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LONG ESTRANGED SISTER GETS DIVORCED. Seeks a return to simpler times and moves in with her single brother. The first chapter will set the stage so there won’t be any sex. Even if there was sex everyone would be over 18. Enjoy.


I waited impatiently as time passed so slowly. Why is it that when a person wanted time to hurry it seemed like the opposite happened. I walked again around my home checking for the hundredth time if everything was in place and clean and dust free.

God I was so nervous! I had only had minimal contact with my sister Kerry in the twenty years that I had been away from home. She was only five when I, her big brother, left her life. Now at just twenty five, she said she needed a place to stay after her divorce from ‘the squirrel.’

I was career army and now retired. My life since I took the oath had taken me to several countries and through two short marriages. The type of marriages that were mistakes from the start. The ‘I should have known better’ types. The things I did in the army I won’t talk about.

The marriages I will if asked.

After my retirement I moved to the upper part of lower Michigan. They call it ‘The tip of the Mitt’ around here. Very rural, neighbors can be close or miles apart. Mine were not close.

I joined the Army the week before I graduated from high school. I left home and wanted to walk away from everything in the small town I grew up in. Including my parents. They were very conservative christians, judgmental and controlling, and I couldn’t wait to leave their influence. My parents were pushing me away as hard as I was pulling myself away.

My little sister on the other hand was just collateral damage. I never wanted to hurt her but in order to see her I had to interact with my parents. My father more specifically. With the various overseas postings through the years and my stubborn nature when it came to interaction with my parents, it was easy to lose contact with my little sister.

She was just five when I last saw her, runny nose full of freckles and fire red pigtails. I could feel her tears on my shoulder as I said my last goodbye.

“I miss you already Petie,” she tearfully said. Her words muffled as she pushed her face into my shoulder. “When will you come back home?”

“I don’t know ‘puddin but if you ever need me just let me know and I promise that if I’m able, I will do anything in my power to help you.” I vowed.

“Anything?” she asked.

“Yep, anything.”

“Pinky swear?” she asked as she held her little finger out to me.

“Sure ‘puddin,” I said as we enjoined our fingers in the age old contract of siblings.

We lost any kind of direct contact from that day until I received a brief letter through my APO address from Kerry announcing her high school graduation. In her letter she explained how much she still missed me and how she just wanted to hold her big brother again. The picture that was enclosed was from her senior portraits. She had matured into a beautiful woman at that point. The pose was her sitting with her knees sideways, feet under her butt in a field with flowers surrounding her. The modest gown she was wearing did it’s best to hide her body but I sensed a very shapely woman under her electric blue gown. Her hair was long, full and wavy. And still very red. Her face was still covered in freckles but they had faded somewhat from her little girl face. I fell in love with her again as this link from my past was revealed.

But that was seven years ago.

I got her wedding invitation while on my last deployment shortly before I was scheduled to rotate back to the states. There was an engagement pic of her and her fiance. He looked kind of squirrely to me but if my baby sister wanted him and my parents had vetted him I was in no position to disagree. She said in her letter that she and her new husband would be moving to the east coast after their honeymoon. His job was in sales for a national cosmetics corporation and his territory was the north east. Along with the wedding gift I wrote a quick note explaining why I couldn’t attend her wedding and wished her the best. I really felt bad in that I had missed my baby sister’s growing years, her graduation and now her marriage. I made a vow that when I retired I would be more of the the brother that I had never been.

Fast forwarding a few years I finally retired as an E-8 pay grade enlisted. I had decided years before that the allure of the quietness of the north woods would be cathartic to my weary warrior bones. I was most interested in trying to reclaim any lost and misspent attachment with my family.

Before I could even contact my parents my father passed away. The email I received from my mother was short and to the point. My father had died of a massive heart attack. She also sent the obituary from our local paper. There wasn’t much else. She said that he had been cremated and the services had already taken place. She also told me that she would be selling their entire bursa evi olan escort estate and then move south to a retirement community that their church managed in Florida. She didn’t offer any encouragement for me to visit so I suppose she still wanted to distance herself. I briefly thought of our last years together. I felt a sudden loss of a family I never really knew or understood.

After separation from the Army, I contacted a real estate agency in the area I wished to move. I wanted privacy so I settled on a large plot of several hundred acres with an old farmhouse and several outbuildings in the center. The house was more than I wanted or needed but the owners were anxious to sell so I got the old house along with two hundred acres of spotty woodland for less than a hundred grand. I figured I couldn’t go wrong so I laid the cash down and signed the papers. The house was in poor but livable condition. The previous owners hadn’t spent a lot of money on modern upgrades so I had a blank slate as I took on the job of a remodel. Everything had to go.

Now the house was mostly done. I had a new and modern kitchen. The electrical and plumbing were new. The walls and floors were refinished in every room. I had even demolished a bedroom wall to include a ensuite bath for the master. Now there were three bedrooms upstairs with two baths. The downstairs had its own full bath also. My house was mostly complete but was missing the one thing I had most wanted. A family to make it a home. As much as I loved the quiet and peaceful rural aspect of the area I couldn’t have picked a worse area of the country to find a wife.

Now that was about to change.

It was early evening when the well used and dented pickup with attached rental trailer slowly pulled into my yard. My sister Kerry was finally here. She sat in the truck for over a minute before the door finally opened. We had talked briefly on the phone so I knew that she was divorcing the squirrel and moving here. I knew also that she was moving from the east coast but I didn’t realise that she was MOVING as in HERE.

The truck door squeaked loudly as she opened it. And a bare leg slid down from the truck. I walked over to see if she needed any help but before I could open my mouth I heard a squeal and a tornado of red hair and bare legs came at me.

“PEETIE! oh my god it is you!” she launched herself at me with everything she had and when she got to me she jumped onto me like a spider monkey. I had all I could do to not fall down as this 125lb whirlwind of red hair, arms and legs literally attached herself to my body. She started kissing me all over my face while tears of joy fell from her cheeks.

“Oh my god Petie I’m so happy to see you again finally. You will never know how much I missed you. Please tell me we will never be separated again. You won’t leave me ever again will you?”

“No puddin I live here now. My traveling days are over. We will never be separated again.”

I can stay then? Forever?” I should have realised what she was asking before I answered.

“Sure, forever if you want.”

“Oh Petie I love you so much.” Kerry covered my face with kisses again while squeezing my neck. I was beginning to get a bit uncomfortable with our close proximity. I mean she was literally attached to me with her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. The only way I could hold her up was with my hands under her butt. I could feel her nipples on her ample breasts and the heat from her pubic mound pressed against me. The combination was having some definitely unbrotherly results. I started to harden so I quickly let her down and pushed her to arms length.

“Let me look at you. I haven’t seen you since you were five.” She posed briefly in a models pose then turned around. She was wearing a green light summer dress that fit tightly on her chest but was lose below. It ended just above her knees. She was about 5’6″ and I thought that she was braless before but I knew that she was now. Her breasts were very nice and plump definitely a large C or D cup. Her nipples were two little missiles pointing right at me. From holding her briefly, I suspected she was pantieless too.

“You are beautiful Kerry. Probably the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” I gushed.

“Oh Pete I’m a mess. I have been traveling almost nonstop since I left New York. I only slept briefly in the front seat in a rest area on the turnpike.” she said.

“You look beautiful to me Kerry. Do you want some help with your things? It’s getting late and one thing you will learn here is that the mosquitoes own the night.”

She laughed and said she had just one suitcase for tonight but when she unloaded her trailer there would be much more. I hauled her suitcase into the living room and she grabbed my hand and said, “show me your house Pete.”

I took her on the tour of the lower floor as she oohed and aahed at everything I had done. Kerry was especially impressed with the new kitchen.

“Oh altıparmak escort Pete I will have so much fun cooking for you. Wait until you have my meatloaf. It’s to die for,” she gushed.

When we got to the upstairs I showed her the bedrooms, my master suit then finally the ensuite bath that I had built from scratch. The room was huge with a 10′ by 10′ glass enclosed shower. The shower had multiple shower heads built into the ceiling and walls. I even included a bench for my wife to shave her legs, in case I ever got married that is. It cost me a bundle but was worth every penny I thought. I had included a radiant heater also as the winters here could be cruel. I finished the bath with a huge bubbling hot tub, a long vanity with a full length mirror and a toilet/bidet combo. Kerry had never seen a bidet and told me so. When I explained what it was and how most bathrooms in Europe had them and how it worked she was confused for a heartbeat. Then she understood. “You mean that’s to keep the woman fresh? No more wiping with toilet paper?”

“Umm yeah.” I suddenly felt embarrassed talking about something so personal with Kerry.

“I love it! In fact I really need to pee Pete. Also would you mind if I use the shower to freshen up? I haven’t had time to clean myself for two days so I’m a bit ripe,” she said as she lifted her elbow to sniff her armpit.

“Oh, yeah, sure help yourself,” I hurriedly said as she moved to the toilet and sat with her dress covering her legs. I guess she wasn’t wearing panties after all. My face reddened as I moved towards the door.

“Pete could you bring me my suitcase also? I want to wear something clean after my shower.” she said as she started to tinkle into the toilet.

I turned my head away as I left the bathroom. ‘My my how my little sister had changed since I left my parents home,’ I thought.

I couldn’t believe that the same parents that had been so strict and controlling with me had also raised this uninhibited young woman that was in my bathroom. Shaking my head I promised myself to have a talk with her about this as I retrieved her suitcase from the foyer. As I approached my ensuite I heard the water running in the shower. Not wanting to embarrass Kerry I knocked before announcing my return. I opened the door to place the suitcase inside.

“Knock knock, here are your things. Is there anything you prefer to eat? We are too far from town for delivery but if you want something special I could run into town. If not maybe we could go to a restaurant. There isn’t much besides family type restaurants. Or we could eat at home. Your choice,” I couldn’t help myself as my eyes moved to the glass enclosed shower. I could barely see my sisters naked body through the steam as she rinsed her hair.

“Let’s eat in tonight Pete. I’m really tired from the trip. Besides that I want to get to know my brother again. Is that okay?”

“Fine with me. I’m going down stairs. Call me if you need anything.”

“Okay Pete.”

I took another quick glance at my sister through the fog and with an admonition to myself for being a pervert I left the room.

It was about 30 minutes later when I heard Kerry enter the kitchen. I was making sandwiches for us and my back was to her when she entered the room.

“It’s a good thing I installed the on demand water heater sis. You would have run out of hot water during your shower with the normal type.” I said before turning. I turned to face my sister and went silent. She had a towel wrapped on her hair and was dressed in only a t-shirt and pink bikini panties. I could see most of the outline of her breasts and areola. Her nipples looked like little grapes perched inside her t-shirt. My eyes slowly moved down to her hips. Her pubic mound was prominently displayed behind her panties. I got a glimpse of her red pubic hair poking out from the edge of her panties. My sister was hot.

“Ummm sis are you comfortable enough? Do you even own a robe?” Pete’s eyes finally moved up to his sister’s face.

“Of course I own a robe Petie. It’s in my trailer, somewhere. Am I shocking my hunky big brother? I don’t mean to. It’s just that I feel so comfortable around you. Are the sandwiches ready? I am so hungry now.” She said as she sat on the stool at my kitchen counter.

“Um sure. What would you like to drink Kerry. I have beer or water. When you get settled tomorrow we can go shopping for food if there is anything you want.”

“Beer is fine Petie.” she said as she tore into the roast beef sandwich I had made.

I opened two beers and handed her a glass.

“No glass big brother,” She took a long pull from the bottle. “Damn that’s good. Nothing like a cold one after a long hot shower.”

We sat quietly across the counter from each other while we ate our quick meal. I was curious at what had happened to Kerry’s marriage but I also wanted our reunion to be as painless as possible so I stayed quiet about her personal business. But I did gemlik escort want to know about our parents.

“Kerry I’m so sorry I missed your growing up. If it hadn’t been for Mom and Dad and their controlling ways, I probably would have found time to visit. I remember when I got your graduation pic. You looked so beautiful. I showed you off to the whole squad. I almost got into a fight after one guy said some creepy thing about you. After that I never shared your pic to anyone else. When I heard from mom that you were engaged and saw your engagement photo, I went into a depression because you were grown and I had missed all those years with you. You can’t imagine how worthless I felt as a brother.”

“Don’t apologize Pete. I know how Mom and Dad could be. In fact they tried that holier than thou crap on me until I found out about their true lifestyle. Did you know that our mother has been having an affair for almost the entire time she has been married to our father?” My shocked face told Kerry that I didn’t know.

“Of course you wouldn’t know. No one outside their little church group knew. I suspect that the whole congregation knew all those years that mom was the preacher’s personal little slut, except our father. I also think that dad didn’t die from a heart attack. Well he may have but I think he just gave up on his marriage and died from a broken heart when he found out. Mom told him she was moving to that retirement compound in Florida that the church owns with her boyfriend the preacher. She told him if he wanted to stay up north he could but she wouldn’t leave her man. Even if dad moved with her, the preacher was going to live with her and she would be sleeping with who she wished. She never gave dad a choice. Live with her as a cuckold husband or live apart while she played house openly with her boyfriend. What a bitch.” Kerry said.

My reaction was predictable. “Are you saying that our mother was having this affair while I was growing up too?”

“Without a doubt. As a matter of fact, guess who my sperm donor is.” Kerry hesitated briefly. “Yup, you guessed it. It’s the good old preacher. When I was growing up I never noticed, but my hair is the same shade of red as his. I never had a DNA test done but the evidence was pretty conclusive. I wouldn’t be surprised that dad wasn’t your sperm donor either.” Kerry took her last bite chewed for a minute in silence and washed it down with her last swallow of beer.

“So at best you are my half sister? We do share the same mother.”

“True but my name is different now. No one around here knows me. As far as anyone here knows, I am an old girlfriend of yours from back east. We reconnected online after you got out of the army.”

“Kerry what are you saying?”

“Men! Petie you live here alone right?”


“Do you want to live alone? Or did you fix this great big house up for just yourself?”

“Um, I was going to look for someone to start a family and grow old with eventually. I just haven’t got around to it yet. The pool of likely candidates is a bit shallow around these parts and I have been busy with the remodel.” I was concerned with the direction our conversation was headed.

“So you do want a family?”

“Of course.”

“How many kids would you like?”

“Umm I don’t know. At least two. A boy and a girl. I always dreamed of playing catch with a son and spoiling my little princess.”

Kerry stood up from her stool, spread her arms wide and said, “Ta da, I’m ready to start whenever you are.”

“Kerry are you saying you want…with me…you and me?” I was definitely tongue tied at this point.

“Is that TMI too fast big brother? Ok here is my plan. By the way I’ve had six hundred miles to think about this. You and I are both single, right?”


“You need someone to make your house a home. You know like cleaning, cooking, chopping wood, carrying on an intelligent conversation, having mind blowing monkey sex with?”

“Kerry! That incest! You are my little sister, my blood.” I was sweating at this point.

“So who’s gonna know we’re related? Our names are different. If we don’t try to marry no one will ever suspect. It’s not uncommon these days for two people to cohabitate. We don’t have a family resemblance. You’re tall and hunky and I’m short and petite, although I do have some nice boobs. We are only half siblings. Without a blood test or DNA test, no one would ever suspect.”

“Kerry it’s still incest.”

“Is it any worse than what our mother did to our dad? She hung horns on him for almost forty years. She had two children by other men than her husband. She and our father drove my big brother away to god knows where. Twenty years Petie, twenty years I lost with you because of that selfish bitch.” Kerry had tears running down her face.

If there was one thing that got to me, it was a womans tears. That was my soft spot, my achilles heel. I couldn’t stand to see a woman in agony.

“Ok Kerry. Calm down. I didn’t say no did I?” I said while moving to hold my sister.

“So you are saying yes?” she looked up hopefully. Her tears were still running down her pretty face.

I looked into her hopeful expression.

“Ok, of course you can stay. But I’ll have to think about the mind blowing monkey sex part. Deal?”

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