s what they want to do, but I set up entire nights with people, places, and scenarios for them to be safe exploring that other side of themselves. This is one of those nights.

It was the Friday before Mother’s Day, and I had been contacted to set up this night three months ago. It was a Dominant wife and her cuckold. I know of four different types of cuckold husbands. One enjoys watching his wife with other men, then there are the cuckolds that wait at home and enjoy their wives to tell them all about her night out, The ones who can’t stop their wives and agonize over every night out, and the ones who are totally subservient to their dominant wives, and help in any way she orders them to. The last one is what I had, the subservient cuckold with the totally dominant wife, who loves letting loose and making him help her.

Every paying client fills out a lengthy questionnaire on their likes, dislikes, fantasies, things they would be willing to try and absolute never do activities, so I know how to tailor the night to the individual. This woman we shall call Amanda (Mandy), and her husband William (who she called Willy), had a long and rich set of things they wanted to do in town. Of course, as many cocks as she could handle (normal), bukkake, piss play, forced sex situations, rough sex up to and including black and blue marks left on her body, pretty much anything except for scat and blood was a yes for her. But her number one request was that she enjoyed making her husband orally clean her after having sex with others, which I worked into her nights adventure.

I advertise in unusual ways for the paying customer, but I guarantee complete safety, Disease free play, and no repercussions from the night, and I give references. That means I supply the limo, the driver, the people they interact with, security, hair, makeup, waxing, and clothing for the night. Nothing is left to chance, although the customer doesn’t know I have a security person there at all times, or that the strangers they meet work for me. To them the night is spontaneous and wild, even though it is carefully planned right down to the bartender and make believe horny drunk Men. The places are picked a cording to prearranged agreement with the proprietor, and they only have their people in the club or bar that night, everyone else thinks it is closed for a private party. The public spaces used have been thoroughly studied to know when and who shows up in the late-night hours. Now the stage is set for this Friday Slut night.

I met them at their hotel on Thursday afternoon, and took them clothes shopping, as it is important to never ruin a woman’s clothes, she’ll get pissed. I bought her a Bra and Panty set that screamed come fuck me, with a 1/4 cup bra and the smallest Bikini panty I could find. Next was the dress, but she wasn’t having it, she wanted a short flirty skirt and a low-cut button up top, so I bought an A-Line skirt that was almost illegal to wear outside, and a paper-thin see-through cotton blouse that showed her nipples like they were on the big screen. I also chose a pair of five-inch CFM heels that I knew would be hard to walk in drunk, as they told me in the questionnaire that she liked to tie one on. She insisted on adding a garter belt and stockings so I purchased eve gelen gaziantep escort the skimpiest Garter I could find and real silk stockings to go with it. That was her outfit, and I told her what time the car would pick her up Friday to do the beauty work. My work was done until Friday night.

I picked them both up on Friday night and we went to a small bar in a neighboring town I sometimes use. I knew from her questionnaire that she liked being a bit loose during her adventures, so I fed her a fair amount of alcohol and got her dancing to get the effect started. Just simple erotic dancing, public groping by strangers and her acting in a slutty manner that her husband detested was her modus operandi, and she was in high gear. After getting her sufficiently plied with libation, we moved on to a small private club. Visitors, and most locals of our city, are not aware of the illegal private clubs that inhabit our city, some in industrial areas and some in small strip malls. We went to one where I know the owner and had just his and my people there as patrons.

My People, well let me explain that. I have three different groups of people I employ, on the side for different fantasies. They are all tested and are fully informed of the subjects likes and dislikes. I have six women, who are Bi-Sexual to handle men and women both, I have three young hunks that are gay, and five Men (late twenties to early thirty’s) for the straight female clients. Oddly enough, out of the last group I’m always getting inquiries from their friends along with pics and health department tests should I ever be hiring. (Go figure, right) Of those five, two can carry on an in-depth conversation as its not an IQ score I need, its seven inches or better, and that doesn’t require an education.

Tonight, I had those five guys ready for Mandy, although she was totally unaware everything was planned to this level, she just saw them as strangers vying for her attention and asking her dance and buy her drinks. In this club there was a back wall covered by a floor to ceiling curtain with the band platform in front of it, the bar to one side, tables and seating to the other side, and a large dance area between. She was being danced with, groped, and mauled by two Men at a time, different guys switching out and coming back, just like any nightclub where a woman drinks and plays the slut. While dancing two of the guys had her blouse unbuttoned and were openly playing with her breasts as others looked on. With one behind her and one in front, she couldn’t have stopped it if she wanted to, and she didn’t want to, but my security wasn’t far away in case anything went wrong.

Next, I saw was Mandy dancing with three guys, blouse wide open and panties around her lower thighs, and three guys around her, only one of them being mine. I sent three more of mine in to crowd out the strangers and one by one my security guy had a brief conversation with them. But it became apparent that just five guys were not going to be able to give her the night she wanted and keep control. I called my assistant and had her contact some of the applicants my guys had recommended. She was able to come up with another eleven Young men, and she got them mobilized for the night in case I needed them. I instructed my guys to get her somewhere we could control, without her knowing what we were doing.

Remember that floor to ceiling curtain behind the band, well it covered a fold up partition wall that led to a banquet room, and it had two doors in it, so they danced her back there fingering her and groping her all the way, so she didn’t notice what was happening. Once behind that curtain and through that door, Mandy was on her knees digging the cock out of one of my guys pants, and put her mouth into service, while the other two had let theirs loose and she had one in each hand, sharing her mouth with all three. I had expected she would be a full-on slut due to her answers, but this was the beginning of a night to remember.

One of her requirements was that her cuckold was there for every fucking she received throughout the night, so, I moved him back there through the back corridor. By the time we got back there, she was bent over a table being fucked from behind, sucking one cock, and holding two others in hand as a fourth guy had arrived, one of mine of course. She had evidently had enough foreplay and was ready to get the fucking part of the evening started, and I was there to make sure she was accommodated so, I sent the fifth guy in to occupy her. The first guy dumped his load in her slutty pussy and pulled out only to be replaced by guy number two who kept her going. They all rotated as the first guy was being cleaned off in her mouth and the rest were working their way back to fuck her in turn, like a game of spin the bottle and she was the bottle.

She was remarkable quiet during all of this, just a few “Mm’s”, “Ugg’s”, and grunts coming from her, which showed me this woman was used to being gang fucked and we had to up the game. I called for my assistant gaziantep eve gelen escort to send five more guys, which would be there before she used each guy there once. My guys knew her limits and knew women who don’t get going on the second cock need more stimulation, so they started pinching, twisting, and pulling her nipples as far as they would stretch. That was her secret recipe as she started getting hotter than a fireplace poker, so they kept her going. She had a minor orgasm before the second guy emptied himself inside her pussy before she put the event to a stop.

“Come Here Willy, I’ve got a job for you”, as she laid down on her back with legs spread wide

He moved between her legs and started sucking every drop of cum out of her pussy without saying a word. Slurping like a starving man he sucked and licked her clean and this turned her on.

“I’ll have more than one full hole for you in just a bit. Now you go over there and watch them fill me up.”

She then started directing the show, having guy number three lay down in the carpet as she mounted him, and had number four take her ass from behind.

“Now don’t be gentle boys, I want everything you guys can give me, so let’s do this.”

That’s probably the one thing you don’t tell young horny Men who are lining up to fuck you, but she knew that, and they responded just as she had hoped. She was being rough fucked, nipples were being abused to their limits and she was loving every bit of it. Now her motor was running at high speed, and she started building to a large orgasm.

“Come on you fuckers, make me wish I never bent over for you guys. Don’t you know how to treat a slut that needs a constant fucking? Make me beg you to stop. Are you watching this Willy, these young boys are going to ruin all my holes, and you’re going to clean them to be ruined over and over again.”

Mandy wasted no time getting right back to business, mounting one guy on the floor, facing away from him with his cock in her ass, and another pumping into her pussy with a fury. She regained her building to an orgasm when the guy pounding her pussy reached down and started stroking her clit with it’s hood, like it was a cock with a sleeve. Forcefully grabbing it and stroking it was more than even this woman could handle.

“That’s boys, keep fucking me like this and make me scream. Oh fuck, Godddd, jerk my clit fucker, make me Cum for you. Keep it up, I’m going to cum and I want you all Cumming inside me when I do.”

The guy with his thumb and forefinger around her clit took this to mean do whatever it took to force that orgasm out of her, and that’s what she wanted. He started abusing her clit with a passion, pulling, pinching, and almost ripping it off as she got closer and closer. Two guys grabbed her nipples again, one stuck his cock down her throat, and this is what she had been waiting for. Pulling the cock from her mouth she yelled out.

“Oh Yeah, go for it boys, don’t hold back, make me cum. Oh fuck I’m getting close, fuck oh fuck, use me like you never used a woman before. Ah that hurts so good, keep going, fuck me you bastards, fuck me hard, I’m Cumming.”

On that command the guy holding her clit pinched hard, sending her into a huge spasming orgasm, clamping onto both cocks inside her and almost biting off the one in her mouth. She jerked, bucked, spasmed and screamed like a wounded animal, but she came and squirted all over the two guys fucking her, and with her body jerking she milked both cocks simultaneously. As she was screaming around the cock in her mouth, he pushed in as far down her throat as he could get and pumped his load directly down her gullet, not giving her the option to swallow.

Still huffing and puffing she made her cuckold lay down and she squatted over him and pushed out the donations the boys gave her into his open mouth. Apparently, this was their thing, not an activity I would engage in but it was her party and she was paying, and he was completely subservient to her wants and wishes.

After they were done with their ritual, I pulled her aside to sit and I had a waiter bring her liquids and an athletic drink. She looked at this tall, lanky, black kid like he was the only meat at a buffet and asked his name. He told her his name was Ben but as she listened, she never looked up at his face, just at the bulge in his pants. He informed her he couldn’t join them because he worked here and he might get fired if he engaged in that activity on the property, so she asked me if there was anywhere close by, they could go. I informed her that just behind the club there was an old park not used at all at night, and she told the guys they were moving there, taking Ben by the hand. Everyone gathered their clothes and the party moved out back, but I had my security go check things out as not to have a problem once they started again. Meanwhile six more guys my assistant sent showed up and I went to get them in the parking lot.

By the time we got to the park, Mandy had all ten inches of Ben entering gaziantep eve gelen escort bayan and exiting her throat and loving every moment of it. Mandy was totally devoted and engrossed by this young man, and she showed it, all the while Hubby still sitting there watching. She stopped sucking him and mounted another guy laying down in the grass, pulling Ben with her and returned to suckling his cock while she rode another deep inside her pussy. Ben had reached the point where he wanted a bit more so He pulled out of her mouth and lined his cock up with her already occupied pussy.

“Oh Honey, that hole’s already being used, and two will never fit in there.”

“You slut, you know it will fit, and you know you’ll enjoy every moment of it, because that’s just the type of woman you are.”

He lined himself up and began pushing, at first with gentle pressure which had her moaning in pleasure, then harder which caused her to grunt and groan, and finally he popped in and she let out a squeal I never heard a woman make before.

“Oh God, Fuck oh shit, fuuuuck meeeeeeeee. Well now that your there, give me it all.”

Ben needed no more invitation and began sawing in and out of her overstretched pussy watching her eyes get bigger than Oreo’s and her mouth open wide enough to drive a truck through. But now she was trying to bounce to meet his thrusts and grabbing at his shirt to pull him closer, giving him even more enticement to fuck her ruthlessly. Again, she started Cumming from the fucking she was receiving and ready to explode, but when she did her vaginal muscles tried to contract on both cocks and she screamed with delight. Both Men couldn’t hold on as she bucked and fucked them through her orgasm, and they exploded also filling her with two more loads. I noticed we were drawing a small crowd in the city owned park and decided to move the party so, I instructed everyone to meet us back at the hotel. As she tried to dismount from the man underneath her legs were still shaking, and she couldn’t stand going straight to the grass still moaning.

We got her in the back of the car with Willy and me, and the guys jumped into two pick-up trucks and followed us to the hotel. Along the way she pulled my cock out and started sucking like she was drinking a frozen milkshake through a thin straw. By the time we reached the hotel, she had emptied me and cleaned me as good as new. My security man went to get her clothes as she just had on her bra stockings and heels but couldn’t find them all. Her panties were no where to be found, her blouse had the buttons ripped off, and her skirt and garter were found lying in the grass. It was a good thing she was in a hotel that didn’t have a casino as we took her in the rear door in just her bra and heels, dripping cum down her legs and some of mine on her chin.

It wasn’t two minutes before the guys joined us and she jumped onto the first cock that was released from their pants. This I had seen a couple of times before, but it is always a treat to witness again. Sometimes a woman will let go so freely that reality takes a back seat and all she wants and all she does is fuck, almost like a temporary sexual insanity. That’s the state she was in, and it had to take its course, so once again she had a cock in each hole, jerking one in each hand, and a line of Men waiting in line for their turn.

As she was so intently involved, more men from my assistant showed up, and now she had seventeen young cocks plus myself to keep her pleasured. At this point she decided she wanted Ben back, so she laid him down in the bed, and mounted him sliding his ten inches up her anal canal, then laid back for the others to take her pussy in turn. The guys she was jerking were roughly abusing her nipples from each side and Ben reached around and started on her clit. He rubbed her like he was trying to scrub a stain out of a carpet as she bucked up and down on him and the others took turns ramming her pussy.

Mandy was now in that state some women hit when they continue to orgasm repeatedly, the orgasms get closer together, and more plentiful until it is like one continuous orgasm without end until their body gives up and they loose touch all together or pass out. Mandy was well on her way to do either one, and I was excited to find out which it would be. There is nothing sexier than the look on a woman’s face where she’s saying, “help me” and “make me cum again”, both at the same time. That singular moment when she gives up trying to control anything and just hangs on for the ride of her life, is beautiful to see.

Mandy had taken a liking to Ben’s length and girth, so much so that she wanted him involved every moment, but even gods need a break. Luckily another one of the new arrivals my assistant sent was well endowed enough to tale Ben’s place, because she was going non-stop now. I don’t know how many times she orgasmed this night, and I’m sure she lost count also, but I know how us guys did. I came once in her pussy, once in her ass, and twice in her mouth, and knew I wouldn’t be much of a ride for her the rest of the night. She just took a position between my thighs as I sat in a chair, her arms on my thighs and my cock in her mouth. The other seventeen guys came two or three times, and at this point just repositioned her as needed. They would simply lift her to replace the man beneath her to replace him with another in her pussy and lined up behind her so when the man in her ass blew his load he pulled out and another took his place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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