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Author’s Note: This story has been revised. It was received well enough that I decided to rework it, fix some mistakes, and I’ve added a special something at the end. If you’ve already read it, you might want to give it another go. But if you haven’t you might be in for a treat, because it has been improved.


“What do I have to do to get you to have dinner with me?”

Lisa blushed and answered, “Why do you want to take me to dinner?”

Lisa was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen, that’s why. She had a perfect body, a charming smile that she was generous enough to show quite often, and she had the eyes of an angel. I’d almost never seen her wear her hair down, it was always in a pony tail.

“You won’t be disappointed, we can go anywhere you want.”

Something came over me today. She’d been coming to the Biology Group meetings for only a few weeks, but I developed an unexpected report with her. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say someone was putting me on.

“Fine, let’s do it.”

Her response did seem to be a little easy, but I’d never been with a girl like this before, so I didn’t question it.

“Would you like a ride back to your dorm?” I asked her.

“Actually, that’s my brother right over there.” I looked over to see a guy standing by his car, who looked just as handsome as she was beautiful. He looked back at us curiously, and I felt a need to appear gentlemanly as well.

“You know where my sorority is?”

“I can find it.”

“Ok. Pick me up at 8, then.”

I was not prepared for what came next.


“Lisa’s room?” I asked to girl with her face buried in a book. She did not seem the least bit alarmed at being seen in her pj’s.

She did not look up, but said, “Upstairs, last door on the right.”

For some reason, a boyish pang of suspense hit me when she said this, as if Lisa herself had just walked into the room. After all, I of all people was taking this gorgeous girl out. It was really happening.

When I got upstairs, I heard two girls fighting in a bathroom. One of them came out and slammed the door. She was only wearing a towel, but did not seem bothered by my presence. In fact, she seemed more embarrassed that she had just slammed the door than the lack of clothing. She just sauntered back to her room, and I started feeling less unwelcome.

Lisa didn’t seem the type to go walking about in just a towel, but that didn’t matter to me. Yet had anything at all been sacred to me before knocking on her door just moments later, I would have surely thrown them out the window as well. I was looking forward to an evening with a pretty girl by my side, and that was all I wanted.

But Lisa had other plans.

I thought I’d gotten the wrong room at first, because I heard giggling inside. But I figured that if it was the wrong room, whoever answered could point me in the right direction.

I knocked and waited. A moment later, Lisa answered the door with a big smile on her face.

And she was completely naked.

She let me look at her for a few moments, and I hardly knew what to say. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, but I knew I should have looked away. She was happy, watching me stare, while my mind tripped over itself. Her eyes told me that if I touched her and leaned in to kiss her, she would have let me. She didn’t seem to mind at all.

She was skinny, but fit, and her skin looked very soft and smooth. Her breasts were just as I’d imagined them, perfectly round and slightly large for her small frame. And she was only partially shaved.

She was biting her lip when our eyes made contact again, and I noticed that her hair was still in a pony tail. Finally, she reached out and took my hand and pulled me inside. She only pulled me in slightly, so when she closed the door, her body was pressed against mine.

She kept looking up at me, still touching only my hand. Still beyond believing, I remained frozen. Never had a girl presented herself to me like this. Yet it was like I had to take her.

She slowly stepped back and leaned back on the wall opposite the small atrium leading into her room. She put her hands behind her back and just stood, grinning and waiting.

Finally, she reached out her hand for mind. I stepped forward and she took it. Then, looking me in the eyes, guided it to her bush and slid it down.

I must have seemed like a virgin to her. I wasn’t, but she wouldn’t have known it from my expression. It was actually enough to make her start laughing, as if I’d endeared myself to her. She almost seemed unmoved by having my hand there, except that she could revel in the joy it brought me to do so. And I felt it turn within me, which she sensed as well.

Then I heard a male voice from within the room say, “I see she likes you.”

Lisa’s eyes went wide with excitement. I turned to see who she was looking at. It was David, her brother.

“I do like him, David. He’s sweet.” Lisa responded.

I pulled my hand away, but felt ashamed for doing bursa otele gelen escort so. As strange as it was having David present, I didn’t get the feeling at all that he cared about me touching his sister. I could have kept touching her and she would have liked it, and I knew it immediately when she looked back at me. She looked disappointed, but understanding.

“She says your sweet, what can I say?” Then Lisa walked over him and put her arms around him from the side, bending her right leg slightly into his. She looked at him as a loving wife looks at her husband. It was not sisterly at all.

“So you want to date my sister?” David asked, not quite seriously.

I was too stunned for words. I was about to assume that they just had a very friendly family upbringing, and weren’t the type to get wierded out by seeing each other naked.

But then he said, “If you want to date my sister, you’re going to have to learn to please her. I care about her quite a bit.” At that, her body shook with excitement, and she giggled.

Her brother checked out her body again and said, “How about it, Sis?”

She didn’t have to think, she just darted across the room to sit on the bed and started opening her legs to him. He knelt before her, pushing her legs apart even further.

“There’s my sister. How do you feel about your new friend Jack?” As he said this, he started rubbing her pussy. The two never broke eye contact.

“I don’t know. I kinda like him. He’s very nice to me.”

“He has to be. You’re my sister, and my sister deserves the best.”

“You’re the best, Brother. You know every inch of me.” He was putting his fingers into her, and she was reacting in quick pants.

“I do know how to please you, don’t I, Sister?”

She nodded, feeling too much pleasure to giggle. “Won’t you please me now, Brother?” She had her hands to her side, but now she put them up to his face.

“Yes, Sister. Get ready.”

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they were putting me on. That this was part of some elaborate role play and that they really aren’t related. Except I know he’s her brother, and I know they are siblings. This was not a role play.

But you would not be able to tell anyway. They looked at each other as if I wasn’t even in the room. They were about to do something they had done maybe a thousand times, and it showed in the way they looked at each other, and the way they spoke. They were rehearsed, serious and the most joyful I’ve ever imagined any partners could be.

They knew each other well.

He leaned in and buried his face between her legs. She reacted instantly, and it wasn’t long before she was already screaming. It was as if there was a magic button that only he knew about, and he was pressing it repeatedly.

“Ahh! Brother, only you! Yes, ahh! My pussy is yours, Brother! Ah! Um! Uh! Y-yes! Eat –ah! –my –ah! –my pussy! Ah! Oh! Uh! Yes! I’m coming! Oh yes! Brother –Ah! –For you –I’m coming! Baby! For you! Here it is!”

She held his head tight, and was looking up with her eyes closed as she came.

I’d never seen anyone come like that, not even in porn. Her brother made her come like a master. He drank it in feverishly, running his hands all over her body as he did.

Finally, she collapsed backward onto her bed. Her brother sat up and let her legs dangle off the side of the bed. He wiped her come from his lips and turned around to face me, then sat with his back against the bed again.

“Like I said, I take care of my sister.” I couldn’t tell if he was threatening me, or just making a statement.

“I see that,” I said, not quite thinking. David laughed.

I was still in awe, but I had the biggest erection I could ever remember having, and David could tell. I didn’t know how to feel about it, or why it happened in the first place. Was it the panting, wet female or her proud, hungry male.

Why was it so hot watching this man eating his own sister’s pussy? Was it his effectiveness, or was it the idea of being able to do it to one’s own? I knew why, but admit it to myself. At least not yet.

Lisa was still recovering from the orgasm, and David had taken her legs and wrapped them into him, and was caressing them playfully. “My sister means the world to me. I would do anything for her. Isn’t that right, Sis?”

“I would let you do anything, Brother,” she breathed.

“You look like you want to say something. Spit it out.”

“I don’t know,” I responded. “I don’t want to interfere.”

David laughed. “You haven’t. But tell me: do you like what you see?”

He’d asked the question. Now there’s no hiding it. You might not know this about me, being that I’m a storyteller, but I’m a horrible liar. It didn’t take him long to figure it out.

I hadn’t taken my eyes off of them. I was hotter than ever, and didn’t know how to feel about that fact. This was wrong in so many ways, but how can something so wrong feel so good?

I could still see her escort bayan naked body, and no one seemed to mind. I was staring too much, I should have looked away. I could not see Lisa the same way. She was now reminding me of…


Musn’t think it.

But to save me from having to answer, Lisa finally sat up and leaned into her brother. She was kissing him on the ear and neck when she slid her hand down to his crotch. She rubbed the bulge there and whispered, “Now it’s your turn, Brother. Let me please you.”

He grinned up at me and let her rub him through his shorts for a few moments. I could not believe that his sister was about to do it.

Then he turned to face her, and they kissed. He stood up and took his tank top off and stood, waiting. “You know me so well,” he said, as she sat forward and reached out for him. She ran her hands up and down his chest, looking as pleased as can be.

Then she untied the bands of his shorts and they dropped, leaving boxer briefs with a large bulge. She looked very happy to see it. “I can see so many men, but only one of them is my brother,” she said as she rubbed the bulge gently while looking at me. “I still remember the first time I saw my brother’s dick. I had never seen one, and wasn’t really sure what they looked like.”

She slid her hand into his briefs and wrapped her hand around his penis lovingly. “He didn’t know I saw it, and he had no idea how fascinated I was until much later.”

“She jumped in the shower with me one day,” David said. Lisa giggled, still rubbing him gently.

“I convinced him it shouldn’t mean anything because we were brother and sister. He bought it, and I got to see his penis again.” She grabbed the underwear with both hands and suddenly pulled them down, exposing his dick. “Only then, I could look at it all I wanted.”

They were both naked and looking joyfully into each other’s eyes.

“It’s all true,” he said.

She ran her hands up his lets and began caressing his penis again. “He didn’t let me touch it at first, but I told him we both had a right to be a little curious about our bodies.” Her hands moved faster as she spoke.

“That seemed to work, because he was mighty curious about me too. He couldn’t get enough of looking at my body. He knew what a naked woman looked like, but I was his sister. He couldn’t stop watching the water on my body. You remember that, David?” David’s breathing was starting to quicken, but he still looked back down at her with serious contentment.

“You remember how you couldn’t stop being hard for me in that shower, and how you kept looking at my body? How I touched you for the first time and you didn’t stop me. Then you touched me — your sister — how you touched me there, and I didn’t stop you either? And you couldn’t stop touching me because I was your sister, and I couldn’t stop holding you in my hand because you were my brother? We couldn’t let go.”

“Only you can make me come, Sister.”

She smiled proudly and said, “Anything for you, Brother.”

She took his balls in her hand gently and put his penis into her mouth with ease, and quickly established a rhythm. The response was immediate.

“My God, Sister!” She was moaning with him as he prepared to come. “Oh, I feel it coming. Sister, I’m going to come. Oh God, so perfect! Yes! Get ready!” She started wiggling her finger.

“Ah! Sister, it’s all for you! Here it is! My come… Oh!”

He was touching her throat when he came, and she stopped to leave it there. As the last of it poured into her, she caressed his buttock gently. She did not want to let him pull out until she had every drop. “Oh good Sister, how good you are to your Brother.”

At last, she pulled back and licked him clean. Then she tapped it playfully and smiled, as if to say, “All done.”

I could not believe my eyes. She worked him as effortlessly as he worked her, and they both came in minutes.

But more to the point, I was having an unsettling amount of pleasure in watching this brother-sister duo make each other come. It was unsettling because of what it made me think. Of whom it made him think.

I mustn’t let on that I’m actually getting off on this.

“Well, do you want to fuck my sister?”

She turned to look at me, smiling. It was as if she’d been waiting for his approval, and now that he’d given it, she was free to do so.

“But I thought…”

“Oh, it’s not like that. We’re not together. Who would go for that? But anyone who is with my sister needs to be comfortable with me. It’s the same arrangement with girls who want to see me.”

“You mean girls have to be willing to let you sleep with your sister?”

“Pretty much. But we’re so good at screening potential boyfriends and girlfriends that it almost always works out for everyone. You get to fuck my sister, she gets to fuck you, and my sister and I still get to please each other. And in all this time, no one has been able to rival us. As long as you don’t take it personal mudanya escort that you’ll never be able to please my sister like I can, there shouldn’t be a problem.”

“But you’re a special case,” Lisa said.

“Why is that?”

“Oh we’ll get to that.” She got up and walked over to me. My heart was pounding as she reached at once for the button and zipper on my pants. She had it open in minutes and was already grabbing my cock before I knew it. She was delighted.

“That’s what I thought.” She looked back at David for a moment, then looked back at me again. She started taking off my shirt.

I couldn’t possess the energy to stop her. The whole time I was thinking about how messed up it was to be involved in these two, but as she dropped my pants and stepped in closer and groping me all over, I have to say I couldn’t think it for long. At a certain point, I decided: whatever happens happens.

Suddenly, I remembered the way I felt when I first met her. The way she glowed and just seemed to make my day. I remembered thinking that she was way out of my league and that I would never have a chance, even as she slid her hand down and grabbed my throbbing penis.

It was a dream come true, and I wasn’t about to stop it. She was beaming.

She knelt down and started untying my shoes. When she got them off, she pulled off my pants and then pulled my underwear all the way down as well.

But instead of continuing, she decided to sit cross-legged on the floor and leaning back onto her hands. David laughed and said, “Lisa, you are too funny.”

I suddenly felt embarrassed, as I wasn’t sure what was going on. Then I realized: She wanted me to fuck her. I had to fuck her.

“I’m pretty sure my sister wants you to fuck her.”

My penis was aching so much for her that I could hardly believe I wasn’t already inside her. Then she un-crossed her legs and just sat on the floor spread eagle. She was still grinning, probably because she knew I wouldn’t resist long. And I didn’t.

I knelt down and kissed her as my shaft rested on her opening. She was happy as can be.

Now that I could feel her body, I could not resist. I let her guide my penis in with glee, and I started to fuck her slowly.

She was certainly the best fuck I’d ever had up to that point, though that’s not saying too much, I’m afraid. I enjoyed every minute of it. Yet the whole time, I couldn’t shake this feeling that I was just a toy to her. Almost like I was just another flavor of ice cream.

But I resolved myself to enjoying it despite this fact. I was fucking the hottest girl I knew, and I loved it.

I even started to like the fact that her brother was watching me fuck his sister.

After only a few minutes, I was ready to come. I started to slow down, for fear that I would embarrass myself by coming too quickly.

“Why are you slowing down?” she asked.

“I’m sorry it’s just… well it’s been a while, and…”

“Oh that’s alright, man,” David said. “I would be surprised if you lasted long with my sister. She’s quite good. I can’t even last long with my sister, most times.”

That put an image in my head of him actually fucking his sister. And that put another image in my head.

But before I could think about that image too long, I was ready to come.

I pulled out of her and let out a series of groans as I came onto her belly.

“You know you didn’t have to pull out,” Lisa said. “Oh, see what I mean, Brother? He’s such a sweetheart.”

She was rubbing my penis playfully when, from somewhere else in the room, I heard moaning. It was muffled, but unmistakable. It was coming from the loft, which I was unaware existed until that very moment.

There was a girl up there, and she was masturbating. I found the revelation of a girl masturbating to me and Lisa oddly erotic. It made me want to fuck Lisa again, without knowing her identity, and I even started getting hard again at the thought.

But I wanted to know who it was.

Everyone was quiet as we listened to the mystery girl have her orgasm. Then, as she crawled out from beneath the sheets of her bed in the loft, I saw her face. And it all changed.

It was my sister, Claire.

My sister made herself come by watching me fuck her roommate, and now she looked at me as a wife looks at her husband.

I was so shocked that I had to look away. Lisa and David were studying my expression with fervent curiosity.

You see, at this point in the story, I might as well tell you: It was Claire I was thinking about when I watched David please his sister, and when I watched her please him back. And I even thought about her as I fucked David’s sister right in front of him. I didn’t tell you right away because you might not have understood why I would want to have sex with my sister.

I couldn’t avoid thinking of Claire. I had no idea how hot I could get thinking of my own sister like that. I should have seen it coming. I should have known why I got an image of Claire all those times.

I could not say no to the image. Were you in that situation, you might not say no either. I certainly wouldn’t have thought so. But in the moment, I was strangely aroused once again at the knowledge that my little sister was seeing me naked, after watching me penetrate her roommate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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