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The School Orchestra was participating in a competition in Cork. The girls had been in previous years but now they anticipated the weekend away together as lovers. This extended episode tells how things get unexpectedly exciting for Mary and Gabby.

Part 1 – Passion controlled

It was Sunday morning and Emily Quinn was up early; before 8 am she was sitting at the counter in her kitchen, sipping tea and browsing the news on her laptop. The girls were silent and still in Mary’s room after their party. Her husband was still asleep. No doubt he would come rushing down in about an hour, late for football and go crashing out. Emily smiled to herself. She loved her sexy, fit man. She started daydreaming about the debt he owed her from the night before. She decided she would call-in that debt when he came home later. Unconsciously her thighs squeezed together sending a tiny anticipatory jolt of pleasure up through her centre.

Emily was still enjoying the reverie when she heard footsteps moving quickly towards the kitchen. Here he comes, he’s early, she thought. But just then Gabby flew into the room, her half closed overnight bag in the crook of her arm and started scooping up her boots from where they had lain all night. She was flustered and her fiery blaze of red hair was wildly messy. She puffed her lips to blow a wayward flame off her face and it stubbornly fell back again across her cheek.

Grinning at Mary’s mother she explained, “Oh sorry, Mrs Quinn, I’ve got to rush.”

“Are you going to be late for church Honey?” Emily chuckled at this crazy girl.

“Yessss,” Gabby was distractedly trying to fold the disobedient boots into her bag, “My mum will be mad as hell.”

“Well that doesn’t sound good,” Emily smiled at her.

“S’not good at all,” Gabby huffed and made a pained face then grinned.

“Would you like me to give you a lift home, Dear?”

“No, it’s fine, sure it’s not far.”

“I know, but you have that big bag,” she could see that Gabby would be grateful for the help so added jokingly, “Come on, to the Batmobile Batgirl!”

“Great,” Gabby chattered her thanks all the way to the car. Thanking Emily for letting her stay; picking them up the night before; giving her a lift now. She just bubbled over with gratitude.

Emily was laughing as they climbed into the car, “Really, it’s fine.” Gabby fussed with her bag and the seat belt and shoved the bag so it clumped to the floor between her feet. At last she was ready to go. Emily laughed again, “Are you ready now?” she teased.

“Yes ma’am,” Gabby gave a mock salute.

“You are so funny,” Emily laughed, “I can see why my Mary loves you.”

“I’m amazing!” Gabby exclaimed in ironic tone giggling as she pushed back her unruly mane of auburn hair.

Emily thought how beautiful this girl was as she backed out the car and whizzed off in the direction of Gabby’s house.

The journey took less than 10 minutes, Gabby talked constantly about the fun they had had at the party and her summer plans.

“Will you still want me to arrange the work experience for you?” Emily wondered if she had been serious.”

“Of course, yes please. I’m very excited about that. If that’s alright please could we make it for after the Orchestra weekend, please?” Gabby was polite as ever. The School Orchestra was performing in a competition in Cork in a couple of weeks.

“Yes of course, Dear,” Emily reassured her as they pulled up by Gabby’s home.

“You are the best,” Gabby leaned over and kissed Emily. She might have been aiming for Emily’s cheek but Emily turned towards her to say goodbye and the kiss landed square on her lips. It was only an instant then she was wrestling with her bag to get out of the car. Calling goodbye, she closed the car door and ran off to her home.

Emily watched her go, her abundant red hair bouncing with every hasty stride. Under her breath she murmured, “Yes, go, go, you gorgeous creature. Go now and let me be. You are not for me.” Emily rested her head on the steering wheel for a moment then drew herself up. She put the car in gear and drove off. The whole way back she scolded herself. Reminding herself that Gabby was not hers. She was out of bounds. Her feelings were inappropriate and had to stop. But her inappropriate attraction to Gabby had awakened a need in her. A desire that she had to explore, somehow.

Part 2 – The journey

The school orchestra was performing in Cork. That meant a four-hour coach journey. It was Friday evening and Gabby and Mary boarded the coach amongst a stampede of noisy girls and quickly found a seat about two thirds of the way back in the coach.

As they jostled one another Mary insisted, “I want the window seat,” pushing ahead of Gabby.

“Bitch,” Gabby shoved her playfully so that she half fell into the seat.

“Bully,” Mary shot back as they flopped down together in an unruly heap of jackets and bags.

They were laughing and hyper with excitement. This trip had been anticipated escort for a while but the new and acknowledged (at least by the two of them) status of their relationship gave it an extra frisson of excitement; like a dirty weekend away together.

It wasn’t that they didn’t share a bed often. Gabby stayed at Mary’s as often as they could make the excuse. But this felt different. They would be sharing a private hotel room and for the first time would be able to make love without the risk of being disturbed. They had teased each other with the prospect for days ahead of the trip.

“I just want you to be naked the whole time,” Gabby had demanded during one of their recent kissing sessions.

“I don’t think the Sisters would like me playing my flute butt-naked in the competition,” Mary giggled.

“I’ll stick your flute up your fanny,” Gabby had threatened in jest.

“You promise?” Mary echoed the joke.

“I bet you’d love it if I did, you perv.”

“Me the perv? You’re the one who seduced me!”

“Yes but you are the one who was shagging her hairbrush.”

“Oh yeah, I must remember to pack that,” they had both giggled and kissed as they planned their naughty time together.

“I love you Babygirl.”

Softly Mary replied, “I love you too,” Mary had really accepted their new relationship, but still liked to tease her friend so added, “You big lezzy bitch.”

Gabby attacked, tickling Mary into submission, “Take that back.”

“OK, ok, ok, yes, stop,” Mary had blurted out between giggles. She tried to fight back but was overpowered. The struggle ended in a loving kiss. But as they parted Mary had to have the last word, “Still a lezzy though.”

“I can’t argue with that,” Gabby had planted one final smacker of a kiss on her lips.

It wouldn’t be a fancy hotel, they had been on the trip before and knew what to expect. The hotel had a mixture of twin rooms with two beds and double rooms with a large bed. Gabby and Mary had enjoyed the private joke when the Sisters in charge of the trip had asked for girls who didn’t mind sharing a bed, so that the limited supply of twin rooms could be reserved for faculty and others who couldn’t or wouldn’t share.

By the time the bus was ready to set off the girls were settled and chatting excitedly.

“I wonder how many others will be doing what we will be doing this weekend?” Gabby whispered to her.

“Probably just the Sisters,” Mary jokingly referred to the nuns who were chaperoning the trip.

“I think Sister Clara is a man,” Gabby giggled. Mary grinned too and Gabby bent to kiss her.

“Don’t,” Mary pulled back, “someone will see you,” she glanced around nervously.

Gabby let it go. In the few weeks since their commitment as a couple Gabby had grown in confidence. Mary now not only acknowledged their relationship but seemed to relish their intimacy. But Gabby was definitely in charge now and Mary seemed happy to follow her will. Not that she didn’t love the sex they were having. Mary loved Gabby, and relished giving her pleasure as much as she enjoyed receiving it. Somehow though it still seemed to suit her to be slightly chastened. But Gabby knew that once they were alone the barriers fell away and Mary was all hers. They were exploring the boundaries of their physical relationship and had thoroughly teased and primed one another with fantasies about the weekend ahead.

One of the Sisters was making an announcement over the PA. Reciting plans and rules and instructions for the weekend. They had heard it all before. Nobody on the coach seemed to be listening. There was a chorus of chattering girls and the Sister was trying to be heard over it. Her voice became more and more shrill in her effort to be heard. But it couldn’t penetrate the wall of sound and soon she gave up.

An hour or so into the journey the initial excitement had subdued. Everyone was now chatting quietly or listening to their music, some were dozing.

Mary and Gabby were cuddled together, Mary on Gabby’s right by the window. In itself this was not out of the ordinary as some of the other girls were huddled close with their best friend. Gabby had placed her bag on the little foldout tray and draped their jackets across their laps. They were by no means concealed, but it was at least a partial barrier to a casual observer.

It was twilight outside and the dim interior of the coach was populated by just the silhouettes of their fellow passengers. Gabby thought it unlikely that any of the dozing passengers would notice, but she looked around just in case. No one had a clear view of them other than the couple across the aisle. Nearest in the aisle seat was Molly, a girl from their year and part of their friendship group. Next to her was another girl Gabby didn’t know as she was in a lower year. They appeared to be asleep. Nevertheless Gabby thought it wise not to be too obvious and settled back. But then had a delicious thought. She leaned in to whisper to Mary, “You promise bursa eve gelen escort to be my good Babygirl this weekend?”

Ever since Mary had made her commitment to Gabby, Gabby had risen to a more dominant role in their relationship. She now used her pet name for Mary as a signal to the new power play in their relationship. Whereas only two months ago Gabby had timidly broached her attraction to Mary, she was now no longer timid; where Mary had once set the pace of their intimacy, she now willingly submitted to Gabby’s demands. This suited them both. Gabby was gaining in confidence in her identity as a lesbian, and Mary, by being submissive, could immerse herself in their sexual experimentation without relinquishing her straight identity. Secretly Mary adored Gabby and yearned for her sexually. Gabby was besotted with her gorgeous girlfriend and relished her own sexual dominance as she explored the boundaries of their intimacy.

“Yes,” Mary answered, her eyes softened as she looked up into Gabby’s. Mary played the little girl for Gabby. Gabby knew this was the invitation to take charge.

Mary had no idea what Gabby was thinking, but she was clearly planning something. Mary relished Gabby’s naughtiness and right then she was intrigued.

Gabby arranged her hoodie jacket over Mary’s lap.

“I’m going to make you cum.”

“No!” Mary hissed at her, in genuine alarm. This was beyond naughty and way too dangerous.

“Open your jeans,” she pressed her forehead to Mary’s hair and whispered directly into her ear. The hot breath on her ear sent a little bolt of excitement through Mary’s body. But she was too scared of being seen.

Gabby’s right hand was already snaking under the jackets to try to unbutton Mary’s jeans. Mary wriggled and tried to push her away but Gabby held her wrists with her other hand and pulled them up out of reach of her lap. Then she took the nearest hand and trapped it behind her back. Gabby is stronger than Mary and she leaned into the petite girl’s body, to pin her back in the seat.

“You’re mine,” she whispered, “Give in.”

“You can’t” was Mary’s urgent response through gritted teeth while still trying to wriggle free.

“And yet…” grinning Gabby didn’t finish the sentence. She had successfully wormed her hand under the jacket, snapped the button of Mary’s jeans and pushed down the zip. Her fingers were searching for the waistband of her knickers.

“Stop!” Mary almost squeaked with alarm. But Gabby didn’t heed her, she was clearing the way by pulling Mary’s t-shirt up. Then Mary felt Gabby’s fingers on her bare tummy tracing downward.

Mary turned to look up at Gabby and raised her eyebrows making a shocked expression, “We’ll get caught,” she hissed. Gabby just held her gaze as she intently searched for and found the waistband of Mary’s knickers. Then slipped her fingers into her underwear. Mary felt Gabby’s fingertips thread through her bushy pubes. Still nervous she crossed her legs in an effort to block the advance of Gabby’s invading hand and gave Gabby a wide-eyed look of panic.

Gabby closed her fist and gave Mary’s pubes a sharp tug, “Open your legs,” Gabby murmured directly into Mary’s ear, her lips making contact and sending shivers through Mary’s body.

Mary jolted slightly at this treatment. Not due to the pain of having her pubes tugged, but because she was actually very horny from anticipating all the fun they had planned this weekend. She relented and obeyed, uncrossed her legs and parted them as much as possible given the restrictions of the cramped seat.

“Good girl.” Gabby immediately pushed her hand deep between Mary’s legs. It was a tight squeeze and she could feel the softness of Mary’s creamy thighs pressing in on both sides of her hand. Curling her fingers back she pressed her fingers into the hot, slick folds of Mary’s pussy.

Mary squirmed in pleasure but still protested her resistance in a hushed, “Stop it. It’s too much.”

Gabby had not been holding tightly to Mary’s hand and now she snatched it free and it dived under the covers to grab Gabby’s wrist. Her slight fingers wrapped around the intruding arm.

Gabby dared her to call a halt and whispered, “I want to make you cum,” she kissed her lips briefly. “But you can stop me just by pulling my hand out.” Her fingers twirled on Mary’s clit sending powerful jolts of electricity through her body.

Mary closed her eyes and Gabby could feel her relax slightly. Her hand still held onto Gabby’s wrist, but less tightly. She made no further effort to prevent Gabby from continuing.

Gabby’s head was still touching Mary’s, “At the hotel tonight, I want you to lick me. Make me cum.”

Mary’s only response was small, rapid nodding of her head. Gabby was really turning her on. She was still scared that they might get caught, but now she needed to cum. She closed her eyes and allowed Gabby to play with her clit. She could feel that her görükle escort crotch was hot and sticky from her arousal. Gabby worked her fingers over and over on her clit.

“You are really turned on, aren’t you,” Gabby’s breath was hot against her ear.

“Yesss.” Mary’s reply was a barely more than a breath. She felt her body flush with heat. She was indeed very close to coming. She was scared that this was too dangerous. She hoped Gabby was paying attention to the people around them. They probably looked like they were leaning together asleep. She hoped that no one could see that Gabby was actually frigging her closer and closer to orgasm.

Gabby was leaning into her. Her face against the side of Mary’s head. Mary could feel the hot breath on her cheek and ear. She could feel Gabby’s tongue as it licked her ear lobe and the side of her neck. The feeling was so intense. Her body was trembling with nervous reaction to the sensual licking and the fingers twirling on her very slippery clit. She could feel the climax building. She wanted to cum. She needed to now. She was scared and wanted Gabby to make her cum and stop this mad risk taking. She opened her eyes. It was almost dark on the bus. ‘Thank God.’ She thought, ‘hopefully no one can see us.’

“You’re so wet. I know you are going to cum for me,” Gabby’s voice was so quiet, only the fact that her lips were pressed to Mary’s ear made it audible at all.

Gabby edged her lover closer and closer to orgasm. She could tell by the heat and oily feel of her pussy that her climax was near. She urged her on with her expert finger play and her hot lips on her neck and ear. Suddenly Mary shuddered and half turned to bury her face in Gabby’s neck. Gabby felt her stifled jerks as she tried to conceal the orgasm. Her tummy was trembling and her breath came is sort nasal blasts with each pulse of pleasure.

Mary had felt the anticipated crash of her orgasm but knew she had to try not to react as she would normally. She had tried to bury her face in Gabby to conceal her moans. Her body jerked and twitched and she tried desperately to control the involuntary spasms. Her efforts to control the orgasm had only helped to prolong its effect. For what seemed ages she kept her face against Gabby; her scent filling her head, reinforcing the intimacy. At last the sensations subsided and she slowly lifted her head to face Gabby again.

“You’re mad,” she mouthed virtually silently.

“And you are so sexy,” Gabby whispered kissing her lips softly.

Mary was hot and sweaty now as she tried to rearrange her clothes. Suddenly the Sister’s voice pierced the silence to announce their arrival and a way stop. To the delight of everyone they would stop at a McDonalds in Portlaoise, it was about the halfway mark of the journey. Moments later the coach pulled up in the carpark and the girls poured out in noisy disorder. Gabby and Mary were last to leave their seats as Mary was still trying to re-fasten her jeans. At last they got up and made their way past Sister Clara who was by the door.

“Quinn and Dwyer always the last, you better hurry and don’t be late back on the bus, 15 minutes now, you hear?”

“Yes Sister,” they chimed together as they stepped down to the door.

Mary was grateful to be in the cool evening air as it soon soothed her overheated body. As they walked quickly towards the restaurant, she scolded Gabby, “You are a stupid bitch, we could have been caught.” She swiped to hit her but missed as Gabby dodged away.

“But we weren’t and you fucking loved me wanking you, you were so wet.”

“Shut-up and stop cursing, you just sound like a stupid child,” Mary wasn’t really mad, but she was fired up, and she had to admit to herself that it had been crazy but exciting all the same. She wondered what else Gabby would think of this weekend.

Soon they were back on the bus and settled down again. They cuddled together to doze. As they drifted off Gabby whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you too, fucking crazy lezbo.” Gabby grinned at the compliment and closed her eyes.

Nearly two hours later they were rudely roused once more by the Sister’s shrill announcement of their imminent arrival at the final destination. Everyone ignored the Sister’s instructions as they gathered up their belongings and filed off the bus. Mary and Gabby followed the snaking line of girls into the hotel foyer.

Part 3 – The first night

The hotel had laid on a buffet of sandwiches for their arrival; it was too late for the kitchen as it was almost 10 pm. The scene was the usual riot of chatter as the Leaders made their way around the room handing out keys and instruction leaflets. Soon it was Mary and Gabby’s turn to go off and find their room. As soon as they closed the door Gabby grabbed Mary and kissed her.

“God I am so horny. Let’s get to bed quickly,” she kissed her deeply searching her mouth with her tongue. Pausing she said, “You owe me.”

Mary pushed her back a little, “I still can’t believe you did that to me on the bus. What if someone saw you?”

“Nobody saw. But it did make me really creamy for you. Come on. I want a shag.”

She went to kiss her again but Mary pushed her back, “You made me all sweaty so you will have to wait while I have a shower.”

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