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My first stories covered my seduction and introduction into the pleasures of m2m sex and intimacy. It all started with a surprise kiss from an older gentleman, I had never even thought about kissing a man and to this day it is my most memorable first kiss.

Who knew that kissing a man would feel so natural, so sensual, so naughty, so very gay, and so incredibly wonderful? Obviously not me, at least until his tongue slipped past my lips and touched my tongue and also my soul.

Within 5 minutes of my first man kiss I had my first man cock in my mouth. And 15 minutes later I had my first man cock in my boypussy. Later on I was lucky enough to find a special man who turned my fantasy of being a man’s cockslut and cumslut five times into a wonderful 2-year affair where I provided weekly service calls to service his cock, drink his sperm, and be rewarded with his kisses and cuddles.

Other than the 100+ times I serviced my dream stud, I have only been with men 10 other times and that’s with 4 different men. So I’ve kissed 5 men, sucked 5 men, been fucked by 2 men, and developed a crush on and got addicted to 1 man’s cock, cum and kisses. But there are a lot of things I haven’t done with men that I fantasize about doing and hope to do someday. Most likely none or very few will get checked off the list, but they give me something to dream about and hope for.

Up until the moment my older gentleman seduced me with my first man kiss and opened my mind and body to the pleasures of m2m sex and passion, I thought the extent of my walk on the wild side was being with t-girls and sometimes crossdressing myself. Then I foolishly thought that once I completed my fantasy of being a man’s cockslut and cumslut 5 times I would check it off my fantasy bucket list and return to meeting t-girls to get my cock and passion fixes.

I was quite wrong, on what was to be my 5th and final session of servicing his cock, my stud kissed me passionately and for the first time I felt that it was more than just part of the sex act. I felt a true connection and bonding with a fellow man, it was intimate, it was affectionate, it was romantic, it was sexy as hell, it was just what I needed. There I was, naked in bed with a man, the taste of his sperm in my mouth as he’s kissing me and I couldn’t have been more turned on, more lustful, more insatiable, or felt more at home.

No wonder I never thought seriously of being with a man, I assumed I would be in the Alpha Top role. The first man put the thought in my head that my natural gay role is that of a beta bottom. My dream man confirmed that he was correct, my pleasure comes from pleasing my lover and my greatest pleasures comes from sucking cock, drinking cum, and kissing a man.

These are most of the items on my gay bucket list, they are in a somewhat order of desire but some have been added as I thought about ways I can please a man by offering my body to him for his pleasure. As I fantasize about making these bucket list items a reality, I picture my Asian lover as the leading man in most scenarios. But I’m open to others auditioning for some roles!

– Spend the night with a man

I don’t know why I never did this with my stud. There were times I would go service him Friday night and go back to his house again Saturday morning for my breakfast of cum-filled Chinese sausage, the Breakfast of Cumsluts.

Perhaps I was afraid that my lust and desire for him would fade overnight and I’d want to sneak out in the early morning like an ashamed sorority girl. Or maybe I would have realized that my lust and desire for him had nothing to do with how much blood was filling either of our cocks, that I could and should live my gay side for more than 2 hours at a time.

I wish I had given him a midnight blow job and then fell asleep in his arms with the delicious taste of his cum still in my mouth. Then when he returns to bed from a trip to the bathroom in the middle üvey kız kardeş porno of the night, I climb under the covers and lick the remaining drops of pee off his perfect cock and suck it long enough to get him hard so he can fall back asleep with a hardon and I can go back to sleep with a taste of his precum on my tongue and lips.

Then in the morning instead of driving over to service his morning wood and get my breakfast of cumsluts, I could just slide under the covers and service my stud. I would have reduced my carbon footprint and increased my sperm input, a definite win-win.

– Go on a vacation with a man

This is an extension of spending the night with a man, but for multiple nights and with being together out in public. In my fantasy we go away as a couple on a “gay cruise” and for the first time in my life I show my gay side outside of closed doors. I imagine how I would proudly hold his hand as we stroll about the ship and I show off the stud I am with. During the cruise we would look for certain men to join us in our cabin to enhance and expand our sexual repertoire. We could invite other Alpha males for my stud to share his beta with, or we could invite another beta for me to please my Alpha with.

– Be the middle man in a spit-roast

I’m in heaven when I have a cock in my mouth, and I’ve also visited heaven when I had a cock in my ass. I can only imagine that it would feel like being in Heaven’s Penthouse having a cock in my mouth at the same time I have a cock in my ass. I imagine myself on all fours as they play ping pong with my body and use me for their pleasure and fill me with cum at both ends.

When my Asian lover fucked me missionary style and we kissed, I was so turned on to have his cock in my ass and his tongue in my mouth, I didn’t think anything to could be better. Except maybe to have his cock in my mouth and another guy’s cock in my ass.

– Get cream-pied

Due to the fear of disease I would only bottom, with few exceptions, if my Top wore a condom. But I fondly remember once getting fucked bareback by a sexy CD and experiencing the unique feeling of a hot load of cum shooting inside my ass, it was such a unique feeling that I still remember it and crave it like an addict trying to match that first high.

I’ve swallowed about 130 hot loads of manjuice, but can only remember feeling that one hot load shoot in my manpussy. I would love for my stud to fill my manpussy with his lovejuice and then take a stroll around the pool as his sperm runs down my legs to try to entice another Top to fill me up.

– Have anal sex as the Top

I have topped females and t-girls, I have bottomed for females, t-girls, and men, but I have never topped a man. Topping a t-girl and a man might by physiologically the same, but definitely not psychologically, emotionaly, or visually the same. Topping a t-girl is similar to topping a female in some ways, but let’s face it, the t-girl is usually hotter, sexier, more passionate, and a lot more fun than a born female. And the t-girl has a nice big clit that gets excited when you fuck her and then she can fuck you or feed you after.

My first few gay experiences either shaped or revealed my role as a gay lover. I may be more of an Alpha type in everyday life, but behind closed doors with the right man, I become a passionate, adoring, cocksucking bottom who wants kisses, cuddles, cock, and cum. I would rather suck cock than have mine sucked, and I’d rather have my lover’s cock inside me than mine inside him. My all-time favorite bottoming experience was when my stud was fucking me missionary style, banging away at my prostate and sending waves of pleasure through my cock and body and brain, and then leaned down and french kissed me.

Then something magical happened, I could no longer tell if his cock was inside me or if my cock was inside him, it was like we had bonded xnxx porno and become one lover. His tongue was making love to my tongue, his cock was expertly teasing my prostate, and I had never felt so close, so connected, so alive, and so right. All labels were stripped away at the moment, he wasn’t the Top and I wasn’t the bottom, we weren’t gay, straight, bi or anything else. We were two lovers coming together as one and it was a perfect fit.

My stud did offer to bottom for me because he thought it was only fair that my cock should get some attention since he did not like to give head. That offer showed me two things, one was that my stud Top was a kind and thoughtful person who was genuinely concerned about my pleasure. And the second thing was that as a Top who didn’t like to suck cock, he just couldn’t relate to how much I loved sucking his cock and drinking his sperm, that my pleasure came from giving him pleasure. Perhaps that is something that only true cocksuckers can relate to. That only confirmed what I already knew, my true calling was that of an oral bottom. Given the opportunity to Top my man crush, my dream man, my Master, I chose instead to get between his legs and suck his cock and drink his cum.

It just didn’t seem mentally right for me to Top my stud, it was almost as if I was not worthy of being inside him. In my mind he was the stud and I was the lucky man who got to serve and service him. As I thought about it after the fact, I wished I had accepted his offer and topped my stud. After all, he is the only man I met more than three times, the first man whose cum I swallowed and the only man I ever had a crush on. Besides, as his adoring sub I should not have turned down his offer. He was my first for many things, it would only be fitting if he were the first man who I Top.

– Be the recipient of a Bukakke session

I am just amazed at how much I love sucking cock and drinking cum. When I played with t-girls I did enjoy sucking their shecocks, but mainly to get them horny to suck my cock or to fuck me. When my sexual boundaries were expanded to include men, once I got my first taste of my stud’s cum, it became my favorite taste of all-time.

I would love to be the center of attention as men line up and surround me with hard cocks that need some oral attention to push them over the edge and release their baby batter into my mouth. I won’t mind if some of the precious sperm gets sprayed on my face or body, but I want most of it in my mouth.

– Drink a beer glass full of warm cum

I once calculated that I swallowed over a pint of my stud’s cum, about a teaspoonful of his manjuice 125 times. Lucky me. I would keep his cum in my mouth as long as possible while I nursed every last drop of his life-giving sperm. Having his cock and cum in my mouth was pure joy for me and him as well. How I would love to have all 125 loads at once, a tall glass of warm cum. I fantasize about being a cocksucker for a man who jerks off into a glass whenever I am not there to take care of his needs. Then when I show up for my next service call he greets me at the door with a warmed up glass of his cum for my appetizer. Then he leads me back to his bedroom where I work out a fresh load straight from the tap.

– Find a man who likes cummy kisses after he fills my mouth with his hot load

My stud did not like the taste of cum, even though his was incredibly delicious. The downside was that I couldn’t share a cummy kiss with my dream man. However the upside was that I got to drink all his precious manjuice myself. I love the taste of cum and I love kissing a man, sharing a mouthful of cum while kissing a man would be more than double the pleasure.

– Be the bottom in a gang bang

This might be a stretch in more than one way as I have only been topped 5 times by a man. I feel that I need to explore beyond my comfort zone of sucking cock and making out. I became zenci porno my Asian stud’s favorite cocksucker (his term was cockbitch which I loved) but he had other men in his stable who he fucked to satisfy his Top urges. If I had to do it over again I would have tried to be his favorite bottom bitch as well.

I fantasize about having 3 or 4 men taking turns both fucking me and making love to me in all different positions. Each guy using the previous guy’s cum as lube as they use my asspussy for their manly pleasure. I think it would be a very good experience for me to expand my offerings to Alpha males in the bedroom.

– Have a versatile t-girl lover

I would love to have a beautiful trans girl to be my Top and my bottom lover, and to suck her shecock and have her suck my mancock. I started my walk on the wild side with t-girls and loved their beauty, passion, sexiness, attitude, and of course their shecocks. I truly believe t-girls represent the best of both worlds, the beauty and femininity of a woman and the cock and lust of a man. If not for my experiences with t-girls, I highly doubt I would have made the jump to having sex and intimacy with men. I did discover that being in bed with a man who I want to kiss and suck his cock may not be the best of both worlds, but in the moment, it was the best of my world.

– Have an older man as a lover

My first male lover was an older man, he was 15 years my senior, and ever since I have been attracted to older men. The few older men I have been with impressed me with their confidence, openness, and passion. And also for the fact that they made me feel so appreciated and wanted.

I fantasize about meeting and older divorcee or widower who misses the passion and intimacy with a women and finds himself open to finding it with a slightly younger adoring man. Then I seduce him, impress him, and get him hooked on my passionate blow jobs and kisses and become his secret lover. Maybe I would even dress up for him if that is what it took to entice him to Top his new lover.

– Have my own femboy/pantyboy sub lover

Sometimes while I was servicing my stud’s cock, I would wonder what it would be like to have my very own cockbitch. Someone who would worship and adore my cock and crave my kisses and cum like I did for my Master and stud.

My ideal man would be 5 to 20 years younger, smooth, good looking, bottom versatile, love to cuddle and kiss, and has a femboy/pantboy side. Most of the time I would want to play with him as my male lover, but once in a while I would want him to dress up for me and be my sissy slut. I guess old habits die hard.

I would make love to him when he is naked as a man or dressed up as a pantyboy or completely crossdressed as a sexy slut. Or maybe even retreat to my early beginnings and dress up with him. I have a feeling that after a few sessions with him as my sissy slut I will want him solely as my male lover, there’s just something extra special to me about being with a man that makes it more of a rush.

– Have a neighbor who I am friends with publicly and his gay lover privately

If this bucket list item came true it could take care of many of the above-mentioned items. How wonderful and convenient would it be to meet a neighbor who I could spend time with without raising any suspicions about our whereabouts or intentions. Yet when we are behind closed doors or away from prying eyes, we can escape together into our alternate reality and live out our gay sides and desires that consume our everyday thoughts.

Sometimes it might just be a quick kiss or a blow job in the garage, other times it might be an afternoon drinking beers, watching football, and making out and sucking his cock on the couch. I even imagine cleaning myself out, lubing up my ass, and stopping by to bend over for a quick fuck to return home with the taste of his precum on my tongue and his sperm both swimming inside me and running down my leg.

I’m sure there are more bucket list items that will come to mind after I publish this list, I’ll have to write about them at a later date. Perhaps I’ll even be lucky enough to cross a few of these off my list, I surely hope so.

Any suggestions for what I missed?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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