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AUTHOR’S NOTE: When I first wrote about Timmy and his buddies Owen and Derrick, I figured it was a one-shot. Now, I seem to have a bit more of the story to tell. Since they have come back into my mind with some new stories, here we go.


I really do have the best buddies in the world. I don’t know what I’d do without them. My Chemistry class was really hard this semester, and if it weren’t for them making sure I really buckled down and studied, I’m sure I would have been flunking. Thanks to them, I was currently pulling a B. Sure, it was on the low side, but it was still a B. But my homework was all done, and I was coloring in an adult coloring book they had gotten me. I liked being able to make the naked men any color I wanted.

“Why did you make his dick all red?” Derrick said, looking over my shoulder.

“He’s been fucking me so much his dick is sore. But I feel really good getting fucked a lot.” I said looking up to him with a smile.

“You just can’t get enough cock in your ass can you, sport?” Derrick wrapped his arm around my chest and squeezed.

“Nope!” I answered enthusiastically.

“One of these days you’re going to get so much cock that you’re going to tell a man not to put it in.” Owen teased me from where he was working on dinner.

“Never going to happen.” I shot back. We all laughed.

Dinner was good. It was surprising how good Owen was at cooking, and how much he liked it. He said it was because he grew up having to do a lot of cooking for his single mother and three sisters.

Derrick looked at me as we were eating. “You know Owen and I are going back home after classes tomorrow. Josh will be babysitting you. You know we expect you to be a good boy for him.”

I looked at him earnestly. “I know, I will be. But I’m going to miss you, a whole-whole lot.”

“I have a family wedding to go to, and everyone will want to see my boyfriend, plus Derrick’s family is there too. But we’ll be back Sunday, so it won’t be long.” Owen reached from my ear and stroked it. I tilted my head towards his hand. I got fucked good that night.

When I got home after my classes that day, they were already there, and were just putting the last of their luggage into the car. I got out of my clothes and they both kissed me on my cheeks and fondled my balls. We sat down at the kitchen table and talked while I got to sip my juice. There was a knock at the door, and we all got up as Owen opened it and hugged Josh.

Josh is very cute. He’s shorter than Owen or Derrick, even shorter than me. But he’s tight, he has nice muscles, and a beard that is a little thick. With his blond hair, it’s very sexy. You can see his pecs under his shirt, but they always seem to be a little hidden. If you watch, you can tell he’s got great muscles, but since he’s so compact, you have to really pay attention to see them.

“Timmy’s promised to be a good boy. Right Timmy?” Owen said, and they all looked at me.

“I promise.” I said back.

“You know how to make a real promise.” Derrick looked at me meaningfully.

“Yes, Derrick I do.” I grabbed by cock and balls in my right hand and held them tight. “I really promise to be a very good boy.”

They all smiled. Josh gave me a hug, and I could feel his warm body. Derrick and Owen each gave me a hug, said good-bye and headed out. Josh and I looked at each other. Josh was a quiet man, but he gave me a nice smile. “We’re going to have a great time. Let’s go sit down.”

“OK, Josh.” We went into the living room, Josh put his arm over my shoulders. We get go the couch he pulled me close to him. It was a little weird for me, but I knew Josh was a nice guy.

“I know you’re going to miss them, but it’s alright, I’ll be here with you.” Josh gave me a little squeeze. “We might even have some fun. You like to have fun, don’t you?” Josh reached for my cock and stroked it. That felt good.

“I do like to have fun. That feels really nice.” It had been hard watching Derrick and Owen leave, but I really did like Josh.

“Want to do it yourself?” Josh asked letting his fingers release a little.

I didn’t get to play with my dick a lot. I was only supposed to when Owen or Derrick let me. But Josh was babysitting me, so he could let me. “You mean I can?”

“Sure, I want to watch you.” Josh moved my hand to my cock. I wrapped my hand around my pole and started to move up and own. My other hand came up and felt my balls. Josh moved me so we are sort of facing each other on the couch. It felt so Ankara bayan escort good. It’s nice when someone else handles your stuff, but it was so rare I could play with myself. I ran a finger over my cockhead, I was already leaking precum. The liquid made it easier to jerk off. I gripped tighter, and went faster. The hand on my balls came up and I sucked my fingers a bit, then shoved them in my ass. I like having things in my ass.

Josh was running his hands on my bare legs. He felt warm, and I enjoyed the intense look he gave me. He smiled again when I put my fingers in my ass. “It feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah.” My hand was going even faster now.

“Almost there? Ready to show me your cum?” Josh squeezed my legs a little.

“Yeah.” I really was close. I went even faster. “Just about…arrgghh!” I came, spurts hitting my chest and abs. I kept pumping a few times before I stopped. I took a deep breath.

“That was so nice, you’re a good boy.” Josh said to me.

“Thank you Josh. I want to be a good boy.” I said back.

“What are you supposed to do with your cummies?” He dipped a finger in my cum and brought it up to my lips. I sucked his finger and got all my goo off.

“I clean it up.” I started to scoop my cum and and eat it.

When I finished Josh said “Very good boy. Do you want some ice cream?”

“Ice cream? Really? But we haven’t had dinner yet?” I couldn’t believe it.

“It will be fun. Promise you will still eat your dinner?” Josh said to me.

“I promise.” I gave Josh a big hug. We went into the kitchen and got bowls of ice cream. Chocolate, my favorite. We ate it in the living room (I never got to eat in the living room). He took the bowls back.

“You’re getting hard again.” Josh said when he came back. He was right. I wasn’t at full mast, but I was getting hard. He said down next to me and pulled on my cock a little. “Want to jerk off again?”

“Again? Really?” My cock got harder as I asked, well his stroking helped.

“Yeah. I want to see if you can do it again. Think you can do it?” Josh asked me.

“I can do it. You’ll see, I’ll do good.” I put my hand on my cock and began to stroke again. I was getting harder thinking I was going to get to jerk off again.

It’s a bit different the second time so soon. It was still exciting. Not only was I getting to play with myself, but I was being good by doing what I was told. I put a good squeeze on my balls, almost hurting them. I let go and used both hands on my cock.

“You do have a nice big one there, don’t you?” Josh asked.

“I guess. I don’t get to use it a whole lot. I like getting fucked too much. Derrick and Owen say I’m supposed to use my ass more than my prick.” I sucked on my fingers and put them in my ass, widening my legs a bit as I did.

“Want to see mine?” Josh reached and felt his package.

“I’ve seen yours, silly. You’ve fucked me before.” I laughed at him.

“I know, but it will show you want you will be getting some of later.” Josh opened up his pants and brought his big dick out. He was somewhat hard, and he even stroked himself a little.

Seeing his dick turned me on even more. “It’s so pretty.”

“Pretty? You like it?” Josh moved the tip of his index finger along the length of his penis.

“Yeah, and I like it when you fuck me. That makes me feel real good.” I was beating my meat faster thinking of when he would fuck me.

“Faster, boy. Go faster.” Josh urged me on.

“Yeah Josh.” I did go faster, I wanted to make him happy with me. I was getting closer. I could tell Josh was pleased, and I didn’t want to let him down. I really started to concentrate on cumming, I need to shoot. I groaned.

“Come on. You can do it.” Josh whispered to me.

“Yyyessssss…” I came again. I leaned back, needing to catch my breath.

“Oh, what a good boy. Such a good boy.” Josh let me have a minute.

When I got my thoughts collected, I ate my cum directly off my body. “So would you like pizza for dinner?” Josh wrapped me in his arms. I was amazed at how they seemed to have a hidden strength.

“Yeah, that would be great!” Jerking off, ice cream, pizza. And I knew he would fuck me. This day wasn’t turning out so bad, even if Derrick and Owen were gone.

“What do you like on it?” Josh asked, bringing out his phone.

“Pepperoni and onion.” I answered at once.

“Really? OK if that’s what you want.” Josh make the order. While he was doing that, I stroked his cock. Escort bayan Ankara I was looking forward to getting it in me. He gave me a look, but I could tell he was enjoying it.

When he hung up he didn’t stop me from feeling him. I bent over and kissed the tip of his cock.

“Now, don’t get started on that, the pizza will be here soon.” Josh put his hand through my hair.

“I can get you off before then. I’m really good.” I licked around his head.

“No, not yet. We’re going to eat first.” Josh still didn’t make a move to actually stop me. Josh had a big cock, and I like the look of it coming out of his pants. I sucked on his his dickhead a little.

“Mmmmmm.” I said, taking a bit more into my mouth. He let me suck on it for a little while before his pulled my head off. He brought my face up and kissed me.

“Enough for now. You’ll be able to do more later.” Josh brushed my lips with his. “You are such a nice looking boy.”

“You like the way I look?” He was putting his dick back into his pants. I wanted him to leave it out.

“I do. I am so glad I can spend some time with you.” Josh pulled me into a hug. “Do you want to watch a movie? How about Aladdin?”

“I love Aladdin.” I said. Josh got the remote and we started watching the movie.

When the pizza arrived, Josh got it from the delivery boy. We got to eat in the living room again, using paper plates and napkins. It was so much fun getting to watch a movie and eat pizza in the living room. It was a special treat. I even got more ice cream when we were done.

After the ice cream, I curled up next to Josh. His hand roamed over my body, and my dick was hard again.

“Well, well, whatever will we do with this?” He wiggled my cock.

“What do you want to do with it?” I asked him micheavesly.

“I don’t want to make you miss the end of the movie, how about you ride me?” Josh pulled off his shirt.

“Sure Josh.” I helped him with his pants and he lay across the sofa. I got over him and eased his cock into my ass. He was laying lengthwise on the sofa, I knelt with my knees on either side of his chest so I could turn and watch the move while I rode his cock.

“Go slow, I don’t want you to miss your movie.” Josh put his hands behind his head. He looked so sexy. I saw his chest with it’s bit of hair. He was taking good care of me, I wasn’t even feeling too bad the my buddies were gone.

Josh’s cock filled my hole, and felt the bulb at the tip going through my guts. I slowly rose up and slowly went back down. Feeling him in me was great, and I got to watch a movie at the same time. I felt him not only stretching out my asshole, but how he got so far into me. Since it was slow, and I was long-dicking myself, I could really feel it move my insides around.

Every fuck is different. This wasn’t a quickie, where the speed and motion made up so much. This was noting every little bit of movement. I could feel more than just the inches, I could feel all the parts that made up the inches. How long it took to go all the way down. Real time. I reached back and pulled my asscheeks apart, hoping to get even more of his dick in me. Not that I really could. It just made me feel better.

I wiggled a bit when he was sheathed all the way in me, giving a little groan. His eyes flicked up to me and he gave me a grin. I knew I was doing good. I could feel his pubes when I was actually all down, and I had to get up to my full height on my knees since he as so long. I loved having a big dick in me. I even liked it when I was up and the head was at my ass ring, not wanting to come out. To keep the man happy.

It was kind of nice being the one doing the fucking motions for once. I was setting the pace and doing the work. Usually I was just getting fucked at whatever rhythm the man was moving his hips, now I was doing that. I felt so grown-up.

I kept it slow as the movie ended. Josh switched off the TV and looked at me. “Want to go fast now? Make me cum?”

“Sure Josh. I can do that.” I really started to move on his cock. My legs were a little tired from the exercise, but this would be great. It took a few bounces to really get some speed, but I did it and he was making sounds so I knew he was really starting to feel it. I leaned forward and put my hands on his chest, feeling him up, all those nice muscles.

I bounced long and fast on him now, and after me doing it slow for so long, he was close, I could tell. He started to buck his hips, and we were slamming into each other Bayan escort Ankara as he fucked me. I gripped his chest. Josh had really gotten into fucking me, and it was terrific. Nice big dick, and it’s so wonderful to have it filling me up. Josh stayed quite, since he wasn’t a loud man, but he was doing some nice grunts. I really liked making him feel so good. He was babysitting me real well, I knew Derrick and Owen would be so grateful to him, and glad I was being such a good boy.

Josh grabbed my hips and controlled my last few humps as he came in me. I stayed down on him, leaning forward as he pulled me gently and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. “You are such a good boy.” Josh told me. That made me warm inside like touching him warmed me.

His dick stayed in me as it deflated, taking a bit to fall out of my hole. It’s lose gave me an empty feeling. I kissed down his chest and abs to take his cock in my mouth and clean it off. I didn’t want to let him down, and still wanted to be a good boy.

Josh ran a hand over my jawline. “Do you know what drinking games are?”

“Yeah, it’s when something happens and you have to drink some alcohol.” I put a serious look on my face. I’m not supposed to drink alcohol unless Owen or Derrick tell me I can. Josh is babysitting me, so he could tell me to drink. Would he really do that?

“Don’t look so somber. I’m not going to have you drink. But we can do something like a drinking game.” Josh relieved my worry.

“So what’s the game?” I was getting a little excited.

“We’ll watch Mulan. Everytime that little dragon cracks a joke or does something funny, you lick my balls.” Josh gave me a winning smile.

“That sounds like fun!” I gave him a hug.

Josh started the movie, and I knew I had until the dragon showed up I could just watch the movie. The first time I had to lick his balls, it was easy. I leaned over and gave a few good licks. The second time, Josh got up just before the joke and I had to go over, kneel down and lick his balls.

That was how the game went. Josh would move around so I had to chase after him to lick his balls. It was actually a lot of fun. I knew the movie, so I didn’t have to watch it too closely. And his balls tasted good. Josh’s cock and balls had a sort-of clean taste that was a bit different from what you usually get when you are tonguing a man’s junk. Once he covered his balls with his hand and I had to lick the parts I could get to. We both laughed at that.

As the movie ended, I got to licking is balls and just kept licking. He put his hands in my hair. It felt so nice. He pulled me to the sofa and reached for my dick. Josh started stroking me, and I got really hard. Josh smiled, and I knew it was OK for me to cum if I could. I knew I could actually. This was different from me jerking myself off, it always feels better when someone is handling your stuff. And his hands felt very good. He put played with my balls and sometimes put some nice pressure on them. I was really happy. Josh played a single finger over the crown of my cock. Than he held my shaft in one hand and ran his other over the top of my cock. The feeling was intense. I shuttered as it rocketed through my body. I grabbed the pillows as my body tried to deal with the sensations. I was harder than I thought I should be given how many times I had cum tonight. Josh’s skills were amazing. I let out a wordless shout as I came again.

I had to catch my breath before I could start licking up my cum. When I looked at Josh when I finished, he tosseled my hair. “Let’s get to bed.” He said, sliding his underwear on and picking up the rest of his clothes.

“OK, Josh.” I got up and followed him to my bedroom. I got out the cover we use to put my nappy on. Josh got the accoutrements.

I put myself on the cover and lifted up my legs so he could slide the nappy under me. He did and applied power to my hinney, rubbing it in a bit. I did like the feel of his hand. He powered my cock, and I got a bit hard. “Still got more in you? Good boy, but no more stiffie tonight.” Josh let go, and pinned on my nappy. “Will you be warm enough without your pajamas?”

I thought about it for a second. “Sure.” I wasn’t sure why he didn’t want to put my onesie on, but he was the babysitter, so whatever he wanted.

“Get in.” Josh pulled back the covers and I crawled in. I was surprised when he got in with me. “I figured you would feel better if I was with you.”

I was overwhelmed by his caring for me. I gave him a big hug, which he returned. Josh arranged me so we were spooning, and I was the little spoon. His hands gently and slowly went up and down my chest and abs a bit, even brushing over where my cock was under my nappy. This stopped as we both fell asleep.

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