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After what had happened the last time, I was uncertain about visiting Mrs Ronson again. I wasn’t afraid of doing so, but I was young, inexperienced, and really I just didn’t know how to behave towards a little old lady who had sucked my young cock and swallowed my spunk entirely on her own initiative.

Needless to say, I was excited with the possibility that she might do it again but I did not know how I should conduct myself. I liked old Mrs Ronson (even more now) and did not want to offend her in any way. Rather more importantly, I did not want anything of what had happened or might happen between us get back to Mom. If Mom even thought that I was abusing and sexually molesting any of her tenants, especially a sweet little old lady, she would go ballistic. I thought she might even turn me in to the police herself.

My adventures with girls of my age were limited but any girls I knew were likely to be inexperienced, even if sexually active. I was clumsy and awkward with them and it was difficult to get them to do anything much with me.

The thought that old Mrs Ronson had actually enjoyed sucking my young stiff cock never occurred to me.

I’d left Mrs Ronson rather awkwardly and a bit embarrassed, knowing that I had filled her mouth with my cum. The whole experience had all been more than my young man’s mind could process. I felt guilty because I expected to be guilty of something – a young guy so often is.

I turned up at Mrs Ronson’s with a box of chocolates. “That’s got to be right,” I thought.

She answered the door normally, as if nothing had happened between us, although there were probably subtleties that my young self missed.

“Hello, Danny, how lovely to see you. Are those for me?”

“Yes, Mrs Ronson.” but I felt awkward to be solely responsible for the gift, so added, “from me and Mom.”

“Then I think that I must have done something right, Danny,” escort gaziantep bayanlar she winked at me, taking the chocolates, “come on in. I’ll get coffee and cookies.”

I went in and sat on the sofa in the lounge. Shortly after, Mrs Ronson brought in two mugs of coffee and a tin of cookies. She set them down between us, sitting in the armchair opposite.

“I’ve got the two months rent for your Mom,” she said, “please thank your Mom for being so understanding.”

“Also, thank her for the chocolates, if they were anything to do with her. Were they, Danny?”

“No,” I admitted, “sorry!”

“Oh, Danny, you really don’t have anything to apologize for – maybe I should be the one to apologize, but thank you for the chocolates, anyway.”

“That’s ok,” I say, a little confused about what was happening, and still embarrassed by the situation although less sure exactly what the situation was.

“I’ve upset you, Danny, I’m very sorry about that. I think I need to make a small confession.

“I had the money for the rent last month, Danny, but I couldn’t give it tp you then.”

“Why not, Mrs Ronson?”

“Oh, Danny, I feel ashamed of having to tell you this, it’s embarrassing, but I think I had better.

“I wanted an excuse to look at and suck your wonderful young dick. I wanted to feel a young man’s stiffness in my hand and taste it in my mouth. You’re a nice boy and a good son to your mother. I haven’t had a dick for a long time and I wanted yours. I’m ashamed of that, but it is true. Please don’t think badly of me Danny.

“I’m truly sorry, Danny!”

I was a bit shocked and didn’t really know what to say, so I took a mouthful of coffee and a cookie, then realising that I couldn’t eat it because my mouth was full of hot coffee. I swallowed what I could and took a bite out of the cookie.

“It’s eskort bayan gaziantep ok, Mrs Ronson, I enjoyed it.”

“You have a lovely one, Danny, would you get it out for me and stroke it for me, please? I think you’d like to and I’d love to see it again. I think it would make me very happy to see it.”

A horny young man doesn’t need much encouragement to get his cock out and stroke it for a woman, even one in her 60’s. I soon had my trousers open and my cock stiffening in my hand with Mrs Ronson watching.

“Don’t cum over the furniture or the carpet, Danny, please, you can come in my mouth when you have to. I’d like to taste your creamy spunk when you are ready to give it to me.”

“You’re a filthy old slut, Mrs Ronson!” I say, feeling emboldened by the newly developing situation and the apparently depraved little old lady.

“Yes, Danny, I’m a filthy old slut and I like you calling me that – it’s nasty but I deserve it.

“If you like me sucking you, Danny, then I can do that again, whenever you would like me to.”

“I enjoyed you sucking my cock, Mrs Ronson.”

“You’re a horny young boy, you get stiff quickly and easily and you’d fuck anything given a chance!” she paused, and then said, “If I gave you a chance, would you fuck me, Danny?”

“You want me to fuck you, Mrs Ronson?”

“If you’re talking about nasty stuff, the kind of stuff that you wouldn’t tell your mother about, then you can use dirty talk, otherwise you can call me Mrs Ronson as normal.”

“You want me to fuck your dirty old granny cunt, you filthy slut?”

“That’s the kind of treatment that I want, Danny dear, rough and nasty, like I deserve. I don’t want you telling me that you love me, no kissing on the lips, although I would like my nipples sucked, and I want your young dick rutting in and out of me until you gaziantep bayan eskort fill me with your hot white creamy spunk. I know what kind of stamina you young boys have and I want all of it!”

“You filthy old tart! If you want me up inside your stinky old granny cunt, show it to me now!”

It felt bad talking to her like that, but Mrs Ronson didn’t need asking a second time. She had her slacks off and her knickers thrown to one side. She moved onto the sofa next to me and opened her legs towards me. She didnt have a stinky cunt. It was hairy, open and glistening with moisture. For an old lady she was clearly turned on and ready to fuck. I pushed two fingers up inside her and felt her muscles tighten on them.

“I want your lovely young dick, not your fingers, Danny. NOW, Danny!”

“You filthy granny slut,” I said, “I’m going to fill your pensioner cunt with my spunk!”

My cock was already stiff since I had been slowly stroking it since I had got it out for Mrs Ronson, and it had become extra hard when I was staring into her eager open fuckhole. Turning around and positioning my thick swollen cockhead at her vaginal opening, I found it slipping up.inside her easily and then I felt her tightening muscles around me seeming to be pulling me further inside.

“Oh, Danny, you nasty bad boy!”

“You feel my big cock up inside your old woman’s cunt, you filthy old fuckpig?” I said as I rammed my young cock in and out of her.

Forgetting that she was a little old lady who had brought me cookies when I had first sat down, I fucked into her hard and fast, wanting to flood her old infertile womb with my young virile sperm.

“You’re going to get your little old lady cunt filled with my hot creamy cum!”

She got loads of it, bucket loads of it. She was right and I had plenty of youthful stamina. I came a number of times without tiring, strangely turned on by fucking a sweet little old lady, who I had just found to be otherwise. She did a lot of moaning and gasping as I nailed her.

I left her with my milky semen leaking from her wrinkled old cunt. All that spunk was wasted, of course, if the object was to put a baby inside her, but not if the object was her satisfaction.. I think she was well satisfied.

I know that I was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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