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Group Sex

“Of course I can, Aunty May, that was beautiful; we work well together. What you did there was terrific, thank you.”

May kissed Jack then said as she took off her thong, “I couldn’t cum with the thong on, I couldn’t get a rhythm going, I’ve got the freedom to move now. You don’t need to thank me; I love to suck your big fucking cock. I love your cum; it’s my protein cocktail. Cum is good for you.”

Mum then spread her legs as her fingers spread her cunt flaps open; it was glistening then May said, “Suck my clit and lick my cunt, I need you to do that for me. If you make me cum then you can fuck me; I feel so good with you.”

Jack then went down on May; her clit was huge and very suckable; Jack slowly and gently started to finger fuck with two fingers, May was gripping his fingers with her powerful cunt muscles. May was purring with pleasure as he sucked her clit; her pussy was so wet, Jack was sure that May had had a couple of small orgasms. Then May said, “Jack, I love what you’re doing to me; this is the best oral that I’ve ever had in my life. The best previous to this was from a girlfriend when I was a teenager. She was excellent too. For a man, you’re unbelievably good. The majority of men don’t know how to give a woman oral. You’re going to make me cum, that’s for sure.”

This intrigued Jack as he knew that May and his mum were very close. Jack said, “I want to make you cum; I want you to cum in my mouth. I want that so much. What was mum like when she was a teenager?”

May grinned then said, “We both were not angels; when we went to University, all of us were on the pill; we all enjoyed sex. Your mum was the best looking of all my girlfriends. She wasn’t an easy lay; she was very particular with whom she dated. Then she met your dad; he was a doctor with a great practice. He came from a good family. I was the head bridesmaid; it was a great wedding. When you were born, Jill was over the moon. She doted on you. Your sister was well looked after, but she didn’t get the attention that Jill gave you. Do you ever see your sister?”

Jack stopped sucking May’s clit but continued to finger fuck her; he replied, “I’ve never got on with my sister; she’s very selfish. I can’t stand her husband. I wasn’t invited to the wedding. It was a tiny affair, mum and dad were there, my sister and her husband, his mother and an aunt, that was it. My father spends time with her, but mum hardly speaks to her. Her husband is a pain in the arse; he thinks he’s wonderful; I believe that they can’t have children; they are both very selfish.”

“Jill doesn’t like the husband at all. Alex and I sent them a beautiful wedding present; we didn’t even get a thank you letter. They seem to be an odd couple. Jack, don’t stop; I’m very close; it feels so good.”

May was now riding Jack’s mouth; she was pushing firmly against it, then Jack’s mouth was flooded with her warm cum; it tasted delicious. It was a powerful orgasm; Jack kept sucking until May had composed herself. Then they cum kissed for several minutes; the kisses were tender and loving; they kissed like lovers. Then May said, “That was the best oral I’ve ever had; you did it so well. I’m glad that we’ve both cum in the other’s mouth. I want you to love me now, give me the best sex I’ve ever had by loving me. Let us make this sivas escort a special moment for both of us.”

They then kissed, May was in the missionary position, her legs spread wide, Jack placed his bulbous head in the middle of her long sex slit, with a gentle push he glided inside her, she took the full length then said, “Jack, the head of your cock is hitting my cervix, that’s never happened before in my life. It feels wonderful, now nice and easy until we get used to this.”

Jack’s movements were very athletic; he was doing everything he could to make this memorable. May loved it; she had a contented look on her face. Jack started to stroke May’s clit, May’s face lit up when he started this, May said, “My clit loves you, darling, you know exactly how to treat it.”

Five minutes later, they both climaxed within seconds of each other. They then lay in bed, kissing, touching and talking; then May said, “Fuck, it’s four-thirty; Alex will be home in half an hour, we must shower, or he’ll smell the sex of us both. I loved that today, Alex’s in London for two days, he is on the six o’clock plane tomorrow morning. When he leaves, I will come to your bedroom. Let’s shower now.”

In the shower, Jack said, “When will Alex go to bed tonight?”

“It will be early as he will have to be up at four-thirty to get to the Airport in time for his early flight. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

She tongue kissed him after she said that. Jack said, “After dinner, I’ll come up here and study. Message me when he goes to bed. I am sure that I can give you some hot cum later.”

“I’d love that Jack, I’ll be doing some ironing; I’ll only wear my dressing gown; you can visit me to see how I’m doing and maybe get me excited for later. You make me so fucking horny.”

May went downstairs. Jack went to his room and studied; he heard Alex come home just before five. May called him for dinner just after six; Alex had a large whisky with his meal; he drank a lot of whisky. Jack didn’t feel any guilt at all after having fucked his wife this afternoon. He had given May a lot of pleasure; she had given him a lot of pleasure too. After dinner, Jack wished Alex a successful trip and looked forward to seeing him on Thursday. Alex thanked him and told Jack he would have another whisky then go to his bed. May wished Jack a good night, then said, “I have a lot of ironing to do.”

Jack went to his room, his phone beeped, he thought it was from May, but it was from mum. Jack’s twenty-first was in July; mum had wanted to give him a watch. Jack had wanted a Rolex Submariner. Mum’s Cruise was docking in Gibraltar; mum had said that she would buy it there, as the prices were so much better. Mum sent a couple of pictures of the watch and wrote, “Darling, I’ve got it for you, it’s gorgeous. It came in a beautiful presentation box. I did want to have that in my luggage, so I got a large envelope in the shop. I bought the watch, then walked over the border into Spain, found a Post Office, and posted the box to you. I’ll smuggle your watch into the country. It differs from the way the Customs treat Cruise passengers. It’s not like arriving by air.”

“I did this alone today; your father couldn’t be arsed going with me into Gibraltar; he stayed on the ship playing sivas escort bayan Bridge. That’s how he spends his days, plays Bridge all day, then drinks in the evening. When we get back to Southampton, your father wants to visit his sister in Dorset for a few days. I have told him that I don’t want to go with him. The Internet is amazing; I’ve booked a flight home for myself from Southampton. I’ll be arriving at six in the evening at the Airport. I would love it if you could pick me up. This is not a good holiday. I swim and exercise in the onboard gym; I’m getting very fit. I am eating well and getting an excellent tan. Your father and I have dinner in the evening together, but we don’t sit together. We sit at the same table so we can mingle and talk with the other guests. I enjoy the evenings; I can dress and make myself look good. I can hardly speak with him now; we have nothing to talk about. I’m seriously considering separation from your father, I’m sure that he wants to divorce me, but he can’t afford that.”

“It’s a dreadful situation; the family house will be sold. It is registered in my name as my father bought it for me. I am going to live in Aunt Jo’s apartment. I am so glad that I didn’t sell that when she died. Jack, I would love it if you came and lived with me there. Your father will live with your sister and her lovely husband; they’ll all get on well, I sure. I hope all is good with you. Send my kindest regards to May and Alex. Tell May that Harry Grey is the ship’s doctor. They studied medicine together. In the restaurant, we dine with a senior crew officer who joins us for dinner. We had the Captain yesterday. Harry has eaten twice with us. He now sees what an arse your father is. I am for so much bad news, but this nettle must be grasped. Let me know if you can collect me at the Airport. I love you, mum, xx.”

Jack replied immediately, saying that he was sorry to read mum’s message, but she was doing the right thing. He would be at the Airport, and he would love to stay at Aunt Jo’s apartment with her. He also asked her to write and keep him posted on what was happening. Jack then started to study. It was just after nine when Jack’s phone beeped; the message from May read, “I’m in the kitchen.”

Jack was naked; he put on a towelling dressing gown and went downstairs. May was putting some plates back in the cupboard; she was only wearing a dressing gown. Jack went behind her; he moved her hair to the side and started kissing the nape of her neck. Then May said, “I love that. You’re making me wet. Alex is sleeping; I’ve looked after him. He was playing with my tits; I gave him a lovely hand job. He won’t disturb us. He wants to fuck me at the weekend. Do you want to fuck me now? I’ll bend over the kitchen table for you.”

They both undid their dressing gowns and put them on a kitchen chair. May closed the kitchen door then bent over the kitchen table; her ass was pushed up and back. She wanted it doggy style. Her pussy was very wet. Jack’s stiff cock glided fully up her on the first push. Mum loved it; Jack was kissing May on the nape of her neck again; this time, they were both bent over, May said, “Keep kissing me there; I love it. Jack, your cock feels wonderful; I love it when you hit my cervix.”

Then Jack escort sivas felt one of May’s fingernails rubbing against his cock; May rubbed her clit as Jack fucked her. Jack didn’t say anything; he just started to pound her pussy harder and faster. May was gripping him on every thrust; five minutes later, they both climaxed simultaneously. May was trembling with her orgasm. When she had composed herself, Jack turned her around; they kissed passionately for several minutes, then May said, “That was wonderful, Jack, would you like a glass of wine with me?”

Jack said he would love that. May then poured the wine. They sat in the kitchen; May suggested putting on their dressing gowns just in case Alex appeared. May took some kitchen roll and wiped the cum that was dripping out of her wet cunt. She then knelt in front of Jack; she was licking his cock clean. As May was licking Jack’s balls, Jack told her about his watch and mum not being happy. May listened intently then said, “Jack, I know that this is private, could I read your mum’s message. I know her well enough to be able to read between the lines. That’s a big thing for her to have written that to you.”

Jack brought his smartphone out of his dressing gown pocket; he opened the WhatsApp message and gave it to May. May read it thoroughly then said, “What a small world, Harry’s the ships doctor. I had heard that he was working on ships. I think that he’s been married four times. Jack, on a serious note, your mum is reaching out to you. You are all she has got; she’s fifty-two now, she’s still a beautiful woman. Jack, I’ve known that things were not good with your mum and dad for a long time. Your dad has been having an affair with his Practice Manageress for the last six years. Your mum stayed with him because of you. Jack, I’ll be honest with you, your mum and I have been lovers since our teens. Up until you gave me oral, your mum had given me the best before. For the last five years, your mum and I meet twice a week for sex; we have beautiful sex together. You can help your mum a lot here, but I must tell you that it may involve having sex with her. How do you feel about that?”

Jack sighed then said, “I love my mum; if I can do anything to help her, then I’ll do it willing. I won’t have sex with her; I’ll make love to her.”

May hugged then kissed Jack, then said, “I’ll help you compose a message to her. The message that you sent was excellent; you told her you would be there for her. She needs now reassurance; her confidence has taken a big knock. She didn’t do it six years ago because of you. She’s doing it now, and she needs you to be there for her. I know how your mum’s mind works; let’s compose the message.”

An hour later, Jack sent mum the message; it was relatively short, but May had put a lot of thought into it; it read, “Hi mum, I’ve been thinking about you, you must stay strong. You are standing alone, but I’m standing beside you. I’m happy you are doing all the things that you’re doing. That keeps your mind clear. There must be a beauty salon on board. Go to it have yourself pampered. Every night at dinner, dress beautifully; in fact, send me some pictures; I would love to see them. I would love to see your tan too. I told May about you meeting Harry; she asked me to ask you if he’s still chasing pussy? May also told me the story when you were all at a party. Harry had taken a girl into the bedroom. Then you heard his voice saying ‘I’m there. Then a girl’s voice saying, ‘Then take my fucking tights off first’. I laughed so much when she told me. Please write soon. I love you, Jack xx.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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