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Now you know the truth.

When the sun arose the next morning, I felt different. I don’t know how else to explain it but I felt as if I’d gone through a major life-changing event. My body was no longer just a fleshy shell for my heart and soul; it was a sensual instrument for pleasure. I awoke before the alarm went off and stretched languidly, enjoying the feel of the cool, cotton sheets on my heated skin, my nipples tenting the fabric. A low hum thrummed through me as my hands slid down over my awakening flesh, sending eddying circles through my still pond.

I pushed the covers off with my legs, not caring that Rita was snoring just across the room and caressed the skin over my ribs, slowly moving my hands up and cupping my breasts. In the pale sunlight, my nipples were almost translucent, thick and rosy and I pulled on one, gasping at the bolt of sensation that split my body and electrified my pussy. My fingers rolled the bud, squeezing and pulling and I gasped again as a trickle of liquid warmth parted my nether lips.

My other hand slid down and pushed between my lips, pressing them apart and pulling the hood up bursa escort so that my clit was open to the air. I released my breast and gently stroked the blood-filled bead. Uncontrollable shivers made me quiver and goosebumps arose on my skin. I raised my hand to my mouth, put a glob of saliva on my fingertip and rubbed it on my clit. The sensation was mind-blowing and I spent several long seconds caressing the tiny nub until I was on the edge of an orgasm, then quickly pulled my hands away.

After a few minutes, when my heart beat had returned to almost normal, I opened my legs again, spreading them wide and probing the moist flesh with my fingers. My juices were flowing fast now and I plunged my middle finger into my hole, knuckle deep, biting the other hand to keep from making noise. One finger became two and I pushed them in, tilting my hips up to help drive them deeper. My heart pounded and my breaths came quicker and more shallow, mingling with the chemicals and making me light-headed.

When I exploded, I flung myself over on my stomach and groaned into my pillow, hunching against my captive hand until the tremors ceased. bursa escort bayan Fatigue overtook me again and I slumped into the soft mattress, my eyes closing and sleep claiming me once more.

The alarm blared forty-three minutes later and I stretched, feeling refreshed and smiled when I realized that my hand was still lodged in my cunt. I tugged it free and deeply inhaled the scent of my juices, a quiver snaking through me. I arose and showered, dressing silently so as not to wake Rita, who didn’t have to get up for another hour and left for classes. We hooked up again in Human Sexuality class and sat high up in the auditorium so that we could talk without being overheard.

“I heard you this morning.”


She laughed. “Don’t be sorry, girl. I was playing with myself, too.”

“I thought you were sleeping!”

“I was, until you woke me up!”

This time, I laughed. “Sorry, Rita. I’ll put the pillow over my face first next time.”

She shook her head and we listened to Professor Wilbur for a few minutes before continuing. “Does Dani still have her car down here?”


“Good, escort bursa then we’re gonna take a road trip on Friday, after class.”

“A road trip? And go where?”

“It’s a surprise.”

I just stared at Rita for a minute. “You’re not taking me to a Chippendales show again, are you?”

“Nope. This is way better than a Chippendales show.”

“How’s that?”

She just grinned, pretending to be interested in the lecture. “You’ll see.”

The rest of Tuesday dragged by. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning did likewise. Aware of my new sexuality, I masturbated every night and every morning, enjoying the pure pleasure that filled my body. Rita’s knowing smirk told me that she knew what I was doing but we didn’t talk about it again. Not until Friday afternoon, leaving Human Sexuality class. We borrowed Dani’s car, promising to bring it back with the same amount of gas we left with and with the same amount of paint and she steered onto the freeway.

“So where are we going?”

“I told you, it’s a surprise.”

“Oh, come on. You’re going to make me wait?”

“It’ll be worth the wait, believe me.”

I sat back in the seat and squeezed my legs together, wondering how my pussy knew that I was heading towards something that would change my life forever when I didn’t know myself. I just smiled and enjoyed the ride.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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