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Our two families were friends from before I was born. Our Dads were buddies from the time they were kids and their wives seemed to get along great. Each family had three kids. I was the oldest in mine so we were boy, girl, boy. DiDi was the oldest in hers, which went girl, boy, girl. DiDi, real name Diane, was three weeks older than me. From what I’ve heard, we often shared a crib together as infants and were always paired off as the two families got together. And we got together a lot. We even took summer vacations together. I guess our younger siblings paired off, too; each time boy-girl. But I never paid much attention to them except when DiDi and I were forced to baby sit them.

I was always bigger and stronger, DiDi was always smarter — well, that’s not right, we both did well at school. As I think about it, I guess she was more of the leader, the one that came up with ideas.

Anyway, this year we’re both eighteen, both have graduated from high school. Our families are going back to the same place we’ve been to for several years. Except last year. I’m not sure why but we didn’t vacation together last year. In fact I haven’t seen DiDi for more than a year. We’re spending a month at this farm house. Used to be a real farm house. Now it’s rented out to people like us, I guess. It has a small lake, or big pond, right there. Good for swimming. It also has an old barn, although it’s not used for much now. Perhaps as a garage sometimes. The three boys get one bedroom, the three girls another one and the parents each get a bedroom. The girls have a bathroom, the boys have one and each of the parents bedrooms has one. It has a big porch and I remember our mothers sitting out there a lot, relaxing and talking, rid of us kids, who are most likely swimming or hiking through the scraggly woods. Our Dads commute from town for two weeks then spend two weeks with us.

So, this year, my family gets there first. We’re all unpacked and sorted out by the time the other family arrives. My Mom calls me to help unpack the others. I’m in my bathing suit. I have to admit, I’m showing off a little. I’m built. I’ve played football and basketball and I’m in good shape. I’ve grown the last couple years and am now six foot one. The last time we were all together, I was probably four or five inches shorter and 30 pounds lighter. So I go outside, off the front porch to their car.

DiDi gets out. She’s wearing shorts — short, tight, shorts — and a halter top. She’s grown a lot, too. She could be a Playboy centerfold. Really built. Real breasts. I mean, noticeable breasts. Great legs. Solid, round butt. And cuter than ever. I started to get a hard on just looking at her.

“Hi, Mike,” she says, smiling and moving fast towards me.

“DiDi,” I say, “Wow, you’re gorgeous!”

She smiles even more and comes to me and puts her hand on my stomach and sort of rubs it and then slides it up onto my chest. “You’re pretty gorgeous yourself,” she says, “You must work out.”

I don’t know what to do. I’ve got a full boner and it shows when you’re just in a bathing suit — boxer type suit. “I’m really glad to see you,”I say. Then quickly, “I better help carry in your luggage.” Truth is, I needed to hold something in front of me to hide this hard-on. I managed to get a couple bags with DiDi sort of following me, still touching me, almost rubbing my bare chest and then my back.

“I’ve been looking forward to seeing you again, Mike,” she says. “It’s been a while.”

As I hide my embarrassment with a suitcase, we talk and agree that as soon as she changes, we’ll meet down at the lake. Meanwhile, our Moms and Dads are all talking to one another and our brothers and sisters are all talking to one another. DiDi follows me into the house as I carry the bags upstairs and put them in the right rooms. She grinning real big and I’m pretty sure she’s seen my boner. I just can’t manage to hide it.

“See you in a minute down at the lake,” she says as she starts into her room. She reaches behind her to untie her halter top and I’m almost positive I manage to get a glimpse of the side of a bare breast as she went into the room. If it was possible, my boner got bigger and harder.

I got a big beach towel and held it in front of me as I went down to the beach. Well, it’s not a beach. It’s a clear dirt area that’s on the edge of the little lake. There’s a float about 50 yards out. I lay down my towel and go into the water deep enough to hide my erection. In no time the four younger kids come running down noisily, paired as DiDi and I are, boy and girl. One pair is now 16, one 14. I thought to myself that this is close to the last year they can be buddies like DiDi and I always were. But I know that we can never be the same again. I don’t know what’s going to happen but it isn’t going to be like it used to be.

Then here she comes, running. She has on the briefest bathing suit the law must allow and is almost popping out of it all over. Her breasts are bouncing. The bottom is moving with casino şirketleri every step and I’m sure I’m seeing some pubic hair with each movement. God, she’s the most gorgeous female I’ve ever seen. We both have dark hair and brown eyes but her skin is close to white; often pink as she gets excited or worked up. I’m slightly darker. Not really dark at all but just not as white as her. She drops her towel and continues to run right into the water, right at me. She starts taking high steps, leaping slightly through the shallow water, and when she gets a few feet away she leaps onto me, knocking me over.

We’ve always played in the water, pushing each other under, almost wrestling. So, I roll under her and reach around and grab her. She twists and has hold of my bathing suit. Then I realize two things. One, she’s about to pull my bathing suit off and, two, I have one hand holding onto one of her full, lovely breasts. I let go and grab my suit to make sure it stays on. She laughs and pushes in deeper and starts to swim to the float. I catch up just as she gets there. We’re in the water, facing one another, holding on to the float with one hand. She looks at me and laughs lightly and puts one hand on my waist.

“I almost had you,” she says, smiling.

“Yeah, well I would have had you except you were pulling my bathing suit off,” I reply.

“Well, I haven’t seen you naked for a couple years,” she replies, grinning even bigger.

I look at her for a moment and swallow, trying to get up nerve. “DiDi, you’ve always been my buddy, my best friend. My best girl friend, anyway. But I think it’s all changed. We’re too grown up. You’re a very sexy girl now.”

“Well, I’m glad you think so but so what? “

“Well, uh, ” I stumbled, looking at her and trying to think what to say. “Do you ever think of sex? “

“Yeah,” she says, still grinning.

“I mean male-female sex, sex between people.”

“Well, yeah. A lot.”

“Me, too. Almost all the time. I watch things on the Internet.”

“Me too. I’ve seen guys and girls doing just about everything they can with each other and I read stories about it, too.”

“Well, doesn’t it make you sort of, uh, want to do stuff like that yourself?”

“Certainly. Yeah.”

“Well, have you? I mean have you, uh, fucked a guy?”

“No but I sure want to. How about you? Have you ever done it with a girl?”

“No. I don’t know why. I want to but I think maybe I’m scared a little. I mean, I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to mess up.”

“Yeah, me too. It would be embarrassing.”

“But see, that’s what’s wrong now. I can’t just be a buddy I don’t think. When I look at you I think of sex. I mean, I’d rather be naked with you somewhere, in a bed or up in the hay loft maybe, than down here just being a buddy.”

She looks at me a moment and I wonder if I had just lost a friend. We’d known each other our whole lives and I thought I could say almost anything to her but maybe I went too far this time. “Yeah,” she says, still grinning. “We can learn from each other. The hay loft sounds about right. Bring your towel,” she adds as she turns and starts swimming to the shore.

She scoops up her towel and runs towards the barn. After a delay caused by shock, I go after her, get my towel and run, too. The hay loft doesn’t have any hay. The barn hasn’t been part of a real farm for years. It’s just a partial second story, a bare floor. I climb the ladder built into the barn and watch her solid, round butt move as she climbs ahead of me. She looks around and goes over to one side and puts her towel down, spread out. I put mine next to hers. We look at one another and she steps to me, puts her arms around me and the next thing we’re holding each other and kissing. I’d never kissed a girl exactly like this. Her lips move some and then her tongue shoves itself into my mouth. So I do the same to her. It’s almost like sex already, just kissing.

“Mike, you’re really good,” she said as she steps back, keeping both arms on my waist. “Well, she then says, looking me directly, “I guess we might as well get naked, huh?” She reaches behind her and unfastens her bra and those beautiful, pink, full breasts almost explode out, free and loose. Big, dark red, sort of maroon, nipples are staring at me. I think I just stared back. “You too, Mike.” She then starts pulling her bathing suit bottom down, bending over and stepping out of it. I quickly do the same and my huge boner jumps out, stiff and straight. “

“I’ve never seen a guy naked before,” she says. “Never seen a real live penis. Can I touch it?”

“Uh, sure DiDi, whatever you want.” She steps close to me again and puts her hand on the side of my cock and sort of strokes it a little, then wraps her fingers around it.

She’s looking at it and then looks me in the face as she holds it. “Wow,” she says. “It’s pretty big, isn’t it. And sort of alive or something.” Then she backs up some and sort of pulls me by my cock towards the casino firmaları towels. She lets go and lays down on her towel so I lay on mine, facing her and we’re hugging each other and kissing again. I feel her breasts against me. I run my h ands down her back onto her butt. Boy, it feels great. Solid but with some give to it. I can feel my cock pushing into her abdomen. She ‘s doing the same to me, feeling my butt and licking the inside of my mouth. Her whole bottom starts squirming against me. I think she’s rubbing her body against my cock.

She stops kissing, keeping her arms around me but pulling her face back. “Mike, I love the feel of your penis, I want to really check it out. I’ve never had a chance to see a real live penis up close. Is that o.k.?”

“Sure,” I answer, rolling onto my back, “Go ahead. Later I want to do the same to you.”

She grins real big and moves to sort of kneel next to my hips. She gets a hand around my still very erect cock and bends over to look at it more closely. She moves her hand on it. “Gee, the skin slides or moves, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, that’s pretty much how I jack off. Like you’re doing.”

She grins some more and keeps her hand grasping me and slides it up and down a little.

“Keep that up and sooner or later you’ll see me shoot off some cum.”

She looks at me and grins real big but keeps her hand moving. Then she puts her other hand down between my legs and feels my balls.

“This is your scrotum, isn’t it, and your testicles?” “Yeah,” I say.

She actually lets go of everything and moves, pushing my legs apart some and climbing between them. She gets her hand around my balls again and starts feeling them. “This is interesting,” she says. “Does some of this feel sexier than others?”

“DiDi, almost anything you do is sexy. Just looking at you is sexy. But, sure, feeling my balls arouses me some. That’s where the sperm comes from. But my cock is really the main guy, the place I’ll feel sexiest as you handle it.”

She gets her hand around my cock again and starts sliding up and down. “Like this?”

“Yeah, you can do anything and it’ll be sexy. I think that moving your hand like that. grasping me tight and going up and down, sort of fakes what it might be like to have my cock inside you and moving back and forth.”

“A finger in me is really noticeable. So having something as big as this in there must really hurt. I can hardly believe this goes inside me.”

“Well I hope it does some time. Mine is pretty decent but there are some even bigger and guys have been fitting them in girls for thousands of years. So it must all work some way.”

“I’ve seen lots of pictures and videos of girls taking one in their mouth. I guess they suck on it and lick it. They always look as if they like it.” she says, jerking away and staring at my cock.

“So have I. But I’ve never experienced it. You keep doing what you’re doing and I’m going to cum pretty soon. If I was in your mouth, I’d cum there. But do whatever you want, whatever you feel like.”

She was feeling my balls with one hand, jerking me off with the other. She stares at my cock for awhile. I’m sure it’s getting all red. Then she leans down some and put her lips on the end of it and licks a little with her tongue. I can feel my balls about to burst.

“I’m gonna cum” I say as quickly as I can and then I did. I know some went into her mouth, some was on her lips. She jerked her head back. She had some on her cheek, then it started landing on my thigh.

“Keep jerking till I stop,” I say and she does. She’s grinning real big and watching it shoot out. Then it slows down and comes in little shots, landing on her hand and arm. “I’m done,” I say. “You can stop.”

“Wow,” she says, “That’s really something. You really shoot it out. And a lot of it. I never realized it shot out like that.” She’s sitting back , her butt about on her calves. She’s got cum on her face, her breasts, her legs, her hands and arms, and I’ve got it on me, too.

“How did it taste?” I ask. She grins and looks at me then puts her hand up to her mouth and licks it. “It’s not bad and it’s sure sexy.” She licks some more and grins some more. “Did you like that. Was it good? Did I do o.k.?”

“DiDi it was great. You couldn’t have done better. You’ve now done what’s called, I think, a hand job. As good looking as you are, as sexy as you are, anything that shows you’re interested is great.”

“Next time, I think I’d like to try sucking on it. Find out what’s that like and how to do it.”

I sit up and get the end of my towel and start wiping the cum off me. Then I kneel and use my towel to start wiping the cum off her. “Now it’s my turn. Can you lay back on your towel and let me find out what I can about your body?”

“DiDi, you are the best looking girl I’ve ever seen, you have a perfect body,” I tell her as I half lay on her and kiss her. As we kiss, I start moving my hands over her body, ending up at her breast. güvenilir casino As I feel it, hold it, caress it, I end the kiss and kiss her neck, then her shoulder and then the breast I’m holding. I get my lips around the nipple and suck while I move a hand to her other breast. She’s on her back so her breasts have flattened out some but they’re still really great shapes, soft but with lots of firmness and substance behind them. I’ve never even seen a breast before and I’m not sure what all to do but I sure love getting at them and finding out all I can. I move my mouth to the other breast and realize the shape of the nipple I’ve been sucking on is different that the one I just got to. I keep one hand on the breast I just left as I suck the new one and I slowly lower my hand down over her body to get to her pussy.

She’s moaning, making small noises. I feel the rough hair and move my fingers through it, lower, until I find some shape. I don’t know what I expected but as I felt around, there was no hole. No opening. There’s got to be a way into her. Her moans are louder and I can feel her spread her legs more and as she does I can feel some moisture with my fingers. As I feel it and rub it my fingers move more and more into some folds of skin. I keep rubbing and pushing and soon a finger moves on in, I was inside her. I keep sucking her nipple and push my finger further in. It’s surrounded by moist flesh, warmth. I feel around with it. Her hips move a little.

I had sort of half planned to kiss all over her body somehow but now that I had found it, I just wanted at her pussy. I moved my mouth and face from her breast, climbed over her one leg to get between her legs and skidded back some, all the time with my finger in her. I leaned way down to try and see what I was fingering.

“DiDi, I can’t get to you. It’s too far down between your legs. Can you do something to let me get at you?”

She did what I realized I had seen on the internet. She spread her legs even more and moved her knees up towards her shoulders and her whole hairy area moved up until I could see where my finger was in her. She had a lot of hair but it was almost all up above where her real pussy was. Some hair running down each side. I got my other hand there and used both hands to sort of pull her lips more open. It”s all pink and shiny and wet inside. I lean in and shove my tongue into her as far as I can and move it to lick around. Her moans are quicker and louder. I had read somewhere about doing the alphabet with your tongue so I tried that as a means of licking everywhere inside her.

“Mike, my clit is up here,” I heard her say and then realized she had her hand down and her finger higher up on her lips. I licked up to her fingers and licked where she had just had them.

“Yeah, yeah, like that,” she said.

As I licked, I could feel the little shape was actually growing or changing some so I licked harder on it. I also pushed two fingers up inside her, right under my chin. As I licked on her clit, I moved my fingers in her, feeling around and sliding partly out and then back in again. As her clit got big enough, I got my lips on it and pulled on it a little, sucking at the same time. She almost screamed. I was afraid everyone in our families would come running, hunting for whatever was wrong.

“DiDi,” I say. moving a fraction of an inch from her clit, “You can’t be so loud, everyone will hear you.” Then I lick her some more and move my fingers in her. Her hips start really jerking and I can hear her, sounding as if she has her hand in her mouth to muffle herself. Then her hips really lift up and sort of hold there as if she’s gone stiff and then I feel a lot of wetness on my fingers. I pull them out and move my mouth down to sort of suck her whole pussy. I’m getting a small flood. My lips and chin are all wet, I’m tasting something I’ve never tasted before. Not bad. Tastes pretty much like her whole pussy had tasted earlier. I’ll always just think of it as the taste of sex. Then her whole body relaxes, almost goes limp. I sit back on my legs and look at her. She’s smiling. Sort of tired looking but smiling.

“Fuck me,” she says. “Get it in me. I’ve never wanted anything so much before in my life.”

“I don’t have any condoms.”

“Don’t argue, just fuck me.” Then after a moment, “But pull out before you cum.”

Well, I wanted to anyway, so I edged forward and started aiming my cock at her pussy. Her legs were still way up and back. Her hand came down and actually helped aim me in. It was difficult. Tight. I wasn’t sure I could fit. I pushed and got a little in and thought the tightness was going to pull my foreskin off.

“Go ahead,” she says, “Do it, finish it,”

I pushed some more. I was definitely hitting something. It was like I had bottomed out and yet less than half of my cock was in her. Her legs came around me, onto my butt.

“Fuck me, do it” she says, using her legs to try and pull me into her. I use my leg muscles to really give my butt a push and it’s like I broke through something and all of a sudden I was in her all the way. My body was up against her pubic hair. She gave out a long “arrrgh” or some such noise.

“Oh, Mike, you just fill me. I’ve never felt anything like this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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