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Angela looked at Jeffrey’s stiff, leaking cock and said, “I have time. I have all the time in the world.” She wantonly looked at his lean, muscular body. Strangely, I felt no jealousy. In fact, I was proud of him, and pleased to be offering them to each other. This was such a huge departure from who I thought I was. Perhaps, as I have become more comfortable with my own body, I have let loose the creature within. I had thought she was tamed. I now realize, I had her shackled.

I sat on the day bed with my legs spread, and my pussy swollen and dripping. It was still too sensitive for serious stroking, but it felt good to have my hand there. I watched intently as my new lover and my soul mate faced each other. Angela, with her carved abs, trimmed bush and dark, puffy pussy; and Jeffry with his swollen cock, and closely cropped pubic hair; faced each other. She looked down at his cock and said, “I better start with you face up, you’ll hurt yourself if you lie on your stomach.”

He walked towards her to lie on the table. She took a step forward, brushing her breasts against his chest, and causing his cock to touch her pussy. He lay down on the table. His cock was pointing straight up, and precum streamed down its side. It was like a lava flow. She bent over and lapped it up.

She then strapped on her oil holster. She pumped some oil into her hand and started at his feet. Since Jeffrey is a competitive bike rider, he has shaved legs. So it did not take much oil for his legs be glistening as she worked the oil up one, and then the other like she had done with me. She was less subtle with him. She found his inner thigh quickly, and was soon touching his balls with every stroke.

Jeffrey is normally a very hairy guy. His balls and cock get hairy. He recently shaved his istanbul escort cock and balls to surprise me. I loved it. I love sucking his cock, but the hair would get uncomfortable. Since I liked it so, he’s kept it clean ever since. He even trims his pubic hair closely for me, so it doesn’t go up my nose when I suck him. He told me that he likes it this way, because it is a lot more sensitive and it feels better when I take him into my mouth.

Angela stroked the oil onto his balls and cock. Because he is so closely groomed in his groin, Angela was able to get him slick with oil without much effort. It only took a few pumps of oil to get his legs and groin oiled up. His torso took three times as much, as he left his chest hairy.

Once he was fully oiled, she fluidly stroked his whole. Each time she passed his cock, she took a detour to its tip, leaving him gasping, and the tip gushing forth another flow. She mixed the precum with the oil, making his cock extra slick. I was salivating, wanting to lick up his juices. I love the taste of his precum, and rarely let a drop go to waste.

Angela stood alongside the table facing towards his feet and me. She smiled at me, and then bent over and licked his cock. She started at the pool of precum at its base, and then worked her way up his shaft with light staccato jabs that caused his cock to reflexively jump and release more juices, which she hungrily lapped up. This was the only time I had a bit of envy—I noted to myself it was envy for those juices, but not a hint of jealousy for my man.

She then climbed on the table as she did for me, placing her dripping crotch over his face. He hungrily lapped her juices. From where I was sitting on the daybed, I couldn’t see her slit, so I walked over to istanbul escort bayan see her open pussy over my husband’s face. She leaned forward, propping her body up with her outstretched arms.

I am a lucky woman; Jeffrey has a long and very talented tongue. It was stretched to its fullest length, and Angela was using it as a stationary dildo, rubbing her slit up and down against it. As her clit reached the tip of his tongue, he would flick it, sending shudders through her body.

Angela licked his cock every fifth trip of her pussy up and down his face. She was much better at teasing him than I. She would take his cock once for its full length into her mouth, and only once. It would be vibrating after she slid it out of her mouth, and leaking even more. I took notes in my head.

She then sat up straight, and unhooked the holster belt. She pumped a liberal amount of oil into her hands, and rubbed it all over her chest and abs. She then slid forward, making full contact with the front of her body, and in one deft move, turned around so she was face to face with Jeffrey.

She then used her full body to massage him. As she went down his body, she would straddle one leg, making full contact with her pussy against his thigh, as she brought her face to his cock. She managed to keep from over-stimulating him, but made full contact with his member as she slid. She would then take his cock and lick it clean before sliding up again.

I could see trails of her juices coating his legs. She then straddled his body, and faced him. She kissed him. Her juices covered his face. She cleaned his face with her tongue. I thought to myself that I wasn’t the only one who loved to taste herself on her man.

Her pussy lips now covered the istanbul bayan escort shaft of his cock. He was rocking a little bit, and she starting sliding slowly on his length. I came to the head of the table. She came forward some more to give me a kiss. We had long, lingering, passionate kiss. Then I went to the side of the table, and took Jeffrey’s cock into my hand.

I coaxed her back a bit, and positioned his cock into her opening. She looked at me with a smile of gratitude. I could tell that both were waiting to take a cue from me. She impaled herself on him. He gasped as her hot pussy swallowed his cock whole.

She slowly moved up and down the full length of his cock. She gradually picked up her tempo. She had great self-control. She knew when he was at the edge, and was able to stop herself. I know myself: when I get to a certain point, I can’t stop. I just get wilder and wilder until I explode. I could tell, however, that this was about Jeffrey, and she was a considerate lover. She drove him wild.

The third time she stopped before he could come, he grabbed her ass, and drove her onto him. She the pulled off of him, stood up, and took one of the towels. She wiped the oil off of him, and herself. She then took both our hands and led us to the day bed. Jeffrey was breathing hard. I never had the patience to bring him to this level of arousal. He was a master at doing it to me. He could get me so frustrated from bringing me to the brink multiple times without letting me off the edge. Now he met someone who could do it to him. I took more mental notes.

Angela laid me on my back. She got on her hands and knees, and dove into my muff. She left her ass up as an open invitation to Jeffrey. I could only imagine that sopping pussy wide open, waiting for his dick. She did not wait long. He plunged into her, pounding her, driving her face into my pussy. We entrained the rhythms of his pounding, her licking and my grinding. The tempo picked up to a resounding crescendo, as we came together.

We then collapsed in a sweaty, musky heap. It was the best gift ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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