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When Lyle Quigley went to the grocery store that afternoon in June, he was expecting to pick up a few things he wife asked him to pick up and get back to enjoy the peaceful solitude of his house while the wife was at work.

At 64 the retired railroad worker was a long way from the reckless man he had been once not long ago, but then he saw someone that brought back memories of those times, days that he had attempted to leave behind. Some people though, never really change, even though they thought they had.


When Lyle Quigley first noticed the young man staring at him from the other side of the produce section, a shiver went through his body when he thought he recognized the fellow, but then he relaxed when he realized that couldn’t be him.

This fellow looked like Donald Morton alright, but Donald must be in his early 20’s by now, whereas the muscular young fellow in question was in his teens. There was a resemblance though, and as Lyle sneaked peeks at the casually dressed boy he cursed his weakness bobbing to the surface once again.

This lad was a strapping young fellow, Lyle observed, even more physically impressive than his old protege Donald had been, and that was saying something, Lyle recalled.

The boy in the brightly colored tank-top had to be over 6′ tall and if there was an ounce of fat on him Lyle couldn’t detect it, and judging by the way Lyle was inspecting him the senior wasn’t missing much.

Already sporting a tan, the outfit the lad was wearing showed off much of his wonderful physique, and Lyle gripped the handle of his cart as he took in those rippling shoulders and bronze biceps which bulged even more than young Donald’s had back then.

The same could be said for the lad’s thick thighs and muscular calves that the shorts did little to hide, and as Lyle savored the surprisingly thick coating of golden hair that covered those legs he knew that when he got home he would need to take another shower because he was working up a sweat in the cool produce section.

“Move along Lyle,” the old man mumbled to himself as he navigated the cart around the displays to get away from the temptation. “Nothing for you here.”

Actually, Lyle knew that was not the case because there certainly was something here for him here, but that was in the past. No more of that stuff. He had sworn to himself that those days were over. He wasn’t a happily married man but at least he was a married man – and for the last couple years he had been true to those vows at last.

Lyle’s efforts to beat a hasty retreat were hurt when an old lady blocked one avenue of escape, but then when Lyle worked around her his progress was stopped by that very young man he was trying to get away from. A brief do-si-do followed in the aisle, but as Lyle nervously smiled and tried to move to one side so the lad could get by he realized this wasn’t an accidental meeting.

“Mr. Quigley?” the boy said, looking at the old man with a toothy smile and an amused expression.

“Why yes,” Lyle mumbled as he looked at the rosy cheeked lad.

“I saw you looking at me from across the way…”

“Oh yes. Sorry. My mistake,” Lyle said apologetically. “For a second I thought you were somebody I knew.”

“You mean Donald?” the young man asked, and when Lyle couldn’t mask his reaction he added, “He’s my big brother. I’m Ricky Morton.”

“Oh, I knew he had a brother but…”

“Yeah, I was too young to go over to your basement and play,” Ricky Morton replied. “But when Donald told me about how much fun he had I wished I could.”

“Oh yes, the trains,” Lyle added quickly, the rather elaborate set up in the cellar that was originally a hobby but became a lure over time.

“I guess Donald liked the trains too,” Ricky Morton said with a cutting tone. “He didn’t tell me all that much about them though.”

“Uh – how is Donald these days?” Lyle said as he looked for avenues of escape. “Lost track when your folks moved to the other side of town.”

“He’s great. Just graduated from college. As a matter-of-fact, I’m going to State myself come fall,” Ricky said.

“That so? My how time flies,” Lyle said. “Well, you tell your big brother I was asking about him.”

“I will. You know, while I guess I’ll always be Donald’s baby brother, in a lot of ways he’s the little one now – or at least littler.”

“Yes, you are quite the strapping young man,” Lyle agreed as he tried not to look and failed when the younger Morton ran his hand though his shaggy locks, the bulging bicep and the generous spray of golden hair in the pale hollow of Ricky’s chiseled armpit that was exposed with the movement too irresistible to ignore.

After Lyle forced his eyes downward he was faced with the prospect of the ominous bulge in the boy’s shorts, even more impressible because they were so baggy, so instead he tried to look at the lad’s eyes.

“Guess I’m a little bigger all over,” Ricky said bluntly, enjoyed the helpless look in the senior eyes. “Hard to believe isn’t it?”

“Well Çankaya Escort it was nice meeting you,” Lyle told him but Ricky held the cart handle on place.

“I want to see your train set Mr. Quigley,” Lyle said as he looked at the produce in the top basket.

“Oh, I don’t play with them much these days.”

“My brother said you didn’t play with them back then much either,” Ricky deadpanned as he took the cucumber Lyle had selected and looked it over with an evil grin. “You still like the big ones, don’t you Mr. Quigley?”

“My wife – she gave me a list,” Lyle stammered, holding the note up for evidence.

“So why don’t you get those few things so we can go see your trains?” Ricky pressed. “I really want to see them.”

“My wife – if she’s home she doesn’t like the noise they make,” Lyle lied.

“From what I was told she didn’t mind it at all,” Ricky replied. “Word was that she would stay upstairs because she was afraid of seeing a spider in the basement, and the sound of the trains running was loud enough to drown out your whimpering.”

“Please. Those days are gone,” Lyle almost begged. “I’ve atoned for my sins as best I can and have turned over a new leaf. Really.”

“Your mouth says one thing but your eyes say another,” Ricky said softly as another shopper went by, causing Lyle to curse himself silently. “Besides, with me you won’t have to do any training. I already know what you like. Donald told me so many times I know it by heart, and coincidentally, I like the same things my big brother liked so much.”

“Unless it’s the seduction that turned you on,” Ricky added. “I can play that game too you know. Act all shy and awkward and let you teach me like you did Donald. Would that turn you on?”


“So what else is on the list?”

“Eggs,” Lyle choked out. “Eggs and coffee creamer.”

“Then let’s go Mr. Quigley,” Ricky said as he led the way, and as Lyle dutifully followed the broad shouldered lad with the bull-like neck the kid called back, “Can’t wait to see those trains.”


“You don’t have any idea how jealous I used to be when Donald would tell me about coming over here. We shared a bedroom and when he would get home and bedtime he would tell me all about what you did to him,” Ricky said as Lyle drove towards his house. “He told it all it great detail and I would be listening and jerking off under the sheets.”

“He – shouldn’t have said anything,” Lyle mumbled, jumping when the passenger’s hand came over and clamped onto her skinny thigh. “Those were private times.”

“Donald used to say he was scared that your wife would come down and see you two there naked while the train chugged around the track ignored,” Ricky continued. “Then when it was time for him to go home your wife would give you some homemade cookies to take on the way home. Does she still bake?”


“Donald used to think it was funny that you would be rimming him while upstairs he could hear her walking around the kitchen up above and humming,” Ricky recalled. “Is she going to be home when we get there?”

“No. Working,” Lyle explained as he pulled into the driveway. “She can’t retire for another year.”

“Oh well, at least then you to can enjoy each other’s company 24/7, right Mr. Quigley?”

“I guess,” Lyle mumbled as they got out of the car.


“How come you don’t play around with it anymore?” Ricky asked after the two got downstairs, gesturing at the dusty cover on the table top train layout.

“I dunno.”

“No fun to play with yourself?” Ricky said with a grin. “Well, I’m here now. Why don’t you get the thing going.”

“Don’t even know if it works anymore,” Lyle said as he pulled it in, but after hitting a couple of switches the locomotive started pulling the eight rail cars behind it through the elaborate little village and under the tunnel, with the operator making the whistle blow as it went.

“Still works. Did you lure a lot of kids down here with these trains?” Ricky asked, but got a stern look in return.

“I need to make something clear,” Lyle said as he but as much of an edge to his voice as he could manage. “I confess to being having a rather deviant personality and I’ve done a lot of things that would offend most people, but I never – and I mean never – brought any children down here.”

“I remember Donald had to show your his learner’s permit before he came down here.”

“And I’m going to ask of something from you that shows your age as well,” Mr. Quigley responded, and after looking at Ricky’s drivers

license he nodded and handed it back.

“Rather touchy about that I’m afraid. You see my first experience was one with a man – let’s just say he didn’t ask how old I was and didn’t care,” Lyle explained. “No harm was done but just the same, I’m not one of those types. Besides, I’m drawn to the more masculine type of young bucks, especially the more generously endowed fellows like you seem to be. Keçiören Escort Somebody like myself would leave me cold.”

“Understood. Pretty cool,” Ricky said as he watched the train make the circuit a couple of times, but then his eyes went over to the comfy looking over-sized chair in the corner.

“I feel like I know this place even though I was never here,” Ricky said as he herded the little old man over to the living area. “This is where you brought Donald over to, all the while the train was rolling.”

“Yes,” Lyle admitted.

“Then you stood in front of Donald and unzipped his fly – he said he was so scared,” Ricky related. “Then he said you reached inside and fumbled around to get his dick out of his underwear, and after you pulled it out he felt so proud when you gushed over how big his cock was. Remember?”

“Yes,” Lyle mumbled as the young man stood in front of him, the old man’s eyes at the level of Ricky’s Adam’s apple.

“Well?” Ricky asked after a moment passed. “Since I’m not wearing underwear it will be easier for you this time.”

“Please, I don’t want to do this. I’ve changed. It’s a sin,” Lyle said, suddenly getting cold feet and trying to fight the demons inside of him.

“Don’t know about the sin part but I’m damn sure you want to,” Ricky told the old man as he grabbed his bony wrist. “Besides, Donald was a scared and naive 18 year old guy who really didn’t want to do this either at first, but that didn’t stop you, did it? Funny though that Donald sure did want to after that. You made him realize the kind of guy he really was, just like he did to me.”

“You haven’t changed Mr. Quigley, and you never will,” Ricky told the senior as his shaking fingers took the zipper down. “We are what we are.”

Lyle inhaled deeply through his teeth as he extracted the spongy semi-erect cock from Ricky’s shorts, and as he looked at the gigantic uncut phallus the owner proudly noted, “You like that don’t you Mr. Quigley? I’m even bigger hard than Donald. Only an inch or two, but it really bugs him. Well?”

“It’s – quite impressive,’ Lyle wobbly voice replied as he held the boy’s cock lightly.

“Remember what you did next Mr. Quigley?” Ricky asked as the lad reached over and undid the senior’s baggy slacks, the trousers crashing to the concrete when it got free. “It’s probably what you did to all the guys that came down here. You took your boxers down to show Donald your dick…”

Ricky reached over and gave the worn briefs a yank to send them on their way, and after smiling at what was uncovered he continued.

“Then you… well, why don’t you do it all just like you did back then?” Ricky suggested. “I always loved this part. Pretend I’m Donald and this is four years ago.”

“I – I held my penis up next to his,” Lyle recalled as he brought his pale slender organ over and placed it on top of the beige behemoth he held in his other hand, almost mocking the disparity between them. “I told him to look… look how much bigger you are than me I said.”

“Feels nice Mr. Quigley – our cocks rubbing together like this doesn’t it?” Ricky asked, and after the senior nodded he asked, “Feel me getting hard?”

“Yes,” Lyle gasped as he watched the lad’s organ get even longer.

“You made my brother feel special that day. Donald told me he was surprised that you weren’t embarrassed at how tiny your dick was,” Ricky related. “But then he said that it seemed to him like you got off over the size difference, just like you got off by telling him to do those things to you. You liked being humiliated and dominated. Was he right?”

“Yes,” Lyle almost sobbed as he held their now erect cocks together.

“Donald said that one time you told him that you wished your wife wasn’t such a prude because you would love to watch him fuck your old lady and then clean you both up afterward,” Ricky said. “You never got to do that with Donald though huh?”


“You think she’s changed any since then?” Ricky asked. “I wouldn’t mind doing her.”

“No – she would never,” Lyle sighed, and after looking down at Ricky’s nearly erect phallus he shuddered and added, “She would run away in fright if she saw this. You would tear her up.”

“You aren’t afraid though are you?”

“No,” Lyle croaked.

“Then this is your lucky day Mr. Quigley. OUR lucky day. Now take my clothes off.”

Lyle reluctantly let go of their cocks and looked at the only two articles of clothing Ricky had on after the boy kicked off his sandals. The lad’s cock waved obscenely out of his open fly as Lyle pulled Ricky’s tank-top up and over his head, revealing a smooth muscular chest and abs that suggested that while he might not have been a body builder he was incredibly fit.

“What do you think?” the cocky kid asked as he stood there for inspection, even striking a pose to make his physique even more impressive looking. “Loosen up Mr. Quigley.”

“You’re quite beautiful,” Lyle whispered as he felt Etimesgut Escort himself giving in, unable to fight off the demons within him as he reached up and squeezed the rock hard bicep, unable to make a dent in the muscle.

Lyle leaned closer, his eyes on Ricky’s as he gently kissed the bronze bicep, and although he wished the boy wouldn’t watch him he kissed it again, even gently biting the muscle to Ricky’s amusement.

“Don’t be shy Mr. Quigley,” Ricky said as he held the pose, moving around a bit to make the muscles ripple. “After all, I know everything you like. Everything. No reason to hold back now.”

So Lyle kept kissing Ricky’s muscular arm, even nibbling up the top of the broad shoulder before moving downward, and when his lips reached the ridge of the lad’s chiseled armpit Ricky let out a sigh.

“Yeah,” Ricky hissed as he watched the senior citizen plant butterfly kisses up and down his armpit before Lyle started to lose control. “Been a long time since I showered this morning but I know you don’t mind. Ohhh!”

Ricky shuddered as Lyle’s kissing got more passionate, and then the old fellow was practically climbing his thigh as Lyle licked the musky hairs, snorting and slobbering with his face buried in the hollow until finally Ricky pulled his face gently back with a fistful of the older man’s thinning scalp.

“Lots of life in the old dog still isn’t there?” Ricky sneered as the flushed-faced man wheezed, dragging him around to his other side and let him repeat the process with his other arm.

“What are you doing Mr. Quigley?” Ricky asked when he realized that while the old man was practically worshipping his bicep and armpit, Mr. Quigley was humping his thigh. “Are you getting yourself off on me?”

Ricky Morton got his answer when a minute later the senior groaned, the rubbing of his dick and balls on the muscular hairy thigh resulting his him having an orgasm all over Ricky’s hip.

“You are one kinky old man,” Ricky sneered as the old man sheepishly pulled his face out from under his arm.

“I’ll clean you up,” Lyle Quigley mumbled as he knelt down on the cement floor and licked his seed off of Ricky, holding a rock hard buttock with his left hand while bringing his right up to kneaded his furry scrotum that hung under the swaying monolith.

“You sure aren’t shy about using that tongue, are you Mr. Quigley?” Ricky declared as he took a step over to the side, his cock bouncing off the top of his balding skull as he looked down at him. “Lick my nuts now.”

Obediently Lyle leaned forward and began lapping at the hairy orbs, their sweaty coating and the pungent sweat seeming to inflame the senior as he tongued the meaty orbs while Ricky tapped his cock on the of Lyle’s head.

“Oh yeah – get them nuts,” Ricky howled when Lyle took the left testicle into his mouth, sucking and snorting while he ran his hands up and down Ricky’s hairy legs, and after he did the same to the slightly smaller right pouch-mate.

“I know someplace else you like to lick Mr. Quigley,” Ricky said as he took a couple steps backward and collapsed into the easy chair his older brother had spent a lot of time in, and as he swung the muscular legs up over the sides and slunk down onto the edge of the cushion he said, “Never been rimmed before. Most guys think it’s too nasty to do but I know you don’t.”

Lyle knee-walked over to where the lad was sprawled obscenely on the chair, his enormous manhood arched backward onto his belly and his balls pulled upwards so that the furry ass-crack was exposed.

“Oh yeah,” Ricky groaned as he felt the senior’s tongue licking up and down the pungent crack, and he slid even further over the edge of the chair to make the target even more accessible.

“AW!!” Ricky howled when he felt Mr. Quigley tongue poke at his balloon knot and howled even louder when the old man’s tongue pushed inside of him.

“You’re like a frigging snake,” Ricky declared as Mr. Quigley’s serpent-like churned inside his anus, and the lad had to slap the senior’s hand from his cock after he reached upwards for it, not wanting to cum yet.

“I know what you want now Mr. Quigley,” Ricky told him. “I want it too.”

Lyle nodded, and as he got to his feet, much slower as he was running out of steam, he walked around the basement checking for places he had hidden the lube. Ricky was amused at the little old man walking around naked, but also noted that his tiny pecker seemed semi-erect despite having just cum a while ago.

“The tunnel!” Lyle said as an imaginary light bulb went on over his head as he waddled over to the train set, and after the train went through the structure he lifted it and removed a tube of anal-glide from his emergency stash.

“Here it is!” Lyle said gleefully as he returned to the chair, handing the tube to Ricky who took a palm full and spread it all over his cock.

“Turn around and bend over,” Ricky directed, and as Lyle followed orders and spread them wide Ricky looked at the pale ass crack, smiling at the tiny nut sack visible as he presented for him, and then he greased the pink puckered ring.

“Oooh,” Mr. Quigley squealed as he felt the lad’s finger skewer deep inside him, although not as deep as what would come next, and after a though lubing Ricky pulled the senior over towards his lap as he gingerly climbed onto the chair as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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