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I had been friends with Craig since we were teens in high school. Now we were both in our early twenties. I was supposed to stop over to Craig’s mothers home in order to pick him up. I saw their cars in the driveway so I went to the front door and knocked. No one was answering so I tried the door. It was unlocked so I went inside.

I didn’t see anyone immediately but I did hear voices coming down the hallway. I walked down to where the bedrooms were. I came to Craig’s room and I peeked around the corner. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was Craig and his Mom in bed. They were busy fucking. My friend was on top of his mother. She had her legs wrapped around Craig’s waist.

I think I had my mouth opened. I must have made a noise. Both of them turned and looked towards the doorway. I guess I was embarrassed being caught looking. I quickly turned and walked out of the house. I got into my car and drove away. There is a wooded area not far from my friend’s house. I pulled my car into this area and I stopped the car.

I could feel my dick stirring in my pants. I replayed what I had seen back there. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. I had to do something. I began to stroke my bone. In my mind I saw my friend’s prick sliding in and out of his Mom’s pussy. I could see how wet she was. I also remember hearing the both of them grunting and moaning from fucking one another.

I reached for a box of tissues I had in the back seat. My hand was moving up and down my hard rod. I just had to release the pressure. I felt that tingling and I let go. A gusher of cum shot out of the tip of my cock. I managed to catch it escort bursa all in the tissues I had. I was panting as I finished stroking myself. I had no idea what I would say to my friend.

It ended up I didn’t have to bring up the subject. The next day Craig drove up to my parent’s house. We stepped outside and Craig spoke to me.

“Tom, you have to promise not to ever say a word about this,” he urged me.

Craig confessed that since his Dad left them he had been screwing his Mom. They were full time lovers these days. Craig even said he wasn’t interested in girls our age. His Mom had been fixed long ago. There was no worry about her getting pregnant. He also dropped a bomb on me. His mother brought up the idea that I could stop by for some fun.

I don’t think Craig was very happy about sharing his Mom but she seemed like she was interested in having more than one lover. Besides, I had caught both of them going at it. He said if I wanted his Mom to stop by next Saturday. Craig wouldn’t be there. It would be just be me and his Mom. I said I would be there. In my mind I couldn’t believe what was happening.

That week passed and Satuday arrived. I drove over to Craig’s place around 11am. I was supposed to just enter the house and walk back to the bedrooms. I did as I was told. I looked in one of the rooms. There was his Mom lying on her back naked with her legs spread wide. Craig’s mother was named Brenda. She patted the mattress as if I were supposed to join her.

I took my clothes off and got onto the bed. Brenda took hold of my arm and pulled me closer.

“Go bursa yabancı escort down on me,” she pleaded.

I got between her legs and lowered my face. My tongue found her gash and I began to lick. Brenda was already wet down below. It didn’t matter to her. I soon was fingering her hole as I licked all around her pussy. Brenda did have a smoking body for a woman in her late forties. I was soon climbing up with my arms on either side of her body. Brenda took hold of my hard prick and she guided me to her opening. I slowly pushed in.

Brenda’s pussy was tight. I was stirring my dick around trying to loosen her up. Brenda did bring her legs up and she surrounded my waist.

“I need you to fuck me hard Tom.”

That was what I tried to do. I was pumping all seven inches of my cock into her belly. I must have been doing it just right. Brenda was panting hard like a dog on a hot day. I have to admit I only had sex a couple of times before Brenda. I was now fucking a real woman. After a few minutes Brenda told me to pull out. I did as she asked. I was told to lie back and Brenda mounted me.

She slid down onto my pole and her muscles gripped me hard. My hands went to her ass cheeks. I was pulling them apart as she was grinding hard around my dick. She told me to fondle her tits. I moved my hands to her chest. I massaged her big melons and then I pinched her ripe nipples. That really set Brenda off. We were now moving in one motion.

I would bring my ass up as Brenda dropped down hard around my cock. I wish I could tell you how long this went on. At bursa escort some point I felt like I was getting close to releasing. I held on a few minutes longer and then I shot my load into her belly. Brenda screamed out loud when she felt my sticky cream enter her body. I had never experienced anything like this before. I sent streams of my seed deep into her channel.

Brenda eventually collapsed onto my chest. We held each other for some moments. Brenda finally pulled away and went to the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and Brenda joined me again on the bed.

“I haven’t been fucked like that in a long time,” she told me.

I didn’t think my friend Craig would be happy to hear that being said. Brenda made it clear she wanted me more than once. I got up the courage to ask about Craig. She said we could have a threesome together. You could say my head was swimming right about then. It did play out just like that. One Saturday Brenda had both her son and his friend in bed together.

Brenda was on all fours. She was sucking on Craig’s cock. I was behind feeding her my prick. You could say that Brenda was like a whore who couldn’t get enough. Craig and I switched places. We pounded her mouth and pussy with our hard cocks. The moment of truth came when we both exploded in Brenda’s mouth and pussy. She took our cum and she acted like she couldn’t get enough of both of us. There was cream dripping from mouth and slit.

Afterwards Brenda told us that she wanted this to be a permanent thing. I don’t think Craig was pleased to be sharing his Mom. To be honest, there were times when we didn’t share. Sometimes when Craig was working or away from the house I would sneak over and fuck Brenda. She said my cock really satisfied her. I wasn’t about to argue.

I don’t know how all this will work out. Maybe one day Brenda will be tired of both of us. Until that day comes, I plan on having my cock buried deep inside Brenda’s pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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