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I was 18 when I lost my virginity, and it’s still the wildest sexual experience of my life so far. I was a senior in high school, shortly after the start of the new school year. I had been dating Mike, a 19 year old new ‘holdback’ senior and school football star, for about a month, and we’d got pretty hot and heavy a couple of times, without going all the way. I loved the warmth of his mouth on my nipples, and the feel of his cock in my hand. The sight of his cum squirting out onto his chest when I jacked him off was quite a turn-on for me! On our last date I’d actually bent down and taken it in my mouth in the back seat of his brothers car, but I’d not been willing to go any further while his brother was making out with his date in the front seat.

I’d decided that this Saturday was going to be ‘The Day’ – I was going to get laid for the first time! In preparation, I called by the drug store, and picked up a packet of condoms. The elderly lady at the register gave me the filthiest of looks as I paid for them, but I just grinned at her – I couldn’t wait for the evening! When I got home though, my mom had a message for me – the couple that I sometimes babysat for had called looking for me, and my mom had taken it on herself to tell them that yes, of course I could sit for them that night. I was pissed! After thinking about it though, it began to seem like not such a bad thing after all. My house and Mikes would be unavailable anyway (parents!!), Rick and Sue’s 2 year old would be fast asleep by the time I got there, and those two never came home before the clubs closed – perfect!

I called Mike, and told him to meet me at their house at 9pm. It was a beautiful September evening as I walked over to Rick and Sue’s. I’d worn a short sundress with tiny thin straps, and no way to hide that I wasn’t wearing a bra. At 18, my breasts weren’t that big, but I loved the stroking of the cotton on my nipples as I walked. Just imagining the coming night of love had me hot and wet by the time I got to the house, and I took a second to cool down before ringing the bell. I barely heard anything they said as they left – though I noticed Sue digging Rick in the ribs as she caught him sneaking a peek down my dress! At last I was alone in the house. There was still half an hour till Mike arrived, and it seemed to take forever. At last 9 o’clock arrived, then quarter past, then half past…. still no Mike. At last he knocked on the door at almost ten o’clock. He smelled of beer, and laughingly told me he’d been drinking in a friend’s garage while they worked on a motorbike, and he hadn’t noticed the time. I was mad! I couldn’t believe he hadn’t been counting the minutes like I had.

Mike came in and we sat on the couch together. We started kissing, and he immediately pushed the straps of my dress off my shoulder and started playing with my breasts. Things were going faster than I’d daydreamed that they would, but I pushed his face down to them, and let out a sigh as he started suckling. He’d put one hand up inside my dress, and was pulling my panties aside and trying to get his hand under them. They were a bit awkward as I was sitting, so I pushed him aside and said, “Wait a second”. I stood up, with my dress down around my waist and my boobs out in the open. I stepped back away from him, and gestured him back to his seat as he made to follow me. I softly stroked my breasts with one hand, while with the other I pushed my dress down over my hips and let it fall to the floor. I picked it up with one foot, and kicked it into his lap. I stood there in front of him in just my panties, dancing to the music, and stroking my nipples with my fingers and thumbs, trying to start the romantic atmosphere I’d imagined.

As I eased my fingers into the waistband of my panties and turned away from him slightly, I could see him staring bug-eyed at my butt, so I turned my back and bent away from him, as I pushed my panties down to my ankles without bending my knees. I heard him gasp as I stepped out of them, so I stayed bent over like that for a few seconds. I ran one hand up between my legs and stroked my pussy with the flat of my palm. When I turned back around, Mike had undone the front of his pants and had his cock in his hand. I stood in front of him, and beckoned him to his feet. As he stood, I grabbed the hem of his t-shirt, and pulled it up over his head. His jeans fell to his knees as he stood, his underpants hooked under his balls, and his dick sticking straight out. I put my hands inside the sides of his underpants, and started pushing them down. This made my face go forward against his chest, so I put out my tongue and ran it down his chest as I squatted. As my hands reached his ankles, I felt his boner hit me under the chin, so I pulled my face back slightly and opened my mouth. His cock slid into my mouth for only the second time ever, just as I reached the floor with his jeans and underpants.

He stepped out of his pants, and I brought my hands up to cup his butt as I worked Ataköy escort his cock with my mouth. It felt lovely, firm and hard, yet slightly soft to the touch. My position kneeling in front of him was comfortable too, so much better than the awkward hunched way I’d tried it in the back seat the week before. “Oh FUCK!” he gasped as I took as much as I could into my throat, and pulled my head back and looked up at him. “We’re going to!”, I grinned, and popped his cock straight back into my mouth. I was getting pretty turned on myself by now, and I took one hand off his butt and dropped it between my own legs. I was as wet as I’d ever been, and I alternately stroked my clit and slid a finger up into myself as I worked Mike’s cock with my lips. He bent over my back, and picked up his jeans. He fiddled with them for a second, and then dropped them behind him on the couch. I looked up his chest. His eyes were tightly shut, and he had the strangest look on his face. I loved the feeing of power that went through me at that moment – this cute young stud was ALL MINE!

Mike reached down and took my head between his hands. He pulled me to my feet, and kissed me. Then he pushed me back onto the couch, and sat next to me. He bent over and started kissing my nipples, licking and sucking at them. After a few seconds, he put one hand between my legs and started fingering me. I was SO wet! I put my hand on his head and pushed it down towards my pussy. He pulled away from me, and knelt between my legs. I slid my butt to the very edge of the couch and arched my back, throwing my head back as he pulled his finger out of me. I couldn’t wait for the feel of his tongue on my clit for the first time! What I felt though was not his tongue, but his cock. I opened my eyes and looked down between us. He had a condom on, and was pressing the head of his cock against my pussy. “Eat me first!” I moaned. “I’m too close!” he gasped, and with a thrust of his hips, he sank into me.

It got about half way in, then I felt it stop – he had reached my virginity. He gathered himself, and thrust again. I felt a small sharp pain, nothing really, and he was all the way in. He immediately started banging in and out, hard and fast. “Slower,” I said, “Do it slower! – Slow and deep!”. He didn’t answer, just got harder and faster. I was already pretty turned on, and the feel of the first ever cock slamming in and out of me was certainly a wonderful feeling, even if I’d have preferred it slower. I put my hand on my clit and started rubbing it with my fingers as Mike slammed in and out. I was just starting to really get into it, bucking my hips to meet his thrusts, when he muttered “Oh GOD!”, and shuddered, moaning and groaning as he came.

He collapsed on top of me, trapping my hand between us. He kissed my breasts halfheartedly, and then pushed himself back away from me, sitting back on his heels. I started rubbing my clit again. “Eat Me,” I asked, “I’m not close yet, eat me!”.

“Eww, Gross,” he replied, “I just came in there!”

“No you didn’t, you were wearing a condom!” I told him.

“Oh, it’ll taste of lube,” he replied, “and it’ll be all wet.”

I couldn’t believe it, I’d sucked him, he’d fucked me, and now that he’d cum he wasn’t going to help me get off! Just as I was getting ready to really tell him off, I heard a terrible sound – the garage door opener kicking in. I glanced at the clock – 10:15 – Part of me thought “So much for a ‘night of love’- all over in 20 minutes!” while another part thought “Oh Christ, what are they doing home this early? We’re dead!” “Get dressed!” I hissed at him as I grabbed my dress from the floor and slipped it on. I wiped my pussy with my panties, wrapped the used condom up in them and stuffed them into the corner of my backpack. Mike had his shirt on, and was desperately pulling his jeans up.

“Go out the front door while they’re still in the garage!” I whispered, and he gathered up his sneakers and ran for it. He gently closed the front door behind him just as I sat back down and slipped on my Walkman earphones, and the door from the garage opened. I jerked and looked up as if surprised. I was sure my face was bright red, and my pussy was still throbbing. I had just been beginning to get really into it when Mike had cum, and I wasn’t coming down as fast as I’d have liked.

Richard came in and hung his keys up. “Hi Richard,” I said, “What are you doing home so early, and where’s Sue?”

“Oh, we ran into a bunch of her friends from the hospital.” he replied. “She’d forgotten there was a hen party tonight. They’ve all gone on to see a show, and I decided to come home and save some babysitting money. What have you been up to?”

“Oh, just studying and listening to music,” I told him.

“Ah, OK,” he replied, picking something up from the floor, “and are these study aids or for the Walkman?” I looked at what he was holding up – a strip of three condom packets, the two end ones torn open. Even Ataköy escort bayan as my heart sank, realizing I was busted, I was still able to angrily wonder whom Mike had used the other condom on. Guess I hadn’t needed to buy any after all! I just stared, unable to think of anything to say. Richard laughed. “Don’t look so worried,” he reassured me. “Do you think Sue and I don’t have sex while the baby’s asleep? I saw a bike leant up against the porch as I turned in. Your boyfriends?”

“Yes.” I muttered, turning even redder.

“Let me guess – he ran out the door while I came in through the garage?”

“Yes.” I whispered again. He gave me a big smile. I’d never noticed before, but he had a nice smile. In fact, I hadn’t really noticed at all that he was actually a pretty nice looking guy all round.

“You’ve nothing to worry about,” he reassured me again. “I’m just glad to see you’re smart enough to take precautions, and I’m sorry if I cut your evening short. I just hope I got home ‘after’, not ‘during’!”

“After for him,” I spat out bitterly, “during for me!”

“Oh, God, I’m sorry!” he laughed, “I walked in before he could finish you off too?”

“He wasn’t going to anyway,” I blurted out. “He had cum, and he said going down on me after would be gross – he’d be able to taste the lube.” As I said it I looked away – I couldn’t believe I’d said something so personal to someone twice my age – a married man with a child of his own.

Richard sat next to me on the couch, and took my hand in his. “Don’t be so bitter,” he told me. “If he’s only a teenager like yourself, you can’t expect too much. When I was that young, I thought it would be gross to eat a girls pussy too. It wasn’t till I’d tried it a few times at the girls insistence that I came to like it… and then to love it.”

I looked at his face. “Do you really like doing it?” I asked him.

“I love it!” he replied. “There is NOTHING better than the taste and smell of a sweet pussy, and the sight and sound of the woman going into orbit as you eat her!”

“Oh, I wish Mike felt that way,” I said, “He’s left me hanging!” I knew what I was saying… and what I was doing. I looked up at his eyes, my mouth slightly open, my hand on my thigh holding his hand, and thought, “Please don’t make me beg for it!”

He came through. He put his other hand on my leg, and gently said “Would you like me to get you down from hanging there?”

“Yes!” I breathed, feeling the heat rising higher in my face. Richard gently slipped the straps back off my shoulders, and eased the dress down over my breasts. He leant over and started playing with my nipples with his mouth. Not the sucking that Mike had given them, but gently flicking at the nipples with his tongue in a circular motion. One of his hands would cradle the breast his mouth wasn’t on, oh so softly caressing the nipple between finger and thumb. His other hand slid my dress down behind my back, then he gripped me and lifted me bodily off the sofa, his free hand sliding the dress down off me completely. He sat me back down, completely naked. His free hand now moved down to my thighs. He slid it up and down the inside of each thigh, each time getting slightly closer to my pussy. His tongue was teasing and caressing one nipple while one hand was rubbing and squeezing the other, and the other hand was getting higher and higher on my thigh.

He stayed like that for what seemed like forever, but I wasn’t complaining! His hand on my thighs was now running gently across my clit as it got to the top of each thigh before heading down the other side. Richard moved, and knelt in front of me. He bent down and placed one hand under each of my cheeks and lifted my butt into the air. I looked down at his head as it approached my pussy – I had been so desperate for this! He spread my lips apart, and put his tongue on the strip of skin between my pussy and butt, then slid it oh so gently, barely touching, across my pussy and up to my clit, which was swollen and throbbing. He ran the tip of his tongue over it so softly it almost didn’t touch, and I desperately arched my hips forward trying to press it onto his tongue. He kept me still though, and began circling his tongue around and around my clit, only occasionally actually touching it. Every time he did, though, I would gasp as what felt like an electric shock ran through my whole body.

Richard stayed knelt there, licking and nibbling my pussy while his hands stroked and caressed my butt and sides for several minutes, as I got hotter and hotter and wetter and wetter. After a while, he pulled back, and eased me off the couch. He lay back on the floor, and said, “Kneel over my head.” I straddled his face, knelt, and lowered my pussy onto his mouth. In this position, his hands could roam all over my body, and his tongue seemed to get a new life of it’s own. I was kneeling upright, but I was getting wobbly, so I leant forward, and rested my weight on my hands. escort Ataköy In this position, my clit seemed to be even more accessible to him, and he was really driving me crazy. I suddenly realized that my head was hanging right over his fly. I owed him something, I was sure, so I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was bigger than Mikes, hard and throbbing, with a tiny bead of juice at the tip. It sprang loose, pointing straight up at me, and I dipped my mouth over the head off it. I had never done a 69 before, and the feeling of a cock in my mouth and a tongue on my pussy was too much. I felt myself starting to cum. I trembled and moaned, till all of a sudden it hit me. I gasped and ground my pussy into his face, mumbling incoherently around a mouthful of cock as I went through what seemed like an endless series of orgasms.

As I started to come down, I was still sucking on his cock, and I caught sight of the condom packages, one left unopened, lying on the floor in easy reach. I had cum now, but I wanted this nice big cock inside me. I opened the package and gently rolled the condom over Richards cock. He dropped his face away from my pussy to say, “We don’t have to go all the way if you don’t want to.”

“I want to!” I told him, and lifted off his face. I turned around to face him, and lowered my pussy onto his gleaming rubber covered erection. It was a LOT bigger than Mikes – fatter especially, and I was in ecstasy from the feeling as it sank deeper and deeper into me. At last I was as low as I could get. My feet were on the floor, my knees around my nipples, and my clit pressed hard against the base of his cock. I started lifting up and dropping back down, loving the tight, filled feeling in my pussy. He grabbed my hands and placed them on his chest. “Roll forward and back”, he said. I did, and yes, it was a lot less effort. There were obviously advantages to being with a more experienced man! The feeling of his dick inside me was the finest thing I’d ever know, it was bigger than Mikes, filling me up, and the position seemed to let it get in deeper too, as well as pressing my clit against the bone under his pubic hair. I was in heaven, rolling my head from side to side, working back up to another orgasm.

I started to tremble, my arm slipped and I fell onto Richards’s chest. He wrapped his arms around me, and rolled us over so I was on my back on the floor. He slipped his arms under my legs and moved my calves up onto his shoulders. Then he raised himself up on his toes and hands, his whole body in the air above me. Only my shoulders were on the ground, my hips in the air, held up by my legs over his shoulders, but apart from that he wasn’t touching me at all. Then he slid back as far into me as he could. If I had thought he was in deep before, I’d been mistaken! He seemed to be going so far into me I was wondering if he was in my throat! He started moving in and out. All me earlier protestations of ‘slow’ with Mike were forgotten!

“Fuck me!” I cried. “Harder! Faster! Deeper!” Richard obliged, slamming into me so hard that I could feel the pain in my inner thighs where his pelvis was hitting. I didn’t care! “Harder,” I moaned. His cock pumped in and out, driving my back against the carpet when he thrust, my legs over his shoulders lifting me off it as he withdrew. This was unbelievable! I wanted it to last forever, but at the same time, I was eager to cum again. It didn’t seem like long at all before I felt it building up. As it hit me, he was still pounding against my clit, and I couldn’t help myself. I yelled! I could feel the muscles in my pussy spasming and contracting around Richards cock, and it was too much for him! I was working his cock like a milking machine, and it drove him over the edge! He groaned, and I swear I felt the pulses moving along his cock, so tightly was I gripping it, as he shot his juices into the condom.

Richard lay beside me, breathing like a marathon runner. I was just as shot! My pussy was sore, and so were the insides of my thighs. Looking down, there were two bruises beginning to come up on my thighs… no swimsuit for me till they went down! Richard was on his back, his softening cock still in the rubber. I leant over and took it off for him. His cock was all wet with his cum, and I wondered what it tasted like. I took his cock into my mouth and started licking it clean. He moaned and gripped my head with his hands. I licked it inside my mouth, and it started to harden again. I kept sucking and licking until it was fully hard, then said “Fuck me again – a different position again tho!” He knelt me up, and rested my shoulders on the couch. He knelt behind me, and I waited for the tip of his cock to start pressing against the mouth of my pussy.

“Oh shit,” he said, “We’re out of condoms!” I reached into my backpack and fished out the ones I’d bought earlier. Good idea after all! I felt my lips being opened, then the tip of his cock pressing against me, then it was in again. He rested there for a moment, then pulled slowly all the way out, and without warning slammed it into me all the way again. I gasped, and then gripped the edges of the cushion as he started slamming me again! In and out, harder and harder, having cum once already he seemed to go on forever!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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