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I’m over at Mr Bailey’s place. It is Sunday and his wife is at church and will then be going to their daughter’s place to babysit. He sent me a text message — which woke me up! — and I told my parents I was going to study at a friend’s. Half an hour later, here I am kneeling on Mr Bailey’s bed, wearing his wife’s sexiest nightie and sucking his yummy cock.

‘Oh yeah,,’ he grunts as I take him deep into the back of my mouth. ‘You give great head!’ I love this kind of talk and suck him deeper and harder, play with his low hanging balls, run a hand up his stomach and pinch his nipples. He takes a sharp breath then chuckles. I get down to some serious cock sucking after that, mixing it up a bit, but mostly just riding my mouth all the way up and down that fat cock.

The Baileys are friends of my parents — my father works with Mrs Bailey — and they live nearby. They were over at our place one Saturday for a BBQ and Mr Bailey came into the bathroom when I was washing my hands and kissed me, told me he wanted me, and to come round to their place the next morning when his wife was at church. The next day we had great sex and now, nearly a year later, I’m still going over there at least every second Sunday morning.

When, after a couple of months, he first asked me to wear his wife’s lingerie and high heels, then some of her makeup, the sex got even better. Now it’s the first thing I do. Like this morning. I came in the back door and through to the bedroom and there was Mr Bailey lying back naked on the sheets, reading the paper. He gave me a big smile and watched as I stripped (putting on a bit of a show!), then dressed in the nightie he’d laid out, sat at his wife’s dresser Ankara escort and started with the eye liner. I glanced in the mirror from time to time, getting a thrill seeing him play with himself, get hard, start wanking. He told me how he screwed his wife last night (the haggard old slut! — how could he?), and that not to mind the stains on the sheets, and not to be jealous because it means we can make love for a long long time (that’s what I like to hear!).

And now, here I am, kneeling on the rumpled sheets between his spread legs, sucking his beautiful cock. At first it was stained with my lipstick but now the crimson is all gone as I take him to the root time after time. My throat and jaw are beginning to ache a little and maybe he senses it, because he tells me to lie on my back.

I do so and it’s his turn to give me some oral attention. He starts with my toes and feet — which I love! — then up the inside of my legs and then a coy look before pushing up my nightie and kissing higher. Another coy look and then he takes my balls in his mouth and tugs firmly on each before going higher and putting his mouth over my very hard penis.

I like the way he takes me in so easily, my cock barely stretching his lips or causing him any discomfort. It turns me on to see my beautiful cock — everyone says it is perfectly proportioned — disappearing into his mouth over and over. It only takes a minute or so before I cum and I giggle at the surprise on his face — though he should know by now that I never last long! He pretends that he doesn’t like the taste, but I think that he secretly does because he always holds it in his mouth for ages while he pretends he can’t find a tissue Ankara escort bayan — and I’m sure I see him secretly swallow at least twice!

Then he’s on me like a tiger, big whang swaying as he tosses me first on to my side then drags me up onto hands and knees. It takes him only a few seconds to grease me, then he is pushing at my centre and spreading my ring wide. We both groan as my sphincter gives way and he slides slowly into my rectum. I squeeze as hard as I can, trying to slow him down, but he drives all the way in and smacks my bum in triumph. I squeal and tell him he’s a brute but he ignores me, of course, and immediately starts fucking with long steady strokes.

He gasps that I’m so tight and I get a real proud glow. I love the way his dick is touching inside my bum and I rotate my hips, moan and tell him it’s so good. With this encouragement he fucks me even harder and I hang my head and groan each time he hits deep. He groans too and I feel like I can take control. I pull away and push him onto his back, giggling at his surprised expression. But I know he likes it when I ride him and he bucks his hips as soon as I get his cock in position, driving it right up my shitter — driving the breath right out of me!

As we fuck – me lifting up and dropping, him grabbing my hips from time to time and bucking vigorously for 30 seconds or so – he tells me what a great shag I am, how I really turn him on, how he loves the way my arse grabs his dick. I rub and then twist his nipples, feeling his cock surge inside me, dig my nails in till he cries out. My cock is hard again and is bobbing up and down.

I tell him I know he wants to suck me again, taste my jizz and Escort Ankara eat it all. He gets angry and flips me onto my back, hooks my ankles over his shoulders and starts to really fuck me. Long, deep and hard! It is so intense!

As his cock arrows in and out, I have this fantasy that Mrs Bailey comes home early, catches us fucking, sees how much he loves me, how much better than her I look in this nightie and makeup. They get divorced and I live with Mr Bailey for ever.

My dream is interrupted. Mr Bailey is soon going to cum and starts tugging hard on my stiff penis. I feel his cock jerk deep inside me and this is enough to bring me off. We both groan and I feel his cock pulse just as my own jizz splatters hot on my belly. Mr Baily swears and bucks hard, swears again and falls forward on me, hips still jerking. I wrap my legs round his thick waist and get a warm loving feeling knowing that I can give him such intense orgasms. His panting mouth is on my neck and I twist a little, get my lips close to his. But he turns his head away and I take comfort that at least this time he doesn’t immediately jump up and go to the shower.

I hold him tight and we both sigh as my arse reflexively pushes out his softening cock. His body is heavy on mine and I don’t want it to end, don’t dare show too much affection in case he pulls away.

In a minute he does anyway, slapping my thigh as he climbs off the bed. I follow him into the bathroom and we shower together. It’s my last chance to hold him but he shrugs me off, gets out and dries himself. By the time I get out and clean off the last of the makeup, he is dressed and brewing coffee in the kitchen. He tells me I should go, that he has stuff to do, that he’ll give me a call soon. I think about making a scene but it didn’t do any good last time andI shrug like it’s no big deal and leave. Next time, I think, next time he’ll kiss me, ask me to go away with him…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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