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Katie Visits Wichita

Mrs. Jackson felt her cotton panties bunched up against her clit as she drove down Interstate-70 towards Wichita Kansas. Any movements caused a shiver to be sent up her spine. The sexy woman’s pussy was hot and wet. She hated long car rides, especially alone, but this was different. The naughty wife had spent a bit more time in front of the mirror adjusting her make up so it was perfectly applied and her hair was curled past her shoulders. She only wore a plain white t-shirt with no bra and her tan small khaki shorts that rode high up her thighs. Her sandals had been tossed onto the empty passenger seat.

As she traveled down the interstate, her fingers slowly rubbed her legs. Her hand slowly crept up her t-shirt and cupped her perfect round breast as she squeezed it gently. She felt the firmness of her chest. Her nipples were hard and almost painful to the touch. They poked out obscenely from her shirt as the air conditioning blew directly on them. As she passed cars or trucks on the interstate she glanced over and hoped they would look back at her.

For the past week, since the temporary job at Dr. Naz’s, she couldn’t stop thinking about her naughty afternoon. Her libido had been in overdrive since she tasted and swallowed jar after jar of sticky semen.

Her husband hadn’t been any help to her needs as he refused to see her or even talk about what had happened in Los Angeles. In fact her last communication with him was when he hung up on her after her lust filled afternoon at the sperm bank.

As she passed by the cars and trucks on the interstate, she slowed down and paced her SUV next to them. On more than one occasion the driver would gaze at her beauty. Naughty and depraved thoughts filled the married woman’s mind at what she was doing to them.

She loved teasing men and boys for that matter. A few days ago she flirted innocently with her neighbor Joechin in front of his high school and college friends. She saw the way they all stared at her hard body. She couldn’t help but glance at their crotches as she knew she was making them hard. Katie couldn’t help but giggle to herself as Joechin’s new girlfriend tried to pull him away from her. It turned her on the way men and boys stared at her hard body. It reminded her of a time when Fred had taken her to the adult theater in Kansas City.

The sexy mother pulled into a rest stop off of the interstate to use the restroom. She felt the lustful stare of the truck drivers as she walked towards the building. The scantily clad wife spent a little extra time standing outside of her SUV as she stretched and allowed the men to stare at her hard body and legs. She seductively bent over in front of two men who were working on their big rig. She looked out of the corner of her eye as one nudged the other. Her breasts hardened under her t-shirt.

When she glanced at the two men an unthinkable thought had entered her mind about walking over and seducing them. She looked at their rig, “I’m a horrible person,” she told herself as she got back into her SUV and drove back onto the interstate. She had vowed to herself she would never repeat what she had done with Phil or his friends. She wanted nothing more than to reconcile with her husband but sometimes she felt her lustful urges were uncontrollable.

She hoped a visit see her happily married sister would help ground her to what was important in life. Katie couldn’t help the depraved feelings that had erupted inside of her. She played on the website in their chat rooms during the mornings and masturbated in the afternoons and didn’t even look for a new job. She entered fantasy chat rooms and found herself engaged in a cyber-threesome as anonymous men told her how they would tie her up and abuse her body or fuck her until she couldn’t walk. Many times they would send her pictures of their hard cocks and they begged for her to return the favor. The hot wife was scared to reveal anything about herself on the website and politely declined to send any photos. She could only fathom their reaction if they knew who she was and if they discovered her starring role on a popular television reality show.

Even with the naughtiness that clouded her mind; Katie was excited to see her sister Justine. Mrs. Jackson’s nephew Scott was getting married and her sister invited her to the bachelorette party for his new bride. She and Fred obviously were unable to attend the wedding in the Bahamas later in the month because of their strained relationship. Katie had confided to Justine about her marital problems but didn’t divulge her indiscretions instead telling her the they were having a difficult time in their marriage.

By the time she arrived in Wichita; her panties were soaked with excitement. The short trip to Wichita put a strain on Mrs. Jackson’s finances especially since she had used money that was for bills to pay the young man $100.00 for his cum at Dr. Naz’s last week. Katie stayed at a gebze escort very cheap motel just off the Kansas turnpike as Justine’s house was filled with bridesmaids and Scott’s friends. As the hard bodied mother pulled into the Economy Motel parking lot she knew this wasn’t as extravagant as the ones she usually stays at but with money being tight she didn’t have a choice. It looked like a cheap hooker hotel or one that that would see on the Lifetime Channel as paint was chipping off the sides and an abandoned car was parked in the corner.

Once in her room she planned on spending the next hour playing with her aching slit. She tossed her bag on the bed and opened in and quickly realized she had left her toys at home in the dresser drawer, “Damn it!” she sighed. She had used her hand many times for the past week. She had teased herself the past few days and planned on using two toys, one in each hole, on herself. She wanted to spread out on the bed and abuse herself. The fact that she was in a shady hotel only made it more exciting.

Katie sighed in frustration and called her sister to let her know she was in town. Justine answered in a panic as she still had so much to do and begged her sister to come over immediately. She sighed regretfully as she fell back onto the bed and reluctantly agreed. Her hands pulled down her shorts as her fingers darted into her wet cotton panties. They were so wet. Her index finger barely touched her clit and it sent electricity up her spine. The hot wife glanced at the clock and knew she had to get ready.

The temptation to make herself cum was hard to fight but she knew it would only enhance her orgasm when she got back to the room after having a few drinks later in the evening. She pulled out her new aqua Mandalay cocktail dress from her clothing bag. It was one of the most expensive dresses that Macy’s had but it fit her like a glove. It was knee length with a deep v neckline. Two small shoulder straps held it in place so she needed no bra. The pearls and embroidery stood out on her hard body. A pair of her black high heels completed her outfit.

Mrs. Jackson had charged her dress on her MasterCard that was almost maxed out. She justified it to herself in that she would just return it after the party and get a refund so technically she wouldn’t be out the money.

Katie drove across town and helped Justine finish her errands as the bridal party arrived at her house. Both Scott and Taylor’s friends started out at the house with drinks. Katie couldn’t believe that Scott was getting married. He had just finished college with a degree in finance and landed a great job in Denver Colorado. He had met his bride Taylor at the University of Kansas and they had been inseparable ever since. It seemed like yesterday that he was just a boy begging for attention when they came to visit her and Fred but now he was a young adult. Shortly after a few drinks he and his groomsmen were headed out to their own activities leaving the young bridesmaids at Justine’s home.

Even though they only had a couple of martinis apiece, the young bridesmaids started to get a little silly and began talking about their sex lives. Talk filled their table about their bedroom romps with “bad boys” and anonymous pickups at bars. Katie listened intently to their stories as her panties grew moist as she thought about her own indiscretions albeit they happened after she was married to Fred. Taylor reminded Katie of herself as she was very reserved and didn’t add much to the conversations although it was probably because she was sitting next to her future mother in law.

After they finished another round; the matron of honor stood up and demanded the party move to the Circle Cinema to prepare the bride to be for the wedding night. Katie leaned over and whispered into her sister’s ear, “What’s the Circle Cinema?”

Justine cleared her throat and whispered, “It’s an adult store. We can stay here if you don’t want to go,” as her face reddened at the thought of helping pick up a sexual aid for her future daughter in law, “We can stay up and catch up like old times!”

Katie tried to hide her excitement, “No! We should go! It will be fun!” The wedding party quickly separated into their cars and drove down the streets of Wichita.

The Circle Cinema was a large concrete circular building and had been the subject of much controversy in Wichita. It screamed hardcore sex even from the outside. It looked seedier than the Strand in Kansas City. The bridesmaids giggled as they walked through the parking lot and into the front doors. Racks of dildos and vibrators were against the walls. DVD’s and hardcore magazines were everywhere and were divided into straight and gay sections.

The young bridesmaid who had suggested this trip in the first place noticed a curtained doorway with the words ‘Video Booth’ in red neon that hung above the door. In a group, the bachelorette göztepe escort party walked into the back of the store giggling at the thought of what occurred in the back of the business.

After the brightness of the front of the store, they were nearly blinded as they fumbled their way around the hallways that lead to individual booths. A lighted emergency exit door along the wall helped illuminate the hallways. Many of the booths were vacant but they noticed that some of the doors were closed. Sounds of hardcore sex movies could be heard behind the walls. The intoxicated young women whispered to each other as they speculated as to whether the men inside were masturbating or having sex with other men.

Katie peeked in one booth that was between two others. It seemed relatively narrow. There was a padded bench against the back and a slot for tokens. She noticed that the TV screen was secured to the wall that hummed with a blank screen. Her eyes focused on two oblong holes, one on each side wall, opposite each other, about waist level. They were lined with a smooth plastic and at least six inches in diameter. She could see the faint outlines of the benches in the booths on either side but neither was occupied.

Justine, who was right next to Katie, grabbed her arm. “Ohhhh gross!” pointing to the openings, “Holes so they can watch each other get off! Come on let’s go,” she hissed. “This place is disgusting!”

They walked towards the door and one of the bridesmaids purchased a cowboy hat that was draped with condoms that hung down. As she paid, “So..,” she asked casually, “What sort of clientele comes here? Gay or straight?”

The clerk was an older overweight man with numerous tattoos with a thick grey beard that didn’t seem surprised by the question. “Oh, some of each,” he mumbled. “More couples than you might think. Tonight is ladies’ night though,” pointing to a sign next to the register that showed a set of eyes next to a circular hole, “If you get bored later on,” he grinned widely as he looked at the young lady up and down lustfully.

The party froze as they looked at each other and then burst out laughing. The clerk arched his eyebrow and went back to his newspaper. The group of women quickly left the store, occasionally laughing again when one of them would state, “Ladies’ night.” They giggled all the way to back to Justine’s although Katie wasn’t laughing as hard as the others. She kept thinking about those two holes in the opposite walls of the narrow booth and the picture of the eye watching through the hole.

The night continued on as all the women, including Katie, received their fair share of alcohol. The hot married woman watched as the young ladies played silly games. Eventually the bride to be opened her bridal shower gifts and one of which included a huge black dildo. Katie gasped at the sight and diverted her eyes as her mind flashed back to Reggie. Her mouth salivated and her pussy twitched. Justine noticed that Katie covered her eyes with her hand, “I’m sorry. The girls can be a bit obscene!”

“It’s okay,” Katie mumbled as panties grew moist at the thought of Reggie abusing her mouth at the parking garage. Her panties were a moist mess and her body tingled from head to toe.

As the evening started to come to a close; Justine came up to Katie, “Are you sure you don’t want to sleep here? You had quite a bit to drink.”

“I’ll be fine,” as she reached out and gave her sister a hug as her mind raced, “I’m going to be getting up early tomorrow to head home and I don’t want to burden you.” However her thoughts drifted that she will soon be frantically moaning as she fucks her wet slit with her hand and wanted to be as loud as she wanted.

“Okay. I’m sorry you can’t go to the wedding. I’ll make sure to post a bunch of pictures to Facebook!” Justin added.

Katie stumbled out to her SUV and started back to her hotel. Her crotch was a moist mess and couldn’t wait to get off. The married woman was so horny. She saw the neon lights of the Circle Cinema down the street, her stomach lurched and her hands got clammy. Without even thinking she turned into the parking lot.

The hot wife sat for a moment in her car, “Just go back to the hotel,” she whispered to herself. The thought that she could be recognized seeped into her mind. She imagined everyone snapping pictures of her and posting them online. Her family and friends finding out but she justified it that she could tell anyone that she was only there for a bachelorette party, which was true.

Her nipples felt like hard thimbles under her aqua cocktail dress. She squirmed in the seat as she felt her panties rode up against her already wet cunt. “What am I doing?” she asked herself but before she could answer her own question she walked briskly towards the front door.

The clerk looked up at her as she walked in and the sexy wife wondered if he’d remembered halkalı escort her from earlier. A smirk on his face told her that he did. She felt his eyes removing her dress as she walked by the counter.

Several men were browsing the shelves and all of them covertly watched her progress along the aisles, and each undoubtedly wondered why she was in the store by herself. The hard bodied wife made it a point to look at each of them and none had their phones out snapping pictures or frantically posting on Facebook or other social media.

A few of the men were nice looking and clean cut. They probably aged from early 20’s to late 60’s. Some of them were overweight and not attractive, and more to the point creepy, but the hot wife didn’t mind at this point. One of the creepier ones had oily hair and thick glasses causing his eyes to look huge. He continued to stare at her and was already breathing heavily. She loved what she was doing to them as she knew they were turned on by the way she looked. A shiver was sent up her spine as she thought about the men racing home and stroking themselves as they thought of her. A couple, probably in their late 30’s by the DVD’s, kept looking over at her.

Besides the couple in the corner; she was the only woman in the store. Roughly eight men milled around browsing over the movie and magazine selection. Katie felt them eyeing her hungrily. It excited her beyond belief.

She imagined the thoughts that must have been going through the men’s minds as they looked at her. She felt exposed, almost nude, on display for them. A tall middle aged black man wearing a designer suit watched her every move intently. He looked like a cross between Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman and was attractive. Katie felt he looked out of place as much as she did.

The hot wife walked into a corner of the room with the sex toys. A twelve inch black dildo stood out among the other. She pulled it off the display shelf. She wrapped her fingers around it and they couldn’t even come close to touching. It was thick with veins and had a base of two large testicles. As she held it in her hands she imagined forcing it up into her which caused her breath to quicken. She could feel her heart beating rapidly in her chest. Her hands shook as she stared at the price of $95.99. She couldn’t afford it and if she charged it Fred would know what she had been doing. As she placed it back on the shelf she saw the black man smiling at her. The married woman suddenly felt embarrassed as her face reddened.

She looked over and the couple that was by the DVD’s had joined her in the corner of the room. Katie glanced over and noticed their wedding rings. From the wife’s posture it was apparent that she didn’t want to be there and immediately cowered behind her husband. Katie watched as his short wife nervously looked out into the store and made eye contact with a few of the men, “Brad,” she whimpered, “Let’s just go home!”

Mrs. Jackson walked behind them as he looked over at his wife, “Demi,” he sighed, “Just give it a minute or two. Let them look at you.” The couple instantly reminded her of her own marriage and how she was so reluctant to try new things with her husband. She remembered the way Fred had acted in the theater and couldn’t help but compare the couple to her and Fred. A feeling of guilt erupted inside of her knowing she was her by herself.

She looked back at the couple as the husband pulled his wife closer. Out of the corner of her eye she watched as he felt up her large breasts in front of everyone. She wore quite a bit of make up with dark eyeliner and bright red lipstick. She looked trashy in her short black skirt and a tight blouse that stretched across her large chest. Katie only imagined it was at her husband’s urging.

Mrs. Jackson glanced over at the drapes that lead to the video booths and strutted up to the cashier. The old man behind the counter had barely taken his eyes off of her or the couple since she had walked in.

“Uhmmmm, could I get,” hushing her voice, “Could I get some tokens?” Katie asked as she slid a ten dollar bill onto the counter towards the big man.

“Sure thing,” he grinned. He took the ten and returned a handful of gold medallions to Katie and winked, “Enjoy yourself.” His hand seemed to linger on hers as he dumped the coins into her hand.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

Mrs. Jackson’s heels clicked across the tiled floor as she disappeared past the makeshift door. Once her eyes adjusted, she quickly found the booth she spied earlier. She walked in and closed the door making sure it was latched and locked. The walls were thin with only a plywood panel between her and the persons on either side. A small condom machine hung on the wall behind the door. The sounds of the movies spilled over as did the movements and moans in the backroom.

Her little room smelled musty and dirty. She felt her heels sticking to the floor as she moved around in the tiny space. It felt so wrong and so naughty but her stomach was in knots with excitement. Katie stood there for a minute as the tokens grew sweaty in her clenched fist. She glanced into each hole but nobody was in either booth. She swallowed nervously as she hung her purse on the back of the door, sat down, and slipped a few tokens in the slot.

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