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I’ll tell you about the first time I was ever with another guy. I had just turned 18 years old and had started hanging out with a new guy at school. He wasn’t new to our school, just a new friend to our circle. I had first met him when he randomly invited me and a couple of my friends to his 18th birthday.

Anyway, one night I had a bunch of friends over to hang out. We all had cars but he didn’t and had gotten a ride to my house from his sister. He asked if he could stay over since he lived so far away, and his mom would come get him in the morning on the way to town. So I said yes because I knew I wasn’t going to give him a ride home after everyone had left. I had a girlfriend and so did he, so it never crossed my mind at all that something might happen. Being with another guy was the last thing on my mind. All I could think about was girls and graduating high school in two months.

Everyone was there pretty late, so by the time they all left my parents were asleep and I was wiped out. I cleaned up a little and he asked if he could use the bathroom. He was gone for only a minute but when he came back he was only in his boxers. He was in great shape and I definitely noticed. He suggested we put another movie on so we picked one out and put it on in my room. I sat on my bed, which was a futon, and he sat closer than one would typically sit. I noticed and it made my stomach turn in a good way.

The movie played for a bit and I was noticing that he was moving around every once in awhile and every time it seemed like he would get a little closer to me. I had a feeling of what he might be thinking, but I was way too scared to go through with it if he was.

I got up and got on the floor pretending to be tired. He acted really sorry to have been sitting on the bed where I was supposed to be sleeping and stood up. He said I could get back up there and he would get on the floor instead. Suddenly I felt a surge of courage and suggested he sit up at the top of the futon and I would lay on the bottom half closer to the TV.

He said okay and sat down, his back leaning against the wall. I folded my pillow just an inch or so from his crossed legs and laid down, my face towards the TV. I had changed into some pajama bottoms while he was in the bathroom earlier, and was concentrating on not getting an erection because I knew it would be visible with the TV light shining on me. I had never seriously considered being with another guy, and had no idea why the thought was overcoming me at the moment. I felt like maybe it was my intense curiosity about whether or not that’s what he was thinking.

He eventually uncrossed his legs and put his right foot on the floor. His knee bent down to the floor almost right next to me face. My heart was pounding so hard. I was realizing how bad I wanted it. Wanted him. I decided to pretend to doze off, and see what he did. I found myself hoping that if I were asleep he would do something to me.

So in a matter of a couple of minutes I let my eyes close. I laid there motionless. Waiting. I didn’t hear him moving. Maybe five minutes went by when I decided to make a little move, something subtle that could easily be written off. I sleepily flipped on my stomach and let my left hand clumsily fall to the floor. It rested on the top of his Çankaya Escort bare foot, and I immediately noticed that he didn’t move it out from under my hand.

We both sat still for another minute. My dick was throbbing now. I pretended to fidget in my sleep again, but this time pushing my right hand under my pillow so far it came out the back. I knew I had to be within an inch or so of touching him. I could start to feel a crazy urge in my hand to reach out and feel for his cock.

I had been with a few different girls, but nothing past second base, and I knew I had definitely never been that turned on. Another minute or two and I felt him gently slide his foot forward on the floor. Not away from my hand, but to where my hand was resting on his foot more firmly. I knew then that he wanted me. Wanted to take my hard cock in his hands and wrap his lips around it. Wanted me to take his into my mouth and let him use me.

I waited a moment and faked a sleepy jerk that sent my hand under the pillow his direction and sure enough, this time I felt him. I couldn’t tell exactly what part of him my fingers were touching. This time he did react with a little twitch, but he didn’t get up or move my hand.

In only a matter of seconds I could feel his body moving. Very small movements, but I could feel them in my fingers. My mind raced. What was he doing? I lifted my fingers against him a little and I realized it was his shin I was touching. My subtle movement moved my fingers on the top of his calf. I could tell then that he was sitting with his left foot under his right leg. I heard his breathing quicken a little as soon as I did it. I could have sworn that he could feel my heartbeat in the bed. I did it again this time letting my index finger extend a little more and I brushed his hard cock. I could feel it through his cotton boxer for just an instant. His air escaped him immediately.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to play asleep much longer. Although what I really wanted was for him to seduce me while I slept. Take it out of my control. My whole arm was tingling with anticipation. I couldn’t wait anymore and didn’t care if it was obvious I wasn’t sleeping. This time I flattened all my fingers and pushed my arm forward. They rested perfectly on his erection. He was breathing so hard now. I was doing everything I could to hide my own heavy breathing. He began to slowly and just barely hump my fingers. My left hand opened and gently wrapped around his ankle. He had to know now that I was awake. Maybe he knew all along.

His breathing continued heavy. His thrusting against my fingers became harder, and then I felt one of his hands cover mine and press my hand against his hard cock. I had never wanted anything so bad. I wanted him in my mouth. Inside of me wherever he wanted to put it.

Still moving almost sleepily, and without looking up, I pulled the pillow out from under my head and let it fall to the floor. I used my elbows to pull myself up to him, my head gently replacing my fingers and laying down on his cock. He grabbed my head with both hands and began rubbing his cock into the side of my face. I wrapped both of my arms around the top of his thighs. He pushed his dick into my cheek so hard it Keçiören Escort almost hurt. I quickly grabbed the top of his boxers and pulled them down, exposing his cut cock and balls just an inch from me. I pushed my face down and was struck with the heat of his cock on my face. He pushed his hips up and I felt the smooth and hot skin of his dick sliding on my face.

I pulled my head back just enough to get him to stop humping me. I wanted to see it. Hold it. I slowly pushed my fingers behind it and lifted it off of his stomach. I cocked my head a little to the side and kissed it right in the middle of the shaft. He lowered his hands from my head to my shoulders. I went lower, kissing the base of his shaft, and then his round balls. I breathed deep in through my nose and savored his smell. I was trying so hard to pace myself. I wanted to taste his cock so bad.

I pushed my left hand between his legs and under his ass, grabbing the top of his boxers and pulling them down. He quickly maneuvered so I could pull his boxers over both his feet. When he settled he was completely laying on the futon, with me on my knees between his legs. I took up his cock in my hands again and kissed my way from the base of his shaft up to the tip. I kissed the very tip of his dick and could feel the wetness and taste the pre-cum on my lips.

I opened my mouth and let his cock slide in past my lips, on the top of my tongue. I sucked it and let my tongue slide all over it. Feeling his heart beat pounding in my mouth through his swollen shaft. I began bobbing my head up and down on it. He started using his hips, pushing his body into me as I dropped my mouth on him, over and over. Then he bent his leg that was on the outside of the futon and pushed his foot under me. My body jerked as the sole of his foot pushed against my hard dick. He rubbed my dick with his foot the best he could while I licked his cock from bottom to top.

I sat up, stripped my shirt and pajamas off and went back down to continue sucking him, wanting to taste his cum so bad! But he grabbed me and pulled me up to him. My body rested on his and he pulled my mouth to his own. It was insane how much more intimate kissing him was than sucking his cock. But I liked it. I felt my cock resting just to the right of his. I couldn’t sit still. As our tongues swirled I began to thrust my hips. Our dicks side by side, rubbing into each other’s stomachs. I pulled my hips up a little and when I came back down I made sure my cock laid perfectly on his. I grabbed both of them with my right hand as we continued making out and I began to jerk them off together. It felt so good. So right.

I sat up and straddled him, my balls against his. I took our cocks again and jerked them up and down. We were like an exact mirror of each other. Two cut cocks being stroked together. I rested my other hand on his chest for support and he put one of his hands on our dicks too.

After a minute or two more he started getting up. He pushed me on my back on the futon, and I’ll never forget the sight of his body turning around as he climbed on top of me backwards. His ass in my face, his balls almost against my chin. He positioned himself on the bed and took my cock in his mouth. I thought Etimesgut Escort I was going to cum right then. His mouth was so hot and wet. It was the first blow job I’d ever gotten and it was ten times what I had always imagined.

I lifted my head and buried my face in his cock and balls. Feeling his shaft press against my face and his soft balls into my forehead. I nodded my head once or twice and then pulled his dick back to my lips. I took him in my mouth and pushed my face up and down. Feeling his cock getting closer and closer to my throat. His fingers massaged my balls as he bobbed his mouth on my dick.

Then I could feel it welling up inside of him. He stopped sucking me and his breathing became so intense I could feel the air rushing over my wet cock. He began thrusting his hips as I sucked his cock, I felt his heart pounding in his cock just a split second before he exploded. He let go of my cock and squeezed both my thighs. I could literally feel his cum squirting inside my mouth. I grabbed his cock and pumped it. I began trying to swallow it but it started to make me gag. I quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth and swallowed his hot cum. I could feel how thick it was sliding down my throat and into my stomach. It felt so good knowing a part of him was making its way into my body.

He let all his weight fall on me, his dick resting perfectly in the middle of my chest. My only view was the ceiling above us and his perfectly round ass just an inch from my chin. I felt him grinding into my chest in a couple of quick aftershocks. His face was buried in the futon between my thighs.

I wanted to cum so bad. I was almost out of control by now. I started shuffling backwards, for an instance our dicks touched as I slid past and out from under him. I aggressively grabbed his hips from behind and pulled him to his hands and knees. I pressed my spit covered dick against his asshole and nearly exploded. He let out a sigh as I began sliding my dick up and down his crack. I grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands and pushed as hard as I could against him. He laid his face on the futon and used a free hand to rub my balls every time I slid upwards. He hooked both his feet over the back of my calves. Here it was, this was it, I wanted it. I needed it so bad. “I’m going to cum!” I said as quietly as I could. It was the first words spoken since we had decided to put a movie on.

This was it!!! And he spun around in a flash, taking my cock in his mouth and UUuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I pushed my dick into his mouth, feeling the back of his throat. He held his head as still as he could as I used it to empty a massive load. I could feel the waves of pleasure through my entire body. My head felt dizzy, my fingers felt asleep. My dick throbbed and my toes curled. He pulled his mouth back a little allowing him to swallow my load. He took his mouth off me and I shivered. He stood up, his still hard dick touching mine as his face came close to me. I kissed him. Each other’s cum no doubt mixing in our mouths. We hugged. I had never felt so close to anyone. It was like I immediately fell for him in those moments.

We eventually laid down after I locked the door. He spooned me in the nude under my blanket. The feeling of his cock in my ass crack made me so horny. By the end of the movie we were at it again. Almost reenacting our first round, wanting to relive it.

We carried on like until high school graduation. He went off to college and I stayed home. We’re both married now but just a few months ago found each other on Facebook. I’m hoping he makes it back this way at some point. I’d love to be young again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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