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“So did your parents decide if they’re coming down to the tournament this weekend?” Brandon asked Kyle as they walked home from class.

“My dad can’t make it, he’ll be in the office all weekend. My mom is coming down though. She’s going down to see some friends tomorrow for lunch and may end up meeting up with us tomorrow night and then will be at our games on Saturday and Sunday,” Kyle responded.

“In that case I’ll be looking to score… some goals,” Brandon remarked.

Kyle gave him a shove, “Shut up dude.”

Kyle had heard hundreds of jokes about his mom’s looks over the years, and they always seemed to peeve him.

Shannon Olson was a fox in every sense of the word. Her blonde hair was shoulder length and had always looked like she had just come from the salon. The way it flowed framed her gorgeous face perfectly. The housewife spent much of her free time out in her backyard under the sun, giving her a perfect tan all over her body.Her breasts were voluptuous and often drew the eyes of men young and old when she left the house. There were times she would entertain herself by wearing low cut tops when she went out to give strangers views of her picturesque cleavage, watching them try to hide their obvious stares. If it wasn’t her perfectly round tits the men were looking at, then it was her well-curved ass, which was the product of the countless hours she spent at the gym.

Brandon and Kyle were on the college lacrosse team at a small school in Southwest Arizona. They had met the summer before their freshman year during the team’s summer training camp. They were the top recruits of the five total the program brought in for that year’s recruiting class and had gotten along well over the summer.

The coming fall, the two decided they’d share a dorm on campus. A couple of days before the semester started was move in day and it was then that Brandon first laid eyes on Kyle’s beautiful mother for the first time. He remembered it like yesterday because he had played the image of her from that day over and over in his mind. She was wearing tight, black yoga pants and a gray tank top that showed off in ample amount of cleavage. Every chance he got that day he would scan her body from head to toe in awe of how perfect she was. Kyle had also remembered it very clearly, as he was pissed that his new college friend was stealing glances at his mom’s body but their friendship was too new to say or do anything about it.

As the two boys walked back up to their apartment, Kyle said, “Alright bro, I’m going to start packing and go to bed.”

“You haven’t started packing? The bus leaves at 8:45 tomorrow morning,” Brandon laughed.

“Eh, I’ll figure out,” Kyle said as he closed his door.

As he did, Brandon plopped down on the couch and opened his phone to hop on Instagram to check out his favorite page, Kyle’s moms. She had a handful of pictures that he always made sure to look at, each of which she was wearing something that revealed some of her fantastic body. His favorite was from a family trip the Olsons had taken to Hawaii a few years back. She was posing in a bikini in front of a waterfall and it looked as if it could’ve been in a magazine. Her tits were spilling out of her bathing suit top and were glistening with some combination of natural water and sweat. Seeing the MILF’s pictures got him all the more excited to see her this weekend. After about twenty minutes on her page, Brandon thought he better get to bed, he had a big weekend of games ahead of him.

As the team filed on the bus, Kyle and Brandon found a row in the middle that was empty and sat down next to each other. The bus pulled out of the school and began the long eight-hour ride to San Diego. Most of the team slept or had head phones in for most of the ride. About two hours out from Southern California, Brandon opened up his Instagram and noticed that Mrs. Olson had posted a story, something she rarely did. The first picture that popped up was of a colorful cocktail in a big schooner glass with the ocean in the background. The next, was a boomerang gaziantep escort ilanları with her and one of her friends with newly filled schooners in hand bumping their hips together. It was not overly provocative, but definitely got Brandon aroused. He had also noticed two young guys in the background staring directly at the asses of the older women and was extremely jealous of the view the guys were getting.

“Looks like your mom is having fun,” Brandon said to Kyle as he showed him his phone.

Kyle looked at the phone and shook his head. “I can’t believe you follow her.”

It had definitely annoyed him when Brandon started following his mom on Instagram. However, all of his high school friends and some guys at his school that he barely knew did, so it was probably inevitable.

“Hey, she followed me back,” Brandon laughed as put his phone in his pocket.

Kyle shook his head and looked out the window. About an hour later they were pulling up to their hotel and their coach stood up and said “Alright boys, remember, offensive meeting at 6 pm which is in aboooout 20 minutes. Defense you guys meet at 7:30.”

Kyle and Brandon checked in and got up to their room, chose their beds, and set their bags down. Brandon had to get over to the offensive meeting as it was getting close to time. It was just down the hall in one of the hotel conference rooms. As the offense arrived, his coach announced that the offense had been performing so well, he was going to cancel the meeting.

Upon his return, Kyle turned his head and said “What the hell? You were gone two minutes.”

“Cancelled,” Brandon responded as he lay down on his bed.

After lying around and looking at their phones for a while, the two decided to go out to the pool and Jacuzzi for an evening swim. When they got into the elevator, Brandon asked, “You heard from your mom?”

“About an hour ago, sounded like she’d be a while,” Kyle replied.

Disappointed, Brandon mumbled some kind of acknowledging response. “Oh well, he figured, “I’ll see her tomorrow AND Sunday,” he thought to himself.

The two boys exited the elevator and made their way through the lobby, as they got near the door to the pool area they heard a woman’s voice yell, “Kyle! Brandon!” They turned their heads and there stood Mrs. Olson waving her hand above her head trying to get their attention. Kyle responded with a haphazard wave back to his mom, while Brandon gave her a schoolboy grin and enthusiastically waved back.

Shannon came running across the hotel lobby and more than one head turned to get a view of the beautiful blonde’s body as she made her way to greet the boys. She was in a beachy outfit, wearing a Henley tank top with all but one of the buttons undone, revealing a bathing suit underneath her shirt. To go with her top, she wore a ripped up pair of jean shorts that came way up her beautifully shaped thighs.

When the mother approached the boys she gave her son a hug and a kiss on the cheek and then turned to his friend and exclaimed, “Brandon, so good to see you!” in a chipper tone. Then gave him a long, tight hug, mashing her huge tits against his body. Not wearing underwear with his boardshorts, he struggled to keep his cock from getting completely hard as it made contact with the hot mom in his arms. There was no way she couldn’t feel what was going on down there, he thought.

As the three made small talk, it had become more apparent that Mrs. Olson had been drinking, as she slipped up on a few of her words and the scent of alcohol was definitely present. That didn’t, however, prevent Shannon from noticing her son’s friend doing his best to look down her top. As the conversation seemed to be coming to a close, she asked “So, what are you boys up to this evening?”

“We were just on our way out to the pool,” Brandon told his mom.

“Oh that’s perfect, I’m dying for a soak in the hot tub,” The shapely mother replied

“Oh mom, I don’t know if that’s…” Kyle began to say.

“Yeah gaziantep escort kadın come along!” Brandon quickly interjected, immediately worrying he may have sounded too eager.

“Yay!” She shouted “I already have my suit on, so let me go give my bag to the front desk.”

As Shannon went to grab her bag, Brandon scooped it up and quickly said, “Let me help you with that Mrs. Olson!”

“What a gentleman!” she said, as she turned to her son “you could learn a thing for two from your friend here.”

“And so strong too!” Shannon said as she squeezed Brandon’s arm.

“It was going to be fun night hanging out with her,” he thought, she was definitely in a flirty mood.

After checking her bags at the front desk, the three of them headed out to the pool. When they got there, they put their stuff on the chairs near the Jacuzzi. Without delay, Kyle took his shirt off and ran over to the pool, diving in. Brandon had other ideas, however. There was no way he was going to miss this specimen of a woman taking off her clothes and getting into the hot tub.

He decided it would be best to get himself into a prime position, so he took off his shirt and got in the water, making sure to angle himself directly at the hot mom. As he settled, Mrs. Olson crossed her arms and lifted up her tank top. He could’ve sworn she did it slower than normal, which really built up what was to come. Her breasts were huge and he could see the outlines of her nipples through the thin material. Her stomach was flat and toned and was outlined by her thin waist. “God she’s hot,” he thought to himself. As she reached for her shorts, she bent forward and grabbed them on either side to wiggle out of them, causing her breasts to sway back and forth right in front of her son’s friend. She smiled as she thought she might have caught him watching her. As her shorts came down, he could see her bottoms consisted of a tiny triangle in front that barely covered her crotch. Brandon was in heaven.

As Shannon walked over to the hot tub and put her foot in, she had become fully aware that her son’s friend was staring.

“He’s harmless,” she thought to herself, “but boy is he cute.”

As she stepped off the last stair and stood in the middle of the spa, Kyle came over and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. “Mom! What the hell are you wearing?!”

“What honey? It’s just a bathing suit?” she responded.

Shannon had no intention of ever wearing this bathing suit outside of her own backyard, but figured her only play at this point was to play it off. “Plus I think Brandon here likes it.” She said as she sat down and playfully put her arm around her son’s friend. In doing so, her right breast was rubbing up against his muscular arm and chest and he was fully aware of it.

Brandon laughed as he put his arm around her torso saying, “Yeah, I don’t mind!”

The two remained holding one another and as they let go, Shannon turned her head and said “you are so sweet” and kissed Brandon’s cheek, getting very close to the corner of his mouth. “Whoops, that was close.” She thought to herself.

“MOM!” Kyle yelled at his mom.

“Honey, it was just kiss on the cheek, relax,” she pleaded.

“Whatever,” Kyle said frustrated and looked in the other direction. “This asshole is probably in heaven right now,” he thought.

“We should turn on the bubbles!” Mrs. Olson suggested.

“I’ll get em!” Brandon said as he jumped out and turned the jets on.

“Look at those abs!” Shannon yelled in admiration of her son’s friend.

Brandon twisted his upper body to the right and flexed his arms like he was in some kind of muscle competition and after a few seconds twisted to the left, switching his arms accordingly.

“OW OWW!” Shannon cheered him on.

“Get back in the water, dumb ass,” Kyle said, unenthused with the flirting going on between his mom and his friend.

As the jets kicked on, Shannon slouched down and allowed them to beat on her neck and run down gaziantep escort kızlar her back. She laid her head back on the cement outside of the spa and just enjoyed the moment. This new position caused the mounds on her chest to float above the surface of the water, giving Brandon quite the view.

The two college boys began started talking about offseason NFL news to pass the time and Shannon was starting to get bored. In her buzzed state, she decided to keep the fun going and swung her leg out and rested it right on Brandon’s lap. With the jets on, Kyle was none the wiser as to what was going on below the surface. Brandon looked at her with a surprised look and Shannon smiled slyly at the young man, making sure her son didn’t notice what was going on.

Brandon began massaging the mom’s calf and sliding his hand up and down her inner thigh, getting dangerously high with a few strokes. With his other hand he began giving a foot massage, all the while trying to play it cool and keep the conversation going.

Mrs. Olson really begin to enjoy the young, strong hands caressing her legs and feet. This went on under the surface for a couple minutes when out of nowhere, her son shouted “Oh shit!”

Startled, Mrs. Olson quickly removed her leg from her son’s friend lap.

“What honey?” she said.

“My meeting! It starts in five minutes!” Kyle replied as he hurried out of the tub and began drying off. He looked at the two of them confused as they hadn’t started to get out of the hot tub.

“You’re not coming?” He asked his friend, not wanting to leave him hanging out with his mom.

“Offense met earlier, I’m going to hang out in here for a bit,” Brandon replied.

“Yeah it feels so good in here,” Mrs Olson said, with a slight sexual innuendo unknowingly to her son, “we’ll behave,” she said smirking, making an innocent play on their earlier flirting.

“Whatever,” Kyle said as he hurried off to his meeting.

As soon as he was out of sight, the two busted up laughing about what could’ve been a very bad situation. As their laughing calmed, they looked at each other, locked eyes, and began making out like they had been lovers for years. Brandon pulled his friend’s mom between his legs as they continued to make out. Her body felt so good against his and he took the opportunity to explore every bit of it. His hands trembled with excitement as he reached underneath her bottoms and kneaded her bare ass. He puller her even closer and knew she would feel how hard and aroused his cock had become, which was exactly what he was looking to do.

This was the hottest thing that Brandon had ever experienced, he and the woman of his dreams were nearly naked making out and were grabbing all over one another. Just as he thought this moment couldn’t get any better, she wrapped her legs around him and straddled him. He could not believe what was happening, and right out in public! At this point, he decided to throw all caution out the window and pulled her top away from her breasts. He had both of her beautiful tits on full display and ran his hands all over them as they continued to make out. He put his head down and buried his face in the beautiful globes he had been staring at all day. He opened his mouth and gave them a subtle suck as she let out a soft moan.

“Pull it out and take me,” Shannon said to the young man. He wasted no time in getting his dick out of his bathing suit.

She reached down and put his cock inside of her. Brandon pushed it in deep as the MILF let out a loud moan. The two resumed kissing as he slowly fucked her right there in the open. Water splashed in rhythm to their love making onto the cement outside of the Jacuzzi for the next few minutes. After a few final thrusts, Brandon pulled his cock out and came in the water.

“That was so hot,” he said to her as he gave her a few playful kisses.

“I’m just getting started with you baby,” Mrs. Olson said to her young lover as the two began to shuffle around, getting their bathing suits back on.

As they got out of the water, Brandon gave Shannon a pinch on her ass. The mom squealed and turned and playfully hit her young lover. The two embraced in another long, hot kiss outside of the Jacuzzi. They got dressed and headed inside of the hotel, exchanging numbers along the way.

Brandon was still in shock of what had just happened… and could not wait for what the weekend had in store for him and his friend’s mom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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