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Note: This story has fictional elements to it, but is based on my real-life experience.

I’m guessing that we all want to find someone who is eager to get to know us. Not just on a superficial level. No. Deeply know us.

“Can I fuck you?” Tony took his time warming me up. Just after I arrived at his place, we started to kiss on the couch. His shirt was already opened; and I was in my uninhibited zone – a place I had rarely gone to in my lifetime.

“Okay.” He took my hand and led me to his bed. Before I could get my bearings, he was naked. I was left standing alone. Tony lay all sprawled out, looking over at me.

“You gonna undress?” So this moment of decision smacked me in the face. I had come here of my free will, knowing, hoping to get it on with Tony. I asked myself if this is what I wanted. I told myself that this was not the time for second guessing. My clothes fell to the floor next to his, and I climbed onto his bed.

“You really are a virgin?” I felt tears start to well up.

Tony and I did a few more warmups together. He sucked me into his warm mouth, and I got nice and hard. I told him I wanted to suck his cock, and he said:

“Go for it!” His was the first dick to make it to my lips. Freshly showered cock and balls are now my most favorite things to lick on. Any residual fear I had brought istanbul travesti with me to his place vanished in that moment; and I was totally into the exploration of Tony. I licked my way up his trail. My tongue played with his nipples.

“Damn. Yeah.” He seemed to like that. I took him as deep into my throat as I could.

“Fuck. Yeah.” Then he took over.

I guess my notion of connection with Tony was not very well thought out. We had met online, and only had one prior date – an afternoon on the town. He kissed me as I was leaving; and my heart was his. Tony just wanted my body. I wanted him.

“This will help open you up.” His lube bottle clicked open, and Tony splashed some over my hole. He wet his fingers. I tensed a bit before he continued, but then relaxed completely. If this was going to happen at all, I wanted to go with it.

“Yeah. Like that. Just relax. Let Tony do all the work.” He worked my hole with his digits until I was nice and loose. In. Out. Round and round about. My mind was already swimming in a pool of its own endorphins. I had a real man to connect with. A real man to get to know, and get to know me. A real man to make love with.

“This is good. I like your body, Paul. You ready?” I nodded.

“Fuck, yeah.” And in he went. His cock was beautiful. Seven and a half inches istanbul travestileri of thick, straight, meaty man flesh; with a nicely shaped fully rounded head. So ready for this was I that there was no pain at all to his very first thrust. He went in quickly after my ring gave way. Looking up at Tony was heavenly. My lightly bearded stud hovered over me, and inside of me, and I could not have been happier.

“You good?” I nodded and smiled.

“Then let’s get the fuckin’ done!” Tony started to slam into me, and my body rocked on the bed. Toward the headboard with his inward thrusts. Back toward the footboard as he withdrew.

“Can you be quieter?” My moaning was natural; and an expression of my feelings for him.

“Why? I love this.” He did not stop pounding into me.

“The walls are thin. I have nosy neighbors.” All I hear is: Blah, Blah, Blah. My moaning continues. He drops the subject and Tony looks like he is riding his wave up to orgasm.

This visceral connection with a man…I have wanted this for a very long time. Too timid to just go and get ‘some’ from a hookup, I craved a real connection with a guy. Something to grow with.

“Nice….tight pussy…..Oh. Oh man. Oh fuck. Fuck. FUCK!! TAKE IT!! GOD DAMN CUNT!!” It was great to watch Tony go through his orgasm. His whole body travesti istanbul tensed up. His hairy chest heaved with the need for more air. When I reached up to touch him, he fell onto me with a thud. His face landed on my throat. The scent of his hair kept me in a swoon. I cuddled him to me until he came to his senses, then he rolled off onto his back.

“Nice fuck. Thanks.” Up he went to pee. I heard the stream hit the water. A real racehorse of a urine stream.

“You good?” I nodded and smiled. I was GREAT! Our connection was amazing. Tony got to know me deeper than anyone.

“Good. Use the shower if you want to. I gotta go meet the guys. Just make sure the door is locked when you leave.” Tony stood there naked. His words made sense. On some level I understood them and him. I guess I knew then that this had just been a hookup after all. But I was in such a state of deep euphoria, it did not seem to matter at that moment. I watched him get dressed. I watched him turn to leave. I heard the door shut behind him. I felt a chill.

Ring. Ring. Ring. My phone went to voicemail. “Good times, bud. Let’s do this again.” I decided to go with the euphoria, took a shower, dressed, and left his apartment. Thing is, I really felt his connection with me. It was somehow more deep and more permanent than just having his dick fill me up. Hell, I hadn’t even cum! He had given me something magical. Touched me. Validated my existence. My first time with a man had been amazing. I will always look back on the way I took my first dick as a treasured memory.

Tony? Son of a bitch. Who’s Tony?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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