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I buttoned my mint-green and white striped blouse, brushed my long brown hair free of the fabric, and looked at myself in the mirror. Perfect. The color complemented my light green eyes, but more importantly, the blouse accentuated my best asset, my prominent and, so I’ve been told, perfect rack.

I was headed to campus for the Career Fair, and wanted to find the right balance between flirty and professional. While I’m confident in my resume and educational background, I also see no reason not to take advantage of all of my assets, including my appearance. And if I’ve learned nothing else over the years, I do know that my 36D tits always draw attention my way.

My name’s Kylie, and I’m 22, excited to be graduating from college this spring with my Business degree. I’m a popular, outgoing, and confident young woman. When I’m not in classes, I like to stay in shape and love to spend time at the beach with my study buddies, keeping up our tans as we keep up with course readings.

Anyway, back to my story. Since I don’t have any job offers yet, I figured the Career Fair was worth my time. As I entered the Student Union Building, I was awed at the sheer chaos of it all. The entire first floor was filled with tables staffed by business reps, surrounded by nervous young prospects, each person talking louder than the next to be heard. The university’s banners announcing the event were everywhere, trumped only by the many give-aways at each table: pens, keychains, individually-wrapped chocolates and mints with company logos.

As I began to make my way through the crazy scene, it took me a few moments to gather up the courage to elbow my way up to the first few tables and introduce myself. But soon I was in the thick of it with the rest of the crowd, pressing my way to the front of each line and making my case as the best prospect for whatever entry-level position this particular firm was currently hiring.

I had probably been there for about an hour, discouraged that I wasn’t finding the job of my dreams, when I came to his table. The company, which I won’t name, was national, and I was surprised that they had sent a rep to our school’s event. Unlike many of the other companies, who had two or even three reps crowded behind their table, there was just one man here: tall, dark and handsome.

For a moment, I hesitated, intimidated by my attraction to him and his calm, confident demeanor. But when I noticed his eyes quickly dart to my chest when he thought I wasn’t looking, I realized the playing field was even, and I made my move.

“My name is Kylie,” I said to him with a smile and an outstretched hand. “I’m graduating this spring with honors, and would love to hear more about the opportunities with your company.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Kylie,” his eyes meeting mine only for a second as he shook my hand; he seemed mezmerized by my tits! “My name is John. Let me tell you a little bit about what we do, and what we’re looking for.”

As we talked, he impressed me with his grasp of the business, and I felt that I made a good impression as a talented prospect. Other students came to the table occasionally, and John would excuse himself from our conversation to chat with them, but always returned to me and my chest.

“Listen, Kylie, I’d like to talk with you more, one-on-one. I think you show more potential than anyone else I’ve met today, but we can’t really get anywhere with all the noise and interruptions. Could you meet me here at 5, when the fair is over for the day, and I’ll buy you a drink, so that we can talk more?”

I was thrilled, and didn’t for the moment care whether it was my brains or my tits that had gotten me this extra chance to pursue a great job. “Absolutely, I’ll see you back here at 5. Thanks, John!”

I had just enough time to go back to my apartment, so decided to change my clothes so that I’d be a little more comfortable for what might be a late evening. I knew better pendik escort than to change out of my lucky blouse, but did switch from my business black skirt and pumps to a pair of great-fitting jeans and flats. After tying my hair back and touching up my lipstick, I headed back to the campus, not wanting to be late.

He offered me a smile as I walked towards him; he was busy talking on his cell and simultaneously packing what had been on his table into a small suitcase on wheels. “Thanks for coming back, Kylie. Walk with me?”

I happily followed him just a few blocks off campus, to his hotel. He escorted me to the bar, where he ordered our drinks – scotch neat for him, on the rocks for me – and then asked that I wait as he went upstairs to drop off his things and freshen up.

As I waited for him to return, I found myself thinking about the situation. Even though I knew this was how professional networking took place, and that he probably just wanted the chance to interview me in a quieter setting, I couldn’t help but wonder if he had other plans for the evening. And how I wouldn’t mind in the least if he did.

Before I had gotten too far with this daydream, or with my drink, he was back. I guessed at his age as I watched him walk towards me – late 30’s? 40? One drink turned into two, and then into dinner, as our conversation flowed easily, and it was clear neither of us wanted it to end. As I gazed into his eyes and soaked it up, he explained what was so exquisite about the single malt scotch we were drinking, walked me through the finer culinary points of the dinner menu, and described some of what he liked to do in his spare time.

I learned more about the company, he learned more about me, and we gradually fell into the flirtateous game of introducing more and more physical contact into our conversation. First, he touched my hand as he laughed at a joke, then I moved things forward by brushing against him as I got up to visit the ladies’ room. All the while, it was obvious he couldn’t take his eyes off my breasts.

Finally, I took a bold step, catching his eye and slowly unbuttoning one button of my blouse. I was still decent from the perspective of others in the restaurant, but was offering him a stunning view of my cleavage. I held my breath, waiting and unsure of his reaction, but I was soon pleasantly surprised. Reaching across the table, he grazed two fingers past one of my breasts, momentarily squeezing the nipple. “Would you like to come upstairs with me, Kylie?”

I immediately nodded, excited at the prospect of intimacy with this guy. A bit tipsy, I leaned against him as we walked, and he pulled me into a kiss as we rode upstairs in the elevator. As soon as we were through the door to his room, he quickly finished unbuttoning my blouse, tossing it aside and grabbing my tits, kneading them vigorously for a few moments before also unhooking my black lace bra and tossing it aside as well.

I expected him to begin undressing as well, or to move on to unzip my jeans, but instead he continued his attentions on my breasts. His hands still working them, he walked us over to the bed, where he pushed me to sit on the edge as he kneeled in front of me. In this position, he was face-to-face with my ample, perky bosom, and he immediately began sucking on my nipples, one by one, giving them more attention than they’d received from every guy I’d ever been with, combined.

He also seemed delighted with the tan lines left by my bikini, which frankly barely covered my tits, leaving triangles of pale white skin around each nipple. First with his fingers and then with his tongue, he traced each of these triangles again and again, and my nipples soon jutted out, fully erect. I could feel my clit throbbing, and all this foreplay was making me quite wet.

Looking down, I could see the prominent bulge growing in his slacks, and wondered when he’d make his move. The college guys I’d maltepe escort been with would have had their cocks in my mouth or pussy by now, but John seemed completely content to suck, knead, lick, pinch, and fondle my breasts. My mind wandered for a moment, and I imagined him as the veteran hitter, content to stand on second base after hitting a double, while the young guys were striking out trying to slam one out of the park.

Just as my nipples were beginning to get sore from their constant erection and his constant attention, he pushed me down so that I was lying on the bed. Finally. But before I could reach to unhook his belt or unzip his fly, he had stood up and walked a few steps to a table next to the bed, from which he picked up a small bottle. Lubricant? But why? I had never been so ready.

He stood over me, turned the bottle upside down, and squeezed, several drops of the warm gooey liquid landing on each of my breasts. I could feel my skin warm at the touch of it, and also noticed a strong fruity scent – was that strawberry? I had to admit, the feeling was sensational as he smeared the lube around on my skin, leaving my tits glowing with moisture and my nipples even more erect. He put the bottle back down and quickly stripped, tearing off his shirt, whipping his belt from his slacks, and stepping at once out of both slacks and boxers.

As he stood over me, naked, I gasped at the impressive girth of his cock, definitely larger than what I had experienced before, and I reached for it with one hand, hoping to stroke him until he was ready to fuck my mouth or my tight little pussy. I hadn’t gotten the hint about the lube on my chest.

Before I could touch him, or reach down to unzip my jeans, he was on top of me, straddling my chest, his hard cock pressing against the skin of my chest. OK, fine, more foreplay. I pressed my tits together for him as he began to move slowly back and forth between them, the lube making the motion smooth and easy, and the tip of his cock reaching my lips with each stroke. I was dying to touch myself, to rub my clit, to slip a finger into my pussy, but I knew I couldn’t reach far enough with him straddling me.

I also knew I didn’t want to let go of my tits. All the attention he had given them, combined with the warming lube, had made them more sensitive than I ever knew they could be. Grasping them more firmly now as I pressed them together for him, I began squeezing my nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I let my mouth fall open, licking my lips as I looked up into his eyes. As he began to thrust harder and faster, I opened my mouth wider for him, and pleasured the tip of his cock each time it reached my tongue.

It was right about then that I realized this wasn’t just foreplay. We weren’t leading up to anything. This was a sex act in itself, and the thrill of fucking my hot perky young tits was going to bring him to orgasm. I was still desperately wet, my clit tingling and my pussy feeling empty as he pounded away, his thick cock jutting in and out of sight between my perfect tits.

“Yes, Kylie, that’s it, press them together for me, your spectacular tits and your tight cleavage are so hot!”

I was fascinated. Even though I knew my tits were a guy magnet, I had never been with anyone so obsessed with them. And I had never let a man cover me with his cum before. The thought now turned me on as being incredibly naughty.

“Oh, Kylie,” he moaned as he approached his orgasm, and his thrusts became irregular. With no warning, cum shot out of his cock, some of it hitting me in the eye. I gasped and pressed my eyes shut instinctively, so was unprepared for the next spurt as it shot into my mouth. I opened my eyes as I tasted his cum for the first time, rich and salty, a nice contrast to the fruity smell of the lube which had filled the room as he fucked me.

He was still moaning above me, holding his cock in his hands and guiding kartal escort his load so that his cum covered my breasts, hit my cheek, landed in my hair, dripped from my chin. I was shocked at the length of his orgasm and the size of his manly load.

When he was finally done, he collapsed on the bed next to me, completely spent. I was a sticky mess, with my own needs thoroughly unsatisfied. Or more accurately, unfulfilled, if you get my drift. And yet somehow, it had been the most erotic experience of my young life. I felt so sexy from all the attention from this attractive, confident older man.

I closed my eyes and took it all in, the sticky warmth on my skin, the smell of sex filling the room, and my hands instinctively moved towards my crotch. I quickly unzipped my jeans and peeled them off, tossing them to the floor. My panties were quick to follow, leaving me finally naked. Pulling one leg up onto the bed and leaving the other dangling over the edge, I began to stroke my clit with my left hand and brush my right hand against my dripping wet pussy lips.

Before long, I was completely lost, exploring all the feelings which had built up deep inside as John had pleasured himself with my tits. I wasn’t even aware of him leaving the bed or returning, but he obviously had, as he now pressed a freshly damp washcloth to my skin, gently cleaning away the remainder of his cum. All the raw lust he had displayed while fucking my tits was now replaced by a profound tenderness, and this vast spectrum of his passion turned me on even more.

As I continued to touch myself, my eyes still closed, he began covering my body with wet kisses, beginning all around my face, and gradually moving down my torso, until his mouth replaced my hands on my pussy. No man had ever gone down on me, and I couldn’t control the moans as he slowly licked from my pussy to my clit, nibbling gently every few strokes. Just when I began to writhe beneath him, the start of a profound orgasm coming over me, he pulled away and climbed onto the bed, pulling us into a new position.

He kissed me passionately, and I realized I was tasting my own juices for the first time. My own salty juices, mixed with a faint reminder of the fruity lube he had licked from my skin, and an even more distant flavor of the scotch from earlier in the evening. My current senses overwhelmed, I finally opened my eyes, just in time to see him positioning the tip of his cock against my pussy lips. I sighed deeply as he pressed slowly into me, and when he finally bottomed out, I was filled more fully than ever before.

He remained inside of me for a moment, motionless, as he again shifted our position. Grabbing one of my ankles in each hand, he pulled my legs up until my feet rested on his shoulders. Once there, he finally began moving in and out of me, and almost immediately my long orgasm began again. I could immediately tell it would be unlike anything I had experienced before.

I had never enjoyed so much foreplay before sex, never been so wet and ready for someone to fuck me. I realized now that I had never before cum with a man inside of me. As John kept his motions regular, with slow, deep thrusts, I could feel a warmth build deep inside. Soon, I could feel my pussy muscles clenching around his sliding cock. I couldn’t have remembered my own name at this point, but somehow I managed to open my mouth to ask John for what I needed to achieve the ultimate pleasure.

“That’s it, John, I’m cumming. Yes, fuck me harder now, faster, deeper. Keep going, yes, keep going. Oh, god…”

I couldn’t speak anymore, only feel. As he pounded me, I lost all control, my juices flowing around his still-hard cock as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. It was the longest, most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced. As I gradually came down from my high, John slowed as well, until he finally pulled out of me and once again collapsed on the bed next to me.

Propping himself up on one elbow next to me, John spoke after a long silence.

“Kylie, I want you to know that you had earned a job even before the first drink tonight. But I’m glad you chose to join me. How was it for you?”

I could only smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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