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At Part 10 you really need to read at least some of the previous episodes to gain an insight.


Arriving at Becky and Ray’s on Saturday evening excited me tremendously.

I’d left mum getting ready to go to the club with Hanne and Andy, and she was really getting glammed up, but after last weeks ‘accident’ I was keeping out of mum’s way.

Becky had invited me, because I’d obviously made an impression on Zoe when I’d been to her’s in the week before. Despite being much younger, Zoe and her husband Kev were longtime friends of hers, and they regularly went to parties at their house.

When I arrived I knew immediately that this was no ordinary party, it didn’t even look like an ordinary swingers’ party. Arriving just ahead of me was a couple, the guy, in his forties, dressed in leather, with longish hair, looking very much like a hells angel. His partner was a tall blonde with flowing hair, but dressed in a tight latex catsuit, with several zips in various places.

They both acknowledged me with a smile, and the three of us entered together.

In the house there were already many guests of all shapes and sizes, dressed in a variety of outfits. A cheer went up for the latex blonde who apparently was called Lola. I found out that she was to be a key player that evening. However, also dressed in a black latex suit was Becky, and I was wondering why these two were dressed in such a similar way.

As everyone made their way into the lounge they had a number written on the back of their hands in marker pen. I wasn’t sure if the number thirteen on my hand was a bad omen!

A familiar voice said “Hello” and Zoe grabbed my shoulder.

“Hi Billy, glad you made it! This is Gabby, a friend of mine, she’s extremely nervous, a bit like you were last week. She was referring to our visit to the club.

A deliciously tall, dark haired woman who was perhaps a bit older than Zoe, said, “Hi Billy, I must be mad to come here tonight, this my first adventure into something like this, I may just run at some point!”

“Stay with me, I’ll look after you.” I wasn’t sure quite what I meant, but I just said it, and smiled reassuringly.

Zoe explained to me what would be happening during the evening. Gabby must have heard it already, but kept raising her eyebrows, or making little remarks as Zoe went through it.

“Until nine o’clock everyone just drinks and mingles, a lot of people here already know each other. At nine everyone starts to get undressed ‘to even the playing field’ so to speak. That’s when the ‘newbies’ have to be brave.”

“You’re not kidding!” joked Gabby.

Zoe continued, “There are a number of games that will go on, ‘ice breakers,’ but you only take part if you want to, it can be fun, and a way of getting to know people who you don’t know.”

“But”, she said, with a certain amount of drama in her voice, “Tonight is ‘domme’ night. The blonde, Lola, and Becky, are taking various ‘volunteers’ into the playroom upstairs, and they appear on those screens all around the house, in here, in the kitchen, in the conservatory. Each session lasts about half an hour and can involve all sorts of kinkiness, so you can opt out, if you find someone to take your place. Everyone loves it…as long as it’s not them!” Zoe chuckled.

“Mmmm, so how do you ‘volunteer?” I asked, “have you ever been volunteered?”

Zoe giggled, “It’s the numbers…on your hand. There’s a draw, numbers are drawn,” she paused, “no, I was picked once, but Kev took my place, thank god.”

Just at that moment Kev came up and joined us.

“I was just telling Billy and Gabby how you stood in for me, on one of these ‘Domme’ nights, you were a star!”

“Bloody hell,” Kev grimaced, “Yes I did, I felt sore for days.”

Neither Gabby nor myself dare ask why, or what had happened, however, we all noticed that it was approaching nine o’clock, and Gabby was shuffling from foot to foot, obviously nervous about undressing.

I leaned in and whispered in her ear, “You’ll be okay, you have a wonderful body, just wait till you see some of the others!” I squeezed her arm in a friendly, supportive gesture.

I don’t think it was much help, but when the lights dimmed slightly, and the piped music changed mood, Zoe took Gabby into the study where a number of ladies were disrobing.

The men, of all shapes and sizes, were getting undressed in the small bedroom upstairs, and gradually everyone filtered back to the lounge, dining room, and conservatory.

The old hands were content in their nakedness, a couple of newbies, like Gabby, were looking awkward.

Within minutes Ray was getting a group of couples together for an ‘icebreaker’ game in the dining room.

However, before the game could take place, the first draw of the evening was going to take place.

“Ok folks, I have this bag with all the numbered balls inside, I shall draw the first ‘volunteer!’

With a flourish he thrust his hand into the black velvet bag, and rustled the ping pong balls around inside.

“And jigolo escort gaziantep the first number is…eighteen!”

There was a hushed silence, and then a loud shriek. “Oh god, it’s me…it’s me!”

A short, curly, blonde woman, in her late forties, with quite large breasts was almost jumping up and down, “Oh no…oh no!” she cried.

A few moments later, Lola, and Becky were either side of her, escorting her to the stairs.

She kept repeating, “Oh my god…oh my god..”

As the three of them disappeared, Ray was back to organising the game.

“I need five couples.”

“C’mon,” I said to Gabby, “Shall we?”

She looked at me in trepidation, “Oh sod it, yes, let’s go for it!”

Just then all of the tv screens lit up, and naturally most people in the room looked up to see the playroom, which I’d seen before, and Lola, Becky and the blonde woman were entering.

I had to look twice because although the room was familiar, the furniture wasn’t. The bed, where I’d been played with by Becky, had been replaced by some sort of padded bench, with a framework above it.

The naked blonde was taken by both of them, and her wrists and ankles were strapped, both to the bottom of the bench, and to the upward struts of the frame. She had become completely helpless, and vulnerable, and was looking decidedly nervous, indeed her voice could be heard above the piped music in the room.

“Oh god, don’t hurt me…please.”

Even on the tv screen on the other side of the room anyone could see her eyes widen as she saw the electric wand that Lola now held.

Slowly she knelt down beside the bench and applied the rounded head of the wand against the blonde’s pussy. At first there was little reaction until Lola raised the tempo of the wand and repositioned it slightly.

Immediately it brought a response.


Everyone heard it, and one or two made comments out loud like, “Just wait till Lola gets going,” and, “She’s gonna cum like a train.”

Gabby was fascinated, as we paused, before following Ray into the dining room.

In there on the floor were ten cushions, arranged in a circle. Ray’s instructions were for everyone to choose a cushion, alternately man, woman, man, and not to sit next to your partner.

I could tell that Gabby was thrown by that, being separated from me, but it was too late to back out.

Ray sat in the centre of the circle and explained the game. Each individual task would be for just two minutes.

“I have two dice, one has faces labelled, ‘kissing,’ ‘stroking,’ ‘nibbling,’ ‘sucking,’ ‘squeezing,’ and ‘tasting.’ The other has faces labelled, ‘lips,’ ‘neck,’ ‘ears,’ ‘nipples,’ ‘feet,’ and ‘genitals.’

I’m going to write on some cards your numbers, and I will draw a number, then roll both dice, and you will have to enact the instructions to the person on your left!

There were both giggles, and some gasps, as each person looked at whoever was on either side of them.

On my left was a stunning redhead, in her thirties, with a slim waist and perfectly formed breasts. On my right, was a rather ‘plump’ lady in her fifties, a blonde with a mischievous smile, and deep blue eyes with long lashes. She was looking at me with a rather hungry look. I just smiled back knowing the implications of the game.

Just as Ray was writing our numbers on a handful of cards, Lola’s ‘volunteer’ started to cum. Everyone looked up at the screen in the dining room, and saw the contorted face of the blonde, as Lola held the wand against her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh…god…oh fuck…oh fuck…fuck…fuck…” she was screaming, and the muscles in her thighs were trembling, as she came the first time. I say ‘first time’ because as we began our game Lola had no intention of stopping her session with the wand.

“Number four,” Ray looked around and a guy on the other side of my redhead said, “That’s me.”

The woman on his left looked nervously at Ray awaiting the throw of the dice, and indeed her fate.

Ray rolled the first dice. “Kissing!”

Looking across there was almost a sense of relief from the woman.

He rolled the second dice. “Feet!” Everyone burst out laughing.

When the mirth had subsided, Ray encouraged the guy to get on with his task.

To her credit the woman offered up her leg, and did her best not to giggle as the guy held her foot and began to kiss the instep.

Everyone in the circle was amused by the spectacle, but we were interrupted by the sudden cries from the tv screen.

“Fuck…oh god…not again…oh god…ohhhhhhhh…fuck.”

Her body was pulling at the restraints, there was perspiration on her forehead, as Lola seemed to delight in bringing a second orgasm to the blonde.

“Ok,” said Ray, ” time’s up, next number…this time it’s to be a lady!” slowly he dipped into the bag once more.

“Number twelve!”

Gabby reacted as though she’d been stung by a bee. “God, it’s me!” she croaked.

Nervously, gaziantep lezbiyen escort bayan she waited for Ray to throw the dice.


A frightened look crossed her face, while the guy, who was in his thirties, sitting to her left, was smiling, waiting for the second dice to be thrown.

“Genitals!” and a little giggle went round the group.

To her credit Gabby didn’t react, so when Ray signalled the start of the two minutes she turned and went straight to it.

All eyes in the group were trained on the pair. Gabby took the guys flaccid cock between her fingers and lifted it up. It was fascinating to watch it start to stiffen, and enlarge. When it was hard enough to stroke Gabby’s hand closed around it, and it became fully erect.

The guy’s eyes had closed, and Gabby’s face was a picture of concentration, as she seemed to enjoy the sense of influence she was having.

I could see the guy clenching his fist just as Ray said, “Ok, times up!”

Gabby sat up straight on her cushion, smiling at her achievement, while I felt for the guy as he was left sitting with an awkward erection.

I caught Gabby’s eye, and winked across at her, and she winked back.

“Ok, there are two more rounds now, ladies and gentlemen, and they involve everyone!”

Everyone was muttering and looking at the person on either side of them.

“This is for all the ladies and the man on their left.

Looking at my plump blonde, her blue eyes flashed, and she smiled, while we awaited my fate.

“Nibbling,” Ray shouted, as he rolled the dice, followed by, “Neck,” as the second one stopped.

The blonde turned, and even before Ray had signalled the start, she was pressing up against me, pushing her lips into the side of my neck. At first she was kissing me, and the nibbling bit was more on my ears, but as she was leaning in, her hand had found its way to my cock, and was gently squeezing that.

I didn’t say anything, but felt myself hardening and was trying to fight the feeling, at the same time hearing her purring in my ear.

“Ooooh your gorgeous cock needs to be inside me,” she whispered. I guess no one heard, as they were all too engrossed.

“Ok, that’s it, time’s up,” said Ray, and as she pulled away and released my semi hard erection, she said quietly, “Later!” and smiled.

“Right folks, the last round before you can enjoy the rest of the evening.”

Everyone was now far more relaxed, but were still expectant about the last roll of the dice.

“This one’s for the men!”

There was a buzz of brief conversation, and the red head on my left looked at me and said warmly, “Let’s hope it’s a good’un!”

Before I had a chance to reply Ray was rolling the first dice.

“Licking!” he declared, triumphantly, which brought laughter from the gathering.

All eyes watched as he rolled the second dice.

When he shouted out the result there were excited chuckles from the men, and a gasp from the women.


The red head looked at me with a nervous smile.

“Oh god!” she said quietly, hesitating she added, “Thank goodness it’s you, and hey I’m Maggie, by the way.”

Before I’d even had a chance to tell her my name, Ray said, “Ok, two minutes starts now!”

Awkwardly she turned, and half leaning back on her elbows, she parted her thighs for me. She had the most delicious pussy, and as I lowered my head, I managed to say, “I’m Billy.”

The moment my tongue slid upwards between her slightly damp labia, she had gasped, “Oh Billy, god yes!”

Her taste was so sweet, her juices delicious, in the background I was conscious of others in the room making soft moans.

The two minutes was over before it had begun. When I lifted my head, Maggie’s face was flushed, and she softly said, “Wow Billy, I’d like more of that.”

She leaned over and kissed me, “I hope we can meet up later.”

Ray interrupted our brief conversation, “Ok folks, have a good evening, and I think Lola and Becky are ready for their next volunteer!”

We all made our way out of the dining room just as the exhausted curly haired blonde, with Lola and Becky descended the stairs.

The party mood had taken hold, and there were a couple who were heavily involved in one corner of the lounge.

Most people turned towards Lola, as Ray handed her the bag with the numbers in. Gabby was next to me, talking to the guy that she’d ‘handled’ in the game.

When Lola drew number twelve, it took her a few moments to take it in.

“No, NO! I can’t do it, I just can’t,” the look of panic, of fear on her face was intense. She was not far short of tears, fearing the fate of the previous ‘volunteer’ and being forced to orgasm in front of everyone.

She was clutching my arm, as Lola and Becky came and stood either side of her.

“Please…no…please,” she sobbed.

“Ok, ok,” I decided to jump in, I really couldn’t see her that scared.

“Look, gaziantep escort masaj salonları I’ll take her place, take me!”

As Gabby, looked tearfully, and gratefully at me, Becky grabbed my arm.

“Yes!…A man…let’s amuse ourselves with him!”

Strangely half the room applauded, I wasn’t sure if it was because of my act of kindness towards a frightened Gabby, or that some of them wanted to see a man used instead of a woman.

Suddenly from becoming relaxed as the evening had progressed, and the promise of possibly linking up with Gabby, or Maggie, or indeed the plump blonde, I was now tense, apprehensive, and awaiting the whims of two slightly sadistic women.

I was gripped firmly by the arms, and taken upstairs to the playroom. Last time I’d been in there, Becky had used a prostate ‘toy’ to bring me off. This time I didn’t know what to expect.

I was taken directly to the bench contraption.

“Ok, bend over there,” Lola was in charge.

Becky secured my ankles to the base of the bench, my legs spread wide, while Lola secured my wrists halfway up the arms of the frame. My waist was half bent over a padded bar across the middle. In front of me was another tv screen showing exactly what everyone could see downstairs.

I wondered how they would be entertained!

My curiosity would soon be satisfied. Both Becky and Lola were of the same mind. My mind was about to be scrambled as I watched both of them open one of the drawers that I knew contained many toys and instruments.

To my horror they took out two sets of black leather harnesses with belts and buckles which they then strapped around themselves. However, it was the very large black penises that stuck out at the front that made me shiver.

“No ladies, this is not a good idea.”

Becky and Lola chuckled, and because the sound system was two way, I heard a cheer from downstairs.

Becky returned to the drawer and took out a large bottle type dispenser, and pressed the plunger so that a great gush of lubrication landed in the palm of her latex glove.

“Look, there’s no way …those are just too big.” My voice was sounding panicky.

While Becky was rubbing her hands together, Lola appeared from behind me with a length of chain. At first I couldn’t think what it could be for, and then I saw, and I did not like it at all.

On either end of the chain were nipple clamps, I’d seen them on porn movies on women and I knew they hurt.

“Now c’mon, not those, you can’t use those.”

Both Lola and Becky stepped closer.

I felt the coldness of the lube on Becky’s fingers as she smoothed it between the cheeks of my ass. One of her latex covered digits pushed into me, probing, going deeper.

Lola, meanwhile, was squeezing the clamps open, inches from my nipple. I knew what was coming, but I was still unprepared.

“FUCKKKKKK!” I screamed as the first clamp bit into the flesh. As the second one was attached the pain was excruciating.

“FUCKKKKKK!” I yelled again, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

My eyes were tight shut, and I was gritting my teeth.

“Jeeeeeeez, ohhhhhhhh god!”

For a moment Becky’s fingering ceased, and she stood beside Lola, both of them looking at my demise.

Both of them shared the bottle of lube, and through the mist of searing pain from my nipples, I watched as they lubricated their huge black cocks.

“No…no…NO!” I uttered a plea.

Lola gave a disparaging look, “That’s right…beg!” And just to emphasise her position of dominance, she tugged the chain on my nipple clamps.

“Oh fucking…fuck…fuck…fuck” was all I could say as she disappeared behind me.

I waited for the inevitable.

The cock pressed between my ass cheeks, and two hands pulled them further apart. I could feel it opening me up.

“Oh god, slowly, take it easy…please.”

When Becky took the clamps off my nipples the pain actually increased, but it distracted me, and with me groaning, Lola’s cock went completely inside me.

Becky watched as Lola started to fuck me. At first it felt completely alien, the lube helped a lot. I couldn’t imagine what the others downstairs were thinking.

“Let me fuck him.”

Becky’s request was followed by Lola’s cock suddenly being withdrawn, and Becky’s cock being rammed into me.

“Fuck! …steady on Becky”… she had the cock in me as far as it would go, and she wasn’t going to spare me. She began to pound my ass, making my whole body shake in my restraints.

I closed my eyes because it seemed to go on a long time, and I could feel my prostate being massaged with all that might follow from that.

I hadn’t noticed Lola crouching down, until I felt her hand grip my cock. I could tell that I was semi hard, but Lola’s slippery fingers soon continued to make me harder.

The pain from my tender nipples had subsided, and now there was a certain pleasure building. Lola stroking my cock, and Becky fucking me, her big cock massaging my prostate.

“Let’s finish him off shall we?”

The question came from Becky, and Lola knew exactly what she meant. Her wand was still to hand from her last ‘volunteer’ and as soon as it was switched on, and I heard the buzzing, I knew everything would happen very quickly.

I felt the wand on my balls first. They were being shaken by Becky’s constant thrusting, but as Lola moved it up the underside of my shaft I knew I was on the verge of cumming.

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