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This represents a fantasy of mine. Partially because of the actual game itself and partially because I would have loved for this to happen. Enjoy.

Deep inside, Jeff bled burgundy and gold. Born in the District of Columbia during the early seventies, he was inundated with professional football. His first memories growing up were watching the victory parade as the Redskins celebrated their first Super Bowl victory. Sitting in the classroom with his classmates, he made the decision that no matter where life would lead him that his allegiance to the Skins would never waver, never diminish.

Twenty years later, he was working in an insurance office in Seattle when one of his attractive coworkers walked up and reminded him of the bet they made. The losing Seahawks would be traveling to FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland to attempt to dethrone the undefeated Skins. To Jeff, it was an easy bet although he was unsure of the terms that were agreed upon. As the personal assistant to the boss chided him for accepting, she warned him that he would look good dressed as a Sea Gal Monday morning. The thought of him arriving at work wearing a Seahawk jersey with blond wig and make up was a sobering reality as he watched her hips sashay away from him.

Jeff was behind his computer working on a claim when an email popped up from Katie. In it, Katie revealed that she couldn’t find the Redskin Cheerleader outfit in her size. Jeff’s retort back was short of rude and could be interpreted as harassment. He typed back telling her that he’d settle for a blowjob if the Redskins won. Jeff knew in his mind that Katie came across as prudish as well as a major cock tease to the guys in the office and the only reason no one ever had the gall to challenge her was because of her position as the Vice President’s personal assistant. Jeff reasoned in his head too late that he may have fucked up before he returned to his assignment.

Another email arrived about fifteen minutes later as Jeff put the finishing touches on the claim. He opened it to find a simple one word answer. As Jeff started savoring the possibilities in his head, Katie appeared at the door to his office partially out of breath. She began asking Jeff where he was going to watch the game. Jeff told her that he was going to the local sports bar when she volunteered to take him someplace different so that there was no backing out of their bet. Katie asked Jeff if she could pick him up from his apartment to go. Jeff was no doubt flattered as well as disarmed when he found himself saying yes.

It was game day when Jeff arrived at the door wearing his Joe Theisman jersey. There Katie stood before him at the door wearing a very tight Seahawk half shirt and a pair of Seahawk blue sweatpants. On her head was one of the new neon escort ataşehir green Seahawk caps the Hawks began selling that year. As Jeff invited her in for coffee, Katie told him that she couldn’t get the place where she wanted to watch the game. Jeff was less than thrilled since he didn’t even consider watching the game at his place. There was a half hour before game time when he decided that staying at his place was the better option considering the stakes being raised. Jeff then noticed the knapsack hanging off her shoulder. When Jeff was about to ask about the knapsack, Katie mentioned that she had some spare Seahawk gear for Jeff to wear the next day when Holmgren won.

Jeff made some quick microwave popcorn as well as exploring his refrigerator for any sign of alcohol since he knew he may need the liquid courage with the way Katie was looking around his apartment. He brought in the two huge bowls of popcorn and a few Miller Lites as Katie had the wide screen already turned to the Seattle Fox affiliate. As the pre game crew put in their two cents, Katie started talking more trash about how Jim Zorn would lose against his former coach. Jeff’s retorts were more humorous than scathing as he almost challenged her to double the initial bet.

Before he had the chance for the retort, Katie unbuckled the knapsack and pulled out a blindfold and pink fuzzy handcuffs. She then told Jeff that instead of making him the laughing stock of the office, she would cuff him naked and blindfold him before inserting anything she wished inside his ass. Jeff shook for a moment imagining his first anal experience as the catcher at the hands of that tempting wench. Jeff’s bravado won out as he agreed before the game started.

Both sat down quietly as the game began. The DC crowd was rowdy as usual as the kickoff started and the competition raged. To say it was a close game would have been an understatement. The Seahawks couldn’t score a single touchdown as the Skins took the game by a score of 42-12. Jeff was ecstatic both for the winning score and the score he was about to make.

As Jeff looked at Katie’s face, he saw a sly smile cross it before she sashayed over to him. Her hands crept up her skinny waist until her fingers grasped the bottom of her half shirt and pulled upward over her head knocking off the Seahawk hat. There she stood with a grey athletic sports bra concealing her chest from his view. Before Jeff could utter a word, Katie then pulled off the sports bra to reveal her rosy nipples.

“I know. The bet was just a blow job. However, I don’t blow a guy with clothes on,” she said as she began to untie the string holding up her sweat pants. Jeff was still in a state of shock as she dropped them and revealed a pair of knee pads. She reached kadıköy escort down and adjusted them to ensure they covered her knees before she rose up again to reveal a very skimpy white thong covering her privacy. She then crept slowly towards Jeff. She noticed the hard on concealed by his jeans as she scanned his body.

“Are you still shocked your Skins won or are you shocked at me?” There was a deliberate wink as she began to unbutton his jeans and unzip them. Jeff then started to move a bit as he rose up and watched her pull down his pants to reveal his Redskin boxers. She giggled a bit as she started to rub where his dick stiffened.

“Hmmm, I usually get a better response from guys when I am like this. What’s the matter, Jeff? Don’t think I am sexy enough?” The taunt accomplished its intention as his dick began to stiffen more within the confines of his yellow boxers. She giggled again before she leaned back enough to allow Jeff to stand up and remove his clothes. As she watched him hurriedly remove his gear, she began to reach up with her hands and grasp her nipple between her point finger and her thumb and pulled slightly. The sight of her toying with herself seemed to make Jeff’s cock harden a little more before she surprised him by grasping it and stroking it gently.

Her hands felt more like soft velvet than skin as they stroked him slowly up and down. Jeff looked down as she smiled at him knowing full well that she had total control of him at that point. As she opened her mouth slowly, time seemed to move to a crawl as her tongue extended and captured a drop of the preliminary fluid that seeped out. Her tongue retracted back into her mouth to taste the captured essence resulting in a smile before she opened her lips yet again.

She slowly opened her mouth slightly wider before taking the first few inches and closing her lips. Jeff felt the exquisite first suck as his eyes closed just to help him revel in the attention. Her mouth was more deliberate than other blowjobs Jeff had received. His other experiences with women either had women who tried to suck him so fast or younger girls who inhaled it like the pot they smoked. Katie seemed more the kind of a woman who pursued her dick sucking like it was a lost art. Jeff began to relax more realizing he was in the hands of a master.

Katie’s sucking became more pronounced as his dick starting sliding down her throat. As she moaned in response, the vibrations started to slide through him as she sucked. She allowed his cock to slide out of her mouth for a moment before she took it back between her hands and started stroking it again. Katie looked at him like she was about to make him a deal.

“So, did you see my knee pads when I took off my pants?” The question caught Jeff completely maltepe escort bayan by surprise as she continued. “Every time I blow the VP, he keeps me on my knees so long that they begin to hurt. Do you really want me to suck you like I do him or do you like the way I am doing it now?” She emphasized the last point by taking him completely down her throat and sucking hard.

Jeff’s moan was almost instantaneous before he started shooting his fluid down her throat. It was not a total shock to Katie as she greedily swallowed as much as she could before she began to clean him off gently before allowing it to slip out of her mouth. She slowly rose up and turned away from him before she bent over and slowly pulled down her underwear in front of him. She threw them towards the television before she turned back around and showed him the full view of her shaven lips. As she looked down, she saw the reaction she was looking for as his erection slowly reappeared.

Katie sat in the chair across and spread her legs over the edges of the chair before beckoning him with her pointy finger that then started to slide up and down her engorged clit. Jeff crawled over and watched for a moment before allowing his tongue to replace the finger. One of his fingers started feeling the tenseness inside her as it slid in and out and her moans were loud. His licking was rewarded with an abundance of nectar before he stood and slapped his dick against her pussy a few times to get her reaction. The feeling of man meat slapping against her needy pussy was almost too much for Katie as she slid down and started sucking Jeff down her throat again with greater fervor.

Jeff picked up the dick hungry chick and helped her to the couch where he placed her so her ass was facing him. Sliding his dick between her pussy lips was almost too easy, but the tightness of it felt welcomed as he started pounding quickly while his hands went to grasp her by the hips. Katie was enjoying the attention she was getting from that accountant due to the thought that the VP expected her to get him off and nothing else. The feeling of cumming on his tongue was worth the bet, but the fucking was a bonus she was enjoying.

It wasn’t long until Jeff pulled out and told her to straddle him on the couch. Before doing so, she bent down and inhaled his dick again to taste her nectar on his stick. The turn on was apparent on Jeff’s face as his eyes closed. The eyes didn’t open again until Katie’s velvet sheath had his weapon penetrating her. Her hips began to undulate as her hips made small circles. Her hands found his nipples and twisted them slightly right before she felt herself climax again.

“Please cum inside me,” she requested breathily as she began to circle her hips faster while Jeff’s hands found her hips again. The geyser shot upward inside her as Jeff’s eyes closed again before he felt her fall over to the side of the couch. He looked over to see her breathing heavy before she rolled onto the floor and looked up at him. The smile on her face was worth the risk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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