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I was 18, and had been at work for two years in an engineering company. Most of the time learning typing and shorthand to become a secretary.bosses

I was sexually active, so not a virgin. Most of the time I had left the typing school was to learn and help out, but was surprised by the number of times I was groped or propositioned, just normal I guess in those days.

This time I was up for a position as a secretary,full time, so I dressed smartly, mid length skirt,nice blouse etc. The current girl was leaving and I was to train with her to see if I fitted in.

The boss was a guy in his 50’s, attractive and seemed easy to get on with so I looked forward to being his secretary. My desk was beside the girl leaving, facing the main office area, now in those days desks never had modesty boards, so you had to remember to keep your legs closed to stop everyone looking up your skirt, which was difficult as the fashion then was mini skirts, or pussy pelmets as guys called them.

Anyway things seemed to be going well, they were pleased with my work and the rest of staff seemed to like me judging by the help I got. A few were very friendly, letting their hands linger on my shoulders, or my backside, but it was to be expected then.

One day Carol,his sect went into the bosses office and he closed the window blinds, unusual I thought and it was a good 45 minutes before she came out, Çankaya Rus Escort I noticed some of the other staff grinning as she came out, what was that about I asked, oh just some special tasks she said, you will find out soon.

The first month flew by, Carol was leaving and I was taking her place, and then he asked us both in his office, closed the blinds, said to Carol, have you told Anna about her special tasks, not yet Brian, his name, she said. Well as you are leaving I think she ought to know,dont you. Of course,Brian she said, but I thought it would be better to show her, then Carol walked around his desk, knelt down and started unzipping Brians trousers, she pulled them down, and his pants, and as I watched took his cock into her mouth.

Brian was looking at me as Carol was sucking on his cock, which I had to admit was a good size, 7/8 inches, he had his hands around the back of her head by now, oh fuck Carol Im going to miss you he said as i watched him shoot his load in her mouth and on her face, I realised that my hand was up my skirt,rubbing my pussy as I watched, Carol had noticed and said I think Anna will fit in very well she grinned.

Come here Anna, Carol said, help me clean up, I joined her on my knees and we both started licking his cock clean, Carol was wiping her face with her fingers, cleaning Keçiören Rus Escort his cum off her face, licking her fingers as I looked at Brians limp cock, oh well here we go, so I leaned forward and opening my mouth put his limp cock in my mouth.

I started sucking it, rubbing his balls as Carol watched, told you said, Brian just said, oh fuck, as I felt his cock stiffen up, Carol moved closer, undoing my blouse, I moved my arms so she could take it right off, next I felt my bra being undone, my tits were now hanging down, I was not well endowed, but they were pert and my nipples stood out.Brian reached down and started squeezing tits, pinching my nipples, my panties by now were wet with my cunt juices. I realised that just outside the door was an office full of guys,did they know,I wondered, but by now I did not care as my mouth was full of his cock.

Carol stood up, and undid her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, I noticed she was not wearing any knickers, she sat back on Brians desk, legs open and started fingering her cunt, it was neatly trimmed but still quite hairy, she said she thought I would fit in very well, as Brian pulled his cock out of my mouth, he soon stood between Carols open legs,lifting them up,his cock went straight up her moist cunt. Fuck I thought this is some job I want, so as I stood Etimesgut Rus Escort up naked from the waist up, Brian was busy with his cock, trying to undo Carols blouse, so I stepped forward, and undid it, then her bra, her tits were much bigger than mine, I noticed.

It seemed so natural that I had undone my skirt, pulled my knickers off, before I realised I was naked, sitting next to Carol on his desk, I opened my legs offering my cunt to him as well, Brian looked at me, smiled as he saw my full bush and pulled out of Carol and came between my legs, his cock wet with her juices went in mine so easy, he pushed it right in me,all the,fuck I thought I’m going to cum, my legs went around his waist, my hands around his ass, pulling his cock right up my soaking cunt, fuck I’m cumming I said, shush said Carol as she put her fingers back inside herself.

My orgasm exploded, my juices were running out of me as Brian grunted, fuck, so am I he said as I felt his load shoot up me, Carol was fingering herself like mad, standing up by now, legs wide apart, Brian collapsed on me,his spunk running out of me along with my juices as Carol made herself cum.

Brian sat back in his chair, holding his cock, I stood up and looked at all the spunk running down my thighs. Carol was on the floor her head going in down on his cock, sucking it clean.

Finally Brian said I guess you girls had better dress before you go back to work, as he pulled some tissues from a box on his desk. Carol and I cleaned ourselves up, dressed,Carol said he had better get some more tissues. Brian laughed and said did I want the job full time, did I, god yes.

That night I told my fiancee all about it,especially walking back into the main office and seeing Carol give them a thumbs up sign.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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