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It started out different to what I expected.

I am a bisexual, bipolar girl, 24 and a full-time student. Bipolar means that I have a mental illness, I am slightly mad, that my behavior is a bit strange at times.

I live in an all-girl house with my girlfriend, Julie. I have always felt bisexual, but this is the first time I have had a same-sex relationship. Everyone in the house are students, I study social sciences and Julie is a student as well, working part-time in a pub.

I have to explain that for a long while Jess (Julie’s sister) has been coming into our room when she has been staying and watching tv with me and Julie.

Jess is getting more and more distant from her parents (Julie couldn’t wait to move out) because their parents are a bit freaky. Julie and me share a double bed and at the end of the bed there is a tv, and we lay in bed and watch telly. Especially Big Brother and just American crap tv.

When Julie isn’t home because she is working at the pub Jess sometimes shares the bed, which usually means there is more room as there are two of us in the bed instead of three of us!

Jess was sharing the bed with me and Julie was still at work. She works till midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, sometimes later when it is really busy. Jess was on the bed with me at about 10.00pm, Julie wasn’t home for ages, and we were watching this movie which was a bit boring.

Laying in bed with her has never been really tempting because she is there so much when Julie is there and she is still Julie’s sister which I still feel freaky about and Jess is 18, and I cant believe that I am attracted to someone so young. Being 24, 18 just seems really young to me.

Even a few months ago I would have felt that anyone would be mad if anyone suggested I would be in a relationship with another girl, because although I am bi I am mainly straight.

Anyway, we watching tv and both of us were under the covers. It is cold here (it gets cold even in Australia) and being students we try not to use the heating too much. We were watching tv and this really hot scene came on tv. I don’t normally get turned on by stuff on tv but this was really hot. Jess and me made a joke out of it at first but then we went quiet because the hot scene just went on and on and on.

We were drinking alcohol (as usual). I started this thing, not the alcohol drinking but the idea of drinking while in bed watching tv. I guess a part of me knew where it was going to go. At the end of the scene the ads came on and I turned down the sound with the remote and lay on my side looking and Jess. She was wearing her day clothes, jeans and black t-shirt, but I was wearing pants and a t-shirt.

I asked her if she knew what Jess and me did in bed. She thought I was mad and she said ‘what, have sex? Sure.’ Of course she knew that we both made love, I don’t know why I asked. I asked her if she ever missed not having Çankaya Escort someone to make love to.

She was laying on her bed and she turned her head and we were looking at each other. We just both went for it. Turning on our sides with our lips kissing each other. It was a real turn on but also very loving and gentle, not lustful like an animal but really loving. I moved my hands over her more than she did to me.

It was the first time that I felt her breasts, and even though it was through her t-shirt and bra it was beautiful. It just kept going through my head all the time, this is mad, this is mad, this is girlfriend’s sister.

Her breasts pressed against mine. That was so heavenly. I was wearing a t-shirt but no bra, so I could feel the pressure of her body against me really clearly, and I really felt my nipples because of the pressure and because they are still pierced. I raised myself up on one elbow and she lent back. I looked down on her face, so beautiful and so young.

We kissed with more love, I touched her all over. My hand touched down along her thighs and between her legs, but of course she was still dressed. We kissed more and more for about five minutes.

I was very hot and she was turned on to. It was the first time she had kissed like this, she told me she had never made love with a guy, which surprised me because I thought she was very cool.

There was a bang on the front door of the house, in fact it was someone’s mother coming to collect them and she was banging on the door. Jess and me jumped out of skins, even though the bedroom door was closed and Julie wasn’t due home for hours. It was like we were in a magic world together, just me and her and all of a sudden the awful outside world poured its coldness on us.

Jess just sat up on the bed and crossed her legs as if she was still watching television and nothing had happened. I got out of bed, with a red embarrassed face. I smelt excitement, it was either her’s or mine or both of us, but there was some of our juice that smelt. I went to the bathroom to wash. My own smell is something that I am self-conscious about and when I got back she had drunk another glass of wine and was starting another one. I got one for me, and I felt so terrible.

I felt like a disgusting pervert. We just watched tv and drank and drank and went Julie got home we were completely out of it. I don’t remember going to sleep, I guess that Julie and Jess chatted and then I passed out and went to bed.

During the night, about 5.00am, I woke up and went to the bathroom. I had a headache, was really thirsty, and felt it was a really stupid thing to do. I was fucking with Jess’s head, endangering my relationship with Julie, breaking any trust between Julie and Jess. I went back to bed and felt the warmth of Julie’s body, me with my back to her. My eyes were opened, Keçiören Escort I stared at the wall and began to cry. No loud sobs, but just tears running down my face. I don’t know why.

It felt like hundreds of years passed between then and the next night. It was the same thing, with Julie not getting home till late because of work.

After that night, I promised myself that it wouldn’t happen again. I didn’t need to promise myself, because I just knew it wouldn’t happen. It almost seemed a bit repulsive to me.

The next night, however, it happened again, but more. The alcohol came out, I watched tv, Jess joined me. We both started drinking a lot. We were on the bed and we held hands, we kissed gently for about a second, and then started kissing full-on. This time, we were both in pants and t-shirts. We kissed and felt each other’s breasts, we stroked each other’s hair.

My hands went between her legs, Jess opened them, I felt her lips, soft with her outer lips full and full of lust. She rubbed me between my legs, neither of us coming, we were so nervous, so we masturbated ourselves while we kissed and we both came.

The next night was almost the same. This was the last night that Jess and me would have together because Julie wouldn’t be working for a few nights, and it would be four nights before we would be alone together again. The third night we made love as if we always did it. We kissed, touched each other, I went down on her and she went down on me. Her going down on me was the first time she had done that to another girl. Going down on her was beautiful. She shaved always, between her legs was hairless and so soft. I fingered her while I sucked and licked and kissed and pleased her.

There was one thing that I wanted to do that I have never done to a girl before. I had tried with Julie but it never worked, although she did it to me all the time. I wanted to put on the strap-on that Julie used with me, but this time I wanted to put it on and fuck Jess. It started out easy. I used lubricant on the end of the dildo.

The dildo is larger than it needs to be, and it is large enough to stretch my old 24 year old vagina. But Jess was still a virgin, and I used lots of lubricant. The head of the dildo was larger than the shaft, like a real penis, and I used the head to push and part her lips. This was SO HOT for me, and so I masturbated while I was doing this.

I put the dildo on , having the phallus in front of me, shouting to the world how powerful and lusty I was. Jess lay on her back, her legs apart, and I lay on top of her, supporting myself with my elbows. We kissed, my breasts pushed down on her, and my weight meant she couldn’t breathe fully, so she breathed quickly and shallowly. The dildo pushed against the inside of her thighs, the dildo pushed back against me and gave me really intense pleasure. My juices Etimesgut Escort were everywhere.

I asked her if I could enter her. She said yes. I was a bit clumsy, pushing the head of the dildo in her. I had to use my fingers to line it up right, but now I just wanted to use my pelvis. I pushed and I didn’t feel much pressure, and I pushed. It was frustrating, knowing that I was so close, but I wasn’t making love with her yet. It wasn’t going in and out just using my pelvis. But I badly wanted to push it in her, so that I could feel the full force against me.

We kissed more and I sucked her nipples. My bottom lifted and pushed again…it was so beautiful, so nice. I pushed and then withdrew, trying not to withdraw too much or otherwise the dildo would come out. In and out, and I was now making love with Jess, although it was just the first inch or two of her.

I needed to push more. It was a desire I couldn’t control. As I pushed and my breath was hard, I noticed that Jess wasn’t comfortable, she was making noises indicating it was hurting her. I withdrew and pushed again, making moaning noises, telling her how fantastic it was.

It was a horrible thing for me to do, but I wanted her to just lie there and let me fuck her, and I was sort of emotionally blackmailing her, letting her know how fantastic it was for me in the hope that she would put up with the discomfort and be quiet.

Out of nowhere, a car parked outside the bedroom and its lights were shining directly into our bedroom, through a split in the curtains. Our bodies lit up as the room was lit up with this extra light. The dark shadows and smudges of our bodies could now be seen. I looked down, seeing what looked like my dick, my dick-dildo, penetrating Jess.

From the angle I looked down at, I could not see her exposed lips, but just the fold of flesh between her legs, and in that fold my dick was fucking her. It was no longer a dildo, a thing belonging to the world of things, but it was me, and I was fucking her.

The view made me so hot. My thrusting was no long controlled. I just wanted to fuck and fuck and cum. I was now penetrating Jess deeply, I was hurting her, and I groaned more and more loudly, so that I would cover her noises.

I stopped suddenly, holding my pelvis absolutely still. I then pushed in slowly, further and further and further till the dildo was completely inside her. Jess was no longer a virgin.

I then fucked her: not made love or had sex with her, I just fucked her hard. I fucked her now, and now and now and now, and then once again, cuming and fucking her several more times while my cumming happened.

After we made love the dildo was covered with her blood. It could have been her period, but I knew that I took her virginity. I was no longer a bisexual lesbian being submissive to my Julie, but I was now like a guy, with a cock that I could fuck girls with. I really got into the language. Fuck. Fuck. I fucked her cunt. I fucked her cunt with my cock.

After I fucked Jess that night and I came, we had some wine and about 10 minutes later we fucked again and I came again, fucking her as hard as I had to. I, too, had lost my virginity in a way, because this was the first time I fucked a girl with a strap on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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