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Alice Chater

This story is for adults. It is also for all different types of people. Enjoy!

This is a continuation of the story of my eighteenth birthday.

I woke early the next morning (five thirty) and needless to say I felt real good. Alana was sleeping beside me, naked because lets face it, after the night we had, clothes wasn’t on our minds.

I also knew that Alana wasn’t a morning person, so I got out of the bed, making sure not to wake her up. I grabbed some clothes and headed for the shower. Before I got too far I decided to go for an early morning swim. I went back to my room, still being quiet, and got a suit.

Now to be quiet frank, the suit was rather skimpy, but at the time I bought it all I was thinking of was getting rid of my virginity. It was black with specks of purple (very little specks), the top was a bit small on me, which was the way I bought it, and the bottoms were thongs. It was the type of suit to draw attention.

I got dressed in the living room and headed out the door. It was only about ten til six so I tried to be quiet as I went down to the lake, unsure if there was anyone else renting one of the other three cabins. I stopped at the edge of the lake and looked around. Four cabins circled the lake, all private, mine being the last one. I looked to see if by chance there was anyone out and saw no one, so I stepped into the water, and surprisingly enough, it wasn’t cold. I kept walking until I was up to my thighs and then dove in. As I surfaced, I realized I had went further than I had intended to. I looked around and saw a floating dock in the middle of the water and decided to swim out to it.

When I got there I pulled myself up and lay down. I was kind of cold out of the water but it was quiet and I just laid there and started thinking about what had happened between Alana and me. I got horny, and since I was alone I started rubbing my titties and pinching my nipples, then I stuck my hand into my bottoms and started playing with my clit. I rubbed it and pinched it, wishing Alana was there so she could eat my pussy, and I was about to stick my finger in my hole when I heard water splash. I stopped dead and listened, when I felt the dock move. I opened my eyes and glanced to my right, and to my utmost horror, there sat the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen.

I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t move. He was looking at my body and he stopped at my crotch and I realized that my hand was still there, inside my bottoms and my finger was right at the opening of my pussy. I blushed. Then I decided not to be embarrassed, to give as good as I got and so I looked him over.

My Bakırköy escort eyes almost bulged out when I looked at his crotch. He was wearing these little speedo bottoms and had an erection that the could not hide. And by could not hide I mean the head was sticking out and the sides of the speedo was lifted to give a glimpse of the ridges of his dick. I started to get wet again. I just started to move my finger up and down from my clit to the top of my hole, slowly at first, then a little faster.

Since I hadn’t taken my eyes off of his dick, I saw his hand reach down and rub it through the material of the speedos, and then he reached in and started stroking it. His hand was fisted tightly around it and only his middle finger and thumb touched he was so big around. Before I could think of what I was doing I pulled my hand out of my bottoms just a bit and hooked my thumb around the top, then I lifted my other hand, which brought his attention to it, and I placed it on my breast. I rubbed my nipple until it was so hard it hurt, then I pulled the top up freeing both. While I was doing this he had kept stroking, and precum was on the head of dick. I licked my lips, wanting to taste him, but I decided to wait and see if he would make the first move.

I put my other hand at the top of my bottoms and started easing them down. He quit stroking. I glanced up to his face, and his eyes were glued to the part of my puss I had just exposed, and I lifted my ass and brought them the rest of the way down. I turned so that he had a clear view of my pussy, not in front of him, more to the side. He finally looked up at my face. I smiled, and evidently, that was all he needed to go forward. He stood up and pulled down his speedos, and his dick jumped. I stared at it for a minute, trying to guess at the length. I guessed it was at least nine in a half to ten inches.

He stepped next to me and sat down. He looked me in the eyes and smiled then brought his hand up to my titty. He squeezed and pulled and rubbed until I was about to cum, which surprised me since he hadn’t touched my pussy. He then lowered his head and I thought he was going to kiss my titty, but instead he blew on my nipple and I cummed instantly. He then raised up til he reached my neck and started kissing me there, then he was nibbling on my ear lobe.

I felt his hand skim over my stomach and knew that he was about to touch my pussy, so I spread my legs a bit further apart. I felt just the slightest touch against my clit, but nothing more. He then quit nibbling and kissing on my neck and ears, and he got between my legs. He just placed his Bakırköy escort bayan hips on mine and then started licking and biting in my nipples, first one and then the other. Then he began moving his hips making his dick slide up and down the slit of my pussy but never once going in my pussy. I was about to tell him I was a virgin when he started kissing his way down my body.

He got to my belly button and stuck his tongue in it. I had never thought that something like that would make me hot but it did. I felt my hips jerk involuntarily. He continued down, and when he put his tongue on my clit I just brought my hips up so he would know what I wanted, no I needed. And oh did he know. Now Alana was good at eating pussy, but let me tell you, he just dove in and I cummed all over his face, and when he stuck his tongue in my pussy I cummed again. I just kept cumming.

I felt him lift up and glanced at him. He had sat down between my legs with his eyes shut tight and I realized he was trying to get control. Well, I lifted up and pulled my legs up in under me, and reached out and touched his chest. His eyes popped open and I smiled at him. I pushed and he seemed to know what I wanted, and laid back. I raised above him and let him stretch his legs out between my legs. I crawled upwards, letting my breast brush against his legs, and stopped once my face was above his dick.
I had never gave head before so I went on pure instinct. I stuck my tongue out and licked the head of his dick, and then I licked the length of his dick. I lifted him with my hand and kept licking and kissing his rock hard dick. I started stroking as I was licking and he began moving his hips. I kissed his stomach and kept stroking him. I lifted up, until I was kneeling straight over him with my pussy over his dick. I stopped stroking and sat down so my pussy could glide over the length of his dick. I kept this up until I cummed, then I moved back down, and lifted his dick with my hand and put my lips over the head.

I took as much as I could in my mouth, and started bobbing my head up and down. I tasted a bit of cum and started going fast taking in a little bit more as I went down each time. Finally I felt him thrust and hit the back of my throat, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he cummed, so I sucked as hard as I could and went as fast as I could. He grabbed a hold of my hair, and thrust against my mouth one last time, and I felt his dick spasm and then the sperm hit the back of my throat. I sucked for all I was worth and swallowed as fast as I could, but still some came out the side of my mouth.

When I escort Bakırköy didn’t feel his dick throbbing anymore, I gave him one last suck and then removed my mouth. I looked at him and he had this satisfied look on his face. I lifted up off of him and sat down beside him, looked for my bottoms and once I got them, instead of putting them on, I took the top off. I glanced back at him and noticed that he had also grabbed his speedos, but hadn’t moved to put them on.

“My name’s Keri,” I told him, smiling.

“And mine is Tristan.” He said this as he lifted up.

“Nice meeting you,” I laughed as soon as I said that. I realized then that I wanted this guy to be the one to take my virginity and so I asked, “Do you want to come back to the cabin with me?”

“Sure,” he said and laughed.

We both stood up and I pointed towards my cabin. I dove in, keeping a tight hold on to my suit, and knew he had followed. I swam just thinking of all the fun we were going to have, and before I knew it, we were at the bank.

“Well, Tristan, I feel think I need to tell you a little bit of stuff before we go in.” I told him.

“OK” he said, “as long as your not going to tell me you are married, we are fine.”

“Nope, I’m not married. Actually I am only eighteen, just turned eighteen yesterday.” I smiled at him, because I was remembering the night before.

“Well happy belated birthday.”

“Thank you.” I said. “But what I need to tell you is probably going to be a bit unbelievable, considering what we just did. I’m a virgin.”

“Well, that is a bit unbelievable, but since you’re the one saying it and it’s your body, I believe you.” He told me.

“The only other thing is that there is someone else in the house, but it’s a she not a he. And frankly she is the only other person I have been with, which only happened last night. And she is also a virgin.” I told him.

“Oh my, I think I died last night and went to heaven.” He smiled and reached for me.

“Well then you won’t object to playing with both of us? Because I want to feel you inside me, but I won’t do anything without her.” I knew he wouldn’t say no, because most men want two women.

“No objections here.”

“Well then lets go.”

I walked into the house and asked him to stay in the living room. I didn’t want to frighten Alana. So I went to the bedroom and she was still asleep. I sat down on the bed beside her and started rubbing her titties and she arched up, so I bent my head and licked her nipples. I put my hand between her thighs and started to rub her clit, until she opened her eyes and moaned.

“Well it’s about time. While you were sleeping, I found us a plaything. And he is sitting totally naked in our living room right now.”

“Then what are we doing in here?” she got off the bed and pulled me up.

“LET’S GO” we said in unison and ran to the living room.

To be continued……

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