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Big Tits

Helen Watson was becoming obsessed with the idea of seducing Dave.

Her husband Max had a reputation as a tough hard Macho man, yet at home all he did was sleep and watch TV.

When she tried to take him to bed he resisted, claiming he was tired or suffering from football injuries.

He showed no interest in sex with her, other than have her suck him off while he played with her boobs.

Before the new cheerleading squad was appointed, he had not only been a raging bull on the footy field but was a raging bull at home in bed.

Helen recalled a night when everything had changed between them, leaving her physically and mentally scared of his violent temper. That night he had arrived on their doorstep drunk with lipstick smeared all over his mouth. He had sneered at her claiming she was “Fucking old meat.”

He had laughed at her anger. “Your thirty fucking five, if I want someone that old I can fuck some of the team’s wives,” he jeered.

“There is a ton of twenty year old stuff nearly half your age that love to get me in the sack.” “They’re not only younger, but they are better fucks” he added.

“I’ve fucking had your insults” she screamed “you can have your team floosies, I’m leaving, their’s a ton of men who will want me.”

He had thrown her against the wall; slapping her hard yelling, “Don’t you get any fucking stupid ideas.” “Your mine and you will always be mine. If I ever catch you with another man I’ll kill both of you.” She knew he meant it. She was his trophy wife, to parade around in front of his mates. His pride would be hurt if she left him, especially if it was for another man.

For over a year she had done as she was told. Every time she thought of arguing or ignoring him, she remembered the murderous glint in his eyes when he said, “I’ll kill both of you.”

She had started to drink and smoke and spend his money extravagantly, but nothing she did could satisfy her strong sexual urge.

Watching Stacy and Dave on Sunday morning had set her mind scheming. A lad like Dave would be her answer.

Max was contemptuous of the town’s younger brigade. Fucking kids he would moan, when asked by his sponsors and backers to turn up at a game or speech night. “There isn’t a kid in this town worth a shit,” he used to tell her as they drove home.

Knowing he had the local male population bluffed, she felt certain that Max would never suspect her of cheating, especially with an eighteen year old.

She could get Stacy to cover for her. They could share him; it was the answer to a maiden’s prayer. Well hardly a maiden she grinned to herself.

After cricket practice yesterday she had invited Dave to have coffee this afternoon. “If I’ve got the guts I’ll start today,” she thought.

She took a leisurely bath before dressing to go down town and wait for Dave. She took special care to dress in her sexiest outfit.

She always dressed to excite, today she was all the more careful, making sure that her dress highlighted her figure.

Helen made two or three changes as she dressed, making up her mind to be more adventurous at every minute.

No bra, no stockings, no thong, she decided before discarding a dress that reached her knees. She replaced it with a light white silk dress, much shorter, and so sheer that you could see right through it against the light.

She smoothed the dress down over her thighs, cupped her hands under her breasts, and stuck her tongue out at herself in the mirror, “I’m ready” she said, “I’m ready.”

Talking to herself as she planned his seduction she mused. “I’ll check everything out so nothing goes wrong.”

“My god” she thought later as she parked her car away from her normal parking area, “I’m getting nervous; I’m acting like a kid on my first date.”

At the coffee shop the proprietor who knew her as a regular customer greeted her, “Can I help Mrs Watson?” “No thank you, I was looking to see if my friend’s son had arrived,” she answered.


“This place is no good:” she decided. He’s a bloody old sticky beak. If he sees me with Dave he won’t keep his eyes off us.” “I want some privacy.”

Thinking hard she recalled a new coffee shop and bar that has just opened down at the unfashionable end of the mall.

“I’m not known there, the people who run it are from out of town, it will be a lot safer,” she decided.

Dave’s mobile rang as he was having lunch, “Can you talk?” Stacy asked. “Yes!” he replied, getting up and moving away from Malcolm and the others.

“Thanks for ringing I really miss you,” he said when he was far enough away that he couldn’t be heard. “I have to be quick while the boys pack the car. I don’t want them to know that I’m talking to you,” Stacy said a hint of urgency in her voice.

“What’s up?” he asked. “I’ve only got a minute so listen,” Stacy replied. “I’m sorry Dave but our family will have to go away for a while.” “What for?” Dave asked his voice rising

“Fred’s mother has had a heart attack she is very ill.” “Fred’s rushed to her bedside; the boys and I gaziantep bayan escort numaraları are driving down this afternoon, I don’t know when we will be back.”

“I’m going to miss you Davey boy,” Stacy whispered, a tremor in her voice. “I’ll ring you when we get there.”

Before he could reply, Dave heard her being called. She said “goodbye,” and hung up.

. Dave was devastated, he had had only one thing in mind all day, how to arrange things so he could be with Stacy again tonight.

“Just my fucking luck” he moaned.

He was angry and disappointed when Malcolm collared him, “Hi! Coming down to cricket practice” he asked.

Dave was about to tell Malcolm to fuck off, when the words cricket practice reminded him of his ride home yesterday after practice, with Mrs Watson.

“Shit!” he thought. “She invited me to coffee this afternoon.”

For some reason he thought better of telling Malcolm what he was going to do, instead he just shook his head, saying “not today I’ve got a few things to do.”

Dave started to smile as he thought of Mrs Watson. “Christ I hope some of my mates see me with her, they won’t believe that she asked me to have coffee.”

A broad grin broke out across his face, as he remembered the way her boobs had swung down in her top, giving him an eyeful.

He licked his lips as he remembered how her skirt had slid up showing what he thought could have been a small patch of hair.

He was starting to raise a horn as he remembered how she had slid around on the seat and whispered in her husky voice, the invitation for coffee after school.

Even with those thoughts in mind, Dave did not give the slightest thought to the possibility of fucking her.

She was out of his class.

He was more than satisfied fucking Stacy Turner.

Mrs Watson was a body to dream over but she was only a dream.

Stacy Turner was real, he had fucked her, he would fuck her again, she filled his thoughts, he wasn’t going to jeopardise that certainty.

As far as he was concerned everything revolved around Stacy Turner, nothing else counted, nothing else mattered.

Never the less the idea of meeting Mrs Watson made his heart beat quicker. She was a top bird. The amazing fact that she wanted to have coffee added to his ego, already inflated from his conquest of Harry’s mum, Mrs Stacy Turner.

Entering the Mall he spied Mrs Watson coming towards him. He gasped, she looked fucking fantastic. He gasped again, when he caught her against the sunlight.

“Shit” he thought “I don’t think she’s wearing anything under that dress.” He was not the only one who was watching Helen Watson.

Every male in the mall followed her progress, watching as she greeted Dave with a kiss and took his arm, before leading him back down the mall.

Dave couldn’t believe it; his heart was beating at a hundred to the dozen. Here he was arm in arm with the woman whose body had been described by one of his team mates as “A walking wet dream.”

Not only was she beautiful and sexy, but she was the wife of the states toughest footballer. That fact alone making her invitation all the more exciting.

He was enjoying the jealous stares from the men and women who were watching them closely. He was so proud to be walking arm in arm with Mrs Watson that his pride bubbled out into words.

“Mrs Watson” he stuttered, “your so beautiful, every one is looking at us. I, I, I, mean they are staring at you.” She didn’t respond so he went on “I’ve seen a crowd stare at a people before, but I have never been part of it.”

“You know what? I think they’re jealous.” “They would all like to swap places with me, so they could be with you.”

“Thank you David,” she whispered huskily kissing him on the cheek. “Let’s get away from them,” she urged, leading him quickly through a department store into the car park.

“I’ve found a new coffee shop I want to try” Helen Turner explained to Dave, “its new, it’s a bit quiet, but lets try it.”

She could have taken Dave anywhere; his mouth was dry, his brain swirling with unasked questions, as she led him to a secluded table in the near deserted coffee shop.

The coffee shop and bar had been open a week, it was dark and cool inside making her nipples stand out.

Sitting facing Mrs Watson, Dave didn’t know where to look; Her dress had slid up dangerously high, attracting his attention.

If he was right and she didn’t have any thing on under it, she shouldn’t catch him staring down there.

When she leaned forward he could look down and see most of her boobs swing forward in the top of her dress. “Shit,” he thought, “I can’t let her catch me looking down there either.”

He licked his lips as his mouth became drier. Not knowing where to look. He just sat there blushing.

“My god Dave you’re blushing,” Helen Watson said “are you embarrassed being with me?”

Oh no I’m really proud to sit with someone as beautiful as you,” gaziantep escort bayan reklamları he exclaimed. You’re so exciting I don’t know where to look.” He spluttered in embarrassment his face redder than ever.

“I want you to look at me,” she whispered huskily. “Your voice is lovely and husky,” Dave said

Helen Watson wasn’t interested in what he though of her voice, her adrenalin was up; she had other things to excite him. She stood up in the semi dark and swirled her body around until the dress swung out further and further.

Dave could now tell for sure, there was nothing under her dress except firm flesh and what looked like a thin strip of hair.

“Do you like my outfit?” she asked “I wore it especially to meet you today.”

Looking at her muscular brown legs Dave licked his lips, “Shit your legs are beautiful,” he exclaimed.

Her legs were divine, presented to perfection by a pair of red leather needle thin four inch heels. The addition of a shiny, tiny white dress that barely reached her thighs, completed the mind blowing picture

“Studying legs again,” she teased. “I think you really are a leg man Dave.”

Dave couldn’t help himself, “Mrs Watson you have the most beautiful long luscious sexy legs I have ever seen, better than a movie star, better than the models in my magazines, they are marvellous.”

He was so startled when she asked, “Do my legs make you horny?” that he replied “you would make a stone wall horny, you’re so sexy.”

Expecting her to object to what he felt were his over the top remarks, he was relieved when she giggled like a young girl and said “Thanks, that’s a lovely compliment,”

“Thanks,” she said again, as she moved over to sit beside him, taking his head in her hands and kissing him gently on the mouth. “Thank you.”

Dave was starting to relax she wasn’t upset with him, she was flirting like a young girl;

He sat back sipping his coffee, as he did He thought of her husband and his violent reputation. Glancing around, he looked to see if anyone was watching. The room was empty except for the waiter who had not missed a thing.

“Don’t get nervous Dave” she said as she took his hand and held it on her lap.

“I know your only teasing, but your husband the, the raging bull,” he stuttered. “What, what if some one saw you holding my hand. They could think that we were up to something and tell him.”

“Up to what?” she asked mischievously. “Oh you know if I was coming on to you, or they thought you were having an affair.” “Are you coming on to me?” she asked as she moved his hand on her lap.

“Oh No! I just thought you are so well known, that our having coffee and fooling around might be misconstrued,” he said trying to settle things down.

“Don’t you like me fooling around with you?” she asked.

“Oh yes I love it” he cried. “I loved walking down the mall with you. All those men staring at you, envious of me was exciting.”

“That’s nice David but you are right.” she said as she squeezed his hand in hers, “my husband would kill us both if he thought we were up to something.”

“That’s the trouble,” she continued, “I’m bored and lonely.” “I sit in the coffee shop on my own most afternoons. Mothers my age are busy with their children after school.”

“Now I find, even young men like you are scared to talk to me, because I’m the wife of the raging bull.”

“Oh hell I `m not scared to talk to you.” “I will have coffee with you every day after cricket practice if you will have me,” Dave said putting his hand up to touch her cheek.

“That’s wonderful but every day would be over the top and people would talk.” She laughed.

Later as they walked to her car, she asked “What are you doing tonight?”

“Nothing much” he replied

“I’m going out to the drive- in. They tell me its going broke and will close down shortly.”

“You young ones don’t remember drive-ins like people my age.” “They were the places where we went on dates when I was a teenager.”

“I want to go back to see it before it closes.”

Dave was embarrassed, “Gee Mrs Watson” he said, “I have never been to a drive in.” “They don’t show modern movies and that one is way out of town.” He explained. “I always go to Cinema 8, or rent DVD’s and videos at Blockbuster.”

Helen turned to look at him “Max is out of town. Drive- ins are for couples, they are very lonely places for people on their own.”

“Would you like to join me?”

She laughed as she continued, “no one will know you are with the wife of the raging bull.”

Dave who had nothing planned now that Stacy was away, agreed.

“Right she said, now you must stop calling me Mrs Watson.” “You must call me Helen. I will call you David or Dave.”


On the way home Helen’s mobile rang, she pushed in her ear plug, and talked while driving. “Hi,” she said quickly when she heard Stacy’s voice, “I’m in the car, I’m just driving Dave home.” “Can he hear me?” Stacy asked.

Helen gaziantep escort kız telefonları looked over at Dave who was studying her legs and the tops of her thighs.

“No!” She replied.

“My god Helen, You’re a bitch,” Stacy whispered down the phone, “don`t tell me you`ve fucked him already.”

“No,” Helen replied, while winking at Dave, “but it won’t be long.”

Dave who didn’t know he was the topic of discussion, winked back. . He wasn’t trying to listen. He found it more enjoyable to look.

“Well it looks as thought we will be here for a few days, so you can take your time,” Stacy told Helen with a sigh.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to waste any time or opportunities,” Helen replied

After more whispered conversation, Helen told Stacy, “I’ve got to go,” as she stopped her car outside Dave’s house “ring me later.”

“That was Stacy Turner” she explained to Dave as she repeated her arrangements for the drive in. “We had better meet at six.” “I’ll pick you up on the corner down the road from your place.” “I think it’s open all night, so it really won’t matter if we’re late,” she told him as she blew him a kiss and drove away.

“Mrs Watson again?” his mum asked as he came in the door. “Yes mum” you are right she is lonely,” he replied rushing to his room to answer his mobile.

It was Stacy telling him it would be at least a week before she returned. “A week” he cried as he got off the phone, “a whole bloody week.”

What are you mumbling about his mother called? “Nothing mum,” he replied as he made for his shower.

Helen Watson was wet with anticipation. While Dave had no experience of drive-ins, she had spent many nights with her dates in back seats, making out at the drive-in.

Helen sang to herself as she dabbed perfume in places where she expected his mouth, nose and tongue to linger tonight.

Drive-ins won’t be the only things he learns about tonight,” she mused as she played with her nipples.

She chose a top with buttons up the front so he would find it easy to open. “He won’t have to fumble around the back looking for a bra,” she giggled. “There will be nothing under the top only me.”

Finally she discarded a tight fitting skirt that moulded her perfect bottom, in favour of a loose skirt that would allow him easy access to her already moist pussy.

At the drive in she took charge, driving to a section where there were few cars. “Let’s hop in the back,” she said “it’s more comfortable.” “ We can hook up the speakers on a front window, so they don’t get in our road if we want to get in and out.”

She settled in the back seat complete with blanket and sent him off to get drinks. When he returned he joined her in the back seat.

“No wonder they are closing. There are hardly any cars here at all,” he reported. Dave waved his hand in a wide semi circle, “There are only two cars over this side.”

“All the better,” thought Helen. Helen moved over close to Dave spreading the blankets over their lower bodies. “When a boy took a girl to the drive in, they hopped in the back seat and sometimes watched the movie.” She laughed.

“When Max and I came here in our courting days, he would put his arm around me and we would cuddle in together.”

She took Dave’s arm and placed it around her laying her head on his shoulder, so close he could feel her breath on his cheek.

Dave was overwhelmed by the feel of her body against his, especially her firm breast on his body and her warm breath on his cheek. Her heady perfume filled his nostrils, making his prick stir in his pants.

Dave moved to get comfortable; He still didn’t believe Mrs Watson would let him fuck her. As far as he was concerned, she just wanted to renew some of her teenage memories.

“Maybe if I’m lucky, she will let me help her re-live her courting days.” “If she does I might cop a stray feel or least a pretend make out,” he dreamed, thinking how great it would be to get his hands on her horny body.

Dave’s movement allowed Helen Watson to snuggle in closer, until her lips lay against his neck. He was startled when she kissed him lightly on the neck and then opened her mouth, blowing quietly as her teeth started to nibble along his neck up towards his chin.

“Max used to love me doing that,” she said in that husky whisper that caused Dave’s prick to unwind and push up in his pants.

“Oh David!” she said as she pulled herself up to bring their faces level. “Thank you for coming with me, it brings back such vivid memories of making out in the back seat of Max’s car.”

Dave heard what he thought was a sob escape from her lips. He felt a shudder shake her body. “If only Max had come out here with me.” She whispered. “He might have recalled how much in love we were, and how we made love here for the very first time.”

Dave was worried. “What do I do now?” “Should I pretend I didn’t notice, or should I do something?”

For a few moments her heady perfume and the feel of her hard breast on his chest had started to make him horny, but her tears were confusing him.

“Oh shit! What the heck, maybe if I cuddle her she will remember the good times,” he thought, as he started to kiss her on the forehead, then on her eyes, as he wiped her tears away.

Helen was wondering what had come over her. She had deliberately come here to cheat on Max. She had come here to fuck Dave. “What’s bloody wrong with me? She asked herself. “What am I getting emotional about?”

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