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Big Dick

My cousin is the 2nd oldest grandchild in a large family. I am second youngest. As a result, her daughter, Laura, is close to me in age. She is only four years younger. I am from the city. She is from a small town in Missouri.

Family gatherings were regular. We would get together every Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I did not notice Laura any more than any other younger female relative. I did not know it but Laura had the hots for me all her life. Her mother told me so. At twelve I noticed her staring at me. But being twelve I thought nothing of it.

After grandpa died when I was thirteen the family gatherings ended. I did not see Laura again for another three years. She and her family came to my hometown to visit other relatives and my family dropped by. Our eyes met. A nano second after making eye contact she dropped her head, looked at her feet and blushed. The twelve year old pre-pubescent female did not make an impression on me.

The years rolled by. I got contact lens, went to college, got away from my dysfunctional family, got some self-confidence and was a huge success in college. So much so I was the outstanding graduating senior in my major and got accepted into a top 10 MBA program.

The summer between grad school years I had an internship in Kansas City. Meanwhile the family had a Memorial Day reunion ten years after grandpa died. I liked getting together with my dad’s relatives. It was the only time I did not have to worry about him giving me a hard time for merely existing.

It was held in the town community center where our relatives came from. A town of 2,000 souls in the Southwest Missouri Ozarks. It was a three hour drive from KC in the 55 miles per hour days.

The community center was jammed. There must have been 80 people in a 2,000 square foot area. Soon after arriving Laura’s mother introduced me to relatives I had not seen in years. We worked the room from the west side door to the east side wall. The last stop was by the kitchenette near the east side wall. There she was. Her mom reintroduced us.

She was opening the door to the refrigerator freezer unit, grabbing an ice cube tray. Our eyes met. A nanosecond later she dropped her head, looked at her feet and blushed. Laura clumsily put the ice cube tray on the counter. She was not a pre-pubescent twelve year old. Laura sported a 5′ 7″ willowy figure. Her bust was a full 32B, with a trim little waist and concave butt cheeks. I estimate her measurements were 32-22-32. What a body. Her 7 looks went with her 9 figure. Her long, straight dusty red hair draped her shoulders. Her tight pastel orange top accented her lovely bust and her clingy pale off white cotton pants accented her lower half. I popped a boner.

Her mother quickly moved on to speak with other relatives.

I walked within two ft of her. “Laura you look fantastic!” She continued to look at the floor.

Fortunately, the refrigerator was five feet from the community center’s east wall. No one was near the east wall. I said “I want to tell you something.”

I trotted around the refrigerator where no one could see us. She dutifully followed me.

I gently put my left hand behind her neck and planted a soft kiss on her lips. Our heads parted. She turned beet red.

I said “Let’s step outside in an hour or so, so we can talk.” I’ll give you a hand signal. Still beet red she nodded twice.

About an hour into the reunion, before anyone left, I caught Laura’s attention. I subtly pointed my index finger to the west exit. I got to the door first. The coast was clear. I took a left. I headed to the southwest corner of the building. I turned the corner when she came out the door and saw me.

Within a few seconds she turned the corner. We slowly approached each other and had another soft kiss. Soon the kiss evolved. Our tongues began to dance, deeper and faster. I got harder and harder. Her left thigh had to notice my firmness.

Then I slowly pulled back.

I said “We’ve got to be careful about this. If anyone in the family finds out we will be teased mercilessly forever. We will never live this down.” She slowly nodded twice.

“I want to meet you. With me in Kansas City and you living at home it will be tough to get together. I will call you at your folks’. If you answer the phone I will ask if we can talk. If someone else picks up the phone I will hang up (this was before the days of caller ID). I can only call every 2 or 3 weeks otherwise your folks bursa escort bayan will get suspicious. You can’t call because my telephone number will appear on the bill. Remember we have to keep this quiet. If word leaks out we will never hear the end of it and never be able to meet. So, no word to anybody, no best friends, no best friend cousins, no one. Agreed?” She nodded twice. I planted a good one on her lips. I added “You go back inside first. If anyone ask where you were say you needed some fresh air. It is great to be with you”. I squeezed her left hand as she turned to walk away.

Nothing happened that summer. Calling every 2 or 3 weeks in June and July resulted in exactly 1 conversation. We chatted about our lives the upcoming semester. She was attending nursing school so close to her home she would commute to class. I was heading back to grad school in Texas. I told her I would call her once I got settled in Austin. We would plan to meet over Christmas Break when I was in Kansas City for job interviews.

Calling that fall semester was tough. I reached her during Thanksgiving Break. My interview was Monday December 28th. I would call her the prior week, before Christmas, to set the timing to meet.

I got ahold of her Tuesday December 22nd. Fortunately, we had time to talk. I would meet her for dinner at 6:00 PM at an Italian restaurant in Joplin. The place was nice with red and white table cloths. I told her I had a room at the brand new Drury Inn. The room had 2 beds. I added I did not want to force her to do anything she did not want to do. But, this was our best chance to spend time together without interruption. I told her the place had an indoor swimming pool, so bring a swim suit. She said she liked my plans.

As an excuse to get out of the house overnight I suggested she tell her folks she had a special opportunity to observe at Joplin’s Mercy Hospital on the night shift December 28-29. That way she could pack a bag without arousing suspicion. Laura said she liked my idea.

The big day arrived. I checked into the hotel at 4:00 PM. I asked for and received a room with 2 beds. I went to a liquor store and bought a bottle of champagne. Next, I went to a grocery store and got a bottle of sparkling white grape juice. At her age I did not want to take a chance she did not want to drink alcohol. I placed the champagne in an ice filled sink. The sparkling white grape juice went into a partially filled ice bucket.

Fortunately, the weather was unseasonably warm. The high that day was 73 degrees. So, I put on a light blue oxford cloth button down shirt, khakis and my blue blazer with a hint of cologne. I got to the restaurant 15 minutes early and waited.

I was not sure she would show up. Maybe her shyness would hold her back. Maybe not seeing me for months would hold her back. Maybe this whole adventure would hold her back.

She was right on time. I sprung to my feet as she neared to the table. Chivalry is my middle name. I was half expecting her to wear a nurse outfit. She was clad in medium brown slacks, with a dark brown belt accentuating her trim waist, a white Oxford cloth shirt with the cuffs unbuttoned and turned up and a multi-colored tartan sweater with the sleeves knotted in front. She looked sharp.

“Laura, you look great”.

“Thanks” she replied looking down a bit. An improvement over looking at the floor.

I pulled a chair out for her. She did not receive that treatment much in a small town. Did I mention chivalry is my middle name?

Over dinner we engaged in small talk. Due to her being under age I ordered iced tea.

In the midst of dinner I said “At K-State I dated a girl the last year and a half I was there. I was madly in love. We did everything but. It was wonderful. But after a year her personality did a 180. The last semester she tried to destroy my life. She almost succeeded, but did not. Since then I have been l wary of girls, waiting for them to stick it to me. But I don’t feel that way about you. Maybe it’s because we are cousins. But I don’t feel I have to be wary about you. That is very comforting.” She did not blush, but a little smile came upon her face.

As dinner came to an end I said “I don’t want you to be uncomfortable with anything we do tonight, but I have a bottle of champagne on ice in my room. What do you say we go back to my room and enjoy each other’s company with a glass of bubbly?”

“I love the idea.” I görükle escort got hard.

“Let’s head to the hotel. Just to be safe let’s not park near each other. I will go in first. Wait a couple of minutes. The room number is 225.”

“We have the chance for something special happen tonight for just you and me. Let’s enjoy each other and the moment”.


I went back to the room. I unwrapped 2 plastic 4 oz glasses for the champagne. I turned on the TV. As luck would have it a romantic movie, “Casablanca”, was on. Right on cue there was a knock at the door.

I opened it. There she was with a small light blue Samsonite suitcase.

I said “Allow me.”, grabbing her suitcase and placing it on the luggage rack.

“Care for a glass of champagne?”


“Take a seat on the bed and I will get our drinks. “Casablanca” is on. It’s a great movie”.

I went to the ice filled sink, popped the cork and poured champaign into both glasses. When the bubbling receded, I filled both glasses.

“I don’t mean to insult you, but have you drunk champaign?”.

“No. Not really”.

“Don’t drink it too fast. Take small sips, otherwise you will get a buzz in a hurry or worse.”


I handed her a glass. I sat at her right next to her on the bed. I could feel tension in her body.

Being talked out at dinner we watched the movie.

After I had a glass and she half a glass I got a refill and put my left arm around her back and cupped her left upper arm. She was still tense, but the tension was easing.

When the “Casablanca” scene with the German guns heard in the background arrived she put her head on my shoulder. Her glass was empty. Her body tension was gone. I downed my remaining champaign and leaned my head on top of her head.

After a five count I straightened my head and turned toward her. She did the same. We kissed.

We did not waste anytime with soft kisses or pecking. We go into it. We embraced. Mouths wide open. Tongues probing. After a couple of minutes my tongue worked its way down her neck. She moaned like this never happened before. I kept licking with the occasional peck. No hickeys here.

Much to my pleasure the second button on her shirt popped open, providing cleavage. My tongue worked its way down. Her moaning intensified as my tongue acted as a broad brush above and on the top of her bra. My tongue dampened most of her bra top rim. I continued moving south. Her moaning continued. My tongue came upon her bra’s front clasp. The front clasp was beyond my tongue’s talents.

My tongue focused on probing the top of her bra. Her moaning was accompanied by squirming and her hips moving side to side. I kept at it, but I could not get my tongue to a nipple. However, amongst all the squirming I was undetected undoing the next button. And the next button. And the next button. 5 in total. Now her shirt was wide open.

While my tongue continued to probe my fingers caressed all over her bra. Her moaning and squirming continued.

Now was the time to make my move on her boobs. I gently moved her shirt across each shoulder and down her arms while kissing her on the mouth. She did not resist.

My lips slowly moved from her lips to her neck to her bra. My tongue swayed back and forth on her bra starting at the top and working down. When I got to the clasp my fingers gently caressed her bra from the outside to the clasp.

I unhooked the clasp. Her B cup boobs popped out like a jack-in-the-box. Her nipples were erect. Her boobs were covered with goose bumps. I placed my hands on her back, chest high. I gently licked her right nipple. She groaned and jerked back as a reflex. I continued to gently lick. I dabbed the fingers on my right hand in my mouth. My fingers gently caressed her left nipple. More groans and a milder jerk reflex. I began to gently suck on her right nipple. My fingers caressed her left nipple with more vigor. After a couple of minutes my mouth switched nipple and my left hand’s fingers caressed her right breast. She put her hands around my head and squeezed.

After the squeezing ended, I slid to the floor, slowly kissing my way down. My hands slid down her side with my head. I stopped at her belly button. My tongue swirled the area.

I continued heading south. My tongue danced along the top of her pants.

I stood up. I gently lifted her off the bed with my hands under her armpits.

While bursa escort bayan kissing her on the mouth I unbuckled her belt.

I kneeled to the floor. There was a damp spot in her crotch area.

I unzipped her pants and they fell down her legs.

I grabbed her bikini underwear at her hips and slid them down her legs. Her dusty brown mound glistened in its dampness.

I stood up. I looked up and down her body. “You look beautiful. Sit down, lay back and enjoy.” She blushed and complied.

I sank to my knees. Spreading her legs apart I gently licked her pussy from bottom to top. She shuddered. I continued to lick her pussy. She continued to shudder. While licking her pussy I unbuttoned my shirt.

Next, I focused on her clit.

The tip of my tongue flicked her clit. Her whole body shook.

After licking her clit a few times, she came. And came. And came. Five times in all.

She was lying on the bed exhausted, naked and sweaty. She looked great.

I dropped my pants, underwear, shoes and socks and lay next to her. My cock touched her right thigh and grew. She opened her eyes and looked down.

“Look what you did to me!”

My cock continued to grow. She leaned up on her right elbow.

“Can I touch it?”

“Yes.” I said, but I thought “Hell yes you can!”

Her left index finger touched the tip. It grew some more.

“Eww, what’s that sticky stuff?”


“What’s it taste like?”

“I don’t know.”

She put her mouth on the crown and started to lick. I grew some more.

Then she got off the bed, knelt in front of me and put a fourth of my cock in her mouth.

“Careful with the teeth please.”

Her head moved back and forth. Her right hand moved up and down the remainder of the shaft. She was a natural.

She gradually put half, then three quarters and finally all of my cock in her mouth.

I put my hands behind me at 4 and 8 o’clock and leaned back. The more of my cock that was in her mouth more I arched my back.

“I’m about to cum.”

She kept at it. I started to groan and tighten my abs as I tried to keep the cum inside my cock.

“I’m going to cum.” She kept on sucking.

Five seconds later I said “I’m coming”.

Fortunately for Laura I came when her mouth covered only the end of my cock.

When I came the second time she just got my cock out of her mouth. I spewed cum on her right cheek.

The third time I came my wad shot across the room. The rest petered out, no pun intended, over the next several seconds.

I fell back on the bed. Laura crawled up next to me.

I said “That was great.”


We embraced, saying nothing for several minutes.

“I’m spent. What about you?”


“Instead of going out right now, let’s get under the covers, enjoy the champagne and the movie.”


“I’ll get the champagne and you prepare the bed”.

“Great idea”.

I got the glasses and champagne. She turned down the covers.

We slipped under the covers buck naked with our bodies next to each other and enjoyed the champagne and movie. She fell asleep before the movie ended and so did I.

The next thing I know the shower is on. The clock radio says 7:05 AM. I waited for her to get out of the shower.

She exited the bathroom clothed in a towel.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning.”

“Sleep well?”

“Yes, but I have a headache”.

“Welcome to the world of champagne. Can I buy you breakfast?”

“I’d love to, but I have to get back home to keep my story straight”.

“I understand. Good thinking. Can I help you get dressed?”

“Thanks for the offer, but no. I have to get dressed and out of here without delay.”


She dropped the towel.

“You look fantastic!”


“Sure you don’t need help getting dressed?”

“Afraid so”.

She got dressed in a nurse outfit.

“Is this the outfit you left home in?”


“Wise move.”

Once she was dressed, I got out of bed and walked over to her.

I gave her a kiss like we would never see each other again.

After a while the first and second finger on her right hand squeezed my scrotum.

I broke the embrace. “Time to go?”


“This was wonderful. Let’s do it again.”

“I’ll never forget this. Let’s”.

We never got together again. She got a boyfriend shortly thereafter and got married. I found my wife and got married about the same time.

We see each other at family reunions. We give each other a little smile. We once sat next to each other and squeezed hands under the table.

To paraphrase Humphrey Bogart “We will always have Joplin.”

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