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I can’t believe this is my 35th chapter. This is so crazy how much I have gone through over the last few years. This last month has just been so magical. I know I fall more and more in love with Kristen every day, and my mom and Aunt Jill are just amazing. I am the luckiest woman alive and I know that.

Just to give you a feel for how my life has been lately, here is a little bit about one evening at our house. I was in the kitchen with Jill cleaning up dishes and I put my arms around her when we were done. I started kissing her neck and rubbing her breasts and soon she had spun around and was facing me. I don’t know why, but she seemed very playful to me. So I kept acting like I was going to kiss her and then I wouldn’t, until finally she told me I was a tease. So I just yanked her shirt up and her bra down and started to suck on her nipples. I looked up at her after a while and she was just looking at me with the cutest face. Her mouth was open and I felt like she was mimicking whatever my lips did on her nipple it was so darn cute.

I love sucking breasts so much. I can’t explain why, but I feel so at peace and yet aroused at the same time. I’ve written before how I even love to suck my own nipples. Aunt Jill’s 36D’s are so yummy. I had been on them for some time before I suddenly felt someone pulling at my shorts. I honestly didn’t care who it was. I mean I knew it was either Kristen or my mom, but it didn’t matter who, I just couldn’t keep my lips of Jill’s big boobs and my eyes from staring at her wanting face.

Thing is, as soon as I felt the dildo entering me from behind I knew it was my mom. Kristen wouldn’t have been so rough with me. My mom wasted no time and was soon pounding me beyond belief. I was now just leaning against Jill’s breasts as I was being fucked so hard I couldn’t concentrate on her nipples.

I sort of felt bad for Jill as I had plans to please her, but she is so wonderful, she just sat there on the kitchen counter rubbing my back or running her fingers through my hair as I took the pounding. My mom finally reached under and cupped my breasts. I loved feeling her palms on my hard nipples. I put my own hands on her hands and then I reached beside them touching the sides of my breasts. My 34DD’s more than big enough for the both of us to hold.

Feeling my own chest made me wish I was touching my mom’s and I imagined I was.

I didn’t know Kristen was in the room until she was kissing her mom. I looked up at them and saw their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths or watched as they nibbled on each other’s lips. Holy shit, that made me cum so bad. I let out the most annoying moan. I practically embarrassed myself I was so ridiculously loud and obscene.

Of course this only made my mom want to fuck me harder. Still I managed to roll off Jill and I was only laying on one of her legs and not against her sexy body.

Someone slapped my ass right then, which sort of made everyone laugh. I never even figured out who it was, but thinking about it, I’m pretty sure it was Kristen.

I lay with my face against Jill’s thigh as I first watched Kristen suck her mother’s nipples, but then Kristen rubbed Jill until she orgasmed.

Then my mom decided I had had enough and less than 20 seconds after she was out of me she was sliding into Kristen’s asshole with the same dildo.

I love watching my mom fuck Kristen. The two women I love more than anything in the world pleasing one another, it is just the sexiest thing ever. Thing is Kristen was so good at taking it; she was actually licking her mom’s pussy at the same time. I was so impressed. And I don’t think my mom was pounding her quite as hard as she had pounded me, but it was up her ass after all, which to me is so much more difficult to do anything, it’s just so intense.

I went back to licking at Jill’s nipples, but had my head turned so that I could occasionally peek at Kristen’s face or even my mom’s. When I started concentrating on my mom’s enormous breasts slapping against her own body as she thrust in and out of my cousin’s ass for all she was worth, I suddenly wished I was sucking hers instead.

Jill has a great body, so great, but I just can’t get enough of my mom’s.

When Jill said, “Oh Kristen, you’re going to make mommy cum,” I actually got emotional. Like my eyes were watering and I started breathing heavy and stuff. I watched Jill’s face as she did. Kristen had just made her cum twice in a few minutes. I was so happy for her, but I don’t know, I was just so happy period at knowing how close we had all become. How all of us were so honest and loving with one another.

That night I slept with mom and Kristen slept with Aunt Jill. Mom and I talked for a couple hours in bed and then made out for almost an hour before we went to sleep way past when we should have.

I want to make it clear that the four of us don’t spend every night like this, it’s not a constant sex party, but what is fun is that we never know when or who we will suddenly go crazy with, and the trust bursa escort and love we all have with one another goes way beyond sex, but makes the sex just magical.

Okay so I got some great news the other day. Lyndsey is being transferred to a place near where we live so Denise is going to move with her of course, so two of my best friends in the whole wide world are moving close to me. Now Kristen doesn’t seem to be jealous at all, but Jill sort of seemed like she was worried for Kristen’s sake. Jill is always the worrier, but I love Kristen and having Denise and Lyndsey around are not going to change that. I won’t lie and say I won’t always care for them, but I LOVE Kristen and she and I know what each other want and need and everything is perfect.

My mom is ecstatic about it. She and Denise of course go way back and so maybe Jill should be more worried about my mom, LOL. So that’s a bit away, but still great news.

Okay so funny thing, mom and I were out shopping and we ran into Candice. I hadn’t been with Candice for a while and she saw me first and came up behind me and was totally flirting and touching me and obviously wanting some, and my mom just sort of walks up and says “Hi.”

Candice completely changed at first she looked embarrassed and nervous. My mom gave her a big hug and at first just chit chatted, but then she asked Candice if she was seeing anyone. Candice said no, and mentioned that she had dated off and on, but nothing serious. To which I said, “Any wild flings?”

Candice looked at me with nervous eyes. I still had never told my mom about making love to Candice in her driveway, or for the wild sex in bed later. My mom actually seemed interested in hearing if Candice had.

Candice said, “Oh just one little thing.”

“Ooh do tell,” my mom said.

Candice looked at me again, and I sort of did a slight shake of my head, so subtle my mom didn’t even notice. I was smiling when I did it, hoping that Candice would figure out that I hadn’t told my mom. It must have worked, because Candice just casually said, “It was a younger girl. She actually followed me home and we . . .”

“Mmmmm, sounds sexciting,” my mom said, and reached out and held Candice’s hand. “I always thought you had a thing for younger girls. More than once I thought you and Lucy held your night, night kiss a little longer than I expected.”

I loved it that my mom said sexciting. That word made me want to laugh, but Candice was getting nervous again. I’m not sure what she was thinking after my mom said that.

I said, “Have you ever thought about being with her again.”

Candice looked at me square and said, “Yes, often.”

Now my mom is no dummy. She picked up on that, and she knew right then that it had been me. She said, “Oh my.” We both looked at her, both of us unsure how she’d react, and my mom leaned forward to Candice and whispered, “So you finally lived out your fantasy. Was my little baby girl good to you?”

Candice didn’t answer right away. She looked shocked and lost for words. So I said, “It had always been a fantasy of mine too.”

Candice smiled at me, and my mom pulled Candice’s hand up to her lips and kissed it.

Candice found her voice, “I know we always discussed . . .” Candice started then glanced at me, before looking back to my mom and saying, “well, we had our fantasies, but I never imagined . . . I mean I wasn’t sure if you would be angry or . . .”

My mom was blunt, “No, no, it’s very hot.” My mom was holding Candice’s hand with hers up against my mom’s huge chest. Candice was looking horny, and I know I was.

Well to make a long story short, Candice couldn’t stick around long and so my mom asked if she wanted to come over sometime and talk. Candice of course said yes, but then later my mom said, “Hope this doesn’t upset Jill.”

I had a feeling it might.

Okay so Kayla and Carol were coming up for the weekend. We hadn’t seen them in a long time. And the two of them had only ever once done something together since I was down to see them. Carol had actually gone over to Kayla’s and they had made love in Kayla’s bedroom. Her roommate had not been there at first, but showed up during. They just continued to have sex, and knowing the door was locked they just kept quiet, but both of them had never wanted to take a chance again, so they were looking forward to coming to see us as well.

When they arrived the four of us all greeted them at the door. My mom had the biggest smile on her face. It’s not like my mom has feelings for either one of them , or even that she loves sex with them more than other’s (though I know she enjoys alone time with Kayla), it was more because mom was so happy that they had finally given in to each other’s lust and admitted it to the other.

We all kissed and then we sat around and talked for a while. My mom wanted to hear their versions of our wild time in the van and later in the store. Kayla and Carol were sitting by each other and half way through the story they started holding bursa escort bayan hands, and then Carol started to rub Kayla’s leg. I could tell they were getting horny for one another.

But my mom had made plans and soon we were all going out to eat. Dinner was fun and the six of us all get along so well. Then we went out afterwards. I absolutely love dancing so I was thrilled, but I honestly think Carol just wanted to get home and have sex, ha.

So we did. I got it started in the van. I was sitting behind Carol and I lifted up her top and pulled her boob out of her bra. I gave it a good squeeze, but I said, “Let’s get it started, Kayla.”

Kayla didn’t give it a second thought; she leaned in immediately and started sucking Carol’s boob. I only wished I could see them better. Jill was driving and my mom was turned around facing Carol and clapping and cheering. I leaned over and gave Kristen a kiss.

We were soon home and my mom was starting to take off her clothes before we even got out of the van. I was too cold to do that, LOL. But I did as soon as we stepped into the kitchen from the garage. When I did Kayla attacked my boobs and began to suck my nipples and even pull on them a little with her teeth.

My mom leaned down behind Kayla and lifting up her dress she was playing with her ass or whatever, I honestly couldn’t tell or even cared at the moment. I looked over and saw Jill sucking on Carol’s nipples, while Carol had her hands down Kristen’s skirt and was kissing her too.

My mom soon ran off and I assumed she had to go to the bathroom. Well she might of but when she came back she had toys. We hadn’t moved much in the time she was gone, but now Kayla was fingering me and we were kissing. I looked over at the others and they hadn’t moved at all, though Jill now had her hand down Carol’s pants.

I said quietly, “I think my mom is going to fuck you,” to Kayla, but my mom corrected me.

“No I thought we’d watch Kayla fuck her mother.”

My mom said it loud enough for all to hear and everyone seemed to stop and was smiling. We helped Kayla get the strap-on on tight, and soon we were in the living room and Carol was lying on the carpet in the center of the room. My mom was lying next to her and Carol was rubbing my mom’s huge boobs, until Kayla hovered over her. Then Carol looked Kayla right in the eyes and rarely looked away. Jill had been getting Carol’s pussy ready with some fingering and Kayla’s dildo slid in easily. Kayla was pretty gentle at first, but my mom soon had her drilling Carol. Carol was moaning and she began to bite her own knuckle, but her gaze wouldn’t leave Kayla’s face. I loved watching them. We all did. The four of us hardly touched them or one another the entire time they fucked. It was just so beautiful. When Carol climaxed they kissed and then Kayla pulled out and they both looked at all of us watching and looked somewhat embarrassed. My mom rode on Kayla’s dildo for a while. She got to pounding herself pretty hard, so sexy, and her boobs just bounced so much and I just had to touch them.

Then Jill and my mom were all over Kayla and Kristen and I were playing with Carol. I was having such a good time I sort of wasn’t paying attention to the other three for a while, but then suddenly I heard Carol say, “Don’t hurt her,” so I looked over. Jill was wearing the strap-on that Kayla had been wearing before. Kayla was riding on top of her, but my mom was entering her from behind with another dildo up her ass.

I said, “She’ll be alright.” I had been in that position many times with my mom and aunt. I’ll admit I was a little nervous for Kayla, but I didn’t want Carol to be.

The three of us watched them for a while. Kayla’s back was arched and Jill was touching Kayla’s breasts some and occasionally they would kiss, but mostly Kayla was just wailing as my mom was slamming her ass. I was actually a little jealous. I wanted to be Kayla right then.

Well we did plenty more, but soon we were all going to bed, the mom’s in one room and us daughter’s in another. The three of us mostly just cuddled, though at one point Kristen and Kayla were both sucking my nipples at the same time, and giving me a little rub. It was more just as a tease to me, but omg so hot. We talked for a long time and Kayla told us about a girl she had met she was interested in, but the girl was straight. I joked that I had turned a couple.

Kayla asked us lots of questions, mostly about our mom’s but then she wanted to know about us two and how we managed to basically be a couple, and yet still have sex with so many other people. It was just as hard to explain to her as it is all of you each week, but I think she understood.

Then we talked about our mom’s. I think I’m the only one of us three that is actually in love with their mother. I mean they both love their mom’s and they are both attracted to their mom’s and they both love sex with their mom’s, but I am completely in love with my mom, just as much as I am in love with Kristen, maybe even more though escort bursa I can’t explain that. In fact laying there talking to them made me long to be with her.

The next morning I woke up first. Kristen’s arm was on me, but I sat up and she rolled over and went right back to sleep. I peeked over at Kayla and she looked so cute laying there. I couldn’t stop thinking about my mom though and I wanted to go see her.

So I slid out of bed and went to her room. Jill wasn’t there. I supposed she went down stairs already, but my mom and Carol were sound asleep.

I stood there and watched them for a while, but then I went down. I found Jill sipping on a cup of coffee in the living room and I sat down next to her. She had on clothes, but I was naked. I kissed her and snuggled up against her and she put her arm around me and fondled my breasts.

“Did the three of you have fun last night?” I asked.

She laughed and said, “I was about ready to ask you the same thing.”

She told me about what they did, which sounded fun and I told her we basically just talked, which she joked that I should have been in their room. I wished I could have been in both places at once. Then I got brave and asked her if it ever made her jealous when my mom made love to other women. I know Jill is more likely to get jealous than the rest of us.

Jill said, “I don’t get jealous of Carol if that’s what you mean. Honestly I don’t get jealous of a lot of the girls Patty does things with on a regular basis. I get more jealous of her fucking the hell out of Kristen, but mostly only because I wish it was me instead.”

“You getting fucked or you fucking Kristen?” I asked.

Jill smiled and paused, “Well I actually meant me fucking Kristen. As I want to be the one making her feel like that, the one who she gets excited about being alone with, but sure yes, I’d love for Patty to get that wild with me occasionally.”

I gave her a long kiss and said, “Yea, me too.”

We chatted for a bit longer before I said, “Well I have always had this fantasy of having sex with Candice and my mom at the same time.” Jill gave me a sharp look. I went on. “I recently had sex with Candice and I think she wants to make love to both of us. I certainly wouldn’t want you to be upset, and mom doesn’t even know about any of this. It’s completely my idea, but I wanted to ask you first.”

Jill sat and thought for a while. “Lucy, I have no idea where all this is going. My life sort of turned upside down when all this started with you three. I love your mother, of course I love your mother, but I also know that she will never have a normal relationship with me . . . or you or Kristen. I’ve often pictured her someday falling for someone else and Kristen and I moving back out.”

“I would hate that,” I said.

“I know, we all would, but let’s face it. This isn’t going to last forever.”

Well I am not going to bore you with all the details of this conversation we had, but it ended better than it started. I have every intention of living with the three of them forever. I love them all so much and I think Jill knows that now, though I think she still worries about mom. Basically it came down to her accepting that my mom could have sex with Candice and not fall for her again, or for Candice to not upset the apple cart.

Jill knew how much I had wanted this and for so long and how watching my mom and Candice all those years ago is what started this whole desire between my mom and I. So she gave me her blessing. I was so excited. Way more excited for that than I even had been for Carol and Kayla to be here this weekend.

I went upstairs after a bit and went right to my mom’s room. She had moved and the covers were off of her. I stared at her huge breasts for a while and then suddenly found my hands roaming them. I pictured her making love to Candice all those years ago and then I pictured me in place of Candice. I put my hands under the covers and found that my mom was still wearing a strap-on. So I started to crawl on top of her. Of course she woke up and she helped me on.

I rode on her rocking back and forth. We both touched each other’s breasts and she finally said, “Good morning.”

I just leaned back arching and continued to fuck myself as she twisted my nipples. One of her hands left my chest and slide down to my clit and soon I was cumming. After I did, I got up on my feet and bounced up and down hard on the dildo. Carol had woken up and was watching us. Then Jill came in and sat and watched us too. I get such a rush from being watched being fucked and the more the merrier. I was soon orgasming again and then I collapsed on my mom’s chest and just enjoyed our closeness. Feeling her big boobs smashed against mine and feeling her fingers grazing my back and my ass. We lay like that for a while, before she rolled me over and started to pound me mercilessly. My legs were up over her shoulders as she arched up and then slammed the dildo repeatedly into my soaked pussy.

I took a moment to picture Kristen and Kayla in the next room. Wondering if they were having sex or still asleep. I looked over at Jill and Carol, who were now making out. I looked at my mom and told her I loved her, and she stopped fucking me and we just kissed for the longest time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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