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As I am sitting and watching TV, I hear a knock at the door. I look at the clock; it is awful late for anyone to be coming over. I get up to see who it is. As I open the door I am surprised to see you there. It has been forever since I last saw you. I have missed you so much. I have missed your touch. I invite you in and take your coat for you. I shut the door behind you. As I follow you into my living room, I can’t keep my eyes off of you. I long to be touched by you, my body aches.

I lean over and gently kiss you on the lips. I let my tongue tease your lips and then gently press through to meet your tongue. Our tongues intertwine. My hand moves to your head and I gently press you into me. I play with your hair. My other hand gently begins to massage your cock through your jeans. I slowly start to unbutton and unzip them. I pull them down to your ankles as I massage your cock through your boxers. I put my fingers in the waistband and pull them down to your ankles. I pull back and look down at you remembering what it was like. I kiss you on the lips and pull away smiling as I get down on my knees in front of you.

I kiss the head of your cock and then lick my way down your shaft and then back up. I lick down and stop at your balls. I slowly begin to suck on your balls, licking them, gently biting them and letting ataşehir escort bayan them roll around between my teeth. I then lick my way back up your shaft. I suck on the tip of your cock, letting my tongue flick the tip. I rake my teeth across the head, very gently. I kiss the tip and continue to suck on it. I begin to slowly move my mouth down the shaft. Taking in the whole length. I move inch by inch until I reach your balls. I can feel you at the back of my throat. I move my mouth back up, letting my tongue flick the tip of your cock. Then I go back down. I move slowly at first, but then I find a rhythm. My mouth goes up and down, up and down as your cock slides in and out, in and out of my mouth. My tongue flicking the tip each time it comes up.

My hands play with your balls. Squeeze them. Fondle them. Caress them. Letting them roll between my fingers. I continue to move my mouth up and down. Faster and faster. I thrust my mouth down faster and faster. Then I stop and begin to just suck on the head. I let my tongue roll around. I flick the tip. I let my tongue search around the head. My hand begins to move up and down the shaft. Up and down. Up and down. I begin to move my hand up and down faster and faster, as my mouth continues to suck on the head. My other hand plays with your balls, rolling them escort kadıöy between my fingers.

My mouth sucking on the tip as my hand moves up and down the shaft faster and faster. I can taste the precum, as I move my hand faster. My mouth is sucking hard on your cock. You begin to thrust your hips up meeting my rhythm. Your breathing becomes heavy and I can tell that you are about to cum. I move my hand up and down faster and suck harder as you begin to cum. I swallow it all, as a little drips out of my mouth and glistens on my lips.

Then you pick me up and carry me upstairs to my bedroom. You set my down and gently begin to undress me. You pull my shirt off and slide my jean skirt to the ground. You reach around and undo my red lacey bra and slide down my matching red lacey thong. I stand in front of you completely naked. You take off your shirt and then gently push me down to the bed. You climb on top of me gently kissing me. You move down in between my legs. You begin licking my clit as you move one finger in and out. It’s a tight squeeze, but you manage to squeeze on more in, as you continue suck on my clit. You let your tongue flick it, causing my back to arch. I softly moan. You continue to finger me, trying to slip another finger in as you lick my clit. You get a third finger in and swiftly maltepe escort move your fingers in and out gently me ready.

I moan again as I thrust my hips up. My back arches in response. You move your tongue down and begin to lick all over, letting your tongue explore. When you feel I am wet enough, you move back up and kiss me. You look into my eyes and ask if I am sure. I nod my head yes and help you guide your cock into me. You slowly move the head in. You inch your way in, until you notice resistance. Then you push hard and break through, I cry out in pain. You stop and let your cock rest right there, until my body gets accustom to the size. Then you slowly begin to move the rest of the length in. You move all the way in, until your balls hit my bottom. You stay like that for a moment kissing my lips, letting me get accustomed to your 10 inches.

You move your head down and begin licking on my breasts. You lick the nipples, sucking on them, biting them and making them hard. You suck on one and then the other. You kiss me again as you move your cock back out and then back in. Slowly you begin to move your cock in and out. You begin to pick up speed as I begin to thrust my hips down to meet you. You move in and out faster and faster, letting your cock slam into me. You begin to knead my breasts as you fuck me. I can feel your cock growing in me, as your breathing gets heavier. You thrust deep one last time as we both cum at the same time. You lay on top of me with your cock still in me. I wrap my arms around you hold you on my chest. We lay like that, both absorbed in all the pleasure…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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