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Ass Shake

My mind was spinning. I had just for the first time agreed to meet with a guy for sex.

My name is Peter. I has been married since I was 24 and enjoy sex with me wife several times a week in all my married years. But I have recognized another side in me. I am also total bisexual. In many years my curiosity and later need for sex with men had been growing in me and when matured it has never left my mind. It started in my mid-thirties where fantasies slowly changed to be a part of my character.

To satisfy my curiosity I started with buying porn magazines with stories and pictures of gay men having sex. I had sneaked out a late evening and went to the red-light district in Copenhagen. I visited an adult bookstore after walking by it at least ten times. The store was full of magazines, videos and all kinds of sex toys, and I sneaked around and glanced at it all but went by the corner in the store with gay things several times. I was little chocked when the shop assistant came over at said, “Your first time here? I can see you are interested in the gay section. Let me advice you.” With my cheeks all red and blushing he smiled at me and took several magazines and started to show the to me. I remember the first magazine with pictures of a man sucking a dick and a dick planted deep in an ass. It looked so hot and after buying them I went home and masturbated to the pictures again and again imagine to be there myself. Later, I began to watch gay porn on the internet, and for a bisexual still in the closet the internet is a great invention and a place for lots of pleasure and information. Every time I had a chance I played with my dick and asshole trying to imagine how sex with a man would be and fucked myself in the ass with dildoes and sucked myself swallowing my sperm.

I don’t know why I did not mature on this issue before late in my life. Thinking back to my school days I remember I was always looking with pleasure at my schoolfriends bare balls, dicks and asses in the shower after gym. I can also remember a sleepover with a schoolfriend where he, my brother and me tongue kissed and played with each other’s dicks and even practiced licking my friends dick with my tongue. I had always thought of it as part of a natural maturing sex life for a teenager, but there might have been more into it for me. I also remember a situation in my early twenties, where I with some friends as part of a bachelor party had visited an adult theater for fun, and where I incidentally got into a room where a gay porn movie was playing on a screen. I was approached by a male stranger and I had let him massage my dick in my pants until my friends got into the room. I remember the pleasure and the feeling of disappointment when we were disturbed.

My lust for sex with a man, sucking dick, tasting cum and getting fucked in my ass was just growing and growing these years. “Oh, I wanted it so much.”

In my mid-forties I found a Danish website called “Boyfriend”, where I could get into contact with other guys in Denmark for sex. There was all kind of people, that had a profile. Mostly gays and bisexuals that wanted a permanent partner, a lover or a one-night stand. I had been chatting for some months with different men without daring to make the final contact, but now I had made the decision and the arrangement was done.

At the time I was close to 45 years old and the guy I was to meet was 50. His name was Eric and he had been gay since he was a teenager. “I would love to be the first you suck, and I will guide you all the way. I will love to cum in your mouth if you want to.”, Eric had chatted. Eric had naked pictures of himself and his cock on his profile. He was good looking, fit and with a nice dick, and now I was on my way to meet him for sex. He lived not far away about 10 minutes by car. On the drive over I got second thoughts, but my dick was rock hard, and my hunger kept me going. “Now was the time.”

When I rang the doorbell and Eric opened the door my knees were quivering, and my dick was limp and have never been smaller. Eric could see I was nervous. He took my hand, guided me in and closed the door. He calmed me down with a hug and a deep kiss. “Hi, glad you could come over. I need a guy to night.” The kiss felt so good and brought me around. “Me to, I have wished for this so much for a long time, and as I told you, this will be my first Demetevler Escort time with a man ever.”

Eric smiled, and my desire to have sex with him grew right there. I started to kiss him back, and our tongues played with each other for several minutes. Having a man kissing me was a whole new feeling, and I enjoyed it from this first real kiss. A kiss from a man is more dominating and makes one horny, but it is still soft and comforting. Even my nerves were settling down. My body felt great, and my nipples grew stiff and started to itch. Likewise, my dick began to pulse and getting hard again. I could fell the moisture beginning to ooze from it. I knew then, that I had done the right thing by deciding to go to Eric. I could not wait any longer, and I encourage him to go on by pressing my body against his.

He started to caress my chest softly with his hands. He opened my shirt and touched and tickled my exposed chest, sucked on and pinched my now stiff nipples and moved his hand down and grabbed my butt. “You have at hot butt.” He pressed his hip against mine and strengthen his grab on my butt as he squeezed my buns. I could feel his hard dick through his pants. It was just as erotic as I have imagined in my dreams. Slowly his hands moved forward until he touched my dick through my pants. He began to rub and squeeze it. I was so horny now and had only one desire; feeling his hard dick in my mouth. I understood right there, that I had this other side in me. Wanting sex with men. In an instant my personality changed completely as my mind only focused on one thing. Sex. I cared for nothing else. I did not think on my wife or that I in reality was cheating on her. I just wanted to make out with this stranger of a man, and right in that moment he could do anything sexual to me, that he wanted. I was as an addict needing drugs or a gambler that were ready to keep on playing and lose everything. Everything else did not matter but having sex right here and now with Eric. Since then, every time my mouth, dick or ass needs to be pleasured by a man, I have arranged it. It is not, that I am gay. I do not fall I love with guys. I just need the sex desperately and in these days more and more.

“Let’s get rid of the clothes and get naked,” said Eric, “You have a great body and I can feel that your big cock is ready for me.”

“Yes, and I want yours. I am so horny,” I replied.

And there I was. Naked with another man, that wanted me. It was not as being with my wife. Sex with my wife is love and care. This was pure and raw sex and I cannot get enough of it. Eric was an attractive man. He had a slim body and a firm ass. His skin was smooth, and I could feel the muscles and the firmness of his upper body. A man’s body is big and hard to touch and it kind of dominates you. Eric’s dick pointed right at me and pleaded for me to come on. My own dick was now erect and oozing with pre-cum. He continued to caress my chest and kissed my nipples and began to massage my dick. I moved my hand to his hard-on. It was the first time since my teenage years that I touched another man’s cock. It felt great and complete different from touching my own. The feeling is difficult to describe, but I have loved it since. It is not like holding another part of the human body. It feels living and soft with a hard core. The blood channels on the lower part that make the dick erect is unique to touch, and it dominates you in a very erotic way. The way you can rub and massage a dick with your hand, sliding the foreskin up and down and massage a slick oozing dick is pleasing. And the head is something entirely for itself. Round, purple, pulsing and soft and inviting you to play with it. Eric’s erect cock aroused my lust. Eric was also complete shaved with no hair. I started to run my hand up and down his shaft and squeeze his balls. He mourned loudly in my ear. After a couple of minutes of touching and getting us both aroused, he laid down on his back on a blanket on the floor and his rock-hard pole pointed right up in the air.

“Suck my cock now, “Eric demanded.

“Yes, “and I went right down on him. I grabbed his cock and put it to my libs and let my libs taste the head and let them slide over the head slowly. What a new sense it was. I could smell his manhood and the large head was soft and smooth Otele gelen escort to lick. It was as all I had dreamt of. I had never felt and tasted anything like that. I craved for sucking Eric’s cock and it has never changed since. I licked the head, its edges and the little split on the top with my tongue and tasted for the first time in my life pre-cum that was not my own. I let my libs surround the head and licked it like at lollipop. My lust grew to a new high and I wanted all his cock in my mouth. I began to suck the shaft and took his cock further in. His cock filled my mouth and I started to pop up and down on his cock. It was hard as a rock. Sucking a cock was the best sexual experience I ever had.

I went on sucking for several minutes and Eric said, “I want to cum in your mouth if you want. You are such a good cocksucker. Try to play with my balls and my asshole and it will not be long.”

I kept on sucking and licking his cock and his shaft and moved my hand to his shaved balls. Eric had big dangling balls. Tickling his balls felt great and they were so soft. I took them in my hand and weighted them. What a sexy feeling. I knew I had to shave my own. He was begging me to continue and his breathing was getting louder and heavier. He lifted his legs and he jiggled his butt. One of my fingers started to rub his asshole. “Do not worry, I have cleaned it out, “said Eric. It was so sensual. His hole was smooth and Eric open and closed it slightly in a slow rhythm. I licked my fingers and pressed a finger inside and felt the inside of a man for the first time. It was warm inside, and it did not feel wrong to do it. I had seen men fingerfucking each other on the internet, and I started to move my finger in and out of Eric’s asshole.

“Just lick my ass for now, “moaned Eric, “Assplay we will do another time.”

I was a little scared of licking his asshole. I did not know what to expect. How did it smell and taste? But Eric was completely clean, and there were no odd smell and his ass tasted good. I licked softly around his hole while I gave his cock a hand job. He pushed his ass against my tongue and said, “Go on, I want more.” I pressed my tongue further into he’s asshole as I ate his ass with my mouth. Again, a new but great feeling. I have rimmed and eaten ass at many guys since.

After a while I said, “I want your cum in my mouth now. This is so hot, and I want to feel you cumming now.”

Eric did not hesitate and said, “Yes, go for it.”

I stopped licking his ass and put my libs on his cock again. I sucked the head slowly with my libs and took the cock in my mouth while my tongue played with the head. His cock gave small jerks as the pleasure hit him. He oozed with pre-cum, and I must say, I was again in heaven. I sucked and sucked, and his cock was getting harder and his breathing getting heavier. “Keep on going. More, more, more …”

I could feel the pleasure rising in him. As I kept sucking his cock, tickling his balls and fingering his asshole his body was tensing, his movements got more and more intense and his cock was pulsing. His body stiffened, and the head got bigger and bigger in my mouth. The orgasm hit him as his dick was pumping sperm in my mouth for the first time. Not hard ejaculations of cum but slow steady pulses, that stuck to my teeth and mouth. I tasted it and let my tongue play with it. It tasted great. I kept it in my mouth as I continued to suck him until he could not bear the feeling.

“Stop, stop, stop. I can’t stand anymore.”

I stopped sucking and cleaned his cock with my tongue. I kept the cum in my mouth and laid my body close to him. We were both sweaty and he smelled wonderful of man. I could have laid there forever. I played a while with the sperm in my mouth until I swallowed it. I caressed his chest and his nipples, kissed his ears and hugged him. I felt overwhelmed by a lot of sexual emotions, but the best was the feeling of having given a gay man the best sexual pleasure he could get. I could see in Eric’s eyes, that he was satisfied. I loved it then and have loved it since. It is a special sexual feeling I have never had with any woman. It’s a man thing and that feeling has been part of the reason for all my sexual encounters with men. It’s the essence of being bisexual and it does not Balgat Escort get any better.

After a while I got my own senses back and my hard, oozing cock begged for action. I pressed my body and cock closer to Eric and were soon awarded. He gripped my dick and started to play with it.

“Now it is your turn. I want to suck you and eat your cum, “said Eric with a voice, that told me he liked cock and cum as much as myself.

As teenager in the 70’ties I had seen a Danish soft porn movie where a guy had his dick sucked buy at woman through a gloryhole until he came in the woman’s mouth. I had that picture in my mind and have dreamt of it since then, but never got at blowjob myself. Hearing those words from Eric aroused my sexual feelings to new highs, and the scene from the movie passed by my eyes.

“Yes, suck my cock. I want to see my cock going in and out of your mouth.”

We left the living room and went into Eric’s bedroom. He placed me in the bed, so I could see my dick. Eric put a pillow under my ass, so it was lifted, and my asshole was in the open. Eric grabbed my dick.

“I knew you had a nice thick cock, and I can feel you want this.”

I do not have a huge cock but from my wife I know that it’s 6-7 inches is long enough, and it is thicker than most. Eric was obvious satisfied.

Eric went right at it. He took my cock and swallowed it completely while he at the same time looked direct at my eyes. I had never had such a sexual experience before. Feeling his lips sliding over the head of my cock touching all the right spots, continue down my shaft while his tongue played with the head and the feeling when it was buried in his throat almost made me cum right there. The sight of my cock going in and out of his mouth and the sensation were all I have dreamt of. Later, I learnt that he was deepthroating me, but I did not know it at that time. When he raised his head from my cock it was completely covered in his saliva. He massaged my cock with his hand and sucked the tip slowly. My cock was as hard as it could get, and the sexual touch of his libs and his tongue was pushing me towards the climax I had wished for in so many years. I was all sweaty and breathing hard as he continued to deepthroat me.

“Yes, Yes, go on. Wonderful. Suck my cock. I am close now,” I almost screamed.

My cock began to pulse with the most intense orgasm I ever had. I was spraying loads of sperm in his mouth. Six or seven times. I have never had such an orgasm before. Eric kept on sucking until I could not stand the intense feeling any more. My body was arched as a bow and I was not able to get out of the orgasm as it continued to ripe through my body and cock. I felt like getting a heart attack.

“Stop, Stop, stop,” I said as I tried to push him of my cock.

Eric deeptroated me for the last time and I could feel him swallow the last drops of my sperm. My dick was getting soft and he released it from his mouth. It took me several minutes to get back to reality and calming down my heavy breathing.

Eric asked, “Did you like it?” and continued, “I did, and you filled my mouth. You have a nice tasty cock.” I responded, “Yes. If I could again right now, I’ll asked for it again.”

Eric climbed up to me and kissed me and caressed my body, and whispered in my ear, “For your first time you suck dick like a pro. I would like to meet again. You have a great cock and I would like to get fucked by it. You need to shave your balls and your asshole thou. Do it and I would like to take your virginity.”

We lay in the bed for a time talking about sex, being gay, bisexuality, fucking, cleaning ass and other issues. It was getting late and I dressed at left Eric with, “Good night” and “See each other on again.

After getting home all kinds of different feelings went through my head. I had just cheated on my wife by having sex with a gay guy, but it had filled a place in my life I knew I had to fill again. My bisexuality had been awakened and it has never left me again. I am now 60 and I had numerous encounters with other guys for sex and my wife still do not know about it.

I know now I am all bisexual. I love my wife and continue to have sex with her several times every week, and will never leave her for a man. I am not gay and do not fall in love with men, but my need for sex with men has not diminished since. It has grown and lead me to try all different kind of sex and desires, I would never had thought of and sex I did not know about at that time.

I will continue to tell my voyage from a plain vanilla straight guy to an natural bisexual guy in the next stories. The next story is about me being fucked first time, and it was not Eric, that got the chance.

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